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20-01-2017 06:00 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH adds a photo. President Obama. It's a long-standing tradition for the sitting president of the United States to leave a parting letter in the Oval Office for the American elected to take his or her place. It's a letter meant to share what we know, what we've learned, and what small wisdom may help our successor bear the great responsibility that comes with the highest office in our land, and the leadership of the free world. But before I leave my note for our 45th president, I wanted to say one final thank you for the honor of serving as your 44th. Because all that I've learned in my time in office, I've learned from you. You made me a better President, and you made me a better man. Throughout these eight years, you have been the source of goodness, resilience, and hope from which I've pulled strength. I've seen neighbors and communities take care of each other during the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. I have mourned with grieving families searching for answers – and found grace in a Charleston church. I've taken heart from the hope of young graduates and our newest military officers. I've seen our scientists help a paralyzed man regain his sense of touch, and wounded warriors once given up for dead walk again. I've seen Americans whose lives have been saved because they finally have access to medical care, and families whose lives have been changed because their marriages are recognized as equal to our own. I've seen the youngest of children remind us through their actions and through their generosity of our obligations to care for refugees, or work for peace, and, above all, to look out for each other. I've seen you, the American people, in all your decency, determination, good humor, and kindness. And in your daily acts of citizenship, I've seen our future unfolding. All of us, regardless of party, should throw ourselves into that work – the joyous work of citizenship. Not just when there's an election, not just when our own narrow interest is at stake, but over the full span of a lifetime. I'll be right there with you every step of the way. And when the arc of progress seems slow, remember: America is not the project of any one person. The single most powerful word in our democracy is the word 'We.' 'We the People.' 'We shall overcome.' Yes, we can. And if you'd like to stay connected, you can sign up here to keeping getting updates from me: #ObamaToday
20-01-2017 05:46 RT shares a link. Car ‘driving erratically’ before smashing into Melbourne crowd caught on camera (VIDEOS). The man driving the vehicle that smashed into pedestrians in Melbourne had been driving wildly moments before the gruesome incident, a video that emerged online shows. 25 people like this: Rico Bobby, Dino Abdula, Utarn Wutthingam, ابو محمد الكرافي, Jordan Erdakos, Maureen Allen, خالد احمد, Peter O Donnell, Hem Mahat, Shazia Jahangir, Olimpia Ibañez, Vičtor M. Aloňzkov III, Raed Abdo, Dhan Elias, حميد ابو عبد الله, Hai Meng, Irshad Irshad, Graham Douglas Law, Diana Kuckewich-melvin, DaraVutdy Si, Lee Young, KC Spacey, محمود كريزان, Michael Carr, Ismail Raju. 25 people commented on this. Steve Krewson: "Uninstalling Obama in... ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️◻️ 99.9 % Complete!!". Peter Payne: "Seems another mad moslim jihadi !!". Jason Enrique Guzman: "why is the video unavailable?". Josh Dawson: "Does the Australian police not carry fire arms so they have to smack the car with a baton?". Spencer McCarthy: "Drew Smith". Justin Wiseman: "Might want to edit that. That was definitely not cops who tried to stop the car. Just a couple of youths.". Jyoti Prakash Mitra: "A pro conversion manipulation. This is a 'selective' way to spread fear from & empathy for people who will undergo conversion.It is important to know a thorough track record. #Australia". Vincent Zeteliano: "#TIMETOBANCARSNOW". Sherri Miracle: "You know what he was yelling. The police did try to stop them with guns drawn.". Mujahid Jaleel: "Nothing to see here. Just another Bogan high on bath salts.". Stefan Lennartsson: "Car of peace". Betty Resh: "Terrorist". Damiano Giacomo Niceta Stomaci: "". Pedge Tahiel: "Vic Police, you know that ramming technique you get taught at cop school, thats the time you use it !!! Watching him doing circle work like its calder park IDIOTS !!". Sajjad Gul: "it could be a accident, but people will blame muslims and found passports..". Michael Radisch: "Adrian Chudasko". Russel Indagrass: "Welcome to straya, where if your of a certain ethnic origin the police/media/courts will near give you a free pass due to the nwo tune they dance to. Filthy traitorous scum.". Ashwin Date: "Owing to this new style of 'vehicular' terror, let's have sharp-shooters stationed on top of major traffic signal poles in the cities.. a side-benefit of this wud be people wud not try to jump the red-signal..". Russell Timms: "newsflash.. Australian Greek crackhead who stabbed his brother..". Ya Mehdi: "this sick basteredddddd is a killer". Andrew Salgado: "Alex Eduardo Painemilla Carreño". Paul Dammann: "Probably another peaceful moderate Muslim.". Neeraj Sevlani: "i slam islam". Ilse Benenga: "Akbar was called out by killer driver according this witness". Nick Pantchev: "The religious of peace has culturally enriched another continent".
20-01-2017 05:02 ZEIT ONLINE shares a link. First Family: The Obamas Next Door. The Obamas brought grandeur to the White House, particularly because they lived there is if there was nothing special about it.. . 10 people like this: Katharina Osterhammer, Rea Mahrous, Romana Grudniewski, Rosa C. Bertram, Dominik Homann, Angelika Arndt, Helga Traxler, Josef Hosp, Claudine Zuberbühler, Arbiol Pllaka. 3 people commented on this. Jo Hanna: "* as if.. typo!". Manuel Carrillo: "Schreiben Sie lieber auf Deutsch und lassen Sie die ganze Schleimerei, bitte!". Julia Laube: "Ich finde die Zeit auf Englisch ganz super - auch für Amerikaner, bei denen die Vielfalt in der Presse nicht mehr selbstverständlich sein wird.".
20-01-2017 04:21 RT shares a link. 3 dead, 20 injured after car rams into pedestrians in Melbourne, Australia. No reason to believe the incident is linked to and act of terrorism just yet - Police. At least 3 people have been killed and 20 more injured after a vehicle was driven into a crowd of people in the center of Australia's second largest city Melbourne. 25 people like this: Dulshan Kalpage, ابو محمد الكرافي, Nathan Thibeault, Nicolas Yerkes, Been Yahood, Min Min, Bernard Ngassa, Maxim Solovyev, Dale Huhu Doeys, Kiku Lama Bomzon, Vania Diaz, Shazia Jahangir, Olimpia Ibañez, Vičtor M. Aloňzkov III, Mehedi Hasan Nasim, Sándor Isti, Aniket Gamre, Meer Ahmad, Donard A Seselese, Ruben Steenvoorden, حميد ابو عبد الله, Brian Yu, Katherine Montesano, Arif Shah Mashwani, Jay Robinson. 25 people commented on this. Sepp Majtán: "Religion of peace strikes again?". John Willsob: "Lots storys atm . He was doing a burnout so he could been aussie or one them shit cunt arab drifters". Petr Slanec: "It must be some devout Christian.... I'm sure it was not Muslim". Judy Kennedy: "". Dan Bate: "Was a passport left?". Jon Goonan: "When the news says it's the car's fault, you know exactly who ran them over. Can't say it though, 'cause you'd be a _____ophobe". Jonathan Jackson: "What nice people tune into RT. You must be so proud.". Suzy Hanna: "Meena you called it". Cole Higley: "Islam ? The media won't tell us. Why? We all know it's some muslim.". Greg Zupan: "It sounds the car chase started near Flinders Street station. of Tourists, shoppers and commuters were left shocked after a man started doing doughnuts in the middle of a busy CBD intersection on Friday afternoon. An eyewitness said the man, who appeared to be in his 30s, was in an "older model" maroon Holden. "He did about 20 donuts on the Swanston Street and Flinders Street intersection," the eyewitness said. "He was swearing at people and giving everybody the finger." The man took off down Swanston Street when police came. A damaged car matching that description is at the scene at Bourke Street.". Justin Wiseman: "In other words, the police will release a statement once they have made sure they weren't responsible in any way.". Gerard Takiwa: "Seem like a man being chase by police and police car lost control but wait comments coming in thick and fast from Europe and India blaming Muslims
20-01-2017 03:50 Laura Veirs posts a video. Cheerleader, by Rair Kx!. Cheerleader by Rair Kx!, released 20 January 1997. 7 people like this: Chris Stout, Jon Hyde, Josh Hope, Michael Minko, Andrea Pisani, Alisa Harris Druzba, David Sanzgiri. 1 person commented on this. Chris Stout: "Is there an actual 7" of that?".
