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30-04-2015 12:03 RT shares a link. Immigration caused Israel-Palestine conflict - UKIP MP says. Via RT UK. A UK Independence Party (UKIP) general election candidate who claimed mass immigration had caused the Israel-Palestine conflict earlier this week left audience members gathered in a London town hall speechless. 25 people like this: Saaddillah Sodri, KangPil Ahn, Hans Frank, Epul Putra Ujung Kulon, Amegrist Jfk Yok, Sami Alattas, Vilmar Dunhill, Ranzkie Iway, Lukas Popolski, Adhe Azka, Davey Brown, Muhammad Mustajib, Martin Rowlands, Bälràm Gôyål, Surya Sana, Darko Djokic, John White, Sraban Roy Oarko, Ivita Žukoveca, អា ណាប់, Emanuele Crivellari, Zealiff Frost, Yuugo Gush, Riswan Arizh, Egidijus Gumbell. 25 people commented on this. مستودع أدوية بيت المقدس: "معلومات قد تعرفها للمرة الأولى حول القرآن الكريم !!! 1- أكبر سورة في القرآن ؟ [ البقرة ] __________________ 2- أصغر سورة في القرآن ؟ [ الکوثر ] __________________ 3- أفضل شراب أشار له القرآن ؟ [ الحليب ] _________________ 4- أفضل طعام إشاره له القرآن ؟[ العسل ] ___________________ 5- أعظم آية في القرآن ؟ [ اية الكرسى ] __________________ 6- أكبر أية في القرآن ؟ [ آية الدين 282 - البقرة ] _________________ 7- أصغر أية في القرآن ؟ [ طه }___________________ 8- أبغض الحلال ذكر في القرآن ؟ [ الطلاق ] _________________ 9- أكبر عدد ذكر في القرآن ؟ [ مائة ألف ] __________________ 10- أكبر كلمة في القرآن ؟ [ فاسقيناكموه ( الحجر 22 ) ] __________________ 11-أكثر الأحرف استخداماً في القرآن ؟ [ حرف الألف ] _________________ 12-أقل أحرف استخداماً في القرآن ؟ [ حرف الظاء ] __________________ 13-أفضل ليلة أشار اليها القرآن ؟ [ ليلة القدر ] _________________ 14-أفضل شهر أشار اليه القرآن ؟ [ شهر رمضان ] __________________ 15-أكبر حيوان أشار اليه القرآن ؟ [ الحوت ] _________________ 16-أصغر حيوان أشار له القرآن ؟ [ البعوضة ] __________________ 17-أفضل سورة في القرآن ؟ [ الفاتحة ] __________________ 18-أكثر جزء احتوى على سورة القرآن ؟ [ الجزء الثلاثون ] _________________ 20- أكثر السور التي ذكرت النعم الإلهية ؟ [ النحل ] __________________ 21- أكثر السور احتوت آياتها على القسم ؟ [ سورة الشمس ] __________________ 22- أكثر أسماء الله الحسنى وروداً في القرآن ؟ [ الله ] __________________ 23-أكثر أنبياء الله ورد اسمه في القرآن ؟ [ موسى ] __________________ 24- أقل انبياء الله ورد اسمة في القرآن ؟ [ ذو الكفل و اليسع و الياس و إدريس ] _________________ 25- أكثر فاكهة ذكرت في القرآن ؟ [ العنب ] يــآا رب أرزقنا التقوى فأن أجسادنا على النار لا تقوى. صفحة ثقافية رائعة تقدم معلومات في جميع المجالات - سجل إعجابك وتابعنا ولا تنسوا اعجاب للتعليق حتى يصبح الاول ويراه غيرك وتعم الفائده". Hasaan Anjum: "Ok.. so who gave who migrant visas in this case?". Matt Dor: "Ever since the Egyptians tried to keep em, blame Moses for the mass migration". Liam Strain: "Its true though!!!!!". Robert McClure: "Jews are not from Israel, they migrated to the land known as Palestine, so yea probably was immigration.". Hasim Fahds: "Jews are useful for us Muslims in someways, they have hijacked the UK government and are letting us immigrate by the tons to the UK, their future is rumbles.". Michael Fernandez: "Americans too have immigration problems. Hope they understand the problem.". Stevie Kerr: "No maybe it was the british giving the zionists the Palestinians land? Fs lol". Vasili Blajeni: "I blame the global warming on immigration". Kenny Jones: "Brb. Pissing myself in laughter. UKIP are a bunch of idiots". John Gupta: "I wouldn't even bother giving him the time of day to explain how wrong that number is". Mohammad Ahshan Ullah: "Very true. There was no conflict before the 1941 mess illegal jewish immigration from Eastern Europe". Steve Colesanti: "Call it what it is "KHAZARS (ISRAEL) MURDERING SEMITES (PALESTINIANS)."". Richard Silver: "". Craig Bratcher: "I blame muhammad's magic flying donkey. Putinslam means peace! Subhuman'allah". Helen Mcclay: "Occupation not immigration...immigration is a legal & in most cases welcoming system in any democratic nation's...Occupation is entirely different.". Gabriel Gregoire: "". Amine Mohammed: "you mean the "immigration of jews in Palestine" caused conflict ?". Zealiff Frost: "Palestinians have the right to claim their lost resources from Israelis.". Louay Faour: "*leaving planet earth*". Don Walsh: "Hmmmmnm". Brian Wills: "The BALFOUR Declaration, the 1st and 2nd WW's all designed to perpetrate a FRAUD upon ALL of Humanity... FOR LITTLE PIECES OF PAPER.. They Stole the world..Kill the FED!". Irfan Raza: "He is telling the truth. Jewish immigrants and asylum seekers occupied most of the country and made their own state with the help of America. This is happening in england this mass migration of Eastern Europeans and other Europeans in near future English people will lose their identity.". Hans Frank: "Communism, Nazism and Zionism are triplets, movements conceived and nurtured by the Illuminati to dupe and manipulate humanity. Zionism was willing to sacrifice the whole of European Jewry for a Zionist State in Palestina. Everything was done to create a state of Israel and that was only possible through a world war. Wall Street and Jewish large bankers aided the war effort on both sides. Zionists are also to blame for provoking the growing hatred for Jews from 1988 until now."". Edward Harold Butler: "Yes, ever since the Jews immigrated to Palestine in 1947 , there has never been any peace in the middle east ever since.".
06-08-2016 15:16 RT posts a video. RT Sport. LIVE: Crowds gathering ahead of #Rio #Olympics events. 25 people like this: Nich Kwak, Pearl Phan, اياد الشاوي, Claudia Valenzuela, Jemel Asmer, Heike Erdösi, Daniel Garcia, محمد علي, Tareq Syrian, Rajendra Thapa, יחיאל ישראל, Bruno Torquato, Michael Chan, Mirna Elise, Amjad Awwad, Abo Omar, Shabe Gujjar, Jamal Arg, Callum Haynes, Yvonne Ellis, Bernard Robinson, บพิตร ไม้เท้าแก้ว, ثائر المولي, ماكس بن, Frets Lumawag Iwag. 20 people commented on this. Ema Abdu: "Not that what Russia is doing in Syria is the epitome of terrorism ???? dozens of children a day are killed ..mnazl destroy warheads over the population. Mosques, universities, hospitals bombed". Rony Akand: "gonaaa blowwwwwww". Ema Abdu: "America has killed a million Iraqis motivated terrorism ... and Russia kills tens of thousands in Syria motivated terrorism ...... strong rule the weak". Ema Abdu: "puttin_is _holokost_syria .. Obama gives the green light to Assad to kill more of the Syrian people". Ema Abdu: "Jihadists succeeded in overthrowing the Soviet Union now we will overthrowing puttin from powe". Ema Abdu: "russin orthodox christian.decided to fight 2 billion Muslim so we are ready to fight Russia in side Moscow". Fausto Dorsi: "Luigi :)". Moni Kugler: "Olimpíadas da exclusão! Governo lixo!". Anna Jackson: "I even do not understand that the Affairs of Kosovo at the Olympics? No referendum was partially recognized state (they didn't even bother to ask people. Everything was decided for them power) I panel did the US and her company. Why when there were elections in the Crimea and in the Donbass who did not think about the opinion of people living there. Maybe they don't like the new government and they decided to change their lives. Why the Republic of Kosovo was recognized (in part) and the Crimea can not seem. Crimea - is Russia. And do not say that there were military with guns is nonsense. There is a right to self-determination one of the fundamental principles of international law, signifying the right of every people to decide on the form of its existence as a state freely to determine their political status and to pursue their economic and cultural development. And the Crimea, this rule was used but for some reason on the 4th of October 2011 at the PACE session in Strasbourg adopted the resolution No. 1832, according to which "the right of ethnic minorities to self-determination (...) does not provide an automatic right to secession in the first place should be implemented by the method of the protection of minority rights, as it is signified in the framework Convention of the Council of Europe Convention on the protection of national minorities and the resolution of the Assembly No. 1334 (2003) on positive experiences of Autonomous regions as a stimulus for conflict resolution in Europe and in the Crimea this rule does not apply because there zhuvut the majority of Russian. In accordance with a survey conducted by the American sociological center Pew Research center in April 2014, majority of Crimean residents believe that the referendum was free and fair (91 %) and that the Ukrainian government should recognize the results (88 %). Similar results were obtained in the survey conducted in the Crimea by Gallup, 21-27 April 2014, According to him, 82,8 % of the population of Crimea considers that the referendum results adequately reflect the views of the majority of Crimeans, and 6.7 % believe that not reflect. 73,9 % of the respondents expect that the accession of Crimea to Russia will improve their lives and the lives of their families, the opposite opinion is shared by only 5.5 %. From 16 to 22 January 2015, GfK Ukraine on request of Berta Communications with support from Canada Fund for Local Initiatives for the information centre "Free Crimea" designed "to help create the Foundation for the return of the Crimea to the Ukraine" conducted a study on the socio-political moods of the Crimean population. According to the results of a telephone survey, 82% of Crimeans fully support the annexation of Crimea to Russia, 11% rather in favour, 2% rather not support, 2 % do not support, 3% have not determined their relationship. The results of the poll have been criticized by opponents of the annexation of Crimea to Russia, describing the survey GfK as "unrepresentative" (in respect of the representation of Crimean Tatars in comparison with their share in the population of Crimea according to the Ukrainian census of 2001) and claimed that in a "spy" in the Crimea, the possibility of free will of local residents when conducting surveys is missing. From 9 to 18 February 2015 a survey conducted by VTSIOM public opinion in the Republic of Crimea, according to which the accession of Crimea to Russia positively assessed 91% of respondents negatively — 5% undecided — 4%, compared to the summer of 2014 to support the finding of the Crimea under Russian rule fell by only 2%; in the referendum on the status of Crimea, in case if it took place again for joining the Federation would have voted 90% of the respondents. According to the survey conducted by VTSIOM 23-26, 2015 on the background of the energy blockade of the Peninsula from Ukraine, for joining Russia have voted 93% of the respondents.27 Mar 1994 in Donetsk and Lugansk regions voted on, the corresponding, according to the organizers, the law of Ukraine "On all-Ukrainian and local referendums"[13]. He had made 4 questions. The results of the voting in the Donetsk region was as follows:[13] Do you agree that the Constitution of Ukraine consolidated the Federal-land system of Ukraine? Over — 79,69 % Cons — 15.02 % Invalid votes — 5.29 % Do you agree that the Constitution of Ukraine consolidated the functioning of the Russian language as the state language of Ukraine along with the state Ukrainian language? Over — 87,16 % Against — 8.54 % Invalid votes — 4.30 % Do you agree that on the territory of Donetsk (Luhansk) region language of work, records and documentation, as well as of education and science was the Russian language along with Ukrainian? Over — 88,98 % Against — 6,86 % Invalid ballots — 4,15 % You for the signing of the CIS Charter, the full participation of Ukraine in the economic Union, the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS States? (in 1994 it was synonymous with the Eurasian integration) Over — 88.72 %. Against — 6,82 % Invalid votes — 4.45 % Turnout in the poll was 72 %. The results of the vote were ignored by the Ukrainian authorities.. They didn't even want to get out of stavy Ukraine, they just wanted what would their voices heard. But they were not hear they want to live in the state not subject to the Kiev junta. Which these people just do not need.". Carlos A Soto Cano: "Ya todos saben lo que ocurrirá. Todo es una falsa.". Mohamed Harachi: "سلام عليكم خاوتي خبر عاجل راه ف هذا لقروب الحمد لله تم القبض ..?????? لحب يستطلع يشرفنا بحضورووو". Zubair Akram: "السلام علیکم ورحمت الله وبرکاته Dear All Friends, This is my kind request to all of you. For Allah Sake, I need your kind partial or full financially support for my kids. Actually I have had a very good time till few months ago but now a days I am in a very bad situation. My son is studying in Muslim Educational Complex Peshawar and has promoted to 2nd Year as he got 61% marks. My daughter has got 84% marks in matric exam and I got admission for her in the same College in girls section and submitted some amount for her. The total has to submit 50% (total 30000) and for Son I have to submit 60000 PKR. Now one of my friend already help me for 10k but still need 80k PKR. I don't need for myself but for my kids for further study. Any person who wants to help to come forward and will give you the bank account detail of College. So you can transfer your donation into the said account. Plz help me and I will be very much appreciated in this regard. For further detail feel free to contact on +923125622842. Awaiting for your kind reply. Plz help me please.". قلبأ لا يعرف اليأس: "احمد مكي ها خويه شلونه هنا". Ema Abdu: "russin orthodox christian.decided to fight 2 billion Muslim so we are ready to fight Russia in side Moscow". محمد الفتلاوي: "Harith Mageed". Kev Reel: "pumpin' pumpin' pumpin' pumpin' dem drugs". John Athow: "Ema, I'm sure muslim's have killed more muslims. You've had a few hundred years head start!! And stop being a propaganda Puppet before you start to look like a Muppet!!". Diana Di Fiore: "live reports of crowds walking by big events doing fuck all. translation: we don't care of the event...we're just hoping some bomb goes off". Ali Zeeshan: "All the best from Pakistan". Syed Quadri: "Bread and circuses".
26-11-2015 18:58 RT Play posts a video. 5 questions to Cameron willing to fight ISIS. 25 people like this: ابورائد الفريجي, Dylan Vancovski, Titan Tauanuu Hisatake, José Vitor Vaz, OmAr Don, Sarmad Meesaq, Oumar Barrou, Aws Al Niqrish, Lluch Barroga, Bani Milkurti, Lovepreet Singh, Franken Furter, Raymond Geara, Радко Кираджийски, Arron Raymond Mason, තිලංක පියතිලක, Rodrigo Baez, Nattaphol Sereepanurat, George Valerievich Fatnev, Marciel Iasniewicz, Silas Schaefer, John Velechovsky, ﺳﻴﻒ علييف, Emmanuel Alegba, Malgorzata Hojarczyk. 19 people commented on this. Alex Ferguson: "Wipe out isis 1st they just need to go #russia
30-01-2017 23:00 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH shares a link. Apple's CEO Tim Cook Has Officially Had ENOUGH! Say's What NOBODY DARED TO SAY - Trump is FURIOUS!. #TrumpToday
13-03-2015 15:11 ARTHAUS adds a photo. Happy 65th Birthday, William H. Macy!. 25 people like this: Patrick Nellessen, Marita Vargas, Mario Gaab, Deniