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25-05-2017 00:00 The Reykjavík Grapevine shares a link. Show Me The Money: The Ringo Starr - The Reykjavik Grapevine. 100 ISK coins. What are they good for? And what the heck kind of ugly fish is that anyway?. Until the mid-to-late 19th century, most financial transactions in Iceland were conducted in vaðmál (homespun wool). However, since 1922, Iceland... 25 people like this: Dominique Bilodeau, Camp Nou Pisani, Dean Shein, Nathanial House, Alan Burns, Anine Myrhagen Ward, AJ Illenotna, Shaun Broers, Christopher Brown, Boróid Ngorongoroson, Sandeep Panikkal, Robert Anderson, Amanda Newbold Neitz, Agim Bonevski, Marion Hetherington, Grayson Del Faro, Adriana Oliveira Santos, Ingibergur Agustsson, Jane Catherine Pawley, Caroline Chadwick, Christian Lewis, Kenneth Havn, Dmitry Tsooprik, Andy Tiroler, Benjamin Hanchett. 18 people commented on this. Clay Johanson: "They're worth almost a dollar, aren't they? Let's talk about what an American penny is good for. (Answer: Collecting in huge jars and toll booths in Illinois.)". Wil Webb: "Costs 200ISK to take a pee @ Reynisfjara beach.". Ragna Ólöf Guðmundsdóttir: "The ugly, gross-tasting fish's roe are a highly priced export product, as is the fish itself lately, so let's be nice about the lumpfish!". Gunnar Friðrik: "They used to be worth something. 23 years ago this coin used to be a 100 króna bill. I was able to go to Sjoppa and purchase decent amount of Bland í poka ( mix of Candy) for 100 króna. Nowadays it will probably be 2-3 pieces of Candy.". Erik Smit: "It is almost a euro. When I visited Iceland 2 years ago it was a bit less... but supermarket prices struck me as relatively normal, so I would think some supermarket items cost no more than 100 krónur?". Erik Smit: "Yes! a bottle of water! Of 3 cans of tomato paste! Or a carton of apple juice!". Benjamin Hanchett: "Lumpfish are the coolest looking alien reptile fish out there". Norberto Lindgren: "Here's what I don't understand, why is Iceland the coin capital of the world? The coins there literally reproduce in your pocket!! I challenge anyone to find a register anywhere else in the world that requires as many coin slots as the Icelandic registers have. #challenge.". Christian Lewis: "10ISK much more annoying!". Caroline Chadwick: "Never as good as the crabs!
25-05-2017 00:00 Resident Evil Movie adds a photo. Timeline Photos. Where would you hang this autographed Resident Evil: Final Chapter poster? Enter in our giveaway of ALL 6 Resident Evil live action films on Steelbook Blu-ray and this poster! Enter here: 25 people like this: Micheal Erickson, Muhaimin Mohd, Eloisa Molina, Nikko Ortiz, Fahrizal Johari, Yaung Sin, Jeremy Koshiol, Muammer Karabela, Michael Walsh Jr., Stephen Jones, Gene Woska, Felix J Pehl, Oriana Alejandra, Gabriel Yana F, Thomas Atwell, Daria Sachelarie, Péter Juhász, Jason Cheung, Andrini Dyva, Zafer Alkhodari, Frank Checasaca, Dave Castillon, Jane Alemania, Lavi Absol Bookman, Blanca Alcons. 25 people commented on this. Katharine Grimm: "In my office". Peti Gaál: "In my living room... oh wait,I'm not a n US citizen,so I not able to participate in this contest... ,,thank you" for that. ,,Really" fan-friendly.". Daniel Rey: "On the wall with the rest of the family photos! Lol". Kucho Culkin: "Why no dvd?". Derek Martin: "Milla Queen jovovich <3". Tiffany Harrington: "In the living room for everyone to see.". Matthew Chester Fagan: "Sweet". Jonathan Herwick: "Why is this movie not being released on Blu-ray 3D?". Stephen Pelletier: "In the bathroom. Where I can see it from the shower.". Claudia Villanueva Cavazos: "In my bedroom or makeup room Lol! I love all the movies
24-05-2017 23:50 Laura Veirs adds a photo. Photos. Stump subsuming ax 10 people like this: Lilian Boucher, Alan Haynie, Cynthia Lasley, Alisa Harris Druzba, Jason Sears, Kim Hernandez, Paul Wren, Dorrie Jones Munhall, David Sanzgiri, Ant Hillier. 1 person commented on this. Darlene Koenig: "This New Yorker cartoon immediately preceded your photo in my FB feed!".
