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23-03-2017 06:22 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Tom Kummer: Der Tod, eine Realityshow. Sie würgen sich bis zur Bewusstlosigkeit, lieben aber auch den ganz banalen Pärchenunsinn.. In seinem Roman "Nina & Tom" erzählt der Journalist Tom Kummer vom Sterben seiner Frau. Man wünscht sich, dass diese Geschichte nicht wahr ist.
23-03-2017 04:27 Lena Doppel teilt einen Link. Studie: 70 Millionen Euro bei Familien sparen. Mach euch nix draus liebe Schwangere arbeitslose Mütter: wir kürzen bei den Familienförderungen aber dafür kriegen die tschechischen Pflegerinnen ja gar nix mehr (ist doch auch ein Trost, nicht?) und außerdem haben wir doch erst extra noch mal die Werbebudgets erhöht um euch das alles BESONDERS schmackhaft zu mache. Machen wir doch nur für Euch! Bussi!. Die Kürzungen beim Wochengeld dürften erst der Anfang der Einsparungen beim Familienministerium sein.
23-03-2017 04:25 RT shares a link. ‘Barbie hijabs’ designed by US moms to promote inclusive generation of kids (VIDEO). To encourage inclusivity among the next generation.. Three Pittsburg moms are taking on Islamophobia with “Barbie-compatible” headscarves in an effort to teach children to be more inclusive by exposing them to doll-sized hijabs. 25 people like this: فؤاد عباس, Srba S. Stevanovic, Salem Hassan, Ferry Chaniah, Md Faysul Mamun, Amir Hussain Ansari, Mason Mick, Morga Shinwari, Den-Esm Homet, Norimaki Sim, Mazen Salom, Juan Pieterse, Muzamil Sarfraz, Mary Xiang, Zoran Kopas, Berenice Ramirez, Ajvad Abdulla, Lois J. Broughton, Spencer Clark, Victor Lopez, Frida A Dini, Josh Lourenco, Geneva Ferguson, Vitaly Dana, Abou Hail. 25 people commented on this. Diêgo: "And explosive belts?". Constantine Bruckner: "Does it come with some stones? Or bleach?". Olga Starks: "You can make your own for $1 just use a black sock and cut a couple of eye sockets out". Mohammed Adam: "It's nice to see someone is Teaching girls to be brainwashed and oppressed from the birth. I'm sure that they're the kind of feminists who thinks hijab which is a symbol of women empowerment". Natasha Reiner: "This is disgusting! A clear symbol of oppression
23-03-2017 04:15 Lena Doppel shares a link. xkcd: Color Pattern. <3.
23-03-2017 04:09 Lena Doppel says something. Lena Doppel shared a quote.
23-03-2017 01:11 Pitchfork shares a link. Local Natives’ New Song Will Only Play If You Close Your Eyes. The only way you're hearing Local Natives' new song is if you keep your eyes closed. In addition to “I Saw You Close Your Eyes,” they’ve also shared a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk”. 25 people like this: Elijah Jarovich, Jenna De Stefano, Kacey Haro, Ani Mosinyan, Shey Mcfez, Rocio Gutierrez, Mari Kampa, Candace Tinajero-Peinado, Aaron Chvz, Rune Schlosser, Vincent Coomans, Andrea Schollnick, Natalie Cahill, Arathi Menon, Momoka Kobayashi, Sara Brolese, Sam Hamer, Audrey Odwuor, Ludimilla Fonseca, Islombek Karimov, Agnes Blabla, Elisabetta Ferrari, Claire Joswiak, Alex Wozny, Elīna Štēbele. 25 people commented on this. Yana Salei: "Kelsey Trimm curious". Brian Hendrix: "Ugh.". Ryan J. Page: "Well that aint pretentious. ...". Derek Bannar: "Why tho". Heather Amos: "Meh". Jack Strickland: "Between this and those NSA shenanigans, I'm doubly glad my computer doesn't even have a camera. Now, my microwave, on the other hand...". Cameron Kay Hobbs: "Delayna Fitzgerald". Carolina Castaño Simões d'Aguiar: "Ana, Filipe!
23-03-2017 00:58 ABBA posts a video. Abba - Knowing Me, Knowing You. Music video by Abba performing Knowing Me, Knowing You. (C) 1976 Polar Music International AB. 25 people like this: Rodica Igna, Jaime Segura Romero, Antonio Chiaradia, Elena Calista, Laura Pierini, Dragana Bolmanac, George Tanios, Gera Careka, Hilkka Pannula, Tanja Dickert, Helle Ørnbo, Fernando Ayala, Irena Petrova, Magnus Eriksson, Dominique Royer, Chris Pratanos, Gisèle Juani R, Vicho Stanev, Karin Segerstedt, Jari Korkiakoski, Рамазан Османов, Eva Aleborn, Ashraf Nabil Soliman, Savucu Turcanu, Nguyễn Tấn Triển. 25 people commented on this. Viktor Kaczkowski: "One of my favourite ABBA somgs". Katherine Fisher: "Love this song by them my late dad was a big ABBA fan he had a crush on Agnetha!!". Marcus Aurelius: "One of their best songs. It's a great example of the melancholy songs they were capable of writing and singing before the divorces. This song could fit in with the Visitors album-era of songs. Also, they all look divine in this clip.". John Ajiboye: "i love the track but didn't know it was as old as far back as '76. *breaking up is never easy i know but i have to go, knowng me knowing you is the best i can do* very wonderful composition". Darlene Rasmussen: "There was an abba song on the radio the other day. I took a pic of it and meant to sent it to you and Troyzzzz but I deleted it.". Pedro Rg: "De mis favoritas a la fecha la oigo y me trae muchos recuerdos". Ann Margareta Elisabeth Eklund: "They did not look very happy in this song. Suppose it was just before they devorced.". Aubrey Ward III: "Looove the music video for Knowing Me, Knowing You. One of their best clips. And the song is awesome. Love singing the car......and the shower......and karaoke bars, lol.". Liz Ball: "My favourite Abba song. Wonderful track and film clip.". Nilton Silva: "Fui à feira noturna hoje, em Indaiatuba e logo à minha frente uma mulher gritou: "Agnetaaaa, senta aí!" Perguntei pra ela se esse é o nome da garota, o nome da cantora, e ela disse que sim, e que "até que enfim, alguém conhece o nome..." rsrsrs E agora vejo essa publicação... rsrsrs". Thomas Wijanarko: "Walking through an empty house tears in my eyes Here is where the story ends This is goodbye .. What a lovely sad song one of my fav". Olivia Grave: "There best song I reckon, it's such a brilliant brilliant master piece of music. Thankyou abba for such beautiful brilliant music that will be played for ever". Debbie Hansford: "This song made a ABBA fan for life. I could listen to this one song forever". Hector Santiago Hernández García: "Que extraordinaria cancion y que exelente cuarteto. Nada comparable con lo q hoy se cataloga musica o grupos de baja ralea" regueton y reguetoneros" dan pena ajena .". Nicola A Douglas: "Can still make me cry!! So sad when their relationships didn't