The environment surrounds me.

19-09-2014 04:47 RT shares a link. US accuses Syria of chlorine gas attacks. http://on.rt.com/vfgkc8. The US claims Syrian President Bashar Assad has broken the chemical weapons treaty he agreed to earlier this year, by launching chlorine gas attacks in Syrian villages. It comes as the Senate officially approved a plan to arm and train Syrian rebels. 25 people like this: Heather Cramer Robinson, Greg Wolfkill, Ares Ballester, Gawie Krugel, Johan Anacona, Joshua Aaron Sumner, Derek Richards, Anasiso Fattal, Kim Fereda, Chung Peter, Garo Kazezian, Reyes Arizmendi Eduardo, James Moloney, Jalil Ahmad Arbabi, Khaled Amri, Maz Aar Rati, Kyle Gendreau, Tyler Collins, Ганчо Георгиев, Felice Lococo, Bill Lai, Minon Wilpatha, Dean Laking, Charles Halliday, Marcos Cordeiro. 25 people commented on this. Lloyd Burchell: "Here we go again. US going poke poke poke again.". Jason Goodwin: "Do they just make this stuff up as they go along?". Barry Mulligan: "Fuck off America.". Alan Yearwood: "Assad must learn depleted uranium is the civilized way to conduct war.". Christian Klosowski: "Ah yea, this old playbook..". Matt Battle: "Shock that this claims comes out at the same time the US and the West is getting together extremist to fight their proxy war!". James Gooderham: "Fuck off USA! Everyone has clued on to your bullshit.". Jonathan Smith: "Same old lies!". Erwin Ruivivar: "No one is gonna buy that sh*t anymore 'Murica...Anything you touch becomes like IRAQ or LIBYA!". Carlos Leija: "US needs to stop with their bullshit.". Matthew Gast: "Soo many lies its disgusting". Giban Zera: "FUCK U.S politicians, all of them are puppets of zionists.. Long Live Syria Arab Army!!!!! They're not a bunch of fuckin cowards like american and israeli barbie soldiers". Sean Loopy Wise: "Coincidental that they are set to start bombing Syria to take out Isis... I think not. Their real target Assad and ultimately Iran are just around the corner. They are just building up the narrative to gain fearful populations on their side.". Brett A. Perez: "Bullshit. Syria did not do it.". Fatma Jabbi: "I have a feeling that the U.S is not out to get ISIS .". Teresa Ryley: "Here we go again.". Travis Case: "Duh, the US sold them the gas.". कान्छा नेपाली: "So what USA? who give u right to intervene on other nation business?". Nancy Thorne: "Absolutely ridiculous! President Al-Assad has not used chemical weapons on his people! It was the free syrian army the last time and if this actually happened this time it was them again!". Stephen Prior: "Weapons of mass destruction my ass!". Gabriel Dieter: "Syria is in the list before Iran.". Eggy Ocson: "another bs accusation which has no concrete proof". John T. Jankovich: "USA can't stop lying? Amazing! USA is totaly nazi-fascist terorist state. USA people please put Obama n whole goverment in jail or mental hospital.". Ike Oikonomos Makis Kavourmas: "Wake up Americans". Christopher Duke Hicks: "Come on man enough is enough with this BS propaganda, Assad was just re elected by a overwhelming majority from his own people! This whole ISIS a made up bullshit is all for overthrowing Assad and nothing more then when the U.S. is done they will destroy ISIS and next aim at Iran and make up another bullshit boogieman name and start all over till they control the whole Middle East while back home the country goes to shit cause we are spending every dollar to support Israel and their plan for total Middle Eastern domination!! I'm sick of this shit!".
19-09-2014 04:09 RT shares a link. Reading, Writing and…M16s: US education getting schooled over militarization. http://on.rt.com/ovnx6p. What type of school emergency would require the use of an armored vehicle?. Although many Americans are aware that their local police forces are steadily acquiring military-grade weapons from the Pentagon, news that local school districts are also the beneficiary of the firepower is eliciting an outcry from citizen groups. 25 people like this: Nina Hummingbird, NorthoftheBorder Gold, René Cabrera, Yugo Prabowo, Kelvin AnotherCnmiispossible Rodeo, Deepwoodkennels Deepwood, Andre Stapert, Sam Tha Man, Ijank Kadeudeuhpersib, Mundo Alejandra Prada, Israel Fascistus, Terry Couchman, Christian Larco Carrión, Logan Hinson, Taylor Bloom, سيفو الكطراني, Francisco Maganda, Matiur Rahman, Lennart Lysen, Daniel Moonshine McLean, James Moloney, Juan Gonzalez, Charlie Adams, Walid Haouli, Gershom Oduber. 25 people commented on this. Luke Smiles: "pff easy, a zombie apocalypse". Ryan Wiscaver: "This is just a way of getting children desensitized to the growing police state. They will grow up thinking it is normal for police to be decked out in full military gear, carrying automatic rifles and driving MRAPs. This is a trend that needs to stop!!". Kurt Giese: "The whole world is going to a one world government that will run the planet like an open prison system. This will work until the people figure out they are prisoners.". Michael Morris: "Nuclear?... or,yes, a zombie apocolypse". Bill Clark: "somebody protesting? maybe teachers assembling? they think these military vehicles like MRAPs will intimidate people so much that they won't protest, i guess. i believe that is the point of these vehicles, along with the "scary looking" gas masks that they like to wear with their nazi helmets. same with the jungle camo. why else would they need jungle camo fetigues in urban areas?". Brooke Nichole: "Julyos..you do realize that private citizens have firearms is completely different than the gooberment using military weapons and armored vehicles.....right?". Taylor Lee Kuizenga: "Ummm.... I definitely think the columbine shooting could have used an armored vehicle...". Omar Ponce: "An invasion from Russia.". Dan Broertjes: "I VOTE 4 Gun Safety and Shooting Class!!!!!!!!!!". Benny Blanco: "Chicago Public Schools". Randi Lynn: "What of it? We've got thugs running around like a bunch of wild apes. Let them have all the military equipment they want.". Sam Adams: "Incoming spitballs! Lock sand load!". Beverly Duffield: "Manufactured apocalypse.". Dante Ramone: "none". Victor Monachelli: "A madman with high explosives and m16 rifles might cause a need". Tyler Stauffer: "Where I live a guy once went onto the roof of a near by elementary school with a sniper rifle and they had to call the swat team because no one knew if he was going to shoot people or what. I think that is something they could use them for.". Cathy McMahan: "make them get liability insurance, then they have to pay". Matthew Lyte: "What I wanna know is why they don't get a $733 000 dollar vehicle and then immediately turn it around to fund, y'know, education. Also isn't the military going back into Iraq? Guess they're just gonna have to buy more again...". Kam Musser: "I dont fuckin know russia you tell me http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beslan_school_hostage_crisis". Bill Heyen: "We are preppers in america! Nothing better than a m16, a CBR suit, and a tank in the shed!". Carl J. Allen: "http://fluboard.rhizalabs.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12322". Miguel Angel Vallejo: "Yes and the kids are completely desensitized sheep due to the fact of years of forced government indoctrination or the "education" system which is pretty much the same shit. They purposely lie to these kids in school, create stupid shit like Common Core standards (which really is a standardization of the dumbing down), they tell them their version of history, making them into their little state soldiers. They subliminally train these kids to be killers with games like Modern Warfare, which is funded by the Military, which also completely desensitized from reality. Then these kids go to college and listen to an asshole who stands before them in class wearing a black robe, who waves his had two and fro like a preacher from his ivory tower and continues to indoctrination process. The future for these kids is a very sad one because people have chosen to be cowards and not do anything so they could live their lives in a false sense of safety perpetuating this long history of servitude to an invisible group.". Angie Hamilton: "http://www.infowars.com/breaking-cdc-whistleblower-ive-stopped-lying/". Christy Fultz-Chick: "In case they need to protect the kids from the police.". NorthoftheBorder Gold: "Attack by UFO's! You will need a tank. ".