20-01-2017 03:16 RT shares a link. RT America. The report envisioned a scenario in which Speaker of the House Paul Ryan as well as President pro tempore of the US Senate, Orrin Hatch, perished along with Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence, pushing the chain of succession to the cabinet. 25 people like this: Mackenzie Goff, ThinTun Tai, Rebekah Alice Jenkins, Shashank Kolhe, Mark Hampton, Paul Balota, Michael Paul Mc Vey, Phakpurin Pimatukan, Ellen Crockett, Stifler Mcyndazwee Reloded Shmurda, Sivakajan Kentheeswaran, Kanda Stone Kinyua, Alis Castano, Dan Cole, James Washington, Marcus Aurelius, Jasmine Ritmixay, Tomislav Konjik, Myanmar Thar Gyi, Dika Anderson, Brent Bodnarchuk, Tenpa Denma, Wasif Azim Khan, Robi Foysal, Ubaldo Campa. 25 people commented on this. Michael Luigi: "so CNN obviously does not understand how this all works, See these is a line of succession should Trump die, Pence takes over, should something happen to him there is someone already in line to take control.". Peter Yong: "Gone are the days when CNN was being professional in their news reporting. Today, they are no more than 'The Kardashians Channel'!!". Stephen Robinson: "It's fucking disgusting, if Clinton had won would they make up a scenario of her being killed?? CNN should be fined millions for even putting these ideas into the public domain, irresponsible at best..". Kent Flaherty: "CNN has become "as mad as a hatter". God forbid if Fox ever aired such a outlandish program, the mainstream media would never shut up.". Catherine Atchison Clements: "Im a progressive but i am mortified by the actions of democrats. This is insanity. You lost. Hes going to apparantly cut your gravy train, by the way they're acting, and hopefully america will become a little more balanced.". Liam Joseph: "WISHFUL THINKING!??!!? hahahahaha is that even legal? oHow can you say that or even SUGGEST it!? wtf is wrong with the media man.. HOLY SHIT.". Ann Sarris: "Sick fuckers! Wishing someone dead because they called you out on a fake news story is a little extreme. I won't be watching the Clinton News Network.". Greg Brown: "It really doesn't matter how good a president Trump proves to be, screaming liberal snowflakes will still respond with their stock answer to everything - "yeah but...blah, blah, blah"". Jim Rustle: "Unfortunately I can see an assassination attempt on Trump's life... Sad to say. The ruling elite and radical leftist scum hate seeing a president with a spine that is also transparent (Reagan attempt, and JFK killed are the most recent)". T.J. Cain Ramsey: "With current radical reaction to Trump's election this could incite a riot among the more extreme. Just yesterday a man supporting Hillary, who had spoke 16 years ago at hs mother's funeral, was arrested for planing to assassinate Trump at the inauguration. CNN is a totally irresponsible propagandist organization. They have made libelous reports against not only American, but foreign leaders as well.". Cem Demiray: "Thats what dictators have been doing to not give up power. Like erdogan, just put your country on disaster mode for the coming years. All power granted". Bryan Khan AkaPersaud: "CNN is gutter tabloid press at its finest. Speculation, innuendo and hyperbole masquerading as journalism. What a farce. Trump is right... they are fake news.". Catherine Toussaint Lord: "Totally sick! At the same time what can you expect from the most bias news on tv, watched by suckers and puppets listening to old frustrated journalists like Amanpour or even Cooper and the rest of them...". Russell Timms: "maybe wishful thinking.. until you add Obama's mezcan gun/junkies with rockets on the border and the extradition of leader to U.S... hope Obomber, Hitlery and the 'druglord mezcans' all die....". Scott Irwin: "Like a petulant child wishing for mommy and daddy to die "because they scolded" me, CNN has shown themselves to be irrelevant and without credibility.". Friedrich Schulz: "FAKE NEWS, PENCE becomes prez then REAL extermination plans & camps for the democraps begin, if they are going to be paranoid, & make stuff up , then we CAN make them come true!!!!! ...Democraps are PATHETIC STUPID LOSERS, they have NOTHING case they are hopelessly out of touch with America". Anirudha Mukherjee: "Honestly this the most fu*ked news i ever thought of reading on CNN. It kind of gives a feeling someone's actually planning this sinister plot. Long live President elect Donald Trump.". Laurie M Lundin: "Well it's an interesting scenario to think about. With the tone of our country anything is possible. Only CNN went way beyond the realm of reality. Trump's whole top cabinet. It will never happen. Let em keep dreaming their sick dreams. Pretty tragic when your thinking that far ahead and he hasn't been sworn in yet.". Andrea Liu: "Maybe they are just diehard Battlestar Galactica fans and trying to imagine what would happen if Cylons really attacked Earth...? Yeah, probably not. Their dream is Trump being killed.". Enrico Rafael Manza Manago: "The level of curiosity on the left's insanity and desperation begs the question: "Who exactly is it who's going to suffer the most in the 4 years of Trump?" Answer: The Hidden Elite!". Scott Kuli: "I'm envisioning a situation where Wolf Blitzer is threatened with minor violence while a litany of his past lies are read to him, and Christiane Amanpour is shamed repeatedly for her lying on numerous issues while forced to watch RT and admit that Anissa Naoui is a real newswoman.". Tom Crush: "The obama's term expires at noon, along with his cabinet's standing to serve as POTUS. Such an event is not anticipated by the Constitution, and would lead to extremely serious problems. An obama adminstration attempting to continue past noon would be Pandora's Box.". Melissa Mastrianni: "If only he knew then that 8 years would not be long enough to destroy America.....and that Hillary wasn't going to be able to pick up where he left off....". Sangeeta Singh: "RIDICULOUS!!!! this is not journalism. its either a call for a false flag event or a jihadi cry to spread fear. Poonam Arora". Sancho Espinoza: "Fking democrat butt hurting cry babies. We had to deal with OBumble who was a disaster, and they can't accept it when someone else is elected.".
20-01-2017 03:02 Pitchfork posts a video. Michelle Obama's Best Music Moments | The Short List. 25 people like this: Neal Thornton, Matt Ilinitch, Ana Catalão, David Salazar, Briyana Richardson, Ana Lucia, Mary D Reid, Steven Baker, Nancy Capps Mininger, Will McDermott, Tara Dankof, David Otavio, Ryan McRae, Socorro S Ponce-Allen, Yves John Paul Cabañeros, Shawn Tribble, Rafael Deville, Allan Mojica, Lucy Shelton, Lenka Faustine, Todd Smith, Marc Sørensen, Amber Tjeerdsma, Tate Trimble, Christopher J. Ciesiel. 2 people commented on this. Xiadani Carbajal Ledesma: "Estrella Aguirre ❤️". Chuck Vela: "Every 20 minutes...".
20-01-2017 03:01 Ben Grosser shares a link. VPpvGM. yes i had more pressing things to do in the last hour but instead I did this. move your mouse over the blank area.. ...
20-01-2017 02:56 Marcus Hinterthür shares a link. Orient Art Podcast #02 - Rabih Rizk. STROMKRAFT!. ELECTRONIC CHANNEL
20-01-2017 02:05 RT posts a video. In the NOW. “Do as we say, not as we do.” The CIA’s dastardly doings appear to have come full circle. 25 people like this: Branko Miskovic, Rakib Kishor, Shimal Sindi, Lee Young, Gerardo G Castillo, เสือย้อน กฤษฎาวินิจ, Angela Guilford, Helal Rashid, AMarrk Stephhen, Aleksandar Orlovic, Daniel Parma, Monche Ramos Ramos, Phil Garner, Милош Мојаш, William Huston, Michelle Tapley, Vladimir G. Borisovich, Paora Taua, Fiona Rhynd, Christopher Rodriguez, Brando B Frando, Steven Som, Esteban Herrera-Ortúzar, Phil Cresdee, Otis Kang Nickolas. 10 people commented on this. Lance Grÿ: "Donald Trump lost the popular vote by historic proportions, for a president elect. He lost by nearly 3 million votes to the dem candidate. And another 7 million voted for the Green Party or the Libertarian Party or another candidate. That's a margin of 10 Million people. Only 19% of Americans voted for Trump. Only 26% of the voting electorate voted for Trump. Over half of the electorate did not vote. Trump is set to become the first president in history to earn fewer than 50% of all votes both in the general election and in his party’s primaries. Trump won only 42% of the vote (of those who voted). In other words, he does Not have a mandate! He has repeatedly proven himself to be a misogynist, xenophobic, narcissist, sexist, conman with the highest unfavorability rating in history - A man who provoked violence at many of his speaking rallies. He's been filling 'the swamp' with lobbyists, billionaires, and Washington insiders. Trump's pre-inaugural approval rating is a dismal 38% as of the latest polls today - the lowest pre-inaugural rate in history. The uni-literate crowd just got punk'd by a conman...and they still don't know it
20-01-2017 02:00 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH shares a link. Mother stabs gay son, burns his body, then claims self-defense. #Murder • "A mother has reportedly confessed to stabbing her son to death because he was gay. Afterwards, she burned his body. Tatiana Lozano Pereira, 32, is accused of stabbing her 17-year-old son Itaberlly Lozano, after Christmas. She was arrested in the family’s house in the small town of Cravinhos, four hours north of the city of São Paulo." #EnoughisEnough #StopHomophobia. She killed the teenager after hiring thugs to beat him up and 'teach him a lesson'. 2 people like this: Steffi Rainbow, Michael Charles. 3 people commented on this. Daniel Lietzmann: "so she got him at 15 and most likely conceived him at 14. Well... maybe there were more things involved than homophobia...". Rebecca Annabella Hoppetosse: "So very wrong. I have assured my kids,that their sexual orientation won't ever matter to me. How could you kill your child for what he or she feels?! It is always your child. I'm deeply sad and shocked about these news.". Marc Schmale: "What's wrong in this world?".
20-01-2017 01:50 RT shares a link. RT America. BREAKING:. 25 people like this: Nicholas Salvatore Martielli, Muhammad Shafique, Ben Burdette, Christine Felixon, Hector Manuel Gomez, Shazia Jahangir, Nikki Bailey, M Ak Rubel, Shashank Kolhe, Stefan Lennartsson, Joseph Emmett, Nita Roschanzamir, Grey Usurper, مینا ولپه, Andre Perroud, Stitch J Orellana, Ana Maria Gal, Levon L Dunn, Rupa Chaudry, Moriyasu Takahashi, Hala Hala, Jo Ann Carter, Kaz McCrindle Warren, Carrie Lai, Evi Foul. 25 people commented on this. Terri Noble: "From their interviews most of them don't even know why they're there! If Soros is trying to intimidate us get some smarter people please!!". Mohammad Ali: "If you have a problem with trump in power then its really your fault as a nation. Many of you didnt even show up to vote or wasted it on a dead gorilla.". Apostle M Mamakas: "You have to laugh at the ignorance of those on the 'progressive' left today who are protesting against Trump declaring that he is 'not their President.' They would have preferred a woman who has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men women and children through her support for the illegal wars in the Middle East. Iraq, Libya, Syria and the Yemen have all been targeted for regime change and Clinton was one of the main driving forces behind it. The arming and funding of Islamic extremists to overthrow governments has led to the deaths of countless thousands of people. Yet these 'progressive' morons wanted her to win because she was a woman who loves open borders, feminism and the homosexuals and other degenerates. The blood of innocent people on the hands of Clinton didn't matter to them. They are anti-war one minute, then support somebody who has been directly responsible for the wars they claim to oppose the next minute. The Psychotic Left strikes again.". Ron J Salmon: "Seriously there seems to be allot of people that just cant accept facts. He is the next Potus no matter what you do. You are setting a very bad example to other countries. You as a nation state that you believe in a democratic system yet you act like this. How do you expect other nations to give the USA respect when you act in this way. you only project a feeling that the USA cannot be trusted in the world and if things don’t go one way you would not respect it. This in its self degrades the USA and its standing in the world. People of the USA it’s time to put on the big boy and big girl pants and respect your own systems, or don’t lecture the world about being democratic. You can stand tall or loose standing in the world.". James Strawson: "Is this really 'news' to anyone..? Did anyone not foresee this happening..? I see batons, OC Spray, X26 Taser and handcuffs in their close future!