work out. Thank you for the music!!!". Letícia Garcia: "Aline Teotonio você lembra o quanto que eu amava no ensino médio? Então, ainda amo! Kkkkk". Darrell Potter: "That was actually the song that got me interested in ABBA in the first place!". John Bartlett: "Beautyfull, first saw them in NORWAY before they became famous. still my favourites.". Alex Wittenberg: "One of my favorite ABBA songs. Every note, every word, every harmony, every voice in this composition has an unique magic, an unexcelled beauty. This song always drive me to tears, since I had listened to it the first time around the year of 1981, in Brazil.". Anecita Fiel: "I miss you so much ABBA...good thing that i still have their CD's played in d videoke....". Hamed Alawi: "Thank you ABBA for such great music and great memories! This song always takes me back to my childhood". Florence Showers: "ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS .."KNOWING ME KNOWING U AHAA , THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO """. Peter Cimino: "I saw them on their Tour with Elvis Costello in the 70s, the Abba and Costello Tour.". Thomas Brotherston: "I never met you but I would have loved to. Whitench forever.". Michelle Kay Cleveland: "Jean Peters Allen Carina Wright the happy hours we spent dancing to this Abba album... singing into our hairbrushes, the lounge coffee table as our stage
23-03-2017 00:24 Wikileaks adds a photo. Timeline Photos. Obama (and Bush)'s extensive history of 'wire tapping' leaders, their staff, the UN, WTO and more 25 people like this: Keaton Marlow, Deborah S Garland, ShAkil ParvEs, Sharon Dorothy Edwards, Easif Habib, Mark Stout, Nate Peters, Sheri Madison, Tyler Mosby, Vincent Chiaravalloti, Matthew Dudestein, Zach Meyer, Troy Karenina, Abraham Peña, Orlando Valeriano, Jesse Frg, Colt Moreau, Henry Nyi Min Thwe, Detlef Menke, Michael Klewinski, Daniel Rahman, Albert Michael Peterson, Schizo Franek, Brandon Brown, Sandy C Webber. 25 people commented on this. Robin Mcquatters: "This is getting better and better! Obama is a traitor! He belongs in prison!". Dana Peterssen: "Thank you Wikileaks! Will Democrts including MSM CNN Politico , MSNBC ABC News, CBS News etc. now apologize to President Trump for continually insinuating he lied???". Tim Demaray: "Move along... nothing to see here. We are just conspiracy theorists...". Andrew Parsi: "But Trump and Putin are pure hearted angels, right? I'm not saying Obama and Bush have their hands clean, but your lack of neutrality is very telling, Wikileaks.". Lisa Morgan-Appleby: "Yeah I believe at the very least you could argue intellectual property on the side of the unknowing party!!! This is BS and EVERYONE should be concerned about being undermined in every venture, thought and opinion... this is real and thoughts and ideas and progress has been STOLEN!!!". Chris Suggs: "The democrats are mad they couldn't rig the election because their dirty little secrets were revealed to the public". Indrek Viller: "And this is something that blows my mind. They did this - listening in on Merkel for example (twice if I remember correctly) - and then they got caught and basically admitted that they did it... They were called in to explain their reasoning and they promised not to do it again. AT THE SAME TIME Clapper lied in front of a Congressional committee that US IC is NOT collecting data on people... Yet when these same people now say the exact same thing about listening in on Trump - Comey and Rodgers just last week - then we believe them. So have people not learned anything from history... Same pattern. They did it... said they did not do it... got caught and fessed up... So now is the exact same thing except that there is no release yet that it happened yet there is precedent and perhaps I am too gullible but I would assume that wire tapping foreign leaders is something that is more complex than wire tapping somebody in the same country... What am I missing?". Simon Brignell: "Wikileaks making an obvious attempt to poison the well. Someone's bought you. Everyone has a price, I guess...". Denis van der Velde: "Why is Wikileaks now under attack, they told truth again.....". Cem Tural: "Dear unwitting reader: Fact: #Wikileaks is no longer impartial. Fact: It is safe to say that #Wikileaks has become a propaganda weapon of Russia Fact: #Assange is wanted in Sweden for sexual molestation charges and is hiding in a room in Ecuadorian Embassy in London for the past six years.". Rob Roy: "Keep it coming Wikileaks, surely sentiment has to grow. My only worry is that this is sooo BIG and broad scale , that it's 'to big to fail' aka investigate.". Jason Ingram: "Oh look, liberals, they included Bush to help soothe your hurt. Lord knows WikiLeaks' history of irrefutable news publishing went out the window when they (continue to) expose(d) hillary and obama's treachery but they become sell-outs since nothing is to report on POTUS Trump. /sarcasm (ended as such because some take literal to a whole other level)". Phor S. Aken Whan: "What's funny is that I could sit there, type up some crap, create a page called WikiFreaks and post my crap....and people would believe it.". Jeremy Reinhart: "Governments spy on governments...we get it, we all knew that. Now again, go back to reporting on governments spying on their own people". Deborah Borst Hoetger: "tRump is going down as a traitor. His entire administration is tainted by treason because they colluded with Russian to undermine our democratic elections. BOOM!". Michael Gresham: ""Obama...refusing to talk to Netanyahu." That is all people need to know because it is proof that the Corporate Democrats are Anti-Jewish. They behaved that way to Netanyahu and they did the same to Bernie Sanders.". Olórin Tharkûn: "Every nation spies on each other. If this is news to you, you are dumb as hell. Their is a Russian ship off the coast of Maryland right now, that is spying and has been for some time. The British, French, Germans, Iranians, Japanese, Chinese, and Russians, spy on American leaders all the time and no one ever complains.". Kimberly Bass: "More foreign support for Agent Orange. I guess since you guys worked like hell to get him elected, you have to work equally hard to keep him there. Insert Rolling eyes.". Matt Best: "And Trump was 'crucified' by the MSM for even suggesting he and Merkel had something in common regarding Obama wiretapping them. Eventually it all comes out in the wash. Tragically here in Australia, OBummer was painted as a wonderful President, who could do no wrong.". Piero William Brewer: "Henry A. Wallace is decidedly against Wikileaks, Assange, Bannon, Trump, and Putin ... where are your Trump leaks Wikileaks? Bannon and Breitbart leaks? Huh?". Nikolai Vsevlodovich Stavrogin: "There is a very serious issue that is being lost in the maelstrom of media coverage of events, we are losing a sense of reality. Communication theorists call the new reality "hyperreality" where the real and the virtual intermix and, as we all produce a perception of the story told, a new reality is produced. Truly, we can never know what has really happened only the narrative we are fed. This is why a news story can describe a real objective event, but be deliberate and considerate when weighing the validity of the manifold sources of analysis provided by the news. Obviously, Fox analysts will explicate events differently than CNN, and NPR will offer another perspective. What is happening? Is there danger in 24 hour coverage where a vacuum of information in time must be filled and anticipation for a denouement in the next news cycle must be manifest to retain interest in people that are easily bored of the subject? Baudrillard says in "is it really taking place" an article leading up to the first gulf war: "real time information loses itself in complete unreal space, finally furnishing the images of pure, useless, instantaneous television where it's primordial function erupts, namely that of filling a vacuum, blocking up the screen hole through which escapes the substance of events "The media promote the [event], the [event] promotes the media, and advertising competes with the [event]. Promotion... devours our substance, but it also allows us to metabolize what we absorb, like a parasitic plant or intestinal flora, it allows us to turn the world and the [event] into a consumable substance... "There remains... the widespread will to spectacle, and with it the obstinate desire to preserve its spectre or fiction." The danger of persistent calls of "BREAKING NEWS" like a child on the streets screaming "EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!" threatens to desensitize and distract us. The desensitization and distraction, if accomplished is precisely the goal conceived when "sources" trump up these charges. Before a result to the event comes to fruition it is better to research more exigent matters at hand. Jumping to conclusions based on information that is similar but irrelevant only stokes the fire and fulfills the desired effect of people with special interests.". Chris Magadanz: "Obama has taught and encouraged the feeling of envy and covetousness toward the rich. Hence the hatred toward Trump. Liberals do not see that the corrupt politicians are the rich elite .It is all about deception, smoke and mirrors. It is obvious many of you liberals now hate WikiLeaks as with Trump. Funny.... they are both outsiders of the corrupt political elite class. Both Trump and Assange , are intending to make you aware of this corruption,and to clean it out of the government. Why is it that they both have false allegations against them?". Jaix Brooks: "This tells us two things right away....things are more out of control with NSA/CIA than we thought and the economy is very shaky. Greece, Italy, Spain are going to collapse economically. They will pull down France and Germany and then the USA. Trump & Co are busy doing last minute pillaging of whatever they can find before the collapse. THEY KNOW IT'S COMING.". Kris Kincade: "FFS, all nations have been spying on their own people and other nations forever. It had just now become more sinister and invasive than ever. Citizens need to quit being sheeple and question EVERYTHING!". Sandra Williston: "Andrew Parsi, what is this BS about neutrality?? Wikileaks reports raw FACTS, it does not make judgments! Too bad that the facts are not left leaning in their "neutrality" as you would appear to like!".
23-03-2017 00:21 Flix Ko posts a video. Mute Swimmer - Enemy (One of Us III). Video by Kolja Haaf Video Concept Haaf / Dale We do not own the rights to any of the fo....
22-03-2017 23:48 RT shares a link. RT UK. BREAKING:. 25 people like this: Toufig Pandontree, Norimaki Sim, Erik Engberg, Dave Sy-changco, Kevin L Yang, بشارالكريدي الكريدي, Aris Orona, Zeenath Deen, William Brown, Coy Macacua Paglala Jr., Rajan Maharjan, Danny Be, Sandra Williams, Justin Roell, Josh Weber, Carolynn Devore, Abdul Ahad, Carl Baya de Baguio, Aland Smith, Diego Mendoza, Charles John Kathrein, Deepto Ghose, Dylan Bowker, Wit Namkhem, Ruel Angelo Collera. 25 people commented on this. Jodie Mckeown: "Deport them and their families
22-03-2017 23:46 RT UK shares a link. Police confirm 5 dead, 40 injured in Westminster attack, ‘Islamic terrorism,’ assumed motive. BREAKING:. A knife attacker has been shot after a car mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and charged the gates of parliament, in what police are treating as a terrorist incident. Four people are dead. 20 people like this: Danny Be, Reece Shrewsbury, Agostino Fabrizio, Derek Zane Cooksey, Ransom Bara, Roseli Maria, အေမ့ သားၾကီး, Pyae Phyo Aung, Darren Chester, Jamie Walker, T.j. Jording, Ali Haider Shirazi, Adriana Noemia, Barrie Anderson, Tom Dowd, MH Talakesh, Męhæďí Mãşûđ Räňă, Umair Faxal, Ariful Islam Munshi, Lee Inskip. 6 people commented on this. Leevan Marshall: "Religion of peace". Keiren Driffill: "Innocents have died today! Show some respect!". Maoul-Aine Hydara: "Why have they accused a wrong person of it and where were that armed counter-terror troupes patrolling the streets in the City and Westminster's area in particular...!? RT, why are not asking your experts proper questions over this matter...but always happy that some links are made to refer to the religion and a people you have been waging a covert war against ever since....!?". Chris Rogers: "zero will be done.". Jay Caan: "Fuck man like that's the daily death rate in London anyway so why is this anything different.". John Fitzpatrick: "I'd like to know what's going to happen next and was there a hidden agenda behind this barbaric attack".