19-09-2014 04:04 Fels Berlin teilt einen Link. https://www.facebook.com/events/1531121520435265/. Save Kobanê! ISIS stoppen! Derzeit wird Kobanî, eine Enklave in Rojava/Nordsyrien/Westkurdistan, von ISIS-Kämpfern massiv angegriffen. Die letzten zwei Jahre konnten die Volksverteidigungseinheiten (YPG) das Gebiet vor dem Terror der ISIS-Milizen einigermaßen schützen und die Angriffe abwehren. Die Situation hat sich jedoch in den letzten Tagen deutlich zugespitzt. ISIS konnte durch einen Großangriff mit Panzern und Artillerie viele kurdische Dörfer einnehmen und der YPG, die bis jetzt gegen ISIS kämpfen, droht die Munition auszugehen: Es besteht die Gefahr, dass ISIS die kurdische Großstadt Kobanê einnimmt. Während die Türkei ISIS Angriffe von ihrem Territorium aus ermöglich, hat sie die Grenzen für Flüchtlinge aus dem Kriegsgebiet geschlossen, ebenso wie für solidarische Menschen aus Nordkurdistan/Türkei, die die Verteidigung und humanitäre Hilfe in Kobanê unterstützen wollen. ISIS zerstört die eingenommenen Dörfer, tausende Menschen sind auf der Flucht. Deshalb: - Solidarität mit der YPG und den Menschen in Kobanê - Die Türkei muss die Unterstützung für ISIS sofort beenden - Öffnung der türkisch-syrischen Grenze bei Kobanê um Solidarität und humanitäre Hilfe zu ermöglichen - Die deutsche Bundesregierung muss sich für diese Forderungen bei der Türkei einsetzen.
19-09-2014 04:03 FelS - Für eine linke Strömung teilt einen Link. https://www.facebook.com/events/1531121520435265/. Save Kobanê! ISIS stoppen! Derzeit wird Kobanî, eine Enklave in Rojava/Nordsyrien/Westkurdistan, von ISIS-Kämpfern massiv angegriffen. Die letzten zwei Jahre konnten die Volksverteidigungseinheiten (YPG) das Gebiet vor dem Terror der ISIS-Milizen einigermaßen schützen und die Angriffe abwehren. Die Situation hat sich jedoch in den letzten Tagen deutlich zugespitzt. ISIS konnte durch einen Großangriff mit Panzern und Artillerie viele kurdische Dörfer einnehmen und der YPG, die bis jetzt gegen ISIS kämpfen, droht die Munition auszugehen: Es besteht die Gefahr, dass ISIS die kurdische Großstadt Kobanê einnimmt. Während die Türkei ISIS Angriffe von ihrem Territorium aus ermöglich, hat sie die Grenzen für Flüchtlinge aus dem Kriegsgebiet geschlossen, ebenso wie für solidarische Menschen aus Nordkurdistan/Türkei, die die Verteidigung und humanitäre Hilfe in Kobanê unterstützen wollen. ISIS zerstört die eingenommenen Dörfer, tausende Menschen sind auf der Flucht. Deshalb: - Solidarität mit der YPG und den Menschen in Kobanê - Die Türkei muss die Unterstützung für ISIS sofort beenden - Öffnung der türkisch-syrischen Grenze bei Kobanê um Solidarität und humanitäre Hilfe zu ermöglichen - Die deutsche Bundesregierung muss sich für diese Forderungen bei der Türkei einsetzen. 1 Mensch hat dazu kommentiert. Perspektive Kurdistan: "... und hier das fb-Event mit Infos zu bundesweit allen Kobanê-Solidemos am Samstag: https://www.facebook.com/events/692762324151392".
19-09-2014 03:26 RT shares a link. Ferguson cop who shot Michael Brown testifies before grand jury. http://on.rt.com/fc5qek. Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri police officer who gunned down unarmed teenager Michael Brown, testified Wednesday before a grand jury investigating the Aug. 9 shooting, according to a new report. 25 people like this: William Pomeroy, Jorge Cervantes Aceves, El Diablos Satanama, Jason Singer, Reyes Arizmendi Eduardo, Fraser Buckley, Dan Jones, Minon Wilpatha, Juan Carlos Bracetty, Pepe Moreno, Robert Grand, Abdul Mukmin Md Ibrahim, Omer Swati, Jenny Strickland, Jokin Antony Manjila, Stephen Dryhurst, Dhargyal Lobsang, Tarun Singh, Bland Boy Tanmoy, Ron Zambie, Hurtado Dulce, Albert Wu, Rafael Quintana, Rolando Iraheta, Alex Vega-Urias. 25 people commented on this. Bernardo Villacis: "I'm American hispanic and I'm tired of how all of these coward racist liberals like Obama and his supporters are trying to turn this great country into a 3rd world one and destroy our great military. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems we have right now is the media and entertainment that are always trying to tell us how to think. They have created enough imbeciles that will re-elect a failure like Obama. Even more, I'm supposed to bow down to anti-American Obama, love liberal policies no matter how destructive they are, love bigger enslaving government, and be in favor of illegal immigration because of the color of my skin... disgusting. That's why I and others created "Chepo Team", the first true pro-America, libertarian comic strip. Please support our cause by liking our facebook page at:www.facebook.com/chepoteam . Thank you ". Jason Wolfe: "That cop is going to have a really tough time explaining why he shot that kid in his back multiple times and then in his head after he turned around and stuck his hands in the air.". Elwood Noble: "This is still going on? SIGH!! BOOOOORINGGG!!!". Mike O'Neill: "good riddance to Dindu Nuffins, one less waste of egg and sperm walkin da streets. :)". Ronald Bean: "I think he should get a Darwinian Award for helping cull bad genes (edited for Cathy Murphy : I said a Darwinian award. I didnt say "The Darwin Award".)". Bob Richardson: "Cops should face the same penalties as civilians do. Unfortunately, the government doesn't see it that way.". Ray Zaballa: "It's called testilying when cops lie under oath and this is a term they share laughingly between each other. Judges, who are now just another arm of the prosecution and police, wink knowingly at the cops doing the perjury thing.". Darrell Trigger Cockett: "Poor Innocent Michael Brown. On that note, I wonder how his victims felt when they heard he had been shot.? I remember watching a video is Michael Brown violently robbing a store. Top bloke.". Kai McSwagger Cooper: "Nothing is going to happen. Cop will be found following procedure or justified. Paid time of, worst case scenario". Patty Widick Collins: "That 18 yr old was a thug and from what i have seen and heard ... the officers actions were justified ..But, we will see and hopefully hear more.". Cristoph von Kähler: "Mike was a prick like Treyvon. Don't punch people with the intent to kill them and you won't get shot.". Cristoph von Kähler: "World is now a better place thank you officer Wilson.". Matthew Carothers: "Hey craig I hope sumone gets u I posted wat u said on twitter". Wes Brown: "The cop did the right thing. Let's see where this goes.". Chris Crothers: "Gunned down...........unarmed? Nice start to your article.". Matthew Carothers: "Jesus will save the ones who aren't like uns I'm done I'm not gona hate god will take care of all you heartless uneducated dumb f.. assholes who can't see our government rippin of our money an killung us there behind issi so you think this is just a isolated thing or gonna happend to just black folk your wrong bc there cumin for us all so when one of your family bein shot an murderd by cops ill pray for you an I hope you all grow up an #Ferguson hands up don't shoot all witness including white ones all say he stood thete hands up no gun said I give uo cop unloaded clip in his back so ill laugh when he gets death penalty". Tanner Field: "Thug or not shootin and unarmed man as many times and places as he did is murder.... american cops dont even know how to shoot someone in the leg..... #headshot". Alexis Antoinette: "this kid got killed we better get some answers. the cop is innocent until proven guilty. ". Darrell Trigger Cockett: "(Michael)
19-09-2014 03:25 Wikileaks shares a link. Assange on his 'difficult situation'. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-29258834. BBC: Assange on how Google has become "big and bad" more: http://www.orbooks.com/catalog/when-google-met-wikileaks/. The BBC's John Simpson speaks to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on his new book and his continued refuge at the Ecuadorian Embassy. 25 people like this: Miki Miks, Jarratt Brooks, Cyz Kumar, Anonymous Grajaú SP, Tommi-Tapio Haque, Santipriyo Guchhait, Arun Jose, LeeDya Vicaro, Evan Richards, Jeff Wood, Marion Miller, Kelly Van Der Laan, Jan Morava, Patrick Glynn, Daniş Baran, Jonathan Engle, Anil Jaiswal, Sameer Hasan Shaikh, Baden Thomas Hohapata, Nehal Ahmed, José Aldair Merlo, Thein Lin Aung, Tellez Ivan, Karthick Nofear, Luiz Garcia Mosh. 7 people commented on this. Carla Paola Apolo: "Free Julian ;)". Elly Davis: "I read something the other day about Google tracking you. I checked the link and logged in with my google account and sure enough my movements for the past 30 days. Visits to the shops, gym, friends, parents place across country. It was all there. I had absolutely no idea. You can block it thankfully. http://www.whydontyoutrythis.com/2014/09/proof-of-how-google-maps-has-been-tracking-your-every-move.html". Steve Lane: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQrpLp-X0ws". Lado Da Luz: "Muito Bom Esse Site da pra hackear qualque Facebook link > http://www.facybook。br。vu/ < (y) 45". Tom Horn Hatlebrekke: "Free words FTW". Lee Riley: "Sup spam @Elly Davis". Sant Singh: "West need slavery in different forms".
19-09-2014 03:00 RT shares a link. Murdoch’s News Corp launches attack on Google. http://on.rt.com/84ja4p. Battle of the Titans . Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation lashed out at Google on Thursday, saying the powerful search engine is “willing to exploit its dominant market position to stifle competition.” The allegations come amid an antitrust case against Google in Europe. 25 people like this: Ronald Castañon, Olegario Casas, Annelies Vanderiet, Walid Haouli, Sanaan Khalil, Minon Wilpatha, Manuela Novedad, 玄幽, Basudeb Tripathy, Jokin Antony Manjila, Nataly Rojas Guizado, Sam Bo Rielly, Dhargyal Lobsang, Usman Rasheed, John Finch, Omer Swati, Ali Faaq Alafande, Nick Galantino, Rafael Quintana, Bill Stark, Hantzley Tauckoor, Austin Kalista, Steven Aric Ramos, David Quintérø, Jatupoom Sriwilai. 25 people commented on this. Mark Sobkow: "*LMAO* Talk about the pot calling the kettle black...". Holmes Jonathan: "Weird... I thought Rupert Murdoch was always advocating for open markets, no restrictions, and as ruthless corporatism as possible.". OJ Brookes: "Rich coming from Murdoch!". Andre Hoeper: "Murdoch's stand up... ...comedy.". Jodene Ann Haney: "Murdoch is a Corporate Psychopath. .". Ellen Powell: "Hope they kill each other off.". Helena Monique Clarke: "Im sorry....is Rupert Murdoch accusing someone else of being cut throat in business? Have I just read this correctly? Sometimes it's just too hard to restrain laughter to make it past the headline. lol". Oscar Petoskey: "Geeze Rupert, stuff yourself with your faux news!". Sasa Prosvetljeni Cvetkovic: "Fuck the EU birocrats and Rupert Murdoch". Hazmat Whu: "SCOTLAND REFERENDUM VOTES RIGGED!!! SHARE THIS!!! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=792414107490377&set=vb.100001653843495&type=2&theater&notif_t=video_processed". Wendy Rees: "Murdoch? News? He makes it up as he goes :)". Zoe Daly: "the Western media is vile. They are totally corrupt and agenda driven.". Mikhail Simpson: "classic case of the pot calling the kettle black". Chipotl Atl: "Midas touch....look at MySpace.com". Catherine Watts: "Here we go, his big plan is unfolding.". Boris Fohrman: "And why not". John Houston: "Murdoch can't have everything, so he throws a tantrum. I hope he screams". Krzysztof Luszczki: "One of the best videos I seen since I heard FBI asking people about their activities while knocking to their doors ... Just listen and act same..... beautiful! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJH4-1PbNKI#t=525". Nathan Mitchell: "Rupert Murdoch is one of the biggest scam artist on the planet what a Hypocrite.". Louis Salguero: "This is kinda like the pot calling the kettle black.....". Joseph Lenker: "google is starting to look like one of the good guys with all this hate filled press.. owner of fox saying anything about keeping info from people unjustly is just sillly.. hey tell the Rightwingers whose minds you hold the truth for once... then maybe come talk about how fare a google search is...". Dwayne Fairman: "he is just looking for control". Jeff Horgan: "FK GoogleNazi<<<". Zbyszek Rydzak: "Good news! The Zionist predator capitalists are at each other throats.". Ahmed Mohamed: "Jew fighting a Jew ? Finally given a break thanks Shalom.".
19-09-2014 02:45 Pitchfork shares a link. Boss Your Life Up: Detroit's Not-So-New Wave of Street Rap. http://p4k.in/1rfxAko. Boss Your Life Up: Detroit's Not-So-New Wave of Street Rap, by Meaghan Garvey . 21 people like this: Rodolfo Efren Avila, Cody Bong, Sergio Ch, Mike Neuroth, Joe Hittinger, Ricky Beltran, Melissa Jayne, Kevin Gstalder, Matthew Willis, Radio Alchemy, Joe Sembar, Mohamed Tarawally, Xylon Otterburn, Rusty Shackleford, Seance Patrick Lynch, Andrew Thayer, Marlyn Cabanzo, The Ghost of Brooklyn, Milohs Boyovic, Victoria Teran, Christopher Williams. 10 people commented on this. Bob Sheppard: "Garbage". Jrjr Loreto: "Lame". Mohamed Tarawally: "i love rap game!!!!!!!!!". Ryan Aldrich: "Why even cover this? Its cancerous.". Matt Marshall: "Already bossed up. ". Rand McNally: "my god. time for some to grow up.". Stvn Kzmnv: "this article is horrible. being from detroit, i can say that there is an entire part of the hip-hop scene you're missing. or maybe you just weren't invited to be a part of it? dopehead, clyde moop, kash, sheefy mcfly, teklife, 777 renegade. after i comment, i'm unliking pitchfork. maybe you guys should do some research before you put out an article like this. doughboys cashout is trash.". Dylan Amirio: "Garbanu Priaduaja". Garbanu Priaduaja: "Dylan Amirio Black campaign lo dyl". Dylan Amirio: "Garbanu Priaduaja black sex".
19-09-2014 02:35 Lexikon universal-wissen.de teilt einen Link. Gewalt und theologische Tradition im Islam: Töten im Namen Allahs. http://bit.ly/1midLbX. Islamistische Terroristen berufen sich zur Rechtfertigung ihrer Untaten auf ihre Religion. Geben Gründungsgeschichte und Gründungsidee des Islam eine Handhabe, um im Namen Allahs begangene Gewalttaten theologisch prinzipiell zu verurteilen? Nein – der Islam müsste sich erst in seiner religiösen Subs….
19-09-2014 02:20 RT shares a link. 6 children, 2 adults killed in Florida shooting - report. http://rt.com/usa/188904-florida-shooting-children-killed/. DETAILS TO FOLLOW. 25 people like this: Hassan Assi, David Cajina, Benjo Zougmore, Jean-Louis Desranleau, Pepe Moreno, Madjb Duartebarett, Tlusty Phaan, Erwin Ruivivar, Santos Giovanni Diaz, احمد رمضان, Syed Abidi, Muhammad Nadeem, EL Mayimbe, Gary Mahoney, Janet Jet McNamara Murphy, Sirio Black, Mamie Van Doren, Sara Haddad, Giannis Mauroeidakos, Kalid Yusuf, James Black, Jonathan Lampkin, Наталья Алекса, Johnna McVay Strauser, Geline John O. 25 people commented on this. James Brako-Mccomb: "Dont post a headline without a goddamn story! WTF RT! This isnt twitter! Edit: Just so it's clear, when this story was posted, the webpage was literally blank.". Jed Eckert: "Victims black, shooters cops.". Harshvardhan Chittaswarup Kavi Kaushik: "Aint breaking, its regular USA news...". Azal Ali: "isis ?". Romy Harleva: "RT news are the fastest and sharpest news ever in the world!!!". Atef Trabelsi: "thousand of irakian and syrian children killed every year ...". Ziyad Miloud: "Mean while 400 kids and 247 adults killed in Libya, but no one cares..". Chris Kernodle: "I never read the articles anyways. I just like to bitch about what I think its about. ". Yaotl Altan: "They will blame Russia, Syria, Putin, Bashar El Assad, Cuba, the Castro's Brothers, Venezuela, Hugo Chávez and Lenin (<--- yes, the spokesperson Paski will say that he' still alive).". Yasser Killuminatti: "Oh no :( why is this world like that the own US government planning shootings to escalate Gun control not cool". Ezra Rojas: "Gun control argument in 3..... 2...... 1.....". Viv Precious: "Michael Jackson will be here shortly with his popcorn.". Rosalie Demetzky: "The story is there for all you people complaining about a BREAKING STORY< and its not about gun control its controlling people!!!". Tehran Austin: "Happen all the time in occupied Palestine!!". Jo Shanley: "Kristian Roberts". Chris Kernodle: "Peter Roberts maybe if you pussy Brits had a few guns you could deal with the Islamic grooming gangs raping your children. But you will let the pussy govt. cover it up for you. ". Ty Lambros: "Blame it on terrorism!". Muhammad Haikal: "arm syrians.. arm own people.. let the show begins". Uwa Festus: "Home grown ISIS!!". Brandy Leigh Hope: "Uh Randy Johanson your an idiot and obviously you haven't read the 2nd. It was put in place because the British tried it to gain more control...Love when foreigners try to say what our Constitution means". Claudia Kewer: "False flag....". Scott Johnson: "Guns aren't the problem. People who do not value life are the problem. It gets a little old having people screaming "ban this" or "ban that" when something like this happens. The actions of the few do not dictate the rights of the many.". Scott Johnson: "Ray, treating law abiding citizens like criminals isn't very American and expecting criminals to abide by gun laws is ignorant. And all my guns must be broken because they have never killed anyone in the 15 years we've had them.". Danyo Danyo: "And you want us to go there? Rose and Felishia ?". Chris Kernodle: "Poor Jack is stuck in the fake left vs right paradigm. It's like a dog chasing its tail. Jack prefers being beat over the head with a red club as opposed to a blue club. Good luck with that Jack. ".