24-05-2017 23:49 Michael Perlbach posts a video. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets | Final Trailer | In Theaters July 21, 2017. VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS is the visually spectacular new adventure film from Luc Besson, the legendary director of The Professional, The F....
24-05-2017 22:51 Funslippers Funwear adds a photo. Timeline Photos. Sleep tight
24-05-2017 22:44 Lena Doppel shares a link. ‘We are not objects. We are queens’: how Ariana Grande became an unlikely pop hero. Schönes Portrait.. The star who attracted so many young fans to the Manchester Arena may have started her career in a cheesy kids’ sitcom, but from her spectacular voice to her feminist convictions, she is no industry puppet.
24-05-2017 22:43 ZEIT ONLINE teilt ein Video. "Eine Frage der ZEIT" mit Gregor Gysi. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Julian Gee, Niklas Lürding, Axel Winkler, Maurice W. Schlieper, Benit Haxhosaj, Bruno Tomasicchio, Carsten Köhler, Henrik Feindt, Erik D Banj, Robert G. Ruselack, Norman Rogg, Michael Sell, Jonathan Wilhelm, Joko Kolomann, Jalil Azizam, Jan Urlaub, Jan Burmann, Gnimmelf Neslo, Gwendolyn Näher, Ekin Yilmazer, Thorsten Draeger, Markus Hesse, Ingo Saß, Stephan Neisser, Ja Kob. 21 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Benne Schank: "". Christoph Lütke: "Was allen Parteien fehlt, Leidenschaft. Die Linke hat wenigstens Inhalte!". Jan Gädicke: "Gregor Gysi, ein Linkspopulist par excellence, der zwar die Kunst der Worte beherrscht, dessen Worte allerdings einer im Grunde menschenverachtenden Ideologie dienen...". Alw Ina: "Skander Saidi". Heinz Gerhards: "Der Partei die Linke fehlt gar nichts. Der SPD ist dagegen offensichtlich jeglicher Anstand abhanden gekommen. Und das nicht erst seit gestern. Zitat Kunst macht Druck: Wenn die $PD dran ist halten die Gewerkschaften still. Bei der CDU kämpfen sie. Die CDU hätte niemals Hartz 4 durchsetzen können. Die $PD hat. Rosa Luxemburg 1916 in einem Flugblatt über Sozialdemokraten: "Rotte von Volksverrätern!" - Daran hat sich offensichtlich in 100 Jahren nichts geändert.". Ronald Schulz: "gregor gysi, hat es seit jahrzehnte begriffen. für sozialismus reichts aber nicht!". Kalinka Hokamp: "oops, das Fenster war aber sperrangelweit auf, aus dem er sich lehnen wollte :D und dann soeben noch stoppen konnte.". Ronny Röger: "der Partei fehlen mindestens fünf weitere Gysis. Mit dem jetzigen Personal gewinnt man keinen Blumentopf.". Hüseyin Albayrak: "Rot rot grün. Du bist auch ferloren.". Mario Vogelei: "Der Zug ist abgefahren. .. Den Pfiff nicht gehört?". Thor Sten Friedrichs: "Christian Friedrichs wenn doch nur alle so wären bei der Linken.". Grit Weber: "er ist und bleibt einfach ein sehr kluger Mann...". Fabio Luca: "Georg Blokus: wird dir gefallen.". Bernd Korn: "So ein Schwätzer, den Zeitgeist verändern, vielleicht verändert die Zeit auch den Geist wenn die Zeit gekommen ist!". Marita Köstner: "Gregor Gysi? Klasse Typ!
24-05-2017 22:38 In the NOW posts a video. Courageous Obama was so “brave” to bomb Syria then say he didn't. 25 people like this: Jason Chan, Thomas K. Kim, Санде Македонски, Greg Yedigaryan, Patryk Zet, Antonio Diaz, 北川梨花, Kaze Niruchi, Sohag Rana, Avtar Ansari, Arshdeep Gill, Fernando Borrero, Jarrod Grammel, Fawad Ahmad, Eddie Dellan, Andrzej Alex, John Lignos, Andrew Chang, Ernesto García, Mathew T Jayaraj, Vadim Pinko, Kiarimar Meléndez, Asad Qadi, Mirel Dizdarević, Ale Lasky. 25 people commented on this. Law of Attraction - Ask, Believe, Receive: "I think one of the best feelings in the world is when someone remembers something you said.Whether it was something from yesterday,a week ago, a month ago...Its just like, "Wow, you actually listen to me.”". Rino del Vecchio: "Obama, Nobel Prize winner for peace. What a fucking farce...". Mario Franco: "This is what pisses me off about a lot of so called "progressives". Some of them are just as blind as the republicans who now think Trump is doing good and that he's a great choice. Those are the same people who probably supported a corrupted Hillary and to this day, still claim she was the most qualified candidate in a long time.". Real Vorfa: "Don't know who's worse. Trump or Obama.
24-05-2017 22:37 Selket Chlupka adds a photo. Kunstraum LLC. Installation Shots.
24-05-2017 21:45 Olivier Schulbaum posts a video. PlayGround Do. ¿Qué pasa si dejamos que los niños diseñen sobre un espacio vacío? Fragmento abierto del libro "Pasado Mañana", en colaboración con Arpa Editores.. 4 people like this: Blanca Regina, Paco González, Monica Cachafeiro, Rai Parreño. 1 person commented on this. Susana Alvarez Becerra: "Alvaro Pani".
24-05-2017 21:37 Cornelius shares a link. Home from CORNELIUS. "If You're Here" and "Sometime / Someplace" 7INCH (7") singles available for purchase world-wide!! Purchase from the US online store here. 25 people like this: Manu Martínez Muñoz, Toshikaz Isihara, Hideaki Kato, Masawo Sakai, Mamoru Suto, Muro Ken, Hoshino Ikue, Diego Mapa, Masahiro Suzuki, Kazutaka Tsurume, Boy Trai Bhumiratna, Junichi Takashi, Mandarin San, Usui Yasuhiro, Norikatsu Fukuda, Terrence Moore, Kimihito Nabei, Hikaru Watanabe, 黃有嗶, Pongtorn Yimyaem, Teruhide Hayama, Yoshitaka Fukumoto, Hiroshi Unemoto, 清水克弘, Akinobu Tomaru. 6 people commented on this. Pierre Oliver: "Thanks!!!!!". Christian Chávez: "Just purchased!". Tiago Matias: "Felipe vamo!!!". Rodrigo Campello: "Jana Linhares". Jerry Hat Trick: "why is the full length album unavailable in the US well after it's initial release in Japan?". James Laubhan: "ordered! Please make Mellow Waves available on vinyl in US thank you".
24-05-2017 21:27 Guy Dale does something. À Tardinha - Mute Swimmer. À TARDINHA é um ciclo de concertos organizado pela GRUA estúdio no LAB 11 da Plataforma das Artes. Mute Swimmer é o Projecto principal do artista Britânico Guy Dale, que vive e trabalha em Berlim. Entre mudanças de colaboradores, este, descreve o projecto como sendo "governado pela graça, dúvida e sabotagem". As suas canções são abordadas de uma forma intensa e possante consideradas melancólicas e ironicamente engraçadas entre as táticas de um artista. Considerado um performer irresistível, a sua música resulta da fusão da canção tradicional melódica com as artes performativas, a folk e o post-rock. 18h - Receção 19h - Concerto 20h - Dj set GRUA Design: @[758503485:2048:Inês Castro]. À Tardinha - Mute Swimmer. Arrived into a rather glorious Porto on Monday eve. A few days on the beach, Vino Verde and some jazz. This tomorrow in Guimaraes.
24-05-2017 21:22 Fefes Blog sagt etwas. Sascha Lobo zu "wir brauchen mehr Überwachung gegen die Terroristen". Er listet da, was jetzt schon geht und gemacht wird. Reicht das mal an die weiter, die nach Manchester mehr Überwachung fordern. -- Lest den Post auf der Originalseite und seid mit Kommentaren sparsam. 3 Menschen gefällt das: Thorsten Kallnischkies, Thomas Mayer, Monika Asmus.
24-05-2017 21:18 TRAUMAWIEN adds a photo. Timeline Photos. . 2 people like this: Sophie Esslinger, Albert Allgaier.
24-05-2017 21:14 Lisboa Does Not Love shares a link. Cuando el turismo te echa de tu casa | @ctxt_es. En el sur de Europa, la gentrificación se convierte con frecuencia en turistificación. No es ya que una comunidad pobre sea sustituida por otra más rica, sino que es reemplazada por una no-comunidad de viajeros que pasan sólo un par de días en el barrio. 25 people like this: Jagienka Szymańska, Inês Almeida, Pachorra Negativa, Miguel Coelho, Chris Then, Adilia Rivotti, Miguel Taveira, Luisa Dinis, Miguel Fonseca, João Calabaça Castelo, Luisa Cativo, Marcos Ferreira, Liliane Pinto, Lili Picapiedra, Mafalda Trindade, Marie-claire Shepherd, Jennifer Gleason-Altieri, Teresa Capela, Paula Sousa, Julie Ladyteam, David de Saint-Loup, Marco Thulio Silva, Valentina Ibarlucea Dallona, Marie-Thérèse Faidherbe, Cristina Braga Gonçalves.
24-05-2017 20:48 Kunstraum LLC adds a photo in Kunstraum LLC. " INNER LANDSCAPES ". " INNER LANDSCAPES ". Installation Shots. Installation Shots. 7 people like this: Thomas Lail, Chen de Kraft, Fernando Schrupp, Mika Gröber, Betty Boehm, Fabian Remmert, Nancy Elsamanoudi.
24-05-2017 20:47 Martin Pichlmair shares a link. Postdoc position in GIFT. We have an open post-doc position in our museum play project GIFT! You'd work with Miguel, Anders, Sarah, Karin and more awesome people. And with me.. with application deadline 6th of June, 2017. Here’s some information that might be useful for applicants, beyond that listed in the formal announcement.
24-05-2017 20:38 Marek Luzny adds a photo. Marek's cover photo. .
24-05-2017 20:36 Grischinka Teufl teilt einen Link. Verena Dürr, A - Bachmannpreis. #fix #team Verena Dürr. Geboren 1982 in Wien, sie lebt in Wien und liest auf Einladung von Klaus Kastberger.
24-05-2017 19:33 Prosthetic Knowledge adds a photo. Timeline Photos. F.Lashes Someone has made eyelashes fitted with LED lights which will have various modes. 13 people like this: Hussien Liban, Ricki Frand, Ziv Schneider, Alison Bennett, Joshua Fernandes, Ali Sa, Kyoko Omi, Jordan Frand, Friedrich Kirschner, Grigoriev Misha, Pierre Franklin Rahola, Martin Backes, Jorge Ramirez. 5 people commented on this. Shir David: "Jordan Frand collab?". Catherine Ostraya: "Veerle Pennock drag 2.0". Diego Navarro: "Sofía Maza Pardo Desi La Sesi". Dana: "Sam Fretter for the next night out. :D". Madie Braswell: "Sophia Marlena Zebulon Ceballos".
24-05-2017 19:02 RT posts a video. RT Documentary. One of our cameramen suffered at the hands of the Sinaloa drug cartel during the filming of this documentary. He was beaten, forced to his knees and had a gun held to his head while gang members inspected the crew’s papers and equipment. Watch live to see how the story ended and what life is like in Sinaloa, Mexico, home of the most powerful drugs trafficking organization in the world.. 25 people like this: Robert Wadleigh, Ekramullah Zaheer, Panchal Yash, Swallah Abubakar, Patti Miller, Albert Caballeda, Misa Tepavac, Zlaja Penezic, Mauricio Martínez, Francisco Lopez, Chatchai Chai Jaimeetumgoson, Ali B KH, Jamous Noortheen, Zohir Kapitale, Susan Wilton, Tasneem Ahmed Khan, Paul Schulz, Giorgos Ross, Akram Uddin Babu, Carolisius Neri, Sridhar Gobi, Lucas Ximenes, Angel Ernesto Valdivieso Gutierrez, Bruce Macmillan, Marco Angelo Cabrera. 3 people commented on this. Leroy Wheeler: "Domingo De La Garza". Victor Lugo Vidaurri: "Hanki No Home Tony Babakhanyan". Shadows of the Oligarchy: "Do a story about the US troops that are guarding the opium fields in Afghanistan.".
24-05-2017 19:00 PlayGround Do posts a video. 25 people like this: Susy Espinoza, Leonardo Márquez Brawl, Alma Ixchel Jacobo, Mayrim Arlyn Rodríguez Mora, Meels Wn, Tuti Bertoli, Carolina Tantapoma, Lorena Villaescusa, Elena De la Vega, GiGi Lvit, Paulo Brogueira, Bea Calin Garcia, Ju Munar, Isabel Gómez Romero, Paz Alfaro, Nanas Lago, María Gil Ramírez, Carmen Flandez, Julia Font García, Monica Sade, Paulita Jarque, Raúl González, Jaione Urizar Onaindia, Anna Defez, Jose Luis. 2 people commented on this. PlayGround Do: "Descárgate la introducción del libro aquí:". Marta Fuu: "Beatriz Beatrice mira como molaaa".
24-05-2017 18:59 RT Documentary posts a video. Narco-song of Sinaloa. 25 people like this: محمد عثمان, Mamoudou Sow, Muhammad Javed Khan, Samih Jamil, Mohammad Amin Gholami, Jose Alberto Rivas, Anthony T Feenan, Marco Angelo Cabrera, Shaun Singh, Rodrigo Mejía, Gerardo Iglesias, Juden Casidsid, Musa Akbari, Milan Bogovac, Daniel Kaleta, Kevin Joel, Paul Atkins, رمزي ابوفخر, Eleftherios Tsakiroglou, Seb Siene Blibi Zfetwo, Hervé Courtois, Jonas Umberger, Octavio Vargas, Narendra Kamble, Francisco Xavier. 8 people commented on this. Andrea Bruni: "Long live to russia!". Ryan Awol: "viva la revolution". Jayesh Limaye: "When will these problems end?". Peter Ceku: "Never ends". Ирина Щербина: "
24-05-2017 18:41 Henriette Huppmann teilt einen Link. Deutscher Übersetzerfonds. Stelle zu besetzen: Gemeinsam mit der Robert Bosch Stiftung wird der Deutsche Übersetzerfonds im Rahmen eines neuen Programms Übersetzerinnen und Übersetzer im Austausch der Kulturen fördern. Wir suchen eine/n Projektkoordinator/in in Vollzeit, frühestens ab 1.8.2017. Arbeitsort ist die Geschäftsstelle des Deutschen Übersetzerfonds im Literarischen Colloquium Berlin.
24-05-2017 18:30 Eduardo da Conceição shares a link. Think Before You Tweet In the Wake of an Attack. Terrorists use social media to recruit, but they also depend on you and the media to use it to amplify their message.
24-05-2017 18:22 The Reykjavík Grapevine shares a link. Islamic Tourists Under Fire For Rejecting Female Bus Driver - The Reykjavik Grapevine. Not exactly veiled sexism, and the response definitely won't be veiled prejudice.. A group of Islamic tourists have been under the spotlight this week for refusing to be driven by a female... 25 people like this: Angela Daly, Marie-Jeanne Rosso-Blanche, Giuseppe Sartori, Marin Duke, Joe Pesta, Kimberly Ann, حسین قادری, Victoria Warren, Matt Ancon Ranger, Timothy Horn, Mary Ioli, Agnes Björk Jóhannsdóttir, Bev Arason-Gaudet, Milorad Kiperaš, Anna Soffia Torrance, مختار هلمندی, Mn Maya Lo, Thorgal Cruz, Sherry Ou, Christi Elkins, Valéria Plenter, Edna Howard Goldberg, Shiro Mateo Gubatan, Hique Montanari, Ingibergur Agustsson. 25 people commented on this. Roberto L. Pagani: ""Instead, we should take this as an opportunity to look at the world from someone else’s perspective and learn from each other." What are we supposed to learn from this incident?". David Kempf: "I enjoy this line in your article you state " we should take this as an opportunity to look at the world from someone else’s perspective and learn from each other", yet Robert Spencer shows up in Iceland and all the The Reykjavík Grapevine did was lambaste him.". Michael Krauss: "Tourist need to respect the laws of the land they are visiting. If they can't they are free to travel elsewhere. This whole thing could have been avoided with a call before hand asking for a male driver.". Óscar Díaz: "Yes, and what happened with the bus driver and the group of islamic tourists? Did the female bus driver continued to do her job or not? It seems like in the last paragraph, the writer is passively accepting these kinds of incidents under the flag of being open to different points of view and that's sad, i think.". Asim Rehan Mayo: "i think they should have respected the country rules and laws, i am a muslim living in Iceland and i fully respect Icelandic Rules and i urge to all other Muslims to do the same". Dan Mayer: "This is Iceland, not Oman. If you insist on a male driver, rent your own bus and hire your own driver. Its that simple. The West cannot be expected to condone discrimination in the name of multicultural understanding.". Dan Mayer: "FYI- In the Gulf States they will beat you down if you fail to follow their cultural standards.". Byron Hathcock: "Wow, the summary of that article actually asked us to look at it from the pov of the sexist Islamist.". Robin Bristow: "I guess the the three options available then are (1) walk; (2) wait for another bus; or, (3) visit another country. Why travel to another country if you are not willing to take part in their culture and customs? Especially Iceland ... such a beautiful place with such amazing people.". Patrick Hammond: ""Instead, we should take this as an opportunity to look at the world from someone else’s perspective and learn from each other. " You're coming dangerously close to moral cowardice here. Women are equal, and free, or not. Take a stand.". Robert Żywno: "They don't like it They shouldn't go And no money back That's what happens when you travel: Things are not the same as back home!". Sasun Vartanyan: "If someone else's viewpoint involves discrimination based on gender (or any other factor), there is NO excuse for it.. They have NO right to impose their ideology..". Robert Żywno: "That last paragraph was written when that weed puff just kicked in and the words started to jumble... lol". Sandra Carolane Proust: "This is sad in so many way. First, because they do that in one of the most feminist country in the world : dudes read the brochure before traveling. Second, they dare acting like this because now majority are afraid of their religion. Muslim = terrorist so lets them do whatever they want. And finaly because it another bad image of Islam. This is not islam, this is extrem sexism and stupidity. Im sad that now this is how people are "muslim". They just treat woman like inferior and yupee they are officialy in the crew. I would love to have more stories about muslim and not about retarded men using islam as a weapon.". Dan Mayer: "Left-wing extremists will say: "we should conform to their cultural needs when they visit us, since we are The West and we invaded their lands. But when we visit their nations, we should follow their rules. We iz da bad guys and we are always wrong" :)". Vesna Pleticos: "I wonder if the company exchaned the driver sadly turist companys bow don infront of turists and it schould be not that way.". Christer Hummelstedt: "I think the choice in Iceland is simple. Either you accept the driver and get a ride. Or you walk. Likewise with airplanes. If you accept the pilot you fly. Or take for instance a boat or a car and drive yourselves. (PS There are a lot of female pilots on Finnair, and many, many other airlines).". Andreas Danzer: "Muslims... where ever they show up, they think everyone has to play by their rules. Always demanding respect for their medieval culture. If you don't comply, you're an islamophob racist. Sick of that shit.". Manuel Moreira: "WTF is wrong with you? "But we should be ware of the peanut gallery. Online competitions for who’s got the moral high ground, as much as they can be entertaining, get old, fast. Instead, we should take this as an opportunity to look at the world from someone else’s perspective and learn from each other. As difficult as it is, it’s still the most rewarding part of living in a country where we’re increasingly being exposed to different stories and experiences." Moral high ground?! In Iceland gays get married, they're not killed nor ostracised. Women vote, drive, work and can even run the country, they are not subjugated. Atheists are allowed to openly speak against religion instead of being sentenced to lashes for offending anyone's imaginary friend! It disgusts me that you claim that anyone who points out something so obvious is having a "moral high ground". Some people come from a culture of oppression, mistreatment and prejudice, to point that out is not taking a moral high ground. Cultures are ideologies, they have no rights, people do, and people are often oppressed by these ideologies that some rush to downplay or defend. There is nothing to learn from patriarchy, to downplay this and paint it as just a learning opportunity sickens me. Many people fled those countries to find a place where they can be free, to downplay their pain like this, to make patriarchy of the worst kind seem something so shallow and unimportant, to spit through words on those who speak out about this as people who take a moral high ground.. I am lost for words honestly, I am sickened to the core. I love The Reykjavík Grapevine but sometimes, I feel that you have placed ideologies above people, and it seems in this case you will do anything to downplay islamic "misbehaviour" in the name of either excessive political correctness or your own self-censorship, 'cause I am trying to avoid believing that you are so delusional as to turn patriarchy into a "learning experience".". Al Maldonado: "In American Liberal areas, American flags MUST be taken down. So we don't offend the Muslims. I hope you folks go to that extreme...". Dall Wilson: "Islam is a slave plantation, its absurd rules enforced by coercion. Free states outlawed slavery, involuntary servitude, two centuries ago. Same issues today , same rhetoric between slave gangs (ironically still Islamic) and free states. See Robert Ingersoll, Atty Genl Illinois 1880s, on this issue. Freedom of religion is liberty to change without punishment. Not free to be say cannibal or like that.". Lisa Freydis McEntire: "If you do not accept our ways of life.... you can simply go back from where you came from !!! Acceptance to their way is not the right way. It is the immigrants who should accept our ways... This is where the rest of Europe has gone wrong. Do you want the result that other Nordic countries have suffered already ! When and where will we finally stand up and draw a line to what is accepted in OUR countries !!! Have we not seen enough of this everywhere else ! Say what you want, no matter how harsh the comments I get... I stand very strong against this bullshit.". Barbara Rowe: "Wow, if anyone objected to these tourists need for a male driver here in America, charge of racism would be screamed from all sides! Enjoying these comments!". Jenny Manganaro: "The treatment of women and girls in this religion should be cause for great concern. It is not ok ever. I wish we would stop thinking it is akin to just hoping for a stay at home wife. It is the promotion of women as null beings to even be circumcised so sex cannot be enjoyed. This is an evil belief system that even the so called moderate muslims do not condemn.". Shabnam Doobal: "While I find the tourists' request absurd, the hatred in the comments above is more concerning. Truly disgusting to read all this hate. Where has this hatred gotten humanity in the past?".