22-03-2017 23:25 Än Nie teilt ein Video. Süddeutsche Zeitung. Unser verzerrtes Bild von der Welt. Hätten Sie's gewusst?.
22-03-2017 23:23 Prosthetic Knowledge adds a photo. Timeline Photos. Pixel Spirit Project from Patricio Gonzalez Vivo is a set of Tarot cards for learning graphical code, where symbols on each card have their respective code on the opposite side. More Here: 4 people like this: Largo A Gogó, Jeremy Behreandt, Mattia Bressan, Martin Backes. 1 person commented on this. Shir David: "Paula Ceballos Delgado :)".
22-03-2017 23:17 Lisa Go shares a link. Dozens of civilians killed in US-led airstrike on Isis stronghold in Syria. At least 33 people killed in coalition strike on school used as refugee centre near jihadi-held town in northern province of Raqqa, says monitor.
22-03-2017 23:00 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH posts a video. Cultura Colectiva +. If they don't care, why should you?. 25 people like this: Valerie Rosenthal, Charlotte Kaiser, Jens Rothfuss, Hannah Pauline, Magdalena Franz, Nessie Seyfert, Henning Veit, Sandy Connon, Lin Chen, Christian Wien, Ko Ko, Ina Wagner, Tanja Klußmann, Martin Köpke, Christine Friedl, Hari Mario, Max Häusler, MelaMela Korb, Jasmin Schmidt, Claudia Hoffmann, Laura Zibulski, Jonas Lütje, Bettina Hajredini, Christina Jung, Olga Melmann. 5 people commented on this. Heiko Sturm: "Warum macht man sich überhaupt darüber gedanken, dass es den kindern schlechter gehen könnte? Dann sollte man sich auch Gedanken machen, ob Kinder bei Alkoholikern, alleinerziehenden, oder Hartz 4 Empfänger es nicht auch schlechter gehen könnte!...". Manuela Hopfer: "Ich kenne die Studie nicht, habe aber kein anderes Ergebnis erwartet. Entscheidend ist nicht WER die Eltern sind, sondern WIE sie sind!". Nina Pauschert: "Anja Schneider-Pauschert ❤️". Felix Mittenzwei: "Es geht um das Wohl des Kindes. Das ist der Punkt, der unzweifelhaft bei jeder Argumentation im Vordergrund stehen sollte und die Grundlage jeder ordentlichen Diskussion zu dem Thema sein muss. Alles Andere sind nur Worte, die die persönliche Ansicht eines Menschen ausdrücken, sich jedoch nicht mit dem wirklich Wichtigem auseinander setzen. Sofern die Feststellung, dass ein Kind bei gleichgeschlechtlichen Paaren gesund oder gar gesünder aufwächst, so ist jede Entscheidung, die nicht zur Gleichstellung gleichgeschlechtlicher Paare im Adoptionsrecht führt, auch eine Entscheidung, die sich nicht mit dem eigentlichen Kern des Themas beschäftigt hat.". Julian Hagmüller: "Girish Thimmarajappa".
22-03-2017 21:48 Pitchfork shares a link. New Gorillaz Song Coming Tomorrow. New Gorillaz music is coming tomorrow. Premiering on BBC Radio 1. 25 people like this: Tomer Raivit, Esthela Mary, Adari Paulina Arias Cruz, Azman Ayat, Wame Ortega Rojas, Nishanth Sanjay, Marc Andrej, Andy Luong, Ivan Carosati, Krzysztof Sieniuć, William Little, Michael Calvello, Maddi Hebner, Raimondas Jankauskas, Resul Keleş, Kim Duong, Nikolas Edward Flowden Osgood, Carly Reekie, Emiliano Najera Carbajal, Mike Conyers, Axel Delvaux, Marc de Jager, Matías Canaless, Troels Stampe Johansen, Godfrey Leung. 25 people commented on this. Diegoberto Bellamy: "Triana ZS". Roxanne Martel: "Jonathan Levac". Johnny Doe: "Nicholas Rake". Quentin Amat: "Malo Jourde! At Last!!". Erin Shine: "Brian". Lucas Morrow: "Jon Roth". John Serrano: "Rominaaaa!!!". Josiah Daniel Schaefer: "Tony Hawk Wes Camden". Seb Rolley: "Isaac Matilda". Reynold Adamson: "Nasseh Michel". Lilli Moore: "Sheyenne Magana OMG". Brian Smetona: "Praise jeebus". Alex Batchelor: "Matty Hipwell". Ali Cloud Hurry: "Hope it's better than that last one". Filip Szcześniak: "Partyka". Bruna Romero: "Frederico Isper Rocha !!". Harrison Tim: "Hunter Tim". Hannah Harju: "Casey". Dakota Tait: "Campbell Moore !!!!". Sarah Rackley: "Olivier de Brabant". Jesse Baer: "Ben Orphic". Anna Martínez Correa: "Edu Afonso Betancor". Luke Macducci: "Finally". Dill TheSauce: "Phoebe Faulkner oooooooooof". Paula Lopes: "Álvaro Lélis".
22-03-2017 21:48 Visit East Iceland shares a link. Our brand new Austurland webpage had a launch party today! take a look ! Both english and icelandic version :). Ný vefsíða opnar 24.mars 2017. 3 people like this: Bitsy Malone, Komsan Utarmat, Ragnar Pálsson.
22-03-2017 21:30 Reinhard Lang shares a link. Sovetskoe Foto (Soviet Photography) : Free Texts : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive. Nice piece of history.. «Советское фото» — советский, затем российский ежемесячныйиллюстрированный журнал Союза журналистов СССР. Был основан в 1926 годусоветским журналистом Михаилом...
22-03-2017 21:10 Wikileaks shares a link. Democrats Embrace Conservative Conspiracy Theorist to Lead Russia Hysteria. How NYTimes, MSNBC and Democrats embraced a notorious Tory conspiracy theorist to lead Russia hysteria. Louise Mensch has a long history of being a debunked conspiracy theorist. 25 people like this: Masaharu Hasegawa, Harshad Chandasana, Jeremiah J. Preisser, Arlene Penwell, Branko Miskovic, Josez Ketchum, Ko Thet Aung, Daryl Triplett, Adrian Triptiko, Roger Parris, Muhammad Abubakar Ejaz, Sarah Shelton, Chris Carter Haskins, Alejandro Izaguirre, Harsha Rathore, Benjamin W. Tupman, Kris Johnson, Naseer Reshei, Jason Kinkade, Scott Bassman, Sam Yousuf, George Gonzalez, Stan Durkalec, Chantai Brewer, Patricia Garcia. 25 people commented on this. Renée-Anabelle Campeau: "Democrats are also the same people who thought nominating the most corrupt disliked distrusted candidate for President was a smart move...". Craig Shepherd: "Do you see it yet, TrumpPets? Liberal/Conservative isn't the game Wikileaks is playing, if you attack Russia... Wikileaks attacks you.". Max Andronichuk: "Wikileaks calling others conspiracy theorists... All Irony is lost Hahaha". Pam Roush: "The only ones buying the whole Russian thing are the idiots who only watch cnn.". Joel Bizal: "when will you stop calling them democrats and republicans. start calling them what they are, deep state employees.". Robert A. Diaz: "You just said it all: Tories. The DNC role model. The Tories burned down DC once, the DNC burns down the country at a slower-but-equally-sure pace. I'm not a big fan of the GOP, but I will never vote Democrat again. I'd just as soon give my vote to a Socialist or a LaRoucher than a Democrat.". Daniel B Leon: "Not a conspiracy if there's actual evidence. Flynn and Sessions is just the beginning. Not to mention the FBI is already investigating ties to Russia. The Traitor in Chief will be exposed soon.". James Melanson: "The Democratic party is just controlled opposition, at this point. They're diverting attention away from the Republicans actions.". Evelynn Eighmey: "Wikileaks only leaks in one direction. ...or is it just me. Have been following for awhile... No longer credible". Lisa Reid: "Amazing. They criticize wikileaks that has a perfect record for 10 years plus. Cheap garbage like this woman, they embrace. Frightening really - they are, brainless and clueless and they seem to like it. Oh my.". Brian DeSmet: "Oh, yes, because all of the Trump-Russia connections lie just with this woman, right? You all are such shills for Trump and Russia that you're no longer worth listening to. See ya!". Janet Kirk: "No way! Lying (shameless), dirty, do anything to win Democrats? Watch MSNBC and Maddow spin this as "POSSIBLE EVIDENCE" of Putin and Trump colluding to destroy the world, at which time Never Trumpers are triggered to switch off brain and refer to Never Trump Resistance handout, para. 3, how to post dumb stuff.". Timothy Lee: "Comey said the Trump campaign was under investigation that would include "wire taps" surveillance per FBI standard policy, who told him to and why wouldn't he say weather he briefed Obama on this investigation? !!". Kathy Welhouse: "The last straw that the Left has is Russia, and they're holding onto it for dear life. Never was anything to Russian intervention with election, Wikileaks or Trump. The Dem Party are hoping if they tell the lie enough it will get favorable results. It won't. Thank you Wikileaks for telling the truth.". Marianne W Clay: "Hahahaha....I heard this from a lefty today who says he watches nothing but NBC (the holy grail) ,CNN & Woopie.....Boy.....will they be surprised....hahaha". Jo'Paul Mamuyac: "is that leak? and, also, you missed the report on the conspiracy theories that Fox News, breitbart, informed, etc. spreads as news.". Tonda Young: "Im sorry call it like it is.....Theres apparently No one in the USA thats not corrupt but intelligent enough to run the freaking country!!!! I guess the Dumbing down of America is working too well!". WA Gwazda: "I take heavy offense not because I'm a Deplorable... no prob there! But because these people that say Russia bent the results & influenced the election results & favored Trump! Come on! Just look at the facts about Hillary! She is scary crooked! Russia & anybody else that exposed these facts about Hillary did the voters a favor not a disservice! So don't tell me I was influenced to vote for Trump! He was/is the better of the 2 candidates! Libs & Dems accept it & stop whining & let's get on with it! Make America Great Again! ( 8{)}}}}". David Nicholls: "I suspected Wikileaks had been taken over by the FSB, and this tends to confirm it. Wikileaks has always been opposed to the military industrial political establishment in the US. They are now attacking the Democrats. They have sold their soul. What a surprise... (not).". Aliciya Angel: "No, the Russians did not cost Hillary the election. The DNC screwed over Bernie Sanders and alienated all his supporters, consequently she lost to Trump.". Marianne W Clay: "Question: Why do we have Russian Oil companies in NY etc....Pictures of Schumer were released several weeks ago shaking hands and having Coffee and laughing ..I've been told they have been there since this true and WHY if the US does not believe or trust them?". Andreas Walsh: "She admits she has no proof Putin killed the people she claims. She told the BBC interviewer that she just "believes it, like a religious belief."". Ronnie Coronado: "Are they just plain stupid or what??? No hysteria here we all know who struck a deal with Russia to sell away 20% of the United States uranium. The Democrats are delusional.". Michael Caits: "Mensch the Smack-head? Explains everything now.. seriously... Every-thing! *opinion...out of her own mouth (and head) "it was the drugs wot did it!!" ****". Yvonne Carns: "They're manufacturing evidence of Russian involvement. Don't believe the hype, people. Use the brain you were born with and exercise those critical thinking skills.".
22-03-2017 21:06 Helden unserer Kindheit hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Timeline Photos. :D Nicht nur einmal.... 25 Menschen gefällt das: Andrea Roschinsky, Sebastian Proschek, Beck Marv Alex Fröböfrö, Kirstin Gabriel, Antje Koltzenburg, Sascha Gattner, Pe Tra, Rafael Rieger, Damla Eskin, Bötsch Benjamin, Armin Drummer, Alex Buchallik, Luggi Schipflinger, Daniela Strobel, Sabrina Bögl, Saady Lange, Selina Kammerlander, Robert Markert, Aileen Leps, Doris Baronowsky, Songül Yavuz Ekinci, Tanja Roland, Michael Langguth, Jana Nickel, Steffi May. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Annika Blauh: "Maa Rtina weisst du noch chemie? als wir freundlicherweise die wahl zwischen unterricht und schwätzen in nem leeren Zimmer hatten?
22-03-2017 20:34 Grischinka Teufl teilt einen Link. Barcelona beteiligt Bürger statt Tech-Unternehmen. #justsaying. Die Technik-Chefin der Stadt Barcelona will die digitale Strategie der Stadt komplett neu designen. Der Hauptfokus liegt dabei auf Open Data und MakerSpaces.
22-03-2017 20:31 Volkskundemuseum Wien teilt einen Link. Night School - Wiener Festwochen. Wie - was - Night School? Wir freuen uns, diese 'Pedagogy of Possibility' zu hosten. Auf dem Lehrplan stehen Formen, Körper, Methoden, Standpunkte, Geographien und Fantasien, die zu dem beitragen können, was man Dekolonisierung von Wissen, aber genauso gut auch Popular Education nennen kann. Zum Konzept gehört, dass nicht nur miteinander gelernt, sondern auch gegessen wird.
22-03-2017 20:27 Pitchfork shares a link. How Does the First-Grader on ‘Big Little Lies’ Have Such Killer Music Taste?. We'll just leave this theory right here..... PJ Harvey and Charles Bradley to get ready for school, Alabama Shakes to console her mom—this is the mystery we want solved, because Chloe’s soundtracking skills sure as hell did not come from her parents. 25 people like this: Steph Booth, Vasil Gjuroski, Rebeca Flores Calderón, Lauren Lambert, Megan Marie Brown, Bella Morris-Clarke, Jenna LaCour, Kate McCart, Julie Wiener, Kristin Maureen McHenry, Maria Scibetta Lambert, Nathan MacDonald, Tuesday Warneke, Sabrina Mallah, Kelly Lauren, Maddy Dessanti, Kseniia Speranska, Savanna Wilson, Caitlin Below, Chad Schroeder, Madeleine Currer, Bryan Michael Sutton, Joshua Carlson, Natalie Soria, Adam Ferguson. 25 people commented on this. Maria Laura Serra: "I love her!". Robert Murphy: "Both my kids taste in music was great in the 21st grade.". Catherine Labelle: "Raphaëlle Côté parlant detça". Joe Connolly: "Gabi Huntley Brett Andresini Tom Morley even Pitchfork picked it up haha". Mel Pierre: "Nick Pierre". César Armando: "Arnaldo Laboy Castro". Coralie Ratieuville: "Gaëlle Akrour". Aja Ramos: "I'm saying!!". Beth Toner: "She is my kindred spirit! Love her!". Reid Alexander Davis: "Sancia Goddard Jeff Thalachelloor". Oscar Vasquez: "Megan Cassidy Corrine for sure at this age". Cullen Bounds: "Ryan Hicks dj my life!!!". Maia Iribarne: "Maialen Dgn". Katie Condron: "Melon Condron". Christina Nimmo: "Anna Brooks!!". Eric Melcher: "It's what happens when your parents are awful and you are forced to live among spoiled dickheads. I think she's the only one I like on the show.". Sarah McKinnon: "Nerissa Haskic". Ryan Bleichner: "Nicole
22-03-2017 19:44 Dubo Miskovic teilt einen Link. SBB: Aktuelle Bahnverkehrsinformationen.$$$166.html. H Luzerner, Zug fällt bis morgen min. bis 12h aus --> . Hier finden Sie aktuelle Meldungen und Informationen zu Streiks und Unterbrüchen bei grösseren Störungen im Schienenverkehr.
22-03-2017 19:25 Paul Auka shares a link. Leseprobe Sascha Kokot: Ferner. word is: my brother has a new book! words are: worth reading them! so please check out "ferner"* . Leseprobe zum zweiten in der edition AZUR erscheinenden Lyrikband von Sascha Kokot.
22-03-2017 19:18 Dubo Miskovic hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Olli Schulz. Wieso hat man das Gefühl, der brettert jetzt gleich im Böhmifreund Olli eine rein?.
22-03-2017 18:08 Olli Schulz adds a photo. Olli Schulz. . 25 people like this: Michi Denk, Maja Weihgold, Manuel Riemer, Saskia Kuzlik, Janin Hø, Mohamed Sa, Laura Krogmann, Bjoern Ziemann, Karolin Ku, Matthias Tank, Frank Flö, Rene Semrau, Susanna Vestweber, Geret Hllbrndt, Steffen Schwecke, Max Wieland, Robert Rosenberger, Annika Riemann, Jenny Elias, Vanessa Bundschuh, Alex Harms, Patrick Walther, Lennart Behr, Lukas Stein, Wolfi Emil. 25 people commented on this. Christian Zapp: "Episch. Ich hoffe das Charles jemals wieder zurückkehrt.....". Gregor Eiwi: "Fuck man, er schaut dich an wie dein größter Fan Olli!". Thomas Fantasia: "herrlich ich denk gerade an die gespräche bei fest und flauschig über schweiger
22-03-2017 18:00 Arte teilt einen Link. CineKino: Deutschland | ARTE. Mit Perücke, falschen Zähnen und viel schwarzem Humor eroberte Peter Simonischek die Herzen der Kinozuschauer. Bei unserem Streifzug durch die deutsche Filmgeschichte darf Toni Erdmann natürlich nicht fehlen:. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Sebastian Zillmann, Susanne Zeebe, Him Tubert, Roggen M. von Hammarstroem, Cordelia de Jong, Maja Wieland, Frank R. Gutacker, Kerstin Prechel, Stefanie Bäuchler, Sebastian Lieder, Daniel Bielemeier, Jeanet Stengele, Inga Hedgehoginthefog, Manuela Margali Magerquark, Christiane Schmidt, Florie Bicaj, Ariane Douxbon, Angela Hoffmann, Malte Kohlhaas, Angelina Geisler, Dorota Leszczynska, Marie Gabi, Eli As, Hans-Jörg Scheffler, Johannes Hardt. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Alexander Baal: "Was mich bei so einem Film nervt, ist dass die Macher offenbar der Meinung sind, dass die meisten Deutschen selbstverständlich Englisch sprechen und verstehen können. Aber ich zB war in einer Hauptschule und da hatten wir überhaupt kein Unterricht. Und als ihr Abiturienten, als Austauschüler, in Amerika wart, waren Leute wie ich schon im zweiten Lehrjahr und mußten von Morgens bis Abends körperlich arbeiten. Ich hab nie Englisch gelernt und an einer Volkshochschule lernt man dass auch nicht, eine Bildungsreise kann sich Unsereins nicht leisten und Privatunterricht sowieso nicht. Also woher nehmen hier die Filmemacher, die Arroganz, so zu tun, als ob alle Deutschen Abitur haben? Und mal davon abgesehen, ein Oscar war der Film nicht wert.". Thea Schwarz: "Ich habe die Info erhalten, dass sich auch ARTE dem 70. Geburtstag André Hellers widmen wird, und zwar mit diesem Film. Wann wird der gesendet? Lief am Montag im ORF-TV: "Die wahren Abenteuer des André Heller"". Ned Nederlander: "" Wilde Maus" von und mit Josef Hader finde ich um Welten besser als "Toni Erdmann".". Stephanie Limberg: "dieser Film war so derart blöde. Sorry, aber kein Wunder das er nix gewonnen hat.". Rosi Hobitz: "...da bin ich ja froh, dass ich mich von amazon-prime nicht verleiten ließ, ihn mir anzutun.". Rotezora Triebel: "Was manch einer an dem Film findet entzieht sich mir gänzlich.". Inka Erdmann: "Ich war bitterlich enttäuscht von "Toni Erdmann "". Wolfgang Waldenmaier: "Eine Enttäuschung, dieser Toni!". Dirk Speckhahn: "mit der verkleidung sieht der aus wie der fotograf Michael Martin". Maik Schadosky: "Langweile verpackt als anspruchvolles Kino. Hätte man auf immernoch viel zu lange 90 Minuten kürzen können.". Brigitta Mo: "Erst hab ich verzweifelt nach dem künstlerischen Anspruch gesucht. Dann nach Unterhaltung. Dann war ich genervt. Dann irritiert. Kurzum... grottenschlecht!". Gruhler Silvia: "Auch ich war oder bin nicht intellektuell genug um diesem Film irgendetwas künstlerisches ?? Zu Entlocken.....
22-03-2017 17:53 Theater am Rand teilt ein Video in Theater am Rand. Das Pariser Leben von ERIK SATIE. Vorstellungen: Freitag 24. März 19:30 Uhr Samstag 25. März 15:00 Uhr und 19:30 Uhr. 19 Menschen gefällt das: Anna Julia, Azucena CarmenMaria, Stefan Sterzinger, Elisabeth Pfennig, Katja Kammler, Janina Witthuhn, Petra Belling, Olaf Härtig, Moritz Ruedig, Annette Cotte-Seiler, Jörg-Dieter Sydow, Sabine Elfriede, Renate Heerdegen, Ramona Na, Dagmar Ewald, Hans-Jürgen Meurer, Knut Schottstädt, Kerstin Schnick, Dana Grundmann.
22-03-2017 17:47 SPÖ teilt einen Link. Schüsse vor Parlament in London. Schockierende Nachrichten aus London. Unsere Gedanken sind in diesen schweren Stunden bei den Opfern und ihren Angehörigen!. In der Nähe des Parlaments in London sind Mittwochnachmittag Schüsse gefallen. Mehrere Menschen wurden laut britischen Medienberichten verletzt. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Mimi Drexler, Benedikt Schwarzacher, Talaat Mustafa, Muna Dieter, Michelle Yaka, Mustafa Zadeh, Ferko Husovic, Peter Traschkowitsch, Stefan Hinterberger, Marcello Marinkovic, Christian Steinbrecher, Manfred Duller, Christian Kreuzeder, Julia Pauer, Sady Altay, Seyed Fazlullah, Matthi Leichtfried, أرمان راحت, AbbaŚi Boxer, Ruznic Amir, Valentina Tina Simunovic, Tafa Musliu, Brigitte Achtig, Elfriede Schreibern, Jakob Kipperman. 1 Mensch hat dazu kommentiert. Petra Brunner: "".
22-03-2017 17:41 Heidi Ho posts a video. Uplift Connect. The Water Song by Nalini Blossoming Song Filmed at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala with Mayan elder Tata Pedro. To see more watch the Free film 'Water is Life' at Join us on March 22 to Bless the Water on World Water Day. #BlessTheWater #WaterIsLife.
22-03-2017 17:38 Stephan Phin Spielhoff teilt ein Video. Fips Kobra & LaLa Bäm präsentieren Marcellus Wallace. Fips Kobra & LaLa Bäm präsentieren Marcellus Wallace.
22-03-2017 17:30 Kate Simko says something. Kate Simko marked herself safe during The Attack in Westminster.
22-03-2017 17:22 Karin Aue shares a link. Whatever happened to Generation X?. "Once we go, there’ll be no living memory of the analogue era.” BBC - Culture - Whatever happened to Generation X?. Douglas Coupland defined a new generation in his 1991 novel, Generation X. But how are those cynical, anti-establishment kids going, now they’re in their 40s?.
22-03-2017 16:52 Georg Schutz teilt einen Link. Pflegefamilie gesucht. Dr. Erika Hronicek sucht für Jeannine Ingabire dringend eine Pflegefamilie ZWETTL. Jeannine Ingabire ist ein zwölf jähriges Mädchen aus Ruanda. Wegen.
22-03-2017 15:30 Die Tagespresse shares a link. Regierung bietet Sobotka 1000 Euro für seine Rückkehr nach St. Pölten. Ob er freiwillig zurückkehrt?. 25 people like this: Marco Steurer, Nika Banku, Barbara Lampl, Hans Uhlik, Manfred Täubler, Melanie Sophie Havranek, Florian Martin, Hermann Seiwald, Thomas Schlojer, Franz Grossauer, Christoph-e Blaimschein, Robert Macho, Andreas Klinger, Saleh Sadri, Wolfgang Özelt, Julian Or, Philip Schweiger, Luise Valentina Koska, Verena Reinhold, Barbara Horvatits, Mischa Meyer, Sebastian Benjamin Reichl, Lisa Gersdorf, Michel Mehle, Margarette Schütze. 25 people commented on this. Monika Winalek: "In St.Pölten will den aber keiner. Der war teuer genug.". Hilmar Gamper: "Ich geb auch einen 10er.". Grazer Petro: "Da könnte die Regierung schon ein wenig mehr bieten, weil 1000 sind schon sehr wenig für eine Rückkehr.". Lukas Nehrer: "„Alle Integrationsbemühungen sind gescheitert. Herr Sobotka kommt aus einer sehr rückständigen Gegend. Der kulturelle Unterschied ist zu groß.“ Brigitta Philipp xD". Markus Miklas: "Das kann die erfolgreichste Crowd Funding Aktion aller Zeiten werden. Österreicherinnen und Österreicher! Investiert in die Zukunft Österreichs, bezahlt Sobotka die Abschiebung nach St. Pölten!". Tragosso Knogga: "Währe bereit bis zu 200 euro dazuzuzahlen. Unter der bedingung das nicht wieder ein schwarzer auf den posten kommt...". Rainer Mahlberg: "Ich würd ja auch was geben ... aber in NÖ hab ich auch keine Freude mit ihm :-(. Hab gehört auf Pluto soll es um diese Jahreszeit schön sein ...". Bernhard Griessler: "Meines Wissens haben wir kein Rückführungsabkommen mit Wien... SSKM, hättets halt gschaut, wens rein lassts. Erst die Grenzen aufmachen und dann die Leut wieder zrück schicken wollen. Haumma scho gern, do kunnt jo a jeder kumma". Georg Gangoly: "Alex Gray Raphael Lukanowicz nein wir wollen ihn aber nicht zurück". Christos Behamopoulus: "Bin mir sicher, dass nicht wenige österreicher einem etwaigen Spendenaufruf mit diesem Ziel folgen würden.". Kurt Scheel-Farkas: "Auf den Mond schießen In St Pölten braucht ihn auch keiner". Peter Graf: "Würde man im Parlament dafür sammeln, wär das Geld in 2 min beieinander.". Franz Doppler: "Ob sie ihn wirklich loswerden. Ich gebe auch aus meiner Kaffeekasse 25 Euro drauf, nur bitte liefert ihn aus und baut eine Mauer 9m hoch mit Strom so 1000 Ampere". Jacob Hämmerle: "Ich hoffe der Mann verzieht sich bald wieder nach St. Pröllten, bevor er Österreich weiter sobotiert!". Klara Holzhammer: "Julia Mayer wieviel geld müssen wir dir geben, dassd zrück gehst?". Josef Fabsitz: "Bin hier jetzt im Krone Forum? Oder im Forum der Dummen??? Selten mehr Blödsinn auf einen Haufen gelesen!". Illse Graf: "Da leg ich gerne auch einen Hunderter dazu, wenn das mehrere tun, wird es ein Angebot, das er nicht ablehnen kann ... aber ich fürchte, in NÖ wollen sie ihn nimmer haben". Sabine Deyer: "Ich würde sogar auf 5000 erhöhen, wenn es die Chance einer "Rückkehr" gäbe :-)". Jakob Korosec: "Jutta Korosec die Tagespresse hab ich dir auch noch nicht gezeigt. Steffi Hauer "...Herr Sobotka kommt aus einer sehr rückständigen Gegend. Der kulturelle Unterschied ist zu groß.“". Alf G. Shumway: "aber nur begleitet von einer marketingmassnahme im mind. 6stelligen eurobereich, evaluiert ebenso in selbiger hoehe und die rueckfuehrung natuerlich per luftweg.". Elke Müller-Schreiber: "Der Ederer-Tausender bezeichnet jenen Betrag, den sich die Österreicher durch den EU-Beitritt im Jahr 1995 sparen sollten. Laut Aussage der damaligen SPÖ-EU-Staatssekretärin Brigitte Ederer im Jahr 1994 würden die Lebenshaltungskosten in Österreich soweit sinken, dass eine durchschnittliche vierköpfige Familie um 1.000 Schilling pro Jahr billiger leben könnte. wikipedia". Gretl Salzer: "in dem falle würde ich sogar ein golden handshake akzeptieren .... und noch was drauflegen .... habe gedacht, nach mikl-leitner könnte es nicht schlimmer kommen .... irrtum!". Gebi Schnöll: "Opa steh auf, falscht eh glei wieder toat um, wenn das sigscht, wos jeatz von insere Politiker auf dia Grundmauern aubaut weart, dia Du und Dei Generation mühevoll aubaut hobn!!". Lukas Zipponig: "Arno Fischer Jakob Maidic geb ich persönlich noch an 1000er dazu
22-03-2017 15:27 Naomi Jean shares a link. Days to stop the mass whale slaughter. In a few days, Norway will start up the horrific annual slaughter of hundreds of mostly pregnant whales. We can stop it before it starts. Click here to add your name.
22-03-2017 15:24 Naomi Jean shares a link. OpticalFlow meets FlipFluids. uuuuuuhhhhh that's goood.... an extensive (un)cut of all the linetests from my flipfluids / OpticalFlow driven in Houdini... original music : Carl Craig Sandstorms done….
22-03-2017 15:23 Pets Nature hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Timeline Photos.
22-03-2017 14:33 Ieva Vimba adds a photo. VeloMoto Veikals. Vēlies iegūt savā īpašumā kādu no šiem vasaras velosipēdiem? Neesi malā stāvētājs un rīkojies! Seko šīm norādēm: ⏰ - spied Like mūsu lapai @velomotoveikals ⏰ - share šim ierakstam; ⏰ - komentārā '' ietago '' drauga / draudzenes vārdu kurš arī vēlētos iegūt savā īpašumā kādu no šiem jaukajiem ciskudriļļiiem!