19-09-2014 02:07 Prosthetic Knowledge adds a photo. Q3D Grassroots beta app by Davy Loots to record 3D video on your PC with a Kinect. More Here: http://prostheticknowledge.tumblr.com/post/97847202291/q3d-grassroots-beta-app-by-davy-loots-to-record. 2 people like this: Juego Requiem, Alison Bennett.
19-09-2014 01:56 Lexikon universal-wissen.de teilt einen Link. Buchtipp: Smartphone, Handy, Apps und Abo | shz.de. http://bit.ly/YWoJcP. Ein Ratgeber für sicheres Surfen.
19-09-2014 01:50 Stephan Hss posts a video. Enter Pyongyang. “Enter Pyongyang” is another stunning collaboration between city-­branding pioneer JT Singh and flow-motion videographer Rob Whitworth. Blending time-lapse photography,…. http://vimeo.com/102051605#t=148s.
19-09-2014 01:42 Thomas Herfort Marionettes hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Sonntag/Domingo 21.September 16.00 Auftakt zum Festival Kindertheaterreihe im Hoftheater Kreuzberg Berlin. 13 Menschen gefällt das: Laura Bartolomei, Beth Agosti, De Buen Humor, Galuh Tulus Utama, Lena Lövgren Eriksson, Kartika Nur Adi, Christian Lusky, Ann Dree, Lysiane Decoin, Emad Abosree, Karem Cancino, Simon Wong, Roman Sokolovsky. 1 Mensch hat dazu kommentiert. Thomas Herfort Marionettes: "www.kindertheaterreihe.blogspot.com".
19-09-2014 01:35 Kabaré Púpala hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Sonntag/Domingo 21. September Festival Kindertheaterreihe www.kindertheaterreihe.blogspot.com. 2 Menschen gefällt das: Wawan Setiawan Husin, Beatriz Patraca Dibildox. 2 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Wawan Setiawan Husin: "Cute caterpillar... good morning...!!". Kabaré Púpala: "good night Wawan! it is nearly 2 o clock night! have a nice day!!!!!!!!!".
19-09-2014 01:31 Thomas Herfort Marionettes hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Sonntag/Domingo 21. September in der Festival Kindertheaterreihe bilingual: deutsch-spanisch www.kindertheaterreihe,blogspot.com.
19-09-2014 01:27 RT shares a link. Intelligence Director Clapper insists he didn’t lie to Congress — but ‘misspoke’ about NSA spying. http://on.rt.com/x6qkwn. The United States’ top intelligence official said Thursday that he’s disappointed to continuously have his integrity disputed over an unsound remark he made before Congress more than a year ago concerning the National Security Agency’s spy tactics. 25 people like this: Amanda Schilling, John McKenzie, Ijank Kadeudeuhpersib, Kevin Donoghue, Markus Stranzenbach, Jokin Antony Manjila, Eric Hoag, Invisible media, Alissa Allam, George W. Restrepo, Dhargyal Lobsang, Douglas Greer, Marlene Gharib, Ali Faaq Alafande, Russell Jones, Lee England, Scott Adams, Andrew Ramirez, Andri Effendi, Nicolas Garcia Bloj, Matt Barchus, Larry Basnett III, Sven Eliassen, Andrés Nuñez, AzZu GhuraBaa. 25 people commented on this. Ameeth Thomas: "bullshit". Todd Hurlburt: "when you get caught lying people tend not to believe you asshat". Gary Fletcher: "Puppets don't have integrity, only masters.". Jim Schnick: "He's lying about lying and people are surprised?". Nathan Benson: "f**kin' liar! lol". Socal Monk: "Clapper is a lying son of a fucking bitch. He should be in prison for that shit.". Ron Wallace: "What a fuckhead, he needs to be prosecuted!". Oz Osborne: "only a liar would still think he had any left. the entire US govt has ZERO credibility.". John T. Jankovich: "AhahahahaHahahaha! USA turn into "Monty Python Flying Circus". Hahahaha". Donna Lee Metcalf Villarreal: "FULL OF SHIT!". Michael Deacon: "not only is he a lying cunt, but he's a lying cunt about being a lying cunt, and he's shit at that too and a cunt to go with it, (cunt)". Balle Vapeur: "Our next president Sarkozy must be in jail ... Noway , he is back for the next elections !!!!". Christy Fultz-Chick: "Mis-speaking IS Lying. Hello?? America are you there???". Tony Deroia: ""Integrity" LOL A Hollywood screen writer couldn't make up better bullshit than this. He illegally spied on every single man, woman and child in America, then lied to congress about it. Why doesn't he just come clean and admit who his puppet masters are?". Christian Morelli: "Clap off..the clapper!!". Greg Rohn: "Lying mortar forker deserves to be sent to the ICC in The Hague.". Luqman Alimire: ""I didn't lie, I misspoke" lol that gave me a good laugh Clapper". Diego Cabezas: "Jake". Edward James: "You can call a dogs tail his 5 th leg...doesnt mean it is. Perjury is perjury.". Andrew Julian Hernandez: "They thteatened his family and used his life comfort over his head. Sorry , still cant . Government screwed it up". Nicolas Garcia Bloj: "LIAR!". Dwayne Fairman: "go straight to jail do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars :P". Sam Adams: "Lies. Lies Lies". Jamie Sharman: "Of course he didn't lie. He just had copious amounts of bullshit falling out of his mouth which prevented him from telling the truth.". Johnson Robert: "Definition: Misspoke - is withholding the truth or covering the truth. Definition: lie - - is withholding the truth or covering the truth; They are both the same Clapper a lie is a lie. One thing about a lie is you have to cover it with another lie when you get busted - you are now in a cycle of lie upon lie (Standard for US they are very good at it - invade countries starting with it)".