20-01-2017 01:46 RT America shares a link. Massive anti-Trump protest at #DeploraBall in DC ahead of inauguration. BREAKING:. Protesters outside the "Deploraball" have been hit with pepper spray grenades ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. RT America is on the scene in Washington, DC. 25 people like this: Alfred Molison, Savannah Tatum, Zach Haney, Crichton Uale, Rene LaPlante, Alfonso Aguilar, Steve Henry, Salim Badi Salim, Segundo Jauregui, Eduardo Oliveira De Holanda, Patte Duchesneau, Patricia Befort, Moriyasu Takahashi, Isadora Serrano Gaona, Katherine Evans, Josie Moorcock, Bee Langer Rooso, John Ellis, Grace Wooton, Pam White Nelson, Anas Ali Alwash, Jurij Corn, Madeline Martucci, Gary Mossly-Orson, Cristhian Marchan. 25 people commented on this. LeRoi Mora: "Obama's legacy: 1. Stagnant economy for 8 years 2. Doubled the national debt 3. ISIS 4. Reduced US influence in the world #GoodRiddance". Brandi Varnell: "Jesus. Grow up. Where were you with your protests when the primary was rigged? *shoo*". Andy Jockski Nicoll: ""Massive" lol....". Taylor Davis: "Calling for a revolution lol How ya gonna do that with no guns?
20-01-2017 01:30 RT America shares a link. Wishful thinking: CNN dwells on possibility Obama official might take over if Trump is killed. The report envisioned a scenario in which Speaker of the House Paul Ryan as well as President pro tempore of the US Senate, Orrin Hatch, perished along with Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence, pushing the chain of succession to the cabinet.. CNN has aired a segment speculating what might happen if a “disaster” wiped out everyone present at the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, contemplating a scenario that would leave an Obama administration official in charge. 25 people like this: Steven Echauri, Mark Hampton, Anas Ali Alwash, Phakpurin Pimatukan, James Alejandro Castro Limantara, Kanda Stone Kinyua, Clarence Cornish, Hpauda Naw Naw, Madison Lin, Riverx Volcan, Don Nipuna Wickreamasinghe, Daniel Vaughn, Ubaldo Campa, Steven Riccio, Cory Grimmond, Gabrielle Knight, Miguel Godinez, Will King, Trevor Klock, Jahanzeb Naeem, Marion Daniels, Diego Fernandez, Justin Storch, Jorge Mercado, Gunnar Angeles. 25 people commented on this. Paul Indre: "Of all the shameful reporting CNN has done. This takes the cake.". Matt Tran: "Doesn't that equal to CNN inciting Americans to assassinate Donald Trump?". Michael L. Williams: "This is sick. They should be ashamed of themselves. Not to liberal of them. Wishing death on a soon to be sitting president. Ugly!". Cham Pierre: "I don't know why people still watch that Fake News channel! That's very low! I think the FBI should look into this, it might just be a covert message to an unti Trump extremist.". Marie Menzies: "CNN is not only fake news but creates unrest n poisons the people with its anti trump statements n fake news They should be closed n sent to jail for inciting treason!!!". L Christina Busby: "They really are disturbed.. Time to end CNN. Enough is enough-- I hope they are removed from the air. Obama is over. we have a new President. We will move on now.". Danny Rogers: "I think i have seen crazier speculation on the history channel so i dont think its wrong to report on this kind of stuff i personally think its interesting to know how chain of command works if something happens". Steve Vessels: "RT America is part of the RT network, which is a global multilingual television news network that is based in Moscow, Russia. RT is a non-profit organization funded by the Russian government; while claiming autonomy,[1] RT has been criticized as being a propaganda outlet for the Russian government.". Noel A Spalding: "Lets hope there is an exoatmospheric 150mT Boron jacket bursts over Washington at 1400m which trashes them all and Mrs Gibson of 123 main Street Brokenjaw Idaho is proclaimed Queen. Wankers, all.". Nehemiah Torres: "Not wishful thinking, just protocol. They did the same thing with Obama when they said that a Republican could end up as President if such a scenario happened.". Micah Joseph Madden: "i don't like obama or trump don't like hillary either , but wish harm on him is wrong , i say block Cnn from tv sets & msnbc as well in protest to show rather you like trump or not , your not in favor of having him harmed". Lynne M. Ostrand: "CNN is a racist, hate baiting, supposedly news channel that needs to be shut down, period. This kind of bull s*** will cause some entitled fool to try to pull something like this off!". Michael Stathe: "I'd rather have Putin in the White House than Paul Ryan.". Nancy McGill: "News flash. The media has been a government-driven machine for years. That is why we are in perpetual war. Hold them accountable.". Daisy Dillemuth: "CNN and all News Networks that make this kind of implications will be banned from the White House! So I suggest be careful what y'all say and report! It's not a laughing matter.". Amanda Joplin: "So if any of you psychos out there feel like it, CNN has just told you precisely who you need to kill. I don't like any of those people, either, but damn. If there are any assassination attempts on those 4 people, everyone remember CNN told the psychos who to hit.". TG Taylor: "As horrible as Trump's comments may be, the thought of killing him for saying offensive things is absurd and just plain wrong, as is killing him for things he hasn't even done yet. People need to get a grip. No matter how much you dislike him, we're talking about another person's life here. Vicious, man, just plain vicious.". Timothy Allen: "I have learned one thing about this election. Librals and Democrats are the most racist hateful people ever!!! True that!!!". Erik Parsels: "That is so irresponsible, making a suggestion like that. Let's fix our broken electoral system, not encourage "2nd amendment regime change". We're a democracy (sort of), not the f*cking alternate Star Trek universe where the crew earns promotion through assassination, for f*ck's sake!". Christopher Gossett-Anderson: "CNN isn't necessarily known for quality content, anymore lol. But this is pushing that envelope just a bit too far, for my liking. Assassination isn't something to take lightly.". Brian Pangburn: "Funny how this was supposed to happen when Soetoro was elected. We bit our lips and did nothing now these UNAmerican idiot losers somehow feel wronged? People win people lose get fucking over yourselves. Want another recount and go for a third trump win?". Daniel Gauss: "And people consider CNN a responsible news source? This is ridiculous already. It is almost as if they are encouraging violence, which I believe borders on criminal behavior.". Don Carter: "Here's a scenario CNN there are nuts on both sides of the political coin you just put everyone who works at CNN in danger nice move dip shits way to put a target on your own ass, way to create a shit storm you might just end being the news not reporting it Careless News Network". Lav Mehrotra: "Crap News Network has gone lunatic ... it's broadcasting license be revoked .... It should be dismantled all together, declared a threat to national security & branded a dangerous terrorist organization & hitherto all assets to be frozen everywhere in the world .". Pauline Dalby: "CNN should have its licence suspended. It is propaganda and fake news. And Don Lemon is a disgrace to the craft of journalism.".
20-01-2017 01:23 RT shares a link. RT America. There are so many unclaimed, free tickets still available for the inauguration that the Trump team has taken out sponsored, targeted ads on social media asking people to attend. 25 people like this: Shazia Jahangir, Shashank Kolhe, Nirajan Thapaliya Nepal, Judy Walls, Charlton Serra Bautista, Kanda Stone Kinyua, Ramon Resurreccion, Myanmar Thar Gyi, To Nee, Paul Bunker, Dele Cabral, Antal Polony, Michael Borell, Srie Novitha, Tristan Wilson, Michelle Holbert, Raul A Lopez, Jose Espino, Milos Trakilovic, Suriya Phanyathip, Lidxai Keochantha, Jarumir Khan, Itzel Acosta, Al Fight, Cory Saurus. 25 people commented on this. Thomas Vescelius: "Thanks but no thanks, we're good: This time the Trump Revolution WILL be Televised. ;)". Syed Ali: "For many "The Satan has arrived"
20-01-2017 01:17 Georg Kammerer adds a photo. Hugleikur Dagsson. .
20-01-2017 00:51 Georg Kammerer hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Kurfürstlich Kurpfälzische Antifa. Was Onkel Herbert wohl mit Björn Höcke machen würde?. Ein Grund, sich in Zeiten wie diesen die alte Sozialdemokratie zurückzuwünschen.
20-01-2017 00:48 Resident Evil Movie posts a video. The MVTO. WATCH: New exclusive clip from the movie Resident Evil with William Levy #ResidentEvil. 25 people like this: Esmeralda Montalvo Maldonado, Edmarie J. Pintado Ortiz, Pedro Jose Barradas, Grzegorz Najdek, Stevanus Sujanto, Marlon France, Carmen Elizabeth Gaviria Fonseca, Effrat Tamarish, Belen Orellana, Andres Kevin, Azzahra Marshanda, Andre Madrid, Andrinirainy Ramanantoanarison, Martin Janda, Lucero López, Teresa Terry, Sibel Karakaş Bilsel, Mjhay Zaid, Constantina Papala, Ian Martins, Saul Or, Oscar Tandioy, Damián Maximiliano, Hollyann Bolyard, Sergio Garcia. 25 people commented on this. Glenda Miranda: "". Tainaly Alvarez Barreiro: "No creo que dure mucho.". Regina Hernandez: "Excelente para ser su primer vez le luce que bien por el debutar en unas de las mejores sagas el sueño de todo actor yegar a Hollywood q mejor comienzo q este con el tiempo irá mejorando pq en novelas no me gusta su físico da para algo mejor". César O. Alvarado: "Resident Evil fucked up big time by casting him as Chris.". Marcus Lee: "This whole movie series looks like one big mess compared to it's video game counterpart....". Marcus Lee: "People will be too busy playing Resident Evil 7.. to even remember this film.". Joe Zadnik: "I'm assuming he won't make it to the end considering his pistols are the same ones Alice is seen using while fighting the bloodshot". Mirna Angelica Madrigal: "William levy ♡♡♡". Charles Warnick: "As much as I enjoyed these movies I hope they are smart enough to do a reboot and actually give us something more like the games". Eddie Torres: "No Chris no Leon is really shameful to us Resident evil fans. Just slap us straight in the face why don't you. I'm still gonna watch this though.". Daniel Camarillo: "here comes the spam movie sites". Felipe Guerra Ramos: "Josue Escalera Se me hace que Alice le enseñara quien manda !!
20-01-2017 00:43 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Flüchtlinge: Familiennachzug nimmt stark zu. Im vergangenen Jahr seien allein 73.000 Visa erteilt worden.. Der Nachzug von Familienangehörigen nach Deutschland ist im vergangenen Jahr nach Medienberichten gestiegen. Die meisten Menschen kamen aus Syrien und dem Irak. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Jens Neumann, Fabian Sebastian, Miriam Ba, Judith Lechner, Vicky Müller, Marie Sh, Charlotte Lehmann, Alexander Menden, Mark Schneider, Stefan Schulz, Claudia Flemming, Hanna Margitudis, Julian Friedrich, Stefanie Braun, Manuel Estrada, Martin Letzel, Stephan Hegger, Tara Rasch, Al-zein Makka, Pepa Kowalski, Hossam Fathy, Sebastian Kunz, Maximilian Klumpp, Max Kolbe, Herim Tenya. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Doris Strohmenger: "... und das ist gut so". Sven Goldecker: "Hervorragend. Allerdings nur für Menschen mit Herz & Hirn nachvollziehbar.". Marcel Dunkelberg: "Zwansch Wutbürger sind schon wieder wütend :D". Al Bert: "Gut ist es. Doch allein der Titel lässt Leute wieder falsch denken...". Michael Lambrecht: "Und wo ist der Wohnraum? Wo die zusätzlichen Sozialarbeiter? Oder sollen das auch wieder ehrenamtliche machen? Der Staat hat so gut wie nicht dafür vorgesorgt.". Frank Winter: "bei der Finanzierung der Gesundheitskosten und bei der Beschaffung von günstigen Wohnraum in Ballungszentren sehe ich Schwierigkeiten .". Thera Lichterloh: "Sehr gut!". Samonig Alexander: "ein Punkt der schon sehr auffällig ist, ist die genaue Prüfung des Alters des minderjährigen Flüchtlings - es muss klar sein, wenn gelogen wurde gehen alle Rechte verloren und die gesamte Familie muss abgeschoben werden ... hier gibt es offensichtlich Missbrauch, der abgestellt werden muss!". Stephan Gellert: "Und meine Freundin bekam kein Schengen Visum, um mit mir Weihnachten und Silvester verbringen zu duerfen! Eine offizielle Einladung der Auslaenderbehoerde meiner Stadt lag vor, eine Krankenversicherung ebenfalls. Das Visum wurde mit der Begründung abgelehnt: (Zitat)...auf Grund fehlender materieller Bindung an ihre Heimat, wäre zu befürchten, dass sie nach Ablauf der Visumsfrist nicht in ihre Heimat zurückkehren können wolle! " (Zitat Ende ) Im Klartext:sie ist nach Auffassung der deutschen Botschaft zu arm, um Deutschland besuchen zu dürfen! Der tatsächliche Grund aber duerfte sein, dass sie Katholikin ist und diese in Frau Merkels innerpolitischen Plänen keine Rolle spielen, denn das ist jetzt schon das zweite mal, dass mich ein Freund nicht besuchen durfte.Beim ersten Mal handelte es sich um einen Architekten aus Yerewan, eigene Firma, einige exklusive Eigentumswohnungen, - also wirklich nicht arm! Wie auch immer, ich habe verstanden, wer meine wahren Feinde sind!". Yassine Azimi: "Das kann ich absolut nicht schlecht finden, immerhin bedeutet es, dass die Kinder aus diesen Gebieten rauskommen und hoffentlich sicher sein werden.". Markus Stender: "Ist das nicht wunderbar, die glücklichen Familien und ihre lachenden Kinder zu sehen? Da geht einem doch so richtig das Herz auf!
20-01-2017 00:30 RT America shares a link. Protests and controversies make Trump’s inauguration one of a kind. There are so many unclaimed, free tickets still available for the inauguration that the Trump team has taken out sponsored, targeted ads on social media asking people to attend.. As President-elect Donald Trump prepares to be sworn into office, his inauguration festivities could be marred by scandals and protests. It’s just one more way that Trump’s election is a break from the past. 25 people like this: Mike O. Danyurs, Carlos Mendez, Rizwan Naffas, Madison Lin, Cameron Williams, Ken Finldey, Steven Riccio, Logan Neer, Jonah Lujan, Michelle Holbert, Alexey Gusev, Chandan Grayson-Pattar, Luke Buckley, James Dickenson, Rogeh Reizk, Jerrod Leo Volkov, Ralph Darrow, Plunkett Standing, Ricardo Pacheco, David Richard Quispe Sanca, Amanda Esposito, Shane Griffin, Ed Campbell, Gail Mock, Mickie Jason James. 25 people commented on this. Michael Johnson: "This is a lie. I am here now. I have been here for several days. This is false information. You should remove it.". Sam Fisher: "Considering the size of the area where the inauguration is taking place, and modern sound technology, there will always be more free tickets.". Michael Stathe: "I think tomorrow the streets of Washington DC will be a big Biker free for all fight against protesters like when Jackie Chan and Roger Moore got into a fight with bikers in the 1984 movie Canonball Run.". Brenda Booker: "LoL where do you get this stuff? Watch the events of today...pre-inauguration events and convince us they have to advertise to get rid if tickets. Someone fibbing you. You working with fake news CNN?". Subhash Horeb: "i dont see any today ,the protest is on sat and lol inauguration is tomorrow". Omar Nekan: "the most hated president. fact. i'm going to the ''protest parties'' not for political reasons but because there are actually people, music and all....". Daniel Draffin: "You see, his supporters actually have to work on Fridays.". Jennifer Johnson: "I accidentally flipped past a news channel and whoever was performing one of the worst songs ever written...God bless Texas. Who could sit thru that shit? What an embarrassment. Couldn't he have gotten an unknown with talent who's music didn't make people want to blow their brains out? I detest music specifically written to sell to mentally challenged idiots.". Mike Jaskoski: "This is going to be so much fun, Better than any Circus I've been to.". Bob Cohen: "cause the popular vote among people speaks volumes the EC votes were due to successful rigging etc". Toni Ann: "Which social media? I find this suspiciously hard to believe". Nancy R. Jones: "Sorry won't attend or be watching it on TV. Do not watch do not stream on your phone. And pray for a blizzard to hit DC". Joanna Leonie Deacon: "Most of his supporters can't afford to attend, probably. That and their fear of all the folks who seem to be taking Trump's election as a justification to lose their minds and attack anyone who dares say "Clinton? Really?! Are you sure?" No, there is real danger here to social order, and the real threat isn't coming from Trump, paradoxically enough, even though he is very provocative. Tis an odd thing to watch. He's had brought the kindergarten factor out in droves, justifying his scorn for the very things people hold sacred about their 'society'. What society? The Trump hysteria just proves his point.". Greg Peeler: "Im perplexed that anybody would want to go sit around in DC in January no matter who is president.". Zorica Cvijetinovic: "It's so fancy to be against Trump isn't it? Especially when all those media bosses and war lords are still so angry with the outcome of the election and keep telling us who should we hate. I don't care about Trump but more CNN keeps telling us that he is a bad boy, more I believe that they are lying". Joanie Kahl: "I think all will go well and there will be the normal as standard and customary protests and the hyping media will have egged faces. The women's march the next day will be antithetical.". Laura Dolan Bornico: "He has assembled a cabinet with the highest iq in history wtf he just makes shit up as he goes along his change are all multi millionaires He thinks he is only one to have concert in front of Lincoln memorial- OBAMA did it already he never has little facts what will happen with the big stuff He loves Paul Ryan telling rich people I will get ur taxes down he is full of shit wake up". Jim Hastings: "Unlike some, most Trump supporters have to WORK on Friday.". Marti Gama: "I bow to All the protesters that are Now being blocked from RT's & other news stations with (no ) thanks to Facebook, shame on you!!!!!!!". Dan Allen: "Trump a legend. Doesn't bow to fake news. Creates real news. Get used to it.". Jeremiah Reding: "You idiots they arnt UNCLAIMED tickets they are making extra because they want a massive crowd.. if your Gona push FAKE NEWS then you should be blocked from posting again". Marko Hila: "Love Trump. He is going to change a few things that will make the NWO parasites and their little foot soldiers tremble to their core.". Chris Sajo: "No support for the president... Poor him. ... Either this even will encourage him to prove people are wrong about him or he will feel even more careless about people... can not judge a man but time will tell.". Emmanuel Brun d'Aubignosc: "30.000.000, that's the death toll of previous US administrations since 1945. But these victims don't really count, there were murdered without hate and most of them were brown anyway. Trump who wants to stop this endless bloodshed, is the real hater...". Nour Rafik: "You hate or you like him, Trump make people rally a round him from both sides. Free media coverage and free people in the streets of DC, don't expect free food, you're on your own.".
20-01-2017 00:23 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf: Hilfe kaufen oder selbst machen?. "Gefühlt müsste jeder Tag zehn Stunden mehr haben, um alles zu schaffen." Kennen Sie das?. Putzkräfte, Lieferanten, Babysitter: Viele Familien sind auf Dienstleister angewiesen, zeigt eine Umfrage von ZEIT und ZEIT ONLINE. Die meisten hätten gerne mehr Zeit. 11 Menschen gefällt das: Barbara Greif, Kostas Ioannidis, The Truth, Stephan Gellert, Ana Maria S. Rodrigues, Kevin Mayer, Emi Lia, Stephanie Schneider, Hatem Shalan, Inga Elmasry, Lea Schumacher. 4 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. John Gnom: "Pausen planen und einhalten.". Stephanie Schneider: "was früher für lau die großeltern machten, wird nun bezahlt. hat vorteile...". The Truth: "Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You're wrong, stop denying it. I care, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this. You're not alone, we may be miles away but we're all going through the same things. Please keep holding on". Marco Heit: ""Gefühlt müsste jeder Tag zehn Stunden mehr haben, um alles zu schaffen." Ich kenne das. Ich habe keine Kinder!".
20-01-2017 00:18 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Mexiko liefert Drogenboss "El Chapo" an die USA aus. Mexiko liefert Drogenboss "El Chapo" an die USA aus.. ZEIT ONLINE | Nachrichten, Hintergründe und Debatten. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Barb Eschenlach, Andre Fischer, Lukas Wiszniak, Fatoom Love, Robert Kalt, Miriam Jennifer Trzebiatowsky, Milo Li, Tino Kaus, Sofie Burger, Tobias Gehann, Feli Si, Torsten Gnal, Andi Kah, Fabian Pellegrini, Lamia Sofia, Jana Abujatum, Petra Witt, Juana Wirsig, Manuel Zerlett, Joana Jamine, Kostas Ioannidis, Karin Domig, Steffen Waffy, Dorukcan Ayboga, Andreas Gruen. 10 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Joshua Konrad: "Als Gast für die Amtseinführung von Donald Trump nehme ich an?^^". Alois Böck: "". Max Kirn: "Der ist doch Mexikaner? Das muss ja dann noch heute geschehen oder nicht?!". Serpil Do: "Jonas Kassem". Gerald Kitzmüller: "Endlich Drogen kontrolliert legalisieren - global. Dann gibt's auch keine Drogenkartelle und deren Paten mehr.". Marius Gre: "Johannes Dietrich". Manuel Zerlett: "NARCOS STAFFEL 4". Wolfgang Koenig: "Warum das unbedingt als Eilmeldung gebracht wird, und nicht als " normale" Nachricht, erschliesst sich mir nicht. Oder hat es mit der morgigen Inauguration zu tun, damit nochmal Mexiko, Drogen und USA in einem Satz gesagt werden?
20-01-2017 00:18 Debian shares a link. "Debian is a puzzle: difficult" by Arturo Borrero González. "Debian is a puzzle: difficult" by Arturo Borrero González 25 people like this: Benjamin Hofmann, Artur Dulęba, Martin Bagge, Charles Xavier, Mohamed Said, Adrian Quintero Henriquez, Victoro Buitrago, Scott Gourlay, Stefano Gozzi, Henadzi Alkhavy, Carlo Lut, Aníbal Ortiz Luna, John Tsiang, Dani Mx, Roberto Hdz, Роман Севостьянов, Joe McEntire, Alegrio Sebastián Besitol, Leo Neo Usfsg, Chase Curley, Antonio Macias, Erna Mischke, Jorge Silva, Kenichiro Masuno, Senatsuc Alocine. 22 people commented on this. Raimundo Hora: "Nada a ver. Os alunos só dizem o que o professor prega...". Adam Suver: "The author is correct; Debian is not difficult. Unless your MIS education didn't cover how to do things without a mouse.". Edu Calero Rovira: "Sometimes is difficult to find properly firmware for some spcific cards and devices.". Anthony Lewis: "I read the headline, saw the graphic, and thought that the post was just a piece of art titled 'Debian is a puzzle: difficult', might want to watch out for that. The only case in which I can see Debian being considered 'difficult', or inconvenient, are when the user is either not very adaptable, or not motivated to learn. I first tinkered with Debian a few years back and had no idea what I was doing, but fully due to my own ignorance, laziness, and accustoming to Microsoft products, now Debian is one of my favourite distros, there's plenty of documentation, good community space for sharing and finding information, consistently strong development, and much more. The only downside would be that it doesn't meet the criteria for the FSF definition of 'entirely free'; some people might think that removing proprietary software from the equation will drive away developers, but in actuality, there are a lot of new models being created for revenue collection in a libre market, i.e. 'crowd-funding' which is not limited to personal users, I've seen a lot of private businesses injecting money here there and everywhere, especially for causes such as charity, scientific and structural advancement, and so on.". Jose Rios: "I think the same and the author is correct; Debian is not a puzzle. It's not difficult.". Horatiu Nimigean: "it has one of the most easy to use and feature rich installers out there, sure the apt system takes a lil while getting used to when coming from redhat for instance but it's not rocketscience. hard to manage ? hard to install ? where and how ? They probably didn't try gentoo, arch or lfs. but then again, mostly ubuntu sais it all. i bet they also prefer iphone over android". Frank Ray: "The only people I know who think Debian is difficult either 1) think ALL Linux distros are difficult, 2) Get nervous when the only help they can find doesn't involve a GUI, or 3) can't figure out how to type apt-get instead of yum.". Ming-ting Yao Wei: "Well, that depends. What will happen if you let a user that have no knowledge about GNU/Linux to install Debian into their computer? Also the freedom sometimes handicapped the usability. Though I think it is the fault of the companies but for users they don't know anything but "Debian just don't work." In my case I have to install non-free Wifi driver and configure bootloader in my Apple laptop (which is Apple's fault I believe). While most laptops now feature Wifi chips from Intel which also requires firmware. Maybe users have to know a little Debian policy before installation. *winks*". Martin van Boven: "Debian is not a puzzle. Debian is a large, solidly logical construct, and as such actually really easy to learn. The point is; the world is filling up with people too lousy to learn, even a little bit.". Steven Tucker: "Sorry guys, the kids are right. I love debian and look at nothing else server side. As much as I would love to, I don't use it on the desktop, I use Mint. No the installer isn't difficult but I have wasted hours trying to get some hardware working where mint (or Ubuntu or whatever works perfectly out of the box). Yes I understand the adherence to FOSS, but it comes at a price, pretending it doesn't and blaming brand awareness or whatever is just silly. I'm not a stranger to Bash, been using it for years, but some of the graphical tools are just nice and convenient - like gdebi and Driver manager. Look, I love Debian, I love it's philosophy, but some of the very things that make it great, also stop it being the smooth experience Mint is. Saying it's just a matter of awareness and spreading the word is, I'm sorry, just delusional.". Nye Liu: "Everyone who complains that "debian is a puzzle" uses Ubuntu. That is to say, debian.". Emil Perhinschi: "how come Debian is difficult but Ubuntu, who is like 99.99% Debian is easy ?". Mark Wasserman: "Debian just works. Gentoo is fast but has cyclic dependency pains. Fedora randomly doesn't work. I just tried installing Fedora again a few days ago and just get a black screen before the installer loads. Tried installing in basic graphics mode and it locks up after selecting English. Looked into it and found that it runs a fsck on all drives and doesnt ask your permission or tells you what it is doing. Since I have a 8T disk it was a 40 min "lockup". I changed my mind during repartitioning and used rescan disk to reset it. Apparently that is the function that does the 40 minute fsck. So I wait 40 mins again. Not a good user experience. After running Fedora for a day I remembered how painful it was to use. So I reinstalled Debian sid without any issues.". Stephane Griswold: "". Mike Powell: "As long as Linux isn't touted as a Windows replacement for non-experienced users, it is great. But if someone dives in, coming from Windows, and that is all they've ever known, they are going to be very disappointed and frustrated. I see so many distros harping on ease of install, etc, when that is just not true in most cases. This article seems to want to do that for Debian which I believe is a mistake. I believe it's a matter of overselling, setting expectations too high, then failing to deliver that mythical promise. Debian is the best Linux I've ever used, and it was not a cakewalk to get setup. And if coming from Windows is frustrating, imagine someone coming from Android/Chrome. They likely didn't even install it, or any drivers, etc. It was just 'there' and they just 'used it'.". Bill Sedgwick: "I chose Debian for it's stability. I wanted to focus on applications rather than the OS. Installation and configuration has not been a problem for this 70 year old newcomer to Linux. I like it and now only use MS Windows for TurboTax.". Sergio Zalyubovskiy: "You can download hardware driver sources for Debian or other compatible distributions and by adjusting the code compile them for Debian. I did that for some Broadcom Wi-Fi cards. Frequently, there's just a model Id that should be added to the source to make it detectable.". René Korgvinsky: "I was able to install Debian Jessie on an old Powerbook G4. The only problem I had was the wi-fi wasn't functional out of the box, but with a little research in the documentation, I was able to successfully make it work. All it took was a little time, patience, and reading comprehension. Now I'm using Ubuntu Studio on a Core2Duo Macbook, because web browsing isn't the greatest and software I want to use can't be compiled due to software dependencies that lack PowerPC support.". Eric Palmer: "Odd, I am at the very low tier of Linux knowledge even though I have been using it for 18 or so years. Spent 2012-14 with Debian exclusively and found it (still do) an incredible comfort zone once you show someone how to install it and use it. If you can't figure it out, That is OK. Maybe IT isn't for you. We still need skilled trades people in other areas of work We need doctors. We need lawyers. But...if you find Debian too difficult, IT isn't for you.". Kris Rehberg: "Debian makes a lousy server compared to others. It's depressing. Ubuntu is the only thing viable in the Debian family, but also not as a server.". Fernando Albuquerque: "In my overview, after read the text, those students are lazy to learn Debian in depth. The installation is really quite easy and you can update it since begining. I had been use linux since Red Hat 8, 9, Fedora and Ubuntu. All good. But, since the first time i jumped to my adventure with Debian, and i had a little "fear" due his " bad, horrible " fame, i didn't manage use a different OS. Students should be fearless and their teachers should encourage them to be.". Rainer Stötter: "it is a well-structured puzzle - easy :-)".
20-01-2017 00:10 RT shares a link. Mexico extradites notorious drug lord El Chapo to US. URGENT:. Infamous Mexican drug lord, Joaquin Guzman - better known as El Chapo - has been denied protection under his country’s laws and will be extradited to the United States, the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs has announced. 25 people like this: Kaveh Ace Ghavim, Damin Sisederhana, Arun Ravindranath, Tofiq Halabjay, Dennis Hatzi, Eray Kurul, Horacio Martinez, Walter Aschwanden, Abe Cuevas, Alfred Lawrence Armstead, John Louie Yambao, Neil Gaffney, Melissa Ringo, Stalin Rodriguez, Pete Demos Mary Ritchey, Oliver Osterhues, Josh Lourenco, Giovanni Aquino, Soumyajyoti Dutta, Alex Rodriguez, Christopher Adam, Kevin Bliss, Anthony Vs, Daravid Hor, Muhammad Bilal Asif. 25 people commented on this. David Moriarty: "Donald trump is gonna grab him by the pussyy now". Luke Jackson: "Breaking news president obummer commutes sentence of infamous drug lord el chapo". Leina Keatlaretse: "....where he will be named head of the DEA by Trump, I'm sure.". Che De LaDouche: "The potential for violence was there had he been extradited against his own wishes. The psychological torture caused him to embrace his own extradition. The sleep deprivation and harassment are effective.". Mason Williams: "Oh I hope he breaks out again and does the job he promised!". Josip Šaban: "What an interesting peace offering to Trump, right before his inaguration...". Derek Zilich: "He could have hidden in the Ecuadorian embassy... :-)". Emily Kelly: "He gon get out. Trump should stay in the basement for a bit...". Allante Williams: "Damn a lot of ignorant morons on this thread. Chapo helped his people. The cartel shit is another topic. Sending him to America was a bad idea.". Angelica Sellers: "he probably has a blueprint of the next tunnel already and will be employed for border security, to rule out 'weak spots' in the wall *smh". Rob Proud: "Pushes and pulls all happening at the right time eh!? It's strange how the world turns and what happens and the most finite points in time!". Matt Currie: "Let this be a lesson to all the aspiring drug lords out there. Don't compete against the CIA. They will Pablo Escobar you or put you into a prison you can't escape.". Cecelia Mae: "He's already thinking of how he's gonna break out again. Hope he does too!". Graham Hayward: "Amazing he's being shipped to the home of the world's major drug running empire and its lords and masters. What an upside down world.". Vidal Hernandez: "That's what happens when you compete with pharmaceutical companies who fund the campaigns of Republicans and democrats". Sempronius Densus: "He won't be escaping now ...they taken his money too ..but he is still a hero in La tuna and surrounding hill top villages ..and in the barrios .". Craig Moran: "I guarantee he will escape from an american Prison somehow, he has the means". Aleksandra Stankovic: "Hey don't worry that man will get out fast Obama is pardoning drug offenders and who's the most infamous of them all
19-01-2017 23:48 Die PARTEI Berlin adds a photo. Die PARTEI Berlin's cover photo. . 25 people like this: Robert Schwieters, Lilli Groth, Emma Ri, Fritz Nicolas, Moritz Jakobi, Sebastian Kattner, Paul Gavrikov, Leander Brüning, Alex Bo, Leeroy Spaltter Jenkins, Dirk Grafe, Björn Rentzlaff, Ferdinand Wi, Pedram Alizadeh, Mirjam Mntln, Joshua Arndt, Ole Kurze, Rine Kaos Crew, Yago Vonnebenan, Max Klinger, Jendrick Sauerhammer, Brian Sprenger, Bastian Malik, Stefan Sachse, Michael Hovannesjan. 2 people commented on this. Ella Steffi Malchow: ""Wir wollen keine Demoreime !" is klar :D". Stefan Wekler: "Das ist doch ein Gedicht von Tagore?".
19-01-2017 23:41 Laura Veirs adds a photo. Photos. . 25 people like this: Olivier Biarrotte, Angela Whittingham, José Domingo Guillén Rodríguez, Herbert Wetterkamp, Kristy Montoya, Jaki Knowles, Shoaleh Hajebi Goodarzi, Jayme Klein, Bernard Weniger, Kendall Lambert, Natasha Rusterholz Schaad, Sylvie Dailleux, Leon Bergwerff, Wendy March, Jenn White, Jan Brooks, Laura Lo Forti, Bart Grady, Alisa Harris Druzba, Joel Smith, Rebecca Hatton, Jessica Ballenger, Heidi Windish Fernandez, Zaw Min Naing, Sanam Salehian. 2 people commented on this. Kirsten Birkeland: "I love Oz's jerry Lee Lewis/mermaid look! #dangyourkiddosarecute". Mark Freifeld: "Jason Ray Hurt".
19-01-2017 23:41 Laura Veirs adds a photo. Photos. . 24 people like this: Val Cerram, Katja Virtanen, Gabe Blair, Tony Wall, Doug Hayman, Carolyn Wennblom, Lydia Hartland, Ingrid Shea, Bob Krueger, Eidan Bray, Dan Longman, Anna Raudenbush, Shannon Hawley, Jeanie Pride, Helen Towler, Paul Wren, Meg Vaughn Kilbury, Olivier Biarrotte, Gretchen Bourland, Michael Minko, Fernando Goncalves Dos Santos, Sumit Gautam, Jonathan Castillo Mendoza, Rose Phillips. 1 person commented on this. Paul Moylan: "Thanks for the cupcakes. Happy Birthday".
19-01-2017 23:37 Die PARTEI Berlin hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Die PARTEI Kreuzberg - Friedrichshain. Liebe Kreuzbergerinnen, liebe Friedrichshainer, als Alternative zum lästigen Pay-TV haben wir heute in Zusammenarbeit mit Springers BZ ausnahmsweise das U-Bahn - Fernsehen bespielt. Wie auf dem Foto deutlich zu sehen ist wirken die Fahrgäste angenehm entspannt, was auf den Pink Farbton unseres Büros zurückzuführen ist. Wärend der Übertragung sank die Aggression unter den Fahrgästen nachweislich ab. Sonntagsfrage: Wenn heute Wahl zum Deutschen Bundestag wäre, würde Die PARTEI von 78% der Passagiere gewählt werden. Der Rest war nicht wahlberechtigt. Hurra!. Das Berliner Fenster erhält eine deutliche Aufwertung des Programms durch "Die PARTEI". 25 Menschen gefällt das: Tamara Baumann, Dome Ruszczynski, Jendrick Sauerhammer, Giovanna Sophia Primevere, Tobias Klenk, Leo Boe, Andreas Roensch, Rafi Tückisch, Jonas Bree, Rusty Shackleford, Dani Button, Klaus Behrendt, Winti Fieldt, Llewelyn Jpl, Josip Marovic, Tina Oxen, Emma Myller, Vincent Hai, Tom Engel, Daniel Wil, Jascha Sa, Annika Fischbacher, Pat Ze, Elli Blanke, Martin Laumert.
19-01-2017 23:34 RT shares a link. Assange ‘stands by’ US extradition offer, promises ‘big publishing year ahead’. 'I've always been willing to go to the United States provided my rights are respected'. WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, has said he’ll stand by his promise to be extradited to the US following Chelsea Manning’s commutation, while promising a “big publishing year ahead.”. 25 people like this: Ali Khan Bangash, Andrew Bailey, Ronie Wolf, Kris DiMartino, Jimyy Rahman, Eleonora Ilieva, Shazia Jahangir, Jordan Beck, Charles CopyAnd Paste Ayikoyo, Max Noce, Shashank Kolhe, Cuong Kim Huynh, Ivan Sherlock, Mackenzie Goff, Gary Gan, Brittany Patterson, Catana Ionut Manuel, Barbara Cowgill, Shahid Muhammad, Raghubir Singh, Premlal Kharel, Anina Torres, Nicholas Jones, Sala Balawi, Eyal Kenizo. 25 people commented on this. X is the mark of the Beast: "I am trying to bring awareness to the upcoming NWO Mark of the Beast . Please check out my page .". Justin Parker: "Truth is treason in the empire of lies. George Orwell". Dianne Basler: "He did something in the United States? I don't think so but maybe I'm wrong.". Sam Sallome: "He'd have a better chance of justice under Obama than under Trump. When he comes to the United States, he'll have no supporters in any part of our government. His rights will not be respected.". Nicole Abwa Gladu: "Do not do it the Govt. speaks withe forked tongue..lie, made up stories, theft, broken treaties and blood of natives stain the land.". Menka Jankovic: "He should not trust Americans. Only reason Obama commuted Chelsea Manning sentence is just to get Assange into America.". Patrick Downey: "Don't do it Julian, please!! :/". Jackie Aldridge: "Don't do it. There was no formal or informal contract. Further, having martyrs in jail is politically profitable to regimes.". John Weaver: "Are you kidding? Trump would have a parade for him and make a big show of pardoning him. He's a valuable asset. The past will get swept under the rug.". Leonardo Costa: "You'll be screwed if you go , absolutly dont , the USA is a terrorist state monopole wanna be with a nice cut suit". Rob Hoffman: "It's too early to even guess what the Trump administration will push for but I suspect it will be interesting times if he does come here.". Vio Berar: "No offend but I think he choose the wrong country for justice to be served ...simply don't exist. Beside , choosing US to protect his rights ....I guess by doing so , he sign his own death .". Mill Miller: "That dude has dirt on everybody. He's got pics of multiple presidents and prime ministers doing everything from wiping buggers on the steering wheel to walking around in leather pants with a clear plastic caboose. Better be careful how you treat him. He just might release your private parties where you can't come in unless you're wearing nothing but a full sized diaper or an ultra tight onesie.". Rob Proud: "It's not exactly an extradition if all he's going to do is go and have a little chat tell them what his rights are. If anything, it's a carefully worded visit that's meant to convey the fact that he's submitting himself to speak to them and clear things up and leave a free man as their are no charges lying over his head!". Ho Kai: "never trust US ... a biggest violator of human rights... only her packaging is nice...". Brett Eldorado: "Julian will only except extradition to the U.S. If he get a jury trial in open court where he and his legal team can use the first amendment and a public interest Defence.". Ameer Gittens: "The rule of law has all but disappeared in this corrupt country. Better stay in that broom closet, Assange.". Miroslav Baros: "Neither then nor now your rights will be respected Sir; stay where you are!". Anton Stanislaw: "What they are going to do is keep Manning's cell reserved to Assange to place him there as soon as he lands in USA. No trial nor jury BS needed for that. Haven't you see how they treat Native Americans in DAPL? Haven't you see how they treat people in GITMO? Or how they shoot and strangle to death African-American citizens. I think that his chances are slim to none of proving his innocence. Assange is a BIG BISH compared with Manning, and has been the only person in the world to tell us the real shitty truth about our government.". Marie Menzies: "USA DOSENT even respect human rights act or protect their own citizens Don't EXPECT THEM TO RESPECT UR RIGHTS !!!!!!! Don't go Julian It's an OBAMA TRAP!". Jason Douglas Brown: "Impossible to have his rights respected any more than the US respects a ceasefire agreement in Syria.". Omar Farook: "This is one guy no gov wants to mess with cos if anyone does then EVERYTHING IS REVEALED". Jenny Pasco: "Nah, Assange knows they didn't fulfill their end of the bargain. Manning is still in prison and in highly dangerous situation at that. If Assange was a real hero he would ask the question why did Obama go only half way? See what you all forget Manning was analyst and sometimes analysts are assigned one key person of interest(right or wrong) to analyze. What Assange should ask who was Manning analyzing and why were they of interest? Obama is just trying to save face, because we know his biggest accomplishment was the torture, harassment and keeping so many people of interest in a place he controlled by illegal means.". Cassandra Jr Sandra: "Lol and people actually believe he is a whistleblower who is scared for his life!!! Has anyone thought that he could just have been coached just to publish exactly what he was supposed to !!!". Daniel K. Janisch: "Well I guess that's one good reason Gitmo is still open!".
19-01-2017 23:32 PiCK UP! hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Timeline Photos. Mathe ist aber auch wirklich voll gemein. #ibes #andersmachtmehrspass. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Anne Then, Samantha Josefin Nimz, Tatjana Kaiser, Niklas Saxinger, Patrick Böckler, Thomas Steiner, Annika Pawellek, Celine Jülich, Spike Behrens, Florian Buchloh, Florian Thiel, Lisa Rückert, Nicole Ruoff, Katharina Haber, Marie Jackiewicz, Maximilian Kühl, Janina Müller, Tom Ulrich, Lena Kahnert, Michelle Ebert, Kati Keeks, André Wistuba, Marc Harthauer, Daniel Michaelis, Elii Schulze. 18 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Melina Ganic: "Wenn sie rechnen könnte müsste sie nicht immer blank ziehen.
19-01-2017 23:00 In the NOW posts a video. The CIA’s dastardly doings appear to have come full circle. 25 people like this: Robert Djordjevic, AllWx B Ward, Fernando Crucitti, Aleksandar Orlovic, Zabi Deh, Christopher Flynn, Carlos Rodriguez, Ciaran Byrne, Jowhar Hussain Ali, Stephen Fox, Kirsten McIrvin Perilli, Karol Bach, Jonathan Tarter, Barbara Arndt, Stevie Lee, Oleg Karp, Jim Cairns, John Williams, Aml Ahmed R, Douglas Wade, Tony Di Paolo, Diederik Lugt, Daniel Feitosa, Mireille Longe, Manny San Diego. 12 people commented on this. Ammar E. Abou-Sarhan: "Youuuu got it right I know it would need a whole tv series of so many seasons to cover all of their contradicting irony but eh". Jason Kazakoff: "He's getting asstionate". Bora Küçükyazıcı: "Tefik, Alpay, interesting news
19-01-2017 22:40 RT posts a video. In the NOW. “British bombs are falling on Yemen and the British government is fueling the airstrikes” British actor Simon Pegg calls for end to UK bombs over Yemen. 25 people like this: Katerina Klimoska, Ivan Vugs, Dino Belidam, Mutlu Ol, Dav Kay, Hood Jae, Robert Stefan Valkovic, Mark Patnaude, Santhosh Kumar Yash, Cherrie Du Legua, Günther Timtamtum Klemm, Rick Sharp, Yesra Mahmoud, Ben Aguirre, Gaz Watson, Ilias Koudad, David Mixcoatl, Adry JuanPa, Surasura Phandaeng, Jeremiah Lewallen, Miguel Silva, Мухаммад Алифф Муаззам, Jeannine Hawley, Casey Segars, Olivier Poncelet. 25 people commented on this. David Miller: "The UK government are an absolute disgrace....nothing but butchers". David Bustillos: "they should all go to the Winchester.". Ricky Baker: "Shut and entertain us and keep your politics to the ballot box.". Isa Kasanz: "Has gone on for a while with the US' blessing. Thank you for denouncing it!". Mike Morgan: "Simon Pegg ...nice to see not all actors/stars are brainwashed globalist elitists... maybe you could ask Eddy Izzard and Bob Geldof to sign up too if you can get them to believe that this is going on in Yemen...". Ian Pickett: "At last.. Someone saying how it is Bit of respect for the bloke now". Игор Виторовић: "I always liked Simon and now i like him even more, this must be the first time in recent years that an actor has advocated for a real cause.". Ameen Hama: "British bombs are falling on shiite terrorists in Yemen you idiot.I dont see you crying for al Qaeda and isis when the bombs are falling on them!". Timothy Neon: "Probably the only site which informs people what's going on in Yemen!!!May i say,keep on the good work,and tell us something different from all these "realible"news we see every single day!". Jordan King: "We need more "role model" actors to bring light to important issues costing the average person their retirement.". Rene Reen: "A direct result of the Obama administration making arms deals with Saudi Arabia and letting them in the UN. The UK are obviously still deep into Obama's globalism plan.". Aidan McMahon: "It's all OK guys and gals Sky news have set up a charity so you can send money to the families they are bombing. Just text Yemen to 70000 and you will send a whole 5 pounds Sterling to the surviving children of Yemen so they can build a bomb shelter from the bodies of their parents.". Najib Sakhizada: "Ameen Hama you are an absolute blinded, you can't see that Saudi terrorists bombing the home of shiite in Yemen? do you call someone who is defending their own home and children terrorists or those who came from other countries and bombing are the terrorists? you can't see millions of Yemen children are suffering from lack of foods, medicines, money and securities. You are a supporter of ISIS and Saudi terrorists". KB Chang: "Another western country up to no good, with all the bad intention to support the Saudis, both these idiots were fighting a war that was not truly theirs at all". Gabriel Pawlos Mikolajczyk: "They bomb the middle east, flood their country with migrants, ruin their people's identity and culture... what next ?". Nick Sahota: "People here saying he is a actor stay out of politics. If that is your comment then. You are an idiot and stay out of politics. Before US government and their bitch UK government invaded iraq their was no suicide bombs. Now their have been 1000s. 1980s taliban and Russia was at war and the retard US government thought it was a good idea to give taliban a shit load of weapons! US government creates it's own enemies. What was found in Iraq? Fuck all. Gold and oil. Don't bullshit and say UK and US gov went to war with Iraq to free the people of Saddam. You liar. "We have definate proof that maybe he has WMD'S.". Shorash Shora: "That is a war crimes and those Saudi bichas are pure Evil they Staving all Yemenis population that is a act of evil I wander where the fuck is a so fuckat up UN organisation to hold Saudi bichas and there partner accountable for a war crimes and crime against humanity". Robert Watson: "You don't like refugees so do something to stop creating them". Mark Whyatt: "Stop thinking that Governments are there to serve the people...they are not. They are greedy corporations with greedy shareholders... :(". David George Robinson: "The Yemenis are an easy target. Just like the Palestinians. The Americans, British and Israelis are all guilty of profiting from war crimes!". Gareth Morgan: "Well done Simon Pegg for speaking out. So many do gooding celebs have no clue half the time what the hell they're talking about.". Nick Sahota: "It's cluster bombs from the 80s! In 2015 the UK "exported" £2.5 billion of weapons to Saudi Arabia.". Buraa J Abdulkadir: "Please RT. Saudi Arabia was requested by the legitimate government of Yemen to intervene on their behalf. Exactly what you're state sponosored Russia did in Syria. But hey Propaganda is crazy tool depends on how you spin it eh.". Stephen Milton: "Hold up, have a cup of tea, and wait for all this to blow over.". Kevin Watson: "Muslims want to kill everybody who don't want to be muslims so go fuck yourself!".
19-01-2017 22:36 Pitchfork shares a link. Wayne’s World Returning to Theaters for 25th Anniversary. Party On: Wayne's World screens next month. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey’s cult classic screens February 7 and 8. 25 people like this: Tayt Montgomerie Boylan, Kristina Elena, Dana Altenburger, William Jordan, Julia Jackson, Sarah Burk, Krishnan Nair, Chris Speight, Jonathan Gonzalez, Kasandra Yalbmert, Shireen DeBeer, Gabriel Erdosy, Alissa Marie Mezzetti, Tyler Scott Morris, Kc Santos, Lara Crandell Garcia, Erin Richardson, Adam Scheffler, Jesus Alberto Hernandez, Devin Bierman, Allison Sparkuhl, Brad Lee Michael, Marco Hurtado, Ben Lin, Trey Harrison. 25 people commented on this. Harrison Paul McQueen: "25 years...Jesus, how old am I??". Tommy Herman: "Dylan Herman". Danny Smith: "Wayne's World: Black and Chrome edition". Andrew Napierski: "shwingggg". Jamie Lennon: "Sarah Scott". Kari Saas: "Madeline I wish we could watch this together. If only we had $5,000.". Anna Marketti: "David Abramov". John McCullough: "Matt McCullough". Stephanie Bergmann: "Allyson Jersky Smith date night?". Alexa Edmonds Lima: "Keith". Eda Tse: "Miciah Foster". Jessica Matic: "Bobby omg lolol yesss!". Izzie Collier: "Marine Lefebvre lets dig out the halloween costumes for this !!". Madison Elaine Epona Hostetter: "Camille Hostetter-Glass". Emma Gossett: "Carly, I feel we'd be remiss not attending this!". Leah Evans: "Wohoo!". Andy Ulseth: "Debbie Duhaime Ulseth Wanna take me again?". Alexis Peterson: "Kiley Horton". Jillian Fanelli: "Taco !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O!!!!!M!!!!!!!!!!g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Joey Halawani: "Anyone else find it comical that it's playing in Delaware". Anaka Prado: "Jennifer Shepard Excellent! Lol!". Michael Shirley: "Nicholas Shirley let's go". Nestor Teran: "Ashley Teran". Declan Martens: "Lachy Finnian". Helen Sturm: "Jonathan Phillips".
19-01-2017 22:33 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Präsidialsystem in der Türkei: Countdown zur Selbstentmachtung. Wenn Erdoğan damit durchkommt, ist er am Ziel.. Alle Macht für einen: Das türkische Parlament dürfte Erdoğans Vorstoß absegnen. Die linke Opposition schimpft – oder sitzt im Gefängnis. . 25 Menschen gefällt das: Cemil Baykul, Barham Franz, Laura Steier, Hülya Eş, Anja Oldenburg, Hossam Fathy, Melanie Vieker, Varga Iosif, Alev Arslan, Ergün Arslan, Heidi Ghaussy, Adnan Menderes Metin, Luise Offert, Alper Aksoy, Ismail Aktag, Nasser Abbasi, Mustafa Topuz, Yastin Castel, Enes Heuer, Emrah Şen, Henry Tiemann, Elif Ana, Volkan Filiz Gedikoglu, Süha Sencel, Ibrahim Kara. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Jason Mitchell: "Kann Deutschland nicht mit leben, dass in der Türkei VOLKSentscheidungen durchgeführt werden. Außerdem muss er erneut gewählt werden. Tut nicht so, als ob er dann 100% an der Macht ist. #TeamTurkey #GegenBashing". Büsra Türk: "Eine otto-normal-deutsche zeitung postet jeweils morgens und abends einen artikel über untergang/diktatur/entmachtung/sultanat/menschenrechte in der türkei...". Bilgili Üretmen: "#WeLoveErdogan". Rico Föhse: "Es klingt blöd, es ist aber ziemlich wahr. In der Türkei wiederholt sich deutsche Geschichte. Erdogan ist wie Hitler, erst stellt er die Opposition mit einem dubiosen Putsch kalt, jetzt entmachtet er Stück für Stück die demokratischen Institutionen und das mit dem angeblichen Willen des Volkes, dass entweder nicht gut genug gebildet ist oder keinen Zugang zu freien Medien mehr hat.". Ömer Mergen: "#WeLoveErdogan". Cemile Dumanli: "Wenn ihr doch sooooo gerne mit Politik beschäftigt.. Warum macht ihr es nicht mit der deutschen.. guckt doch was hier abläuft.. anstatt ihr euch zig tausende km weiter um guckt..". Attila Cavus: "Ich musste gerade herzhaft lachen. Wir Türken sind schon ein interessantes Völkchen. Eigentlich traurig, aber gleichzeitig wirklich lustig! Der Blumentopf, der Biss ins Bein und das fehlende teure Mikrofon haben es in sich! Hehe..". Arne Kodas: "Pax ottoman - devlet-i Aliyye-i Osmaniyye - nacht der Wahl stehen wir vor Wien. Anders kann ich mir die Aufregung der Deutschen Presse nicht erklären, naja egal wir sehen uns bald vor Wien Europa
19-01-2017 22:11 Märkische Onlinezeitung teilt einen Link. Zweieinhalb Jahre Haft für sexuellen Missbrauch - ...und fünf Jahre Berufsverbot. So das Urteil gegen einen ehemaligen Erzieher, der in der weitgehend nicht öffentlichen Verhandlung gestanden hat, Kinder über Jahre im Schlaf missbraucht zu haben.. Zweieinhalb Jahre Haft, außerdem fünf Jahre Berufsverbot - so lautet das Urteil, das das Landgericht Frankfurt am Mittwochabend gegen den. 2 Menschen gefällt das: Mario Oehmicke, Toni Feist. 11 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Corinna Ebert: "5 jahre? o.O sowas dürfte nie wieder mit kindern arbeiten...
19-01-2017 22:10 schorr guitars adds a photo. Timeline Photos. Wait, what? #experimental #luthiery. 5 people like this: Florian Schneider, Joe Cook, Sven Son, Martin Jäger, Ahhgh Hoxoya.
19-01-2017 21:40 Annie Goh shares a link. The Guiding Principles. Def worth a read!. The Women's March on London is a women-led movement bringing together people of all genders, ages, races, cultures, political affiliations and backgrounds on January 21, 2017, to affirm our shared humanity and pronounce our bold message of resistance and self-determination. Recognizing that women ha...
19-01-2017 21:32 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Volkswagen: Der ahnungslose Herr Winterkorn. Ein beliebtes Mittel, um vor U-Ausschüssen zu schweigen: Das Zeugnisverweigerungsrecht wegen laufender Ermittlungen. Auch Winterkorn versucht es damit.. Beim ersten Auftritt seit seinem Rücktritt als VW-Chef gibt sich Martin Winterkorn ratlos. Seine Taktik ist offenkundig: Schuld am Abgasbetrug sind die anderen. 11 Menschen gefällt das: Zaifularief Zainalabidin Arief, Gabriele Müller-Franzen, Manfred Schürz, Yero Sy, Alexandru Salistean, Sebastian Müller, Erich Schmitt, Kevin Mayer, Stefan Ahrens, Hans Falda, Klaus M. Hartgens. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Ron Battler: "Wie kommt man zu der gedächtnislücke..? Als ehemaliger Chef vom ganzen Laden.... Die Regierung lässt sich verkackeiern befürchtet..!!!!". Hans-Gerd Gieroth: "Schaut euch diesen Banause mal richtig an, von dem kann nix gutes kommen! Heuchler!". Heribert Hansen: "Der Fisch stinkt immer vom Kopfe her.". Hans Falda: "Er beweist es mal wieder: Die Bosse wissen von nichts. Deshalb die fürstlichen Gehälter und Boni?". Christian A. Wittke: "Der bestbezahlte Lügner...". Conny Küchler: "Ist schon eigenartig,dass die Bosse immer von nichts Gewusst haben!". Günter Leistner: "Ich sehe nichts, ich sage nichts, ich höre nichts - früher waren das mal drei Affen.". Toni Huber: "Die Aussagen von Winterkorn sind so vertrauenswürdig, wie wenn der Attentäter von Berlin sich damit verteidigt hätte, dass er sich nur verfahren hat und eigentlich nicht auf den Weihnachtsmarkt, sondern in seine Garage wollte.". Florian Sonneck: "Diese U-Ausschüsse eine Farce wie Merkel unsympathisch u Roth nie Playmate wird.". Ursula Zellner: "Kaffeekränzchen, für ihn hier in Deutschland". Andreas We: "da". Andreas We: "...fragt man sich, wie er all die Jahre einen multinationalen Konzern hat führen können und dafür ja sogar die berühmten '3000,- EUR Rente' pro Tag bekommen soll! Lieber VW-Aufsichtsrat: Ich bin auch ahnungslos und bewerbe mich hiermit als Vorstandsvorsitzender! Sagen sie mir nur, wann ich anfangen soll... :D". Frank Pallesche: "Looser
19-01-2017 21:30 RT shares a link. ‘Stop Operation Soros’ movement begins in Macedonia. 'Fight against one-mindedness in the civil sector'. A new initiative, Stop Operation Soros (SOS), dedicated to countering the influence of American billionaire activist George Soros, has been launched in Macedonia. 25 people like this: Ile Karajanov, Nikola Radecký, Brian Kenny, Tomislav Dragosavljevic, Marko Vladic, Alexander Wellbelove, Kyle Wisner Duque, Frank Buist, Artiom Wolf, Arie Sande, Jahangir Miah, Ausar Khepre Makanima, Monika Poot, Filip Cvetanoski, Alvin Vitan, Tea Tuzia, Keith Figured, Jerick Rea, Jani Ahopelto, Colleen Ferrière, Predrag Terzic, Martin James, Danny Varghese, Tiong Ann, Constantin Florin Boșneag. 25 people commented on this. Zain Alouche: "Were there is soros, there is problem". Sarah Louise: "yes! and yay! RT is back!". Theo Tsirpas: "I don't see anything in Greek news about this... Unless you're talking about Skopje, Vadarska, Southern Serbia etc... then you totally got the name wrong. Please edit that.". Jo Maloof VanCurler: "Start in your own home! Be debt free, buy only from nonGMO companies! Buy less of everything! Start growing your own food- even and herb on a window sill will help your health!". Kyle Flake: "The founders better stay clear of the U.K. Look at Assange he is a big name and these names easily can just disappear and no one the wiser.". Campanelli ML: "Ladies and gentlemen. ^^ that is the face of pure evil". Deni Lazeski: "The same people(read MK gov) who were funded from Soros while they were in the oposition,now ther are funding this NGO against Soros. Just to make it clear,i dont fully support Soros.". Donny Buffington: "Had this man not caused enough economic depression, plunder, and political chaos to deserve a lynching, yet?". Sander Schouten: "Can't these evil old fossiles just die?! Soros, Rockefeller and a bunch of Rothschilds. That'd be great.". Teddy Ziogas: "It's not Macedonia . It's Varadaska . The real Macedonia is the northern province of Greece
19-01-2017 21:25 Pitchfork shares a link. Arcade Fire Return With New Song “I Give You Power” Ft. Mavis Staples: Listen. Arcade Fire are back with a new track. . 25 people like this: Daniel Lopez Zanella, Shawn Carlstrom, Jerold Chester Sunga, Nanhee Ha, Raul Moreno, Aaron Turgeon-Fuqua, Rollito Ramirez Dalai, Kirsten Holljes, Derek Sweere, 戴千姿, Guilherme Amarante, Tommi Ivanisevic, Rick Taylor, Rachel Caroline Love, José Alejandro Morales Torres, Astrid Valverde Décaro, Tomé Brito, Harrison Plateris, Penélope Marques, Margarida Peixoto, Mark Ferkler, Sydney Fishman, Nikolay Ovchinnikov, Konstantina Deligianni, Cati Sandoval. 25 people commented on this. Stijn Meertens: "Stijn Aertse omg". Dara Welsh: "Eóin Welsh AHHHHHH". Pierre Medina: "Danielle Angelique Medina". Liam Shirlaw: "Izzy Locke Brendan Shirlaw". Melissa Grace: "Johnson family (Tricia Powers Johnson Justin Johnson)". Sara Wuillermin: "Colin Ingersoll". Mox Fulder: "Giorgio Spedicato". Abraham Robles: "Juan Montoya EL MEJOR DÍA DE ENERO <3". Joe Christopher: "Of course it's on tidal". Fernanda Alvarez: "YES". Finn Chadwick: "Alice Tate". Araxie Indjirdjian: "Edward Stickland!!!!!". Enzo Ferraro: "Angelo". Everton Lourenço: "Lenna Nascimento ouve antes de mim". Antonio Felline: "Francesco". Joe Sembar: "Jessica Beatty". Artemio Figueroa: "Ziggy Carlos Rocío Marco". Taylor Hern: "Alexandra Silverthorne". Marco Démoet: "Jacco Kuipers!". Olga Casablancas: "James !!!". Pablo Daniel Morales Ortíz: "Denisse Vega MUERE!!!". Estee Mathias: "Imogen Laura IMPORTANT IMPORTANT". Gaz Millett: "Elliott Lees". Jessica Rahmoune: "Ahmed F. !!". Joshua Dayton: "Am I missing something -- its not on the link?".