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05-08-2015 04:56 Alfrede Apfelbaum Traumawien posts a video. Forever Traxx. 2 people commented on this. Alfrede Apfelbaum Traumawien: "forevertraxxx among the best i know". Alfrede Apfelbaum Traumawien: "".
05-08-2015 04:08 RT shares a link. New virus created that can completely wreck Apple computers. 'Thunderstrike 2'. Two security consultants have created a new computer worm, the Thunderstrike 2, that attacks the core hardware of a Mac computer once unleashed. The worm was designed to expose vulnerabilities in the once-assumed airtight security of Apple products. 25 people like this: Ave Fenix, W Ryan Darastrix, Mike Novelli, Alonso Noriega, Jhunamae Sucuano, Emil Rasheed, Chad Roberts, Rodrigo Duarte Flores, Jacob Aaron Hoyos, Ibad Ullah, Peter Allan Olivier, Bra Herrera, شريف احمد بيومي, Mandy Love, Gess Hoo, Trent Weston, Marian Jiménez, Yusril Muna, Kevin Soto, Marko Reljic, Dejan Drljaca, Mustafa Salih, Chezaryo Making, Phillip Adrian Malenica, Carolina Nami. 25 people commented on this. Andrew A. Anissi: "Time to switch to Linux.". Tayler McLuckie: "'It just works'". Jonathan Hodder: "But only if you're making bad comments about your government on Facebook?". Ken Underwood: "Should have gone to Microsoft ...". Luke Kobilan: "Funny how this is news on RT but nowhere else. hmmm". Fernando Snow: "Finally some positive news". Kenny Flores: "good". Willard Hively: "kubuntu all day long fuck mac and micro". Richard Jacobs: "why do two security consultants aloud to do this bullshit arrest them and make them pay for the damage or was it dun by apple to boost sales becouse thy suck ..... these people in apple know who thy are and let them do it and then talking about it like thy know nothing find the people who have dun this and make them pay". Moulay Youssef Knight: "why???". Willard Hively: "and if you really like apple you can make linux look just like it". Sandhu Ell Micmac: "*sigh*". William Hellmann: "Lol, what a joke. The funny part is with apple you can't install anti-virus so there is no way to prevent it. Infection proof apple? What a joke.". Chris O'Sullivan: "Apple will come out with new software to fix it so this isn't a big deal. I don't see why it's even considered news. Just like Windows 10 supposedly had this problem where a certain malware could give the offender complete access to the PC. Many media sites failed to mention that Microsoft released a simple patch within like 24-48 hours.". Mani Veiszadeh: "losers". Pierre Mavaji: "Times are a changing". Edgar Morales: "Ojo a quienes tiene APPLE.". Graeme Bell: "New way to sell Apple laptops, send out a virus, they do it with the iPhone I'd say". Ivan Lloyd: "Good, hopefully Windows and Linux will all fuck up as well and finally put an end to the age of "technologic bullshit", then mankind can return to it's pristine roots of living in harmony with Mother Earth, where there are no resource thieving industrialists and their financing banker arseholes.". Jordan William: "So no real difference then?". Connor Mcalpine: "There is a fix, you gotta put the mac in the bin and buy windows.". Alyeldin Mohamed: "#ThanksMicrosoft". Mario Dubromel: "antibiotics dude !!!". A Kadir M Ibrahim: "What will they think of next?". Mickel Johnson: "Happens every week, no need at all to report it. just update your antivirus.".
05-08-2015 03:20 RT shares a link. ‘Iran is Great’ peace stunt mistaken for terror threat. A publicity stunt intended to change the way Iran is perceived in Britain backfired after an ‘Iran is Great’ van parked outside a London museum was reported to police as a “suspicious vehicle.”. 25 people like this: Alvaro Bahena, Simon Rattu, Andy Parangutirimiricuaro, Joel White, Ahammed Shamsul Islam, Kaushik Roychowdhury, Robert Solnick, Sikander Abbas, Romulo Mosquera, Eastern Master, Mohyeddin Gholami, Ivan Agyeyev, Dennis Martinež, John-Peter Barnes, Nizar Gideon, Jim Bidwell, Jose Garcia, Roozbeh Madanipour, Mu Nyein Lwin, Aboy Ang Tan, Васил Петришки, Hasan Bandar, Isa Yaken, Brad Golding, Gaurav RX ßrmñ. 25 people commented on this. Pat Carnell: "remember david cameron and netanyahu respect freedom of speech...". Rabia Khan: "This is what is best for business now". Jonathan Hodder: "Will somebody stop this planet so I can get off, I'm tired of being surrounded by people that can't think for themselves?". Rain J Moo: "Well, most of Brits goyim are victims of self-chosen turds propaganda channels... no blame game here". Von Silapan: "paranoid android!!". Liling Zoltán: "Iran's perception of West. Can't just chant all times "death to America" then run black vans with slogans of Iran's greatness at once. Stop one of them at least.". Saiful Islam Saif: "Coz there not living sunni much.". Sherwin Ra: ""When they returned a few hours later, the family was shocked to find one of their windows smashed." Shocked? Seriously? Lol people never cease to amaze me.". Amir Knežević: "Paranoid idiots with conscience dirty like a cesspool, hahahaha". Alexander Mandra: "A big f....l lol! World is very sick!". Markus Munten: "another example on how your IQ can't be too high when becoming a pig. I mean cop... The real reason for this hate propaganda is because Iran, Iraq and Egypt and Syria are under attack is because they don't bank with the U.S. That's the real reason. no extreme muslim crap.. which is a CIA ploy". Jeff Woodruff: ""In 5 years Iran will have nuclear capabilities and be able to strike the west coast!"...........30 years later........". Yusuf Fremadonna Gürgöze: "Can anyone tell me, when was the last time Iran attacked another country. .?? On the other hand US, UK, Israel, HAS ATTACKED countries in the middle east or supported the uprising. .. SO WHO'S A THREAT TO WHO. ?? ISRAEL in the last two years has carried out air strikes against Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. .. But Iran is the threat. ...!!!". Farid Hasan Sezli: "Did Britain police know that crypto jewish supremacist shia religion theocratic regime of Iran takes orders from British top rank paedophiles... those chosen untouchables?... Where the heck people think Khomeini get his bright ideas for his talmudic paedo-fatwas.". Craig Holmes: "Perceived? LMAO.... They are trying to fool them :/". Ronald Wood: "Yip, fuck the Shia as well as the Sunni, differing sects of the same ideology morphing as a religion. It's backward as well as retarded and has no place in Western society.". Guillermo Fregozo: "Afraid people is very stupid. if anyone is going to commit a terrorist act it wont be so obvious..". Ali Mohammad Ahmadi: "The only terror threat is the UK itself.". Geor Zarz: "Sometimes weapons have a negative effect and do not serve the purpose they are intended for. Based on a personal experience, an armed police officer failed to protect my life when I needed him most, and I was bodily harmed as a result. But then an unarmed officer showed up in my life without me making a call and saved the important part of my life. That is a good puzzle isn't it :)". Mani Veiszadeh: "You can really trust a Police force that still uses a 2001 model Nokia mobile!". Chafidz Alrasyid Akbar: "This is the result if media constantly feed the people with scaremongering news.". Gill Middle: "So, where is the "freedom of expression" under this colonizer the U.K.? Purposefully, intentionally, deliberately, they create an phantom enemy for their people to support the colonizer government pf the U.K. in case of bombing merciless. What a phony bologna democracy inside this devoted, faithful, miscreant neocon, IN DEED. It seems the U.K. does not like supporting non-violent solution in the Middle East!". Gill Middle: "Poor Iranians. In 50s, Iran was under the UK economic sanctions, and as over time the UK lost its power, and the tribe of the U.S.A. took over the power, Iran again is under economic sanctions imposed by the tribe of the U.S.A.!". Gill Middle: "Launching a gold dinar for oil trade by Gaddafi , and oil trade transaction based on Euro € or Yuan ¥ introduced by Saddam Hussein, created a global threat to the entire financial and banking system, forcing the tribe of the U.S.A. the U.K., France, and their de facto allies to orchestrate "the fight against terrorism around the world!" The AngloZionists, disgraceful whoremongers slaveholders, WASP, rabid warmongers, foam-at-the-mouth buffoons political fantasists, Koolaid drinkers halleluiahians don't have a diplomacy, so the only thing they know is the magical thinking “to kill.”". Robert Zdeb: "Haha epic fail, shame I wasn't there to see it by myself ;)".
05-08-2015 03:12 SomaFM shares a link. SomaFM Radio Player. The latest SomaFM iOS app has been released with Chromecast support (as well as Qualcomm AllPlay and Apple Airplay). 25 people like this: Scott Goolsby, Silvia G. Bolaños, Daniel Meyer Cosme, Davin Flateau, Izabela Sliwinska, Amos Fitzgerald, Joe Deagnon, Tracey Luke, Thomas Paul Hannam, Niki Myers, John Mickus, Joe Albergo, Joshua Nelson, Chase Masters, James Thordarson, Jacob Martinez, James Vela, Robert Ireland, Brett Jackson, Bodo Beier, Daniel Blue, Dave Pennypacker, Javier Gimenez, Charles Muccia, Dave Andersen. 4 people commented on this. John Marra: "Just got this via appsgonefree, so good!". Joshua Nelson: "Any movement on the Android app fixing some of the bugs, specifically resuming play when the connection is lost then reestablished? I love the app but having to dig the phone out of my pocket, unlock it, navigate to the player, then selecting pause/play is s bit of hassle.". Ryan D E Garner: "Why do I need an app when I can listen in Chrome?". Davin Flateau: "Cool!".
05-08-2015 02:55 Prosthetic Knowledge adds a photo. A Computational Approach for Obstruction-Free Photography Research from CSAIL - MIT and Google Research have developed a way to remove foreground material such as reflections and barriers from photographs. More Here: 1 person likes this: Bruno Duque.
05-08-2015 02:24 RT shares a link. Game of Thrones-inspired courses launched at Norway school for Vikings. You know nothing, John Snow. Time to teach you some things.. A college in Norway is offering a very special course for those who want to live like a real Viking. Forging swords, sailing to faraway lands and even animal sacrifices are part of the program inspired by the “Vikings” and “Game of Thrones” TV series. 25 people like this: Chris Smith, Steve Kjorvestad, Herbert Castaneda, Bill Lai, عادل عبدالله عامر, Romulo Mosquera, Oni Zaidi, Muhammad Saleem, Hêart Kîllêr Sãjôl, Jacob Wilson, Jon Marfin, Paulo Rocha, Hamid Ali, Rusi Dasici, Bologhine Ibn Ziri, Jorge Alberto Rosas, Ayub Makuaban Van Kapitan, Jay Atkinson, Chris Burgess, Brandon Holmes, Fred Anthony Kiemsteadt IV, Ravi Verma, Cory Grimmond, Abraham Vasquez, Cody ßabyFace M. 25 people commented on this. Princess Nada: "انا لست بشاعر ولا كاتب ولا ناقد ولا اديب . اننى فقط اكتب الحكم و النصائح . ومعى افضل الحكم مثل : كن مثل الفاصله اذا رأيت موقف يحزنك ضعها و اكمل طريقك ولا تكن مثل النقطة عند أول موقف صعب صادفك تنتهى آمالك و طموحاتك. لو عجبتك صفحتنا اعمل لايك هنا". David Tracy: "I guess it's more useful than a degree in underwater basket weaving". Ronald Chan: "No matter how good you are, in Game of Thrones, you always die.". Liam Hunter: "Live like skyrim Samantha Smith Erin Cairns". Josh Bushell: "It's "Jon" Snow btw". Adam Thompson: "The books are better. (Y)". Juan Luquin: "Daniel Meza topa". Alex Renn: "Looks like I'm moving to Norway,". Rain J Moo: "School for Vikings? Does it include taking a bath once a year?". Alan McJingles: "Patrick Gingles Looks the part". Thomas Kane: "Tonight's feature:". Cody Seago: "Jon snow*". Richard Guster: "Who are these people that have the time to go to "Viking school"? Smh". Lina Brody: "Remarkable video by Robbie Maddison". Abdurrahman Van 't Hoff: "I rather think it is this". Peter Dishevelled Smith: "I would like to start the UK branch of this school. I would also teach Piracy.". Isaac de Kraken: "fucking viking vassals". Sultan Salween: "Bunch of idiots". Steven Logan Everett-Fain: "All of these angry "minorities" in the comments. My sides.". Richie Tedesco: "I've always wanted to live in Norway". Scott Muller: "Isn't that the dude from the Rudolf Christmas special?". Larry F Schulz: "*John Slow". Junior Cruz Alvarado: "Jazmin the fuckin caption". Lou Nononsense: " of what? F*ck that shit...". Yannis Yan: "lost in space".
05-08-2015 01:59 Prosthetic Knowledge adds a photo. Monolith First place winner of the Assembly Demoscene competition by Andromeda Software Development runs in realtime. More Here: 4 people like this: Gibrann Morgado, Mitch Posada, Sebastian Bruno-Harris, Elena Romenkova.
05-08-2015 01:42 RT shares a link. ‘Come home’: Powerful YouTube campaign launched to counter ISIS recruiters (VIDEO). Challenging the social media narrative of jihadist recruiters, the Quilliam Foundation counter-extremism think tank has published a new anti-radicalization video on YouTube. 25 people like this: Ahmad Naseem, Nabeel Hasan, Emil Rasheed, Nuradin Aman Oromo Shafo, Oscar Amaya, Jinggo Saltig, Alberto Henriquez Guzmán, Jose Garcia, Jonathon Salas, Joris Hines, Mohyeddin Gholami, Elyas Mohammed, Chauncey Cottonwood, Gary George Toisim, Lidia Berger, Mu Nyein Lwin, Rusi Dasici, Saikat Goswami, Bourhan Hasbini, Rajitha Jaya Sri Tennakoon, Chris Burgess, Aammer Haddad, Moutaz Idriz, Karim Darcuiel, Reynold M. Casidsid. 25 people commented on this. Kalelo Kalelo BA: "No No dont Come home , Die please". Junior Ricardo De Paula Monta: "Watch my video on Youtube Aquiii ➡". Aime Cabangon: "to isis -can be the fighters of Christ?". Rayyan Memon: "Plenty of ISIS members regret joining ISIS and they would get executed if they try to leave the group.". Luka Bulatovic: "By ISIS you mean CIA,off course". Amir Rabty: "Just die there please home does not exist anymore but u have a lovely condo with a great view in hell fully furnished". Ahmad Bayloun: "The social media controlled and ruled by big countries who has the ability to turn off and on who ever they want ! Now why still allow such insects on the nets?". Stevan Damjanović: "Come "home" to where your family migrated to, eh?". Patrick Hodgins: "Humanity take note, this is what the delusion of religion does to the mind.". Stu Underwood: "I just eat bacon". يرني تسسار الكراني: "Here's the issue with this video: it's made by the Quilliam foundation. No Muslim listens to them and they know it, they just made this to get funds from the British government for new designer clothes and cars.". Stewey Eoin: "Yes please come home in a body bag
05-08-2015 01:15 Titanic-Magazin says something. Neuer Brief an die Leser: Sie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2 people like this: Ursula Hitzenbichler, Pat Rock.
05-08-2015 01:02 RT shares a link. Armed suspect threatens to bomb Lakebay Marina in Washington - reports. BREAKING (Via RT America). The Lakebay Marina in Washington state has been evacuated after a man reportedly fired a shotgun into the air and threatened to set off bombs he claims to have in his boat, according to local news reports. 25 people like this: Emil Rasheed, Joris Hines, Joanna Tracz, William Jones, 丁小雨, Mu Nyein Lwin, Chris Burgess, Sey Poeurn, Viktor Dani Saputra, Moutaz Idriz, Ulvi Coban, Rakhmatillo Ibadov, Natasha Skuris, Juan Fuentes, Mariefareeda Ali, 義朱, Praveen, Aman Singh, Denista Selalusetia, Davi Silveira, Basel Hisham, Amar Kumar, Kevan Peter Yates, Khaled Elawa, Eniy Ilwoo. 25 people commented on this. Kimmie Reynolds: "Black folks!". Jacob Muñoz: "There we go. Moving in the right directions. Make bombs illegal. I mean if we make guns illegal how are we gonna stop those goat lovers.". Eric Elder: "shoot him". Clemente Maplethorpe: "Wa da fuq i thought war on terror worked.". Zachery Sullivan: "its all that pot ;)". Shafee Bhula: "Extremism". Chris Perez: "Another reason why covering mental illness is just as important as physical illness. P.S: Obama be like "I've just came to see who thinks that it's my fault. lol". Nibiru Facts/Elenin Facts/2012/NWO/FEMA/Earth Quakes/T Cyclones etc: "false flag bullshit ;)". Daniel 'Lenny' Lenham: "Can we hold off on the 'Terrorist' tag until we've identified the suspect as anything other than 'White' and 'Christian'.". Greg Bear Down Boone: "I love how all these amerikkkans already know he is Muslim, I put my money on a crazy ass white dude, bet I win.". Fettah Ayadi: "Blaming a Muslim is 3, 2, 1". Boyd Meynell: "Do it". Merwyn Melvin: "Not Lakebay, Washington!". Janne Wolterbeek: "Do as you always do, cops! Just shoot. Shoot at anything...". Jesse White: "Sounds like he might just want to commit suicide by cop.. If he really had a bomb and wanted to hurt people why scare them all away first, if he just wanted to destroy the marina why wait after the people had gone? No I bet he's depressed and is waiting for the swat team to bust down the door and shoot him.". Milkmann Lafreniere: "The treasonous gov't will bomb there own city's just so they can lock down the country... welcome to the United states of America for profit prison camp.". Craig Bratcher: "That could never happen in Putinstan becausethe starving Putinstanis are too busy hunting sewer rats to survive and scavenging for old garbage bags at the dump to stay warm in the streets at night to be screwing around dissenting against the kremlin. Putinslam means peace!". Abu Taufan: "America: THE WORST EXAMPLES OF HUMAN BEINGS IN THE WORLD. And yet they want to police every other country.". Dinci Kundalic: "shwing". John Edward Santiesteban: "Oh boy here we go again ...". Thomas Vescelius: "RT, no offense meant, but that image there seems a bit dated: We're in summer, not winter.". Michael Stathe: "Would not suprise me if the guy is some rabid dog ISIS member. You just had one shoot and kill 4 US marines in Tennessee. Time for mass deportation of all goat fuckers. In Russia, the defenders of the Christian faith the Cossacks know how to effectively deal with those rabid dogs.". Daniel Tgm: "Ya ya ya". Yusuf Fremadonna Gürgöze: "Fox News reporting this. .. Two scenarios. .. 1) A Muslim terrorist is holding a marina hostage threatening to blow up everyone. .. 2) A lone man who seems to be suffering from mental illness is threatening to detonate a device in a marina. .". David Teegail: "false flag alert".
05-08-2015 00:53 Forever Traxx posts a video. 7 people like this: Spencer Lai, Brandon Covington, Iku KO, Sami Nagasaki, Armin Lorenz, Marine Léauté, Edin Zenun. 1 person commented on this. Brandon Covington: "
05-08-2015 00:40 RT shares a link. Archaeologists uncover massive gate to Goliath's biblical city. Archaeologists on a two-decade-long mission have discovered the gate and the fortifications of one of the most coveted ancient Biblical cities – Philistine Gath, located in the Judean foothills. The city was also home to Goliath. 25 people like this: Andy Parangutirimiricuaro, Dystopian Fiction, Edane Toron, Tanha Adeel, Susanna Khouw, Rodrigo Montenegro, Šarukin Lugal Akkad, Tauseef Hussain, Kevin Swartz, Chad Roberts, Debbie Koen, Ameer Ali Umrani, Emil Rasheed, Mark Carpenter, محمد دغمان, Rodrigo Duarte Flores, William Hoffknecht, Nitin Kapoor, Juan Ramirez, Manish Dhakal, Gess Hoo, Monica Sheffield, Sudipta Mondal, Anubhav Srivastava, Agravat Bipin B. 25 people commented on this. Lesego Mooketsi: "Bible is religious literature NOT world history.". Richard Allen Cornelius: "did he find my got dam tokyo tapes album i got at swap meet in bremen?". Tamer: "سبحان الله العظيم.". Ja Sha Kan: "Goliath head was chopped off.". Osei Dompreh Dickson: "You guys always creating Fake Tourist attraction centers in the world.". Downsview Dan: "Bullcrap". Anthony Dalton: "Does RT know the difference between something biblical and something mentioned in the bible? Apparently not, but hey, looks good in a headline.". John Brooks: "Don't worry. ISIS "archeologists" will arrive soon with sledge hammers and dynamite". Ken Patricia Brown: "Soon they will find the arch of the covenant!!". Nkrumah Chinweizu: "where is that africa?". Haroon Sadiq Sheikh: "So this is where the last of the only good and real Jews are buried.". Nate Nader Daqqaq: "I thought the Jews said it was no Palestine , and Golaith were Palestinian giant So all this BS is aloe by Zionist or the bible is wrong and made story's to benefit Israel". Michael Hand: "The gate to the city, where the biblical giant warrior Goliath, 'WAS ALLEGEDLY' defeated by young David, the future king of Israel, came from, was enormous.". Jacob Muñoz: "Yet it's a fictional book. I laugh at those who deny the truth that's right In front of them.". Johnny Rambone: "i was there when the city was built". Nick Browne: "". Alex Chi: "Hope people keep in mind fictional stories would use real cities too. At least we get to confirm if they were greek or semites. That is if the people get to be honest about it. Israel would love to discredit palestine even though israel own scientist already proved none of israel citizens are children of abraham and little to none semites so they do not belong to the region. Where as palestine people were confirmed to be from the region. You would think israel would pack up and go home to the country they was born at, but they never was there for any real claim. Israel made sure to go against the 10 commandments intentionally to show us they are not real jewish people. killing and stealing some how is okay? no way.. jewish religion is peaceful.". Marcel Dagenais: "of course ,the more they dig the more we know the land is Jewish.". Julia Goncharova: "I heard jewish biblical Jesus is already been born and almost ready to reveal himself.... Is this part of the that ceremony?..". พัดลม กินเวลา ระบบ: "Nephilims". Morgan Lewis: "Now if they'd only dig into that giant mound said to hold his buried body.". Rabih Halbawi: "Yeah and it's written in Hebrew and English. Hey this is Goliath gate! Zionism has falsified everything; From the bible to history and now this: This is a complete bullshit and lies by the Israelis to falsifie history and to continue the looting of Palestine! Israelis you criminals go back to khazaria because this is where you belong!". Rea Vine: "Long live Israel. The bible is true.". Rea Vine: "In The Cairo Musium Egypt the biggest proof of Israel". Greg Solvason: "Evidence at the scene seems to indicate that the version of the fall of Gath laid out in the Second Kings 12:18 is correct. But everyone says the Bible is a fairy tale. Fools.".
05-08-2015 00:23 Georg Kammerer says something. Georg Kammerer → Adorable Creatures - The BroChickorilla - English Comedy Open Mic. spot. 1 person likes this: Adorable Creatures - English comedy open mic.
05-08-2015 00:22 Georg Kammerer says something. Georg Kammerer → Episode #59 Don't Give up your Monday Job. di spot. 1 person commented on this. Georg Kammerer: "I legitimately have no idea why I typed 'di' above.".
05-08-2015 00:18 Horst Leopold Oberbichler teilt einen Link. Fluchthilfe ermöglichen. absolut grossartig! die idee, das video, die verknüpfung mit dem bundesverdienstkreuz...und hier das crowdfunding für die rechtshilfe: Werde jetzt Flucht­ und unter­stütze Menschen auf ihrem Weg in eine bessere Zukunft! Du kannst zum Bei­spiel auf dem Rückweg aus dem Urlaub Flücht­ende mitnehmen. 3 Menschen gefällt das: Pippilotta Subversiva, Kai Simon Stoeger, Gelbe Brotgurke. 1 Mensch hat dazu kommentiert. Horst Leopold Oberbichler: "dazu passend auch die heute veröffentlichte englische version + video ( des zitronen-hits "wenn ich ein turnschuh wär" (".
05-08-2015 00:05 Titanic-Magazin teilt einen Link. Der Super NannyWie sehr man sich doch auf den Volksmund verlassen kann, erfuhr ich erst unlängst... Neuer Eintrag "Vom Fachmann für Kenner": Der Super Nanny.  . 8 Menschen gefällt das: Ursula Hitzenbichler, Ilona Bell, Pau La, David Prütz, Fin Sandfuß, River Side, Ibrahim Magdi, Rudolf Rentier.
05-08-2015 00:02 Panico Telepatico shares a link. W.A.G.E. ::: wo/manifesto. 1 person likes this: Sonia Alcaina.
05-08-2015 00:01 Titanic-Magazin sagt etwas. Neuer Brief an die Leser: Dieter Nuhr, alter Pausenclown! 25 Menschen gefällt das: Ursula Hitzenbichler, Micha Meschke, Michael Stock, Taimas Ahangari, Chris Scheronimo, Robert Enz, Jan Ebbing, Luke Suschkar, Aaron Knopp, Ronny Seiler, Jonas Straße, Ti Mo, Wulff Niedner, Petra Szablewski-Çavuş, Sven SpieltkeineSpiele Baldauf, Harald Solter, Ismail Coffee, Falk Rosenthal, Jonas V. D. Au, Christian Joshua Egner, Thomas Reuß, Gunar Wardenbach, Wolfgang Salm, Baris Kaya, Seviim Ipek.
04-08-2015 23:52 Gao Lin adds a photo. Aff Galerie. .
04-08-2015 23:50 RT shares a link. Mark Duggan killing: Four years later and still no justice. Op-Edge by Richard Sudan: Just as with the many hundreds of other cases which have seen citizens die in police custody, with no officer being brought to justice, Mark Duggan’s case is a chilling reminder of just how little progress has been made and how far there still is to go. The criminal justice system has failed to jail any officer, despite the fact Mark Duggan was unarmed and shot dead execution style.. On August 4, 2011, Mark Duggan was killed in Tottenham by the police. Four years on, the Duggan family are still seeking justice for Mark. But the officers involved were cleared of ‘any wrongdoin’ It was eventually ruled that Mark’s murder was ‘lawful.’. 25 people like this: Nittha YuNittha, Invisible media, Brandon Michael Donahue, Chris Burgess, Rakhmatillo Ibadov, Lena Brown, Malik Malik, Jim Chester, Denista Selalusetia, Beto Dario Vintimilla, Manuel Bautista Rocha, Mark Blackford, Alaa Hammoud, Hmed Khirat, Mikee Flihan, Rode Miguel, Salsabila Novianti, InfraSuper TurboPig CartRacer, Henry Pietrzak, Sundariiy, Zoey Kamos, Elena Indracusin, Ben Zim, Dewo Ngurah, Jon Jon. 25 people commented on this. Henry James McTeigue: "Charles Menendez also i believe was before at the stockwell tube station!!!!". Richard Hassett: "The London riots were the tipping point for me where I realized that politics have their limits". Robert Colquhoun: "he was a known drug dealer and gun carrier so fuck for menezes massive police fuck up there.". Luke Ironborn Morgan: " no conviction.". Chris Woof: "He was a crack dealer... member of a gang with racketeering kidnap and armed robbery to their name... was carrying a gun on the day.... that's what happens to armed crack dealers in London - so what?". David Leak: "I'm with Robert, Duggan was scum and we're well rid of him.". Stephen Boyd: "BOOM! Headshot.". Jon Robinson: "He was a criminal who was carrying a weapon and on his way to carry out an armed robbery on another drugdealer, he got what he deserved.". James Mckee: "Fucking hell this was not Rodney king, this twat was on his way to shoot another gangster and threw his gun a few metres away as he was being stopped by police. Don't you Russians execute unarmed female journalists for exposing corruption. I only keep RT on my feed for a good laugh.". Nate Nader Daqqaq: "We like the police game so much now USA is the world police we go after every country with natural resources and we fight them against terrorism and crime , we invade there country kill there civilians arrest there presidents and take over there assets , it a profit game and like any war troops get 1% in salary and George Bush Sr , Jr, Chaney , Obama and Israel share benefits ,and taxpayer go hungry and jobless while paying for more of incarceration and foreign aid". Paolo Ferraris: "Nazione di nazisti,ipocriti,razzisti,altro ke il paese della democrazia!!!Infatti,negli ultimi anni si è visto cosa intendono x democrazia!!!Ki nn è allineato e sottomesso al loro volere,gli si svuota l'arsenale contro!!!Hanno trovato il modo di dismettere i vecchi armamenti e sostituirli con quelli nuovi!!!!Avrebbero bisogno un bel bagno di umiltà,e una bella lezione,come si fa di solito con un bulletto di provincia!!!!FUCK USA&UE!!!". James Mckee: "Are they john? Stop repeating yourself. Have you been out long?". Chris Leonelli: "A gangsta got shot by people protecting the public. People wouldn't care if it was another gangsta that killed them. Just an excuse for some pricks to run riot. Support the police not crappy Russian propaganda". Craig Bratcher: "The pinko putinslamists love criminals because they hate the authorities just as much as they do. All Hail the Great and Powerful Vladamir Putin the Strongest and Smartest man in da world!". Andy Parry: "Mark Duggan was a criminal, plain and simple that and the small fact that there was a gun in the car. Justice was served with his life being taken.". Gary Wrightson: "Your wrong this time RT. I stopped listening to the BBC because of there bullshit don't go the same way.". Paul Cruickshank: "Have you seen Blackfish? Worth a watch if not: See how Sea World treats Orca's and the trainers :( FREE TILLY". Rob Taylor: "Woah some guy on here (no need to mention a name) really really hates the police!! :) and rt don't go the same route as the BBC please.....". Sam Line: "dunno why people get upset over assholes. If Duggan was out side your dorr waiting to fuck you up you would be happy the cops took him out. Also Cops are bad too cops get away with horrible things". Jack Troughton: "There's your problem right there: justice is a fallacy. It's been what, 14 billion years since the Big Bang? Still no gazorpazorps. Difference is I'm smart enough not to lose sleep over it.". Justin Soule: "Drug dealing criminal. What is the problem with him being dead. Live by the gun die by the gun". Andrew Graziani: "Everyone thinks they're revolutionaries now for no reason". Chris O'Sullivan: "All Russia has on the West is bad cops? RT how about you report real news?". Jimmy Moko: "dont bother. the cop arseholes that killed the hillsborough 96 are still walking around too. :) ynwa". Ben Zim: "+ Still no justice for Boris Nemzow ... But at least Shana Nemzowa got the Lech-Walesa-Price ... Russians ? Dont stop fighting for freedom , Fight Terrorist+ Murderer Putina .".
04-08-2015 23:30 Aff Galerie adds a photo. . 2 people like this: Franz Chinaski, Alexander Gehring.
04-08-2015 23:30 Karolina Jacewicz adds a photo. snorbes + mooryc.... <3. 10 people like this: Julia Kaźmierczak, Michał Berus, Mateusz Kędzierski, Natalia Kołodziej, Maria Kozerska-Gęstwicka, Filip Weymann, Małgośka Fatalle, snorbes, Tama, Paweł Górny. 1 person commented on this. Karolina Jacewicz: "już szykuję dużo topniejących serduszek na ekrany <3".
04-08-2015 23:13 Pitchfork shares a link. All Dogs: "Skin". Hear another piercing single from Columbus band All Dogs debut record, "Skin". About a minute into "Skin", Maryn Jones sings, "There is a quiet familiar feeling/ And in it, I am always ... 25 people like this: Cayla Benjamin, Zach Taneyhill, Bruce Aker, Teddy Farkas, Brian Ginther, Alexander Paquet, Ian Franco, Lucas Méndez, 黒田隆太朗, Jack Brooks, Milan Martinez, Andres Felipe Valencia Rincon, Fiona Beirne, Mike Keenan, Hugo Carabineiro, Jake Jenkins, Adrianna Saenz, Michelle P Delpeche, Nick Bane, Peter Winter Lee, Joseph Barchi, Rowan Wright, Luis Carlos González, Brett Ashley, Gabriele Savo.
04-08-2015 23:06 RT posts a video. RT Play. Three kilometers of ash into the sky! Mexican Colima volcano known as the 'Volcano of Fire' menaces local communities with tons of ash. Courtesy: Webcams de México. 25 people like this: Natasha Skuris, Winston Grant Kalani Fowler, Elias Nava, Leen Ali, Shannon Madison, Najih Alkassar, Jason Anderson, Guillermo Samano Hernandez, Ricardo Velez, Janie Pauley, Yvonne Upton, Bestof Times, Raoul Molla, Iasen Kostov, Wilfred Ledezma, Villeneuve Karen, Michel Ghobril, Carmen Torres, Nanci Gosling Blackmarr, Zainab Mohammed, Ksenia Kosikova, Maritza Thompson, Alec Luna, Ibos Kebabs, Gary Norman Duffy. 25 people commented on this. Tiller: "". Alex Lodi: "That ashole!". Trutherism: "Please like my page if you can handle the truth.". Troy S Picklyk: "Toured there a few years back! Wow!". David Perez: "Estela Ramos". Kaylasa Black: "Daniel Däliger mira!!!!!!". Kaylasa Black: "Wow, an amazing spectacle....but my heart goes out to all those people affected by the eruption.". Michael Wade: ""The Volcano of Fire" Couldn't they have chosen a more creative and less redundant name?". Jamie Tyler: "GOOD.". Ryan Richardson: "I just want to take a DJI Phantom 3 over there :(". Estela Ramos: "Omg". Ivanov Viktor: " How I Wrote That Song Albert Hammond Jr Losing Touch". Jose Luis Aguirre Gomez: "I got this one so close of my town". Miste D. Ellis: "Rhonda Chapman". Michael W Hudson: "All that carbon for the plants to feast on.". Ja Sha Kan: "God bless Mexico. The earth is talking". Larry Coriell: "oh well,,,everyone who can run jump or swim is alreaady ssafe in america". Nic Boydston: "Thanks Obama.". Doris Alvarez: "Porfavor en la cierra no hay audio en el canal ... Pidan que se arregle". Dave Cam: "damn..looks like my uncles ass after his fire house chili..". Saira Rojas: "El volcán desperto!". Sharon Sneddon: "Rae Maclachlan". Gregg Senne: "That stuff makes great pottery glaze.". Nick Bond: "These things need to be banned! Global warming! That is all.". Armando Garcia: "José Garcia".
04-08-2015 22:52 Julia Wernersson shares a link. German Justice Minister Maas terminates Federal Prosecutor Range | Breaking News | DW.COM |... German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has terminated Federal Prosecutor Harald Range. This came after Range complained of political interference in the treason investigation of two journalists.
04-08-2015 22:47 Martin Anselm Meyerhoff shares a link. How I Gave Up Alternating Current. Tobi what do you think? A pretty radical, extremely utilitarian existence.... The walls are buzzing. I know this because I have a magnet implanted in my hand and whenever I reach near an outlet I can feel them. I can feel fortresses of industry miles away burning prehistoric... 4 people commented on this. Tobi Kellner: "I'm not a fan of off-grid living. You invariably end up with a lot of waste and inefficiency, much more than the losses you have from grids. And I'm not at all sold on the Soylent food thing. If anything, I'd say we need more home grown food, not highly processed stuff ordered online. And is he saying he always throws away his clothing instead of washing it?!?". Colin McKerracher: "This is a really terrible idea from a really weird guy. Gizmodo says it best:". Colin McKerracher: ""It's a little bit Scientology, and a little bit 4-Hour Work Week. There are cleansing products somehow related to outer space, AND there is outsourcing of manual labor". Brilliant.". Martin Anselm Meyerhoff: "So he own's the Soylent franchise, I didn't know that. I'm hanging around hackerspaces here in Berlin a bit at the moment, and there's seriously been a Soylent meet-up. And Tobi of course he says he orders clothes in order to throw them away, saving *tons* of energy in the process. Tons! :)".
04-08-2015 22:30 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH teilt ein Video. Stonewall. Discover where pride began when Roland Emmerich's Stonewall hits theaters September 25th.. 25 Menschen gefällt das: David Tränkler, Marko Arold, Alessandra Brenneisen, Norbert März, An Chi, Giulio Galoppo, Manuel Varelmann, Ani Kahr, Fritz Letsch, Dieter Ranft, Prosperus Gordo, Brigitte O'Grady, Moritz Felske, Markus Dacasa, Dom Rue, Andreas Löst, Alexander Will, Claus Hantke, Christian Carey, Oliver Reinbott, R Eric Schulze, Jean-Pierre Castillejo, Lea Graupe, Bart Wieczorek, Je Ho. 5 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Key Jahn: "But when in Germany?". Thomas Wening: "Ile LseBrIght OßiriNadine Müller O.O GUCKEEEEEN!!!". Chris Prügner: "Linda Teimann Sharon Sperling Den müssen wir sehen
04-08-2015 22:29 Elena Garnelo adds a photo. . 15 people like this: Clara del Río, Curt Richter, Ana María Fernández Barredo, Juan Carlos Rica, Mabel Fernández, Amalia Tesoro, Acto Espacio, Fernando Miranda, Alba Perez, Anna Gimein, Manuel Martinez Criado, Amelia Díez Feijoo, Benito Lozano, Manuel Criado Sánchez, Capitan Alegria.
04-08-2015 22:10 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Berührung: Bitte berühren. Wäre unser Zeigefinger so groß wie die Erde, könnten wir den Unterschied zwischen Autos und Häusern fühlen. (abe). Prasselnde Regentropfen, ein Streicheln, ein Piksen: Die Haut unterscheidet mühelos verschiedenste Eindrücke. Unser größtes Sinnesorgan wird häufig unterschätzt. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Abdo Salah, Martin Langlauferbauer, Natalie Kajzer, Sven Sommerfeld, Lena Possible, Justus Paulus, Ella Stoik, Barbara Sitter, Sponta Ninski, Jelena Živić, Anna Kajari, Konstantin Milena Vlasich, Anna Konieczny, Jasvir Singh, Timo Kindler, Petra Domay-Strelow, Stella Ehmayer, Vito Lopez, Josef-Anton Willa, Iris Kaiser, Boris Peter Kurnik, Esra De, Ronald Decker, Nina Fischer, Elfi Nodorf. 4 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Susanne Dieckmann: " Nix Neues ;)". Felie Kafka: "Catherine Fänger aaaahhh". Mark Waller: "Ich spür den Unterschied auch so. Verrückt.". Sandra Faust: "Schnecken können Parasiten wie z.B. Würmer übertragen. Lecker!".
04-08-2015 22:05 Wladek Flakin shares a link. Exit the Euro? Polemic with Greek Economist Costas Lapavitsas. Buenos Aires. A broad spectrum of people from Nobel Prize in Economics winners Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz to members of Syriza’s Left Platform, are defending - with more or less resolve - the... 1 person likes this: Hovhannes Sturmvogel.
04-08-2015 22:02 Wikileaks shares a link. WikiLeaks - Sony Archives. Sony plan to "eliminate" all music without english lyrics. Music strategy-confidential. 25 people like this: Kenneth Zike, Tomoko Amakasu, Clarissa Jones, Huda Ramli, Farid Kahhat, JR Heim, Alexis Cuglietta, Hung Nguyen, Marcus Timothy Tisdell, José Carvalho, Rasmus Sylvester Forsberg Outzen, Deepak Dev, Januário Esteves, Lynda Hooper, David Meliketacos Neal, Pereyra Gomez Elias, Narender Singh, Kyaw Myint Oo, Ibrahim Ibrahim, Yaragomes Gomes, Nikita Mazurenko, Evy Karlsson, Ewen Chan, Jorge Humberto, Eric Lee Johnson. 25 people commented on this. John Thomas Cook: "Good!". Sirio Caramelli: "well I planned to " eliminate " Sony from all my music :)". The Truth from all over the World: "Follow us to learn the mainstream media truth !". Gary Followme Steele: "Plans.... plans...... plans.....". Tony Heaney: "what is this". Shannon Morris: "Hmm, how many different languages have a phrase meaning "Bite me"?". Matteo Granata: "Se tagliano Gigi D'Alessio, mi compro 80 Ps4 per ringraziarli". Jo Ta P: "si es sony, se piratea con ganas, chupenlo.". Rachael Blevins: "Uhhh...Sony is a Japan-based company.". Aoi Yoshikawa: "too much to read, can someone tell me the basics? lol XD". Павэл Жуков: "". Fabbio Bregonzi: "Well...any firm have inside plans, it doesn't mean they will follow this.strategy... Wikileaks is this time really poor about this news (unusual from them by the way) , and I really don't understand what is.idea.behind show this...". Joe Pentland: "I guess they mean to eliminate it from their business strategy rather than eliminate it from the world. If you read the article they use the word eliminate everywhere and it doesn't really have the sinister implication that it has when taken out of context.". Tobias Lynn: "That's ridiculous.. never happen.". Tahchapa MB Haokip: "So, this is wikileaks? I expected that i'd come across some worthful leaks and not such type of gossip leaks....". Kim Ebbett: "Sony is Japanese...the Japanese music scene is making more money now than ever. This makes no sense =/". Fontella Lloyd: "if they did this they would be in trouble! Look how the vinyl market is growing.". Prue Biddle: "Well, I like world music so they're cutting themselves off from me and others with similar tastes.". Veronica Karate Chops: "Can't wait to start my Jirble Jarble band!!!". Peter Du Chemin: "WTF". Dave Champagne: "Will they accept subtitles?". Isabella Kossina: "i think this english lyrics are very interesting : 'This is a huge part of the cost base with very little value.'". Fadhila Eljem: "Good news". Melissa Keip: "Awesome". Karin Wenholt: "Wutt?".
04-08-2015 22:01 RT shares a link. Six-meter sinkhole swallows street in Brooklyn. A rent-controlled apartment, not less. Could also be part of ElChapo's 'luxury tunnel' or an alien invasion from the deep.. A massive sinkhole has swallowed up an intersection in Brooklyn, New York, snarling up traffic and causing water and gas outages to nearby buildings. 25 people like this: Michael Ryoo, Kevin Vaughn, Leslie Jackson, Raphael Aguayo, Manuel Quelle, Radwane Merzouk, Soumia Bougoufa, Nick Alekseyevich, Bernardita Navarro, Shayantika Ghosh, Frano Depolo, Daniel Roots, Kal Sirikamol, Alienet Bza, Kristina Polansky, Zebunisa Rao, Gurpreet Kamboj, Arnel Mamucan, Eynar Ramses Rosas Tapia, Daniela King, Marc Parker, Amein Albany, Raphael A Cruz, Evy Karlsson, Richard Roopnarine. 25 people commented on this. Nancy Sieleman Huzar: "Did I read your post correctly?!?". Misa Tepavac: "lets hope one opens in washington dc". Keith LaBelle: "Ha that's nothing compared to the holes 2 blocks over on third Avenue
04-08-2015 22:01 RT says something. RT posted 2 updates. 25 people like this: Kevin Backalive, Jose Soto, Aidha Jasmin, Nindy Kristiani, Javed Hassan, Emile Cruse, Mohammad Rizvy, Durim Cela Alb, Sashia E'lise Rogers, Cole Prime, Bradley Pierce, Lionel Adkins, Rigo Oropeza, Tang Kimlong, Shahid S Garewal, William C Fuller Jr., Anubhav Srivastava, Bull Red, Kevin Allen, Colette Flanigan, Mauricio Mares Catro, Hassan Shah, Rodick Saborsa, شیراحمد خیرخوا, David Haizimsque. 9 people commented on this. Rain J Moo: "Diabeeetuzz". Francisco Alberto Valverde: "jgf". Jonathan Hodder: "With all the secret underground facilities and the holes they got Dug underground no wonder?". Peter Dishevelled Smith: "How far does ground penetrating radar penetrate and can it be used to find voids in the earth that are capable of swallowing houses?". Jose David Tirado: "Fake". Ashleigh Williams: "Andrew Mathers". Ghassan Majjid: "pls, i need only ten minutes from you just read this carefully and remember that i don't know you so why i wrote this !!!!????????? I want to tell you something abt my religion the religion of (Islam) because I am completely sure that it is the right and true religion among other religions in the world. so I hope you good and heaven remember that neither me nor anyone have the right to force others to enter this religion because this is not the logic nor mind and islam refuses this so,don't worry when someone wants to tell you other religion than yours . just use mind and logic as a judge!!! ___________________________ Did you know that many of the discoveries of science, which r recently discovered exist in Koran" in the Muslims holy book" Muslims say that it is "koran " the speech of God Almighty to human beings all ,and also Muslim prophet Mohammed told the people these information 1432 year ago and this is present in their book!!!!, which assured me that Islam is the religion of truth and right among all the other religions in the world and that is the only way to, God bless, love ,mercy &paradise and keep away from His anger and punishment and to escape hell ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ــ But do you know that many European scientists, the Russians, Americans, Japanese and others have announce their Islam without any doubt when they knew the great matching of what is said in koran "1432 years ago"and the new discoveries which is only discovered in the last 20 years .....OMG ____________________________ please , tell me who told Muhamed "muslims prophet " who is illiterate couldn't read nor write ..who told him these medical , physical , geological , chemical information 1436 years ago ?!!! . we only knew them in the last 20 years as i said before ___________________________ Did Mohammed "PBUH" have telescope or modern 2011 microscope, or have a global laboratory value $ 500,000, for example, or did he go to University and studied there ? you know that there wasn't university nor any of these development tell me how Mohammed could know this information?!!! ____________________________ Did you know that this is the evidence !!! that Muhammad is really a prophet? and all what he said is from God revelation to him... beleive that God told him these scientific facts of physical, geological, chemical, and other of the other sciences, did you know that modern science and discoveries of contemporary all testimony and reinforce the validity of Islam and it is the right religion .I don't align my religion without evidence but i say the truth supported with evidence and proofs. ____________________________ For example, Prophet Mohammed advice Muslims by saying if the fly fall in your Cup immerse it "make it sink " in the cup then extract it and drink cos, a wing contain microbes other contain antibiotic for it . recent studies approved this, and many other recent discoveries that have matched with what he said .. to see more and more go to this site Then choose the ******** of the site to find the options in the top left". Sierra Fox: "Just for you Nicole". Durim Cela Alb: "Add me".
04-08-2015 22:00 hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Landhausmöbel für Dein Schlafzimmer? Entdecke unsere aktuelle Produktauswahl: 25 Menschen gefällt das: Mary Divo, Sandra Novak, Bärbel Dieker, Giannhs Giatros Freeway, Türkkan Rabia, Simone Missal, Nathalie Bullach, SiiciiLy JamsIn, Sabrina Schulz, Christel Selle, Rojda Esmergelicik Rojda, Chris Mühlner, Christiane Lottermoser, Assia Assia Azouz, Yesim Sarikartal, Bettina Jonas, Cyrena Karberg, Gabi Albrecht, Rafik Angoise Ch, Tasu Colak, Andrea Regner, Anita Preuss, Esther Mosquera, Kornelia Kn, Cecylia Procek.
04-08-2015 21:55 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Ferguson-Schütze Darren Wilson: Über Michael Brown denkt Ferguson-Schütze nicht nach. Er redet noch immer wie ein Rassist und lebt heute von Spendengeld im Eigenheim: Ex-Cop Darren Wilson, der vor einem Jahr Michael Brown erschoss.. "Das ist keine Frage der Rasse": Ein Jahr nach den Todesschüssen auf den schwarzen Teenager streitet Ex-Polizist Wilson rassistische Motive weiter ab. 10 Menschen gefällt das: Sebastian Schuster, Abdo Salah, Lukas Achleitner, Tanja Hilpert, Wienand Geigner, Stefanie Braun, Roman Wachter, Malte Louis Tore, Michele Bruno, Renate Schmitz. 5 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Mark Waller: ""Sie reden immer noch wie Rassisten und leben ganz normal in Eigenheimen" (Deutschland 2015)". Mirko Zanzig: "wie? er ist!". Heinrich Letzing: "Die Süddeutsche musste ja heute schon zugeben, dass seine Aussage richtig war, Michael Brown habe ihn angegriffen". Monika Lindemann: "Schrecklich.". Maximilian Ratlmoser: "Auf dem Bild sieht er ein wenig aus wie ein besonders böser Putin.".
04-08-2015 21:51 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Anarchie in der Chipstüte. Danke Mats Hummels! So ein kurzer Einbruch des Menschlichen in der Sportwelt tut gut.. Frustessen ist ein gefährliches Wort: Es ist undiszipliniert, ungesund und vollkommen menschlich. Deshalb hat der Fußballspieler Mats Hummels besonderen Respekt verdient. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Nina Oley, Timo Schmidgunst, Melina Paul, Carolin Grulms, Phil Simmler, Sabrina Buurmann, Jennifer Meyer, Lea Hengstermann, Steffi D Aus K, Dave Ben Jussuf, Ruth Dom, Saron du Char, Thorsten Veigel, Nina We, Tanja Strohäker, Sara Lecht, Kevin Pastuska, Abdo Salah, Arsen Mann Manukyan, Catharina Nee, Leonard Haag, Felix Hoch, Susanne Surmann, Sophie Paula Hieronymi, Valentina Dirmaier. 8 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Andrea Jaskoelski: "Es sind ganz normale Menschen und keine Disziplinmaschinen, glücklicherweise. :)". Darth Hartmann: "Hier merkt man richtig das der Autor Spaß mit der Schreibe hatte. Form und Inhalt schön.". Monika Lindemann: "
04-08-2015 21:48 RT Play posts a video. Colima volcano spews ash 3km into the sky. 25 people like this: Najih Alkassar, Keeyane Hofer, Starrlynn Martin, Graham Flood, Anthony Waller, Dom Albertovich, Ian Hodgdon, Brian Kenny, Alejandra A Miranda, Maryam Muhammad Usman, Neveen Mikhail, Arlem Montejano, Raphael A Cruz, Sarah Louise, Rebecca Snody, Anne Lawlor, Novice Xay Ls, Patrick Adams, Sandra Elvir, 張鈞維, Alejandro Gonzalez, Sukhminder Singh, Eddie Juanito Ortiz, 曾奕澄, Jose Navarrete. 8 people commented on this. Ryan Moss: "T.j. Ryals". Desley Hemmingsen: "WOW!". Rebecca O'Donnell: "Liam McDevitt". Filipa Gonçalves: "Aldo Carrillo". Patricia Kough: "Eerily beautiful and amazingly destructive.". Bill Nelson: "There she blows". Sarah Louise: "POOF!". Jim Peppard: "Get some bottled waters, canned foods, propane cookers, bags or rice on hand. Might be a fall 2015 beyond compare.".
04-08-2015 21:41 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Range trägt nicht die alleinige Verantwortung. Wir der neue Generalbundesanwalt die Ermittlungen fortsetzen? Wieso konnte der Landesverrat-Vorwurf einfach salonfähig werden? Und was ist eigentlich mit der notwendigen Reform der Geheimdienste? Range geht, viele Fragen bleiben. (nd). Der Generalbundesanwalt hat seinen Ruhestand provoziert. Aber das darf nicht davon ablenken, dass sehr viele Fragen in der Netzpolitik-Affäre offen bleiben. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Matthias Pfahl, Ruth Schewietzek, Oliver Ruhrmann, Abdo Salah, Rainer Verhoeven, Alessandro Paco, Torsten Jahn, Felix Krage, Friedrich-wilhelm Höper, Klaus Marke, Vassili Golod, Helge Rieckmann, Peter Marx, Ralf Gotthardt, Jens Schmidt, Dominik Datz, Clemens Niederberger, Chris Kowalsky, Ellen von Sondern, Charlotte Schröder, Monsi Thomassi, Thomas Schmittlutz, Jesco Fischer, Marion Sosinka, Manja Mo. 9 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Hot Tattoos: "Hi I am Jessica I am 17 years old I live in USA I love making new friends please Follow me I will Follow you Back and inbox You I promise". Mathias Kwa: "Was soll Range falsch gemachte haben?". Heinrich Letzing: "Hoffentlich setzt der neue Generalbundesanwalt die Ermittlungen fort". Christof Litz: "Julian Assange hat dem deutschen Parlament ja angeboten, bei ihm in der Botschaft in London Einsicht in die Liste der Spähziele des NSA nehmen zu können. Wenn nur ein paar Parlamentarier dieses Angebot endlich annehmen würden wäre die ganze Geschichte schneller erledigt. Weiss ZEIT ONLINE, ob da jemand hingegangen ist, und wenn nein, warum nicht.". Ute Scholz: "Respekt, Herr Range für die klaren Worte!! Ermittlungsverfahren sind von der Staatsanwaltschaft zu führen, da hat - trotz aller Weisungsbefugnis - Politik nichts zu suchen. Und wohin ist Verfassungsschutzchef Maaßen, der die Sache zur Anzeige brachte, nun abgetaucht???". Tom Recht: "Man sollte nicht gefeuert werden, weil man seinen Job gemacht hat.". Heinrich Letzing: "Gegen die NSA kann der Generalbundesanwalt gar nicht ermitteln, da die Amerikaner laut Grundgesetz bei uns spionieren dürfen". Jörg Freimuth: "Maas sollte gehen! Er hat aus politischen Interessen in die Judikative eingegriffen! Und Netzorg, eine Ermittlung sofern von Ergebnisoffenheit geprägt, ist noch keine Verurteilung. Obwohl ich erstgenanntes Kriterium bezweifle. Leider.". Heiko Haßlauer: "Herr Range ist der Einzige, der aus diesem Politdrama/Kasperletheater mit erhobenen Hauptes geht!".
04-08-2015 21:35 taz. die tageszeitung teilt einen Link. Wer sich für ein Kind entscheidet, muss es annehmen, wie es ist – oder?.!5210582/. Und Ina sagte ohne Umschweife: „Ich würde es sofort abtreiben. Ich traue mir nicht zu, ein behindertes Kind zu erziehen.“ – „Aber wir dürfen doch nicht zwischen den Menschen selektieren“, entgegnete ich und hatte dabei immer Deniz’ dicke Fingerchen vor meinen Augen, die ich so gern in meine Hand nahm.. Jetzt sind fast zehn Jahre vergangen, und meine Meinung ist eine andere. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Manfred Benter, Petra Nöhre, Sabine Weinmann, Sandra Metzmaier, Maria Fagerstrom, Amo Huhn, Sven Gerbig, Carina Lambers, Heika Bialas, Kathrin Kienast, Fabienne Odrig, Blank Dieter, Irmgard Helsper, Natalia Kauz, Ute Weinmann, Marion Schoenfeld, Mara Earthman, Rose Linden, Ingrid Ramisch, Helena Hypolito, Mathias Rotter, Susan Bach, Susanne Breitschuh, Nathalie Glenn, Fortesë Hislami. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Alexander Strobl: "Sicherheitshalber mal abtreiben. Brillenträger, Linkshänder und all des Gedöns machen mehr Arbeit als Freude. Des rechnet sich ned. :v". Alexander Perschbacher: ""Warum nicht akzeptieren, dass auch Menschen mit einem Handicap ein schönes Leben führen können? Warum Behinderungen nicht auch als Bereicherung ansehen, statt nur als Belastung? Warum nicht einfach annehmen, dass das Leben nicht geradlinig verläuft?" - Man muss wirklich Respekt vor denen haben, die sich für ein behindertes Kind entscheiden; Dennoch halte ich jene, die unterschwellig mit solchen Thesen unterstellen, eine Behinderung sei eine Art "Lifestyle", für mehr als diffus.". Hanna True-Holzweißig: "Ich bin kein Freund von Abtreibung. Ganz klar. Aber ich werde niemanden verurteilen der sich dafür entschieden hat. Ich gehe davon aus, dass diese Entscheidung niemand mit leichtem Herzen trifft. Egal aus welchem Grund.". Susannah Winter: "Schade, dass Kinder den Spieß nicht umdrehen können und nach Erstansicht der Eltern über deren Leben entscheiden dürfen. Taugen ja auch nicht alle...". Imke Karberg: "ich kann diese Sorge gut nachfühlen… und gerade deshalb wünsche ich mir eine Welt, in der nicht die Kinder perfekt sind-sondern die Sorge um sie auf alle verteilt und selbstverständlich ist…Welcher Zufall hat uns so gemacht wie wir sind ?". Christa Lagodny: "ich war 16 Jahre alt, als ich schwanger wurde, nie hätte ich ein Kind abtreiben können. Bin so stolz auf meine Kinder.". Melanie Ferris: "Mein kind ist mein kind, egal, wie es zur welt kommt. Das war meine Antwort auf die info zu diversen "Möglichkeiten" seitens meines gynakologen.". Swetlana Pohl: "Man muss das kind so lieben wie es ist.". Christa Elli Schonscheck: "Es sollte wirklich jedem selbst in eigener Verantwortung überlassen bleiben, ob er sich zutraut ein solches Schicksal zu schultern oder nicht. Selbst bei einem Abbruch wird man das sein ganzes Leben lang mitnehmen. Was mich aber etwas stört, ist das Wort "erziehen". Ich bin der Meinung ein Kind sollte man nicht erziehen, man sollte es im besten Sinne "begleiten" und fit fürs Leben machen.". Andreas Krueger: "Wir reden doch nicht über ein Stück Ware aus dem Lebensmittelshop? Wenn ich mich für ein Kind entscheide, so denke ich, dann habe ich alle Eventualitäten abzuwägen! Möchte ich ein Kind, dann zu 100%!! Möchte ich keines, gibt es 1000 Möglichkeiten das zu verhindern! Wo bitte liegt die Verantwortung der ERZEUGER? Vor allem gibt es ja noch eine weitere Frage zu klären, in welcher Art und Weise trage ich als Elternteil dazu bei, dass mein Kind gesund zur Welt kommt?". Natalie Maciej: "Wenn ich mancher dieser Kommentare lese, kriege ich die kalte Wut. Wie können Menschen, die solch eine Erfahrung nicht gemacht haben, einfach urteilen? Wer eine Entscheidung gegen sein Kind trifft, der macht es sich so gut wie nie leicht. Ich dachte auch, ich nehme mein Kind so an wie es ist, doch dann hatte ich gar keine Wahl. Darum sage ich: keinem steht hier ein Urteil zu!". Bernd Hesse: "liebes grünes hetzblatt, mit der entscheidung, wie ein kind ist, wertet man aber sowohl die tagesmütter als auch die kindertagesstätten ab.:)". Jakob Ternes: "Sich gegen ein Kind zu entscheiden, nur weil es eine Behinderung hat widerspricht eigentlich dem Traum von einer inklusiven Gesellschaft. Ich würde es (überspitzt) sogar als Rassismus bezeichnen.". Gerhild Magerl: "...ich denke hinter "zutrauen" steckt schon das Perfektionsdenken jemand der sein Kind gut erziehen moechte moechte auch ein "gut geratenes" Kind . Die Tatsache das ein Abruch bis zum letzten Tag bei einem behinderten Kind erlaubt ist, macht das Kind schon zum Makel. Fruechen hingegen mussen egal wie schlecht es ihnen geht und obwohl nur 30% keine Auffälligkeiten zeigen, unbedingt kuenstlich am Leben erhalten werden. Das ist nicht logisch. Viele Behinderungen sieht man im Mutterleib nicht - und diese sind schlimmer als ein DownSyndrom. Behinderte werden oft wegegeben oder die Familie bricht auseinander. Es ist schweirig denn es kommt auf die Eltern an wie selbstaendig die Kinder werden. Niemand wünscht sich ein behindertes Kind. Aber dar man es deswegen toeten? Meiner Meinung nach nicht - nur wenn es zu sehr leidet. Doch das muss jeder selber entscheiden. Mütter die behinderte Kinder haben werden auch angegriffen. Es ist traurig, gleichzeitig "produziert" die Reproduktionsmedizin mehr " Behinderungen" das sagt man aber vorher nicht.". Angelika Heise: "Es geht um ganz vieles. Und nicht um moralische Urteile. Nicht jeder schafft das Leben mit einem behinderten Kind und jegliche Zuschreibung ob es eine Bereicherung oder das Gegenteil für alle Beteiligten ist, soll jedem persönlich über lassen sein. Keiner, der nicht in der Situation ist, kann beurteilen, was es heißt ein behindertes Kind zu haben. Damit meine ich nicht gut oder schlecht, sondern das es falsch ist vorab Aussagen zu machen......". Mel Li: "@ Christa Elli Schonscheck, meiner Meinung nach erziehen wir Kinder bis zur Pubertät, und dann begleiten wir sie. Geben Ihnen Ratschläge Vorschläge Hilfe und vor allem halt und Geborgenheit.". Lukas Hrtrh: "Zwei Dinge stören mich erheblich an dem von ihr vertretenen Standpunkt: 1. Wenn man es für unverantwortlich hält, sein Kind mit Behinderung in "fremde" Hände zu geben, dann suggeriert das vor allem, dass man Zweifel an der Arbeit von Fachkräften hat. Um diese zu beseitigen, bietet sich einfach mal ein Besuch in einer Einrichtung an. 2. Da nur ein Bruchteil der Behinderungen vor der Geburt -da sie häufig erst durch diese Entstehen- diagnostiziert werden können, bleibt die Möglichkeit trotz positivem Bescheid ein Kind mit Behinderung zu gebären. Was nun? Wie kann man seinem eigenen Kind dann gegenübertreten, wo man es doch eigentlich so gar nicht wollte?". Ralf Braukmann: "Wo fängt das Annehmen den an? Viele Kinder werden doch in Schablonen, der Eltern-Wünsche, gepresst. Sie haben kaum die Möglichkeit eigene Interessen zu entwickeln und die Zeit sich selbst zu begreifen. Klar, die meisten Eltern kennen es ja nicht anders, hatten "das" als Kind auch nicht und glauben fest daran, dass es ihnen ja auch nicht geschadet hat.". Nathalie Glenn: "Die, die hier Behinderte schreien sind die, die jeden Flüchtling nehmen würden. Als Mensch mit Behinderung habe ich diese "Message" längstens verstanden. Bah.". Bernd Hesse: "lieber jan berger, ich habe nichts dagegen, wenn kleinkinder in kitas oder bei tagesmüttern unterkommen. allerdings muß die familie keinzelle unserer gesellschaft bleiben. so habe ich's gemeint.:)". Andrea Zobus: "es geht doch hier vor allem darum, dass man keiner mutter diese entscheidung abnehmen kann und darf. und es geht darum, dass man nicht urteilen sollte, wenn man in einer bestimmten situation nicht schon selbst gesteckt hat. es gibt hier eigentlich gar nichts zu diskutieren. es gilt hier lediglich festzustellen, dass die betreffenden die entscheidung fällen müssen - und dass wir diese entscheidung anzunehmen haben, wie auch immer sie ausfällt!". Froilein Freundlich: "Wo ist das zutrauen in andere Menschen ? Eine Mutter gibt ihr Kind ( ob mit oder ohne Handicap) irgendwann in andere Hände. Die Hände des Lebens. Dort begegnen einem Eine Menge guter und schlechter Menschen. Und die Liebe einer Mutter wird einzigartig bleiben und immer im Herzen. Fakt. Jedes Kind ist liebenswert, sie werden erst zu den Menschen herangezogen die wir in ihnen sehen und wie wir Ihnen begegnen.". Tatjana Gruhlke-Driller: "NORMAL? Lisa ist zu groß Anna ist zu klein Daniel ist zu dick Emil ist zu dünn Fritz ist zu verschlossen Flora ist zu offen Cornelia ist zu schön Erwin ist zu hässlich Hans ist zu dumm Traudel ist zu alt Theo ist zu jung Jeder ist irgendetwas zu viel Jeder ist irgendetwas zu wenig Jeder ist irgendwie nicht normal Ist hier jemand der ganz normal ist? Nein, hier ist niemand, der ganz normal ist. DAS IST NORMAL.". Alberto Unostone: "Menschen haben immer selektiert und werden immer selektieren.". Natalia Kauz: "Unglaublich, wie vielen Menschen, die höchstwahrscheinlich keinen einzigen Tag ihres Lebens sich um ein behindertes Kind kümmern mussten, hier ein "man muss, man soll, man darf nicht, ich würde nie" aus den Fingern fließt. Das mag sich böse anhören, aber als ich diese Kommentare las, konnte ich nicht anders, als jedem einzelnen Sprücheklopfer ein behindertes Kind zu wünschen, damit sie in der Realität zeigen können, was ihre Urteile und Belehrungen wert sind.".
04-08-2015 21:32 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH teilt einen Link. Genua: Mann nach homophober Attacke in Lebensgefahr. Versuchter Mord: Zwei Frauen und vier Männer halten einen heterosexuellen Mann und seinen Begleiter für schwul. "Die Angreifer schlugen unter anderem auch auf den Kopf der Männer ein; sie benutzten dabei neben den Händen auch ihre Füße und sogar Eisenketten. Einer der Opfer befindet sich wegen des Angriffs derzeit in Lebensgefahr." Ein Bericht über die Homophobie in Italien. #EnoughIsEnough #StopHomophobia #gay #lgbti #pride #community #lgbt #queer #homophobie #homophobia #diskriminierung #italien #genua. Mehrere Personen schlugen einen heterosexuellen Mann brutal zusammen, weil sie ihn für schwul hielten – jetzt kämpft das Opfer um sein Leben. (Boulevard - Europa). 22 Menschen gefällt das: Frank Moch, Jana Kirchen, Patrick Carrà, Stephan Gross, Claus Pasel, Rudi Ment, Jesus Angel Fernandez Roa, Markus Dacasa, Olaf Paschner, Redaktionsbüro Robert Niedermeier, Anton Martin Groher, Rebecca Nier, Otello Jago Verdi, Erich Moser, Jörg Schnellbächer, Linda Mafdruk, Christa Lila, Angelo Sollazzo, Dieter Helterhof, Jochen Schaudig, Nick Meissner, Jens Lay. 13 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Inga Jungblut: "In Italien? Wie bitte?????.... :'(". Jörg Schnellbächer: "Gewalt ist einfach nur dumm.". Mark Kron: "