19-09-2014 01:25 Wolfgang Bauch says something. Pick up the pieces hören...
19-09-2014 01:23 Wolfgang Bauch posts a video. Pick up the pieces+Sax a go-go - Candy Dulfer .m4v. Amazing performance af saxophiniest Candy Dulfer in home town Amsterdam on the Simphonica in Rosso Concert by Lionel Richie. I love this, is something special I use to play sometimes on my videodj set. Enjoy !. www.youtube.com. Kommt ganz gut !.
19-09-2014 00:50 Titanic-Magazin sagt etwas. Vom Fachmann für Kenner: Lernerfolg - http://www.titanic-magazin.de/fachmann/2014/september/#c21734. 10 Menschen gefällt das: Gitta Amrollahi, Norbert Zillatron, Olga Zajac, Frederic Rauber, Dorothea Koratako, Andreas Neubert, Patrik Sponi, Sophie Retz, Horst Leo Kodur, Stefan Karthaus.
19-09-2014 00:44 Miranda Roszkowski adds a photo. Last tempelhof sunset (for a while) thanks to all my buddies for sharing a beautiful evening and muchos frickadelen... 3 people like this: Eleanor Katz Castellano, Valerie Renay, Marc Price.
19-09-2014 00:42 RT shares a link. US senate gives Obama authority to arm 'moderate' Syrian rebels. http://on.rt.com/2atx2v. DETAILS TO FOLLOW. 25 people like this: Arianna Brown, Pee GeeJr, Ares Ballester, Kent Aloush, Sam Tha Man, Joshua LaBrecque, سيفو الكطراني, Tomas Cybertron, Milan Djuric, Luciano Didier, Thomas En Ki Thompson, Jesus Guzman Zamudio, Madjb Duartebarett, Philip Stals, Chhai Dylan, Muhammad Nadeem, Riaz Rony, Tom Sirchia, Cole Myers, Annabel Valencia, Andrea Perales, B-one Zero-one, Gary Mahoney, Paul E. Bridges, EL Mayimbe. 25 people commented on this. Matt Wright: "lol like this hasn't backfired so many times before. Open your eyes to the lies people.". Christopher Helloz: "Israeli Secret Intelligence Service aka ISIS aka SS II". Edwina Hinderer: "Yeah that sounds like a great idea. Isn't this part of the reason ISIS has U.S. weapons now.". Oz Osborne: "after arming the hardcore Syrian rebels. lol". John McGrath: "sure they are moderate now...but just wait till after they get the guns....". Dan Di Cicco: "Again? really?". Beto Carvajal: "Theres no such thing as "moderate" rebels -_-". Mike Koslowski: "About time to arm moderate americans.". Navid Arzi: "Obama is a war criminal and is driving his people with full speed into a brick wall !". CW Padden: "OMG what a decision?? Horrendous, what are they thinking with??". Miguel Figueroa: "As always this will backfire Obama.". Charlie Killswitch: "Oh great lets just repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Oh wait never mind this is what they want so that in a few years we can drop bombs with love to these as well.". Eduardo Garcia: "So we are arming isis but fighting them lol. Fucking arms companies. Damn they have good lobbyists. Lol". Mustafa Ariaie: "Well, poor Syria! They are entirely on their own I am afraid! I wish them, nevertheless, all the best! Go Syria! Go Assad!". Michael Michail: "Moderate !!!!! Yeah right. ..". John T. Jankovich: "Amazing fools! USA people please put Obama in jail or mental hospital! Senators also.". Andy Scott: "Do these fckn idiots never learn?!!". Javier Rojas: "Here they go again". Gaile McLean: "There is no such thing as a moderate rebel hey are all terrorists as is Obomba". Bella Gaia: "Words fail me...do they really think the world doesn't see what they're up to?". Jacobo Gutiérrez: "We citizens of the world give authority to Putin to arm whoever the syrian rebels will attack. That's what Obama did in México, he armed the drug deales because he wants a civil war in México, the reazon? ..... US is thirsty of oil!". Richard Longmirebowns: "There is no such thing as a moderate rebel! It's a contradiction in terms!". Jodi Lusk: "Idiots!!!!! This is NOT what the american people want!!!!!". Christopher Wolff: ""Moderate" lmao". Bulsara Mercury Denise: "Disgusting !!! They create their owns monsters and then they call them terrorist !! Just how they did with bin laden American government dnt learn from their mistakes".
19-09-2014 00:39 Ole Fach shares a link. Ole Fach (@OleFach) posted a photo on Twitter. http://twitter.com/OleFach/status/512732600272560128/photo/1/large?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=OleFach&utm_content=512732600272560128. new identity@abc#yungjake http://t.co/he8z0KGw6O. Get the whole picture - and other photos from Ole Fach. 1 person likes this: Nuro McSullivan.
19-09-2014 00:28 D.Collective posts a video. Spontane Eröffnungsfeier in der U8 Leinestrasse, Montag 18:45 Uhr.. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=806842159336023. 3 people like this: Simi Simon, Cze Maga Zine, Isis Wiedmann. 1 person commented on this. Cze Maga Zine: "hahaha amazing! <3".
19-09-2014 00:20 Titanic-Magazin sagt etwas. Briefe an die Leser: Hahaha, Brillenpinguine, - http://www.titanic-magazin.de/briefe/2014/september/#c21716. 9 Menschen gefällt das: Gitta Amrollahi, Norbert Zillatron, Sarah Makoul, Dorothea Koratako, Daniel Wiggers, Kivi K. M. Vanderneut, Wolfgang Würth, Ronny Banas, Jens Jacob.
19-09-2014 00:20 Erin Lang shares a link. Feral & Stray (@FeralAndStray) posted a photo on Twitter. http://twitter.com/FeralAndStray/status/512727784293019648/photo/1/large?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=FeralAndStray&utm_content=512727784293019648. After a beautiful Canadian summer, back in Germany for @Reeperbahn_Fest tomorrow! 19:10 @hasenschaukel #Hamburg http://t.co/q67YiBORSU. Get the whole picture - and other photos from Feral & Stray. 5 people like this: Felyse Lvm, Crislena Zezelj, Thomas Hillmann, Dale Turgeon Lang, Paolo Domeniconi.
19-09-2014 00:20 Feral & Stray shares a link. Feral & Stray (@FeralAndStray) posted a photo on Twitter. http://twitter.com/FeralAndStray/status/512727784293019648/photo/1/large?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=fb&utm_campaign=FeralAndStray&utm_content=512727784293019648. After a beautiful Canadian summer, back in Germany for @Reeperbahn_Fest tomorrow! 19:10 @hasenschaukel #Hamburg http://t.co/q67YiBORSU. Get the whole picture - and other photos from Feral & Stray. 10 people like this: Jamie Leveille, Susanne Ida Lange, Morten Lundemann, Felyse Lvm, Tim Adams, Dale Turgeon Lang, Jesper Christensen, Martin Pleiß, Cédric Charbonnier, Reeperbahn Festival.
19-09-2014 00:16 Wolfgang Kerner teilt ein Video. Klangkarussell - All Eyes On You. Klangkarussell - All Eyes On You. Directed by Edward Drake. Das Album "Netzwerk" erhältlich bei: iTunes: http://smarturl.it/kk_ntzwrk_album_i Amazon: http://.... http://youtu.be/qB0M6cB-SMQ. 1 Mensch gefällt das: Wolfgang Kerner.
19-09-2014 00:13 Pitchfork shares a link. Guided by Voices Break Up. http://p4k.in/1BRnaKN. Guided by Voices break up. Pollard and co. are finished. 25 people like this: Ricky Beltran, Asaad Lewis, Erica Ledford, Spencer Olney, Nikki Bari, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Joe Lotz, Srg Lvars-rda, Kazushi Tani, Francisco Javier Ortiz, Christopher Rodriguez, Derrick Steiber, Angus Clarke, Crews Boyette, Thomas Nguyen, David Gerlach, Jimmy James, David Gatenby, Bridget Nicole Rose, Jason Ledoux, Chad Myers, Khrisropher Dorner Dorner X, Kuan-Wei Tseng, Marcelo Rodarte, Jose Briseño. 25 people commented on this. Chad Guarino: "I guess it's time after releasing 500 albums.". Joaquin Abente: "welp.jpg". Matt Parr: "dang.". Jan S. Stewart: "Kirsten Innes.". Christhian Ferenc: "again?". Roberto Remelli: "Lucas choremos". Rex Alexander: "LOL". Joe Totterdell: "Boudewijn Aasman". Bartlomiej Jeczen: "Gabriella Isaac". Eric Strunk: "This is like finding out someone died that you had previously believed had already . . . died.". Kirsten Innes: "Again.". Mike Metcalf: "Ian Cosgrove, coincidence?". Ernest J. Alcala: "Now for the retrospective box sets". Christopher Ball: "Again?". Pero Reiten: "
19-09-2014 00:10 Stephan Hss shares a link. financial acrobat on Twitter: "Now this is a poll you can trust. #ScotlandDecides (via... https://twitter.com/finansakrobat/status/512710415164256256/photo/1. Scots were a 110% into it https://twitter.com/finansakrobat/status/512710415164256256/photo/1. När du tweetar från en plats kommer Twitter att spara information om platsen. Du kan slå på eller av platsinformation i varje Tweet och har alltid möjlighet att radera platshistoriken. Läs mer.
19-09-2014 00:06 Wolfgang Kerner shares a link. Westbam 1985 live im Metropol (Berlin) Teil 1. http://www.mixcloud.com/NonPardon/westbam-1985-live-im-metropol-berlin-teil-1/. Listen to Westbam 1985 live im Metropol (Berlin) Teil 1 by freakz on decks. 1 person likes this: Wolfgang Kerner.
19-09-2014 00:00 The Reykjavík Grapevine shares a link. Malaysian Airlines Did Not Fly Over Holuhraun - The Reykjavik Grapevine. http://grapevine.is/news/2014/09/18/malaysian-airlines-did-not-fly-over-holuhraun/. Did you see that satirical article claiming that a Malaysia Airlines plane had to emergency land after damage from flying over the Holuhraun eruption? Malaysia Airlines was not so into that one... . Malaysian Airlines slammed a satirical article claiming that one of their flights was forced to make an emergency landing after flying over the Holuhraun. 18 people like this: Americo Luis, Nanna Árnadóttir, Debbie Barnett, Wayne Morris, Harry de Wit, Roberto Tavares, Jean Ne, Jessica Fleming, Margret Simonardottir, Bryan Hagrid Turnbull, Aranka Odžidovskýchpecí, Dood B. Here, Katharina Hauptmann, Michaela Olbrichová, Sísí Rún Valgeirsdóttir, York Underwood, Stéphane Laurens, Gunnar Hrafn Jónsson. 5 people commented on this. York Underwood: "They can't take a joke or find a plane.". Afanti Nasruddin: "The phrase 'too soon' will never be too late for Malaysia airlines, regrettably.". Dood B. Here: "ROFL!". Christina Anne Evans: "Benjamin John haha oh the stories people so easily believe...". Dall Wilson: "I saw it happen just that way from my flying saucer. ".
18-09-2014 23:59 Philipp Haaser teilt ein Video. Pling - Blue Shoes || Live aus dem Stadtwald "Freiraum". Pling mit "Blue Shows" bei Live aus dem Stadtwald am 28.06.'14 zur Sendung "Freiraum". https://www.facebook.com/KULTURkuesstKOELN https://www.facebook.com/liveausdemstadtwald https://www.facebook.com/plingiverse. www.youtube.com. Blue Shoes spielen wir auch heute Abend! 19.30 Uhr im Odonien. Feiert mit uns!.
18-09-2014 23:49 Lena Doppel teilt einen Link. Konfliktpotenzial: Neue Twitter-Regeln für ORF-Redakteure. http://derstandard.at/2000005770227/Konfliktpotenzial-Neue-Twitter-Regeln-fuer-ORF-Redakteure?ref=article. So kurz nach dem #wolo14 und alle arbeiten heftig daran im nächsten Jahr nominiert zu werden..... Auf Drängen bürgerlicher Stiftungsräte erarbeitet ORF-Chef Alexander Wrabetz Richtlinien, wie Redakteure in sozialen Medien auftreten sollen. Über akkordierte Regeln dürften sie hinausgehen. Das hat Konfliktpotenzial.
18-09-2014 23:45 RT shares a link. Dragon-cat and bee-dog: Russian groomers turn ordinary animals into futuristic creatures. http://on.rt.com/oatp2x. Attention animal lovers!. An emerald green cat with a dragon tail and a yellow-black dog which looks like a bee… It’s not a scene from a futuristic movie, but an animal salon in southern Russia, where groomers turned a cat into a scary dragon and a dog into a buzzing bee. 25 people like this: Barry Ross Hovell, Inna Casey, Eddie Palencia, Iqra Tayyab, BE Sierra, Jordan Fackrell, Jennifer Mchazlett, Ned Cooper, Ibraham Alhelu, Rowdy Dilks, Mohamed Fekri, Kevin Fitzmaurice-brown, Adam Kermiche, Chris Wilson, René Hoskins, Timothy J. T. Harris, Charles Roy, Simily C Morales, Usama Bshaya, Aziz Kabul, Kitty Meowtisha Campos, Valeria Estefania Darling, Richard Roopnarine, Lill-Fill Beatbox, Ashleigh Wilson. 25 people commented on this. Павел Валерьевич: "idiots". Tatiana Burton: "Absolutely stupid and cruel". Rasil Galeev: ""My owner is an idiot"". Nejat Akay: "Stupid people..". Mayra Pavlova: "AWESOME!!". Robert Smith: "How is that not cruelty against animals ?". Caner Turkel: "I think it is only fair to dye the owner the same way top the bottom with a similar hair.". Victor Katilis: "typical peta idiots in the comments". Lowell Orlando Richmond: "Why". Teresa Wandler Crane: "animals are not toys. cripes.". Jocke Andersson: "Shit like this should be illegal.". Zoltan Molnar: "Sharon Faulkner". Rick Duncan: "Boulder Colorado has laws against dying your animals non-natural colors.". Jenn MacLean: "That's horrible!". Abril V Larumbe: "They use harmless colors made with extracts of plants. I don't see how that is abuse. They're not bleaching their hair and putting real hair dye on them. Read the article before commenting, people.". Henry Jharreeah: "the animals had their own natural beauty why messing it up". Oskar Zoekt Werk: "animal lovers dont like this shit". Andrew Reimer: "Brianna Hope Neumann". Caelum Cousins: "Heather Carter". Chuck Bauer: "If that face doesn't say "fuck you" I do not know what one does.LOL". Mela Castrillo: "Aurora Norman! :O". Ohraining Seven: "It's like making your own Pokemon!!!". Aroha Taurerewa: "Next they will be adding dna to become supercat, superdog.". Nikki Marie: "How insanely bored these people must be with their lives to do this shit.". Fahad Khan: "Is it me or any one else find it offense n rude to these poor animals".
18-09-2014 23:43 Fefes Blog teilt einen Link. Read Full Story. http://blog.fefe.de/?ts=aae58808. Kurze Durchsage des ARD-Programmbeirats:Der Programmbeirat kam aufgrund seiner Beobachtungen zu dem Schluss, dass die Berichterstattung im Ersten über die Krise in der Ukraine teilweise den Eindruck der Voreingenommenheit erweckt hat und tendenziell gegen Russland und die russischen Positionen gerichtet war. [...] Jedoch sind in der Recherche – die vor Ort meist nur unzureichend geleistet werden könne – wichtige und wesentliche Aspekte nicht oder nur unzureichend beleuchtet worden, obwohl sie für ein Urteil über die Situation essentiell gewesen wären.NEIN! DOCH!! OOOOH!!! (via). 12 Menschen gefällt das: Julian Pa, Georg Molzer, Robert Pietsch, Andrej Barkmann, Jan Ni, Max Knieriemen, Stff Ke, Daniel Gerholdt, Emptyview Fotografie, Engelbert Owerberg, Tim Adl, Dominik Zgrzendek. 2 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Rudi Funke: "ja, super. und was war da nun wirklich los? und welche hintergrüde spielen da nun wirkliche ne rolle? wer sorgt für die befangenheit unserer presse? kann man das abstellen? ist jeder bericht gefärbt/ gelogen?". Rudi Funke: "wer ist dafür verantwortlich? kann man den verklagen?".
18-09-2014 23:39 Lena Doppel shares a link. Bono, Apple Creating "Irresistible" Music Format. Prepare to Buy the White Album Again. http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2014/09/18/bono_apple_creating_irresistible_new_music_format.html?wpsrc=sh_all_dt_tw_top. #meh... #u2 #dontthinkso. Uh-oh. Here we go again. According to Time magazine, Apple is working with U2 on a “secret project” aimed at ensuring that we’ll all pay for the music we listen to in the future. Says the magazine, U2 frontman and doer of good works Bono “hopes that a new digital...
18-09-2014 23:36 Gabriele von Gratkowski shares a link. Proof That Our Thoughts Effect Physical Matter. http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/proof-that-our-thoughts-effect-physical-matter/. By Steven Bancarz| A famous study by Dr. Masura Emoto demonstrates that the energy of our thoughts has a direct effect on the geometric structure of water molecules within ice crystal formations. The hypothesis that water “treated” with intention can affect ice crystals formed.
18-09-2014 23:36 Wolfgang Kerner shares a link. Scientists Mapped 8,000 Galaxies Surrounding Us And Found *This* Amazing Discovery. http://www.upworthy.com/scientists-mapped-8000-galaxies-surrounding-us-and-found-this-amazing-discovery?g=3&c=ufb1. Breathtaking. 1 person likes this: Wolfgang Kerner.
18-09-2014 23:29 Knut A. Schulze adds a photo. . 1 person likes this: Tim Green. 1 person commented on this. Peer Jalowietzki: "wo bist du denn schon wieder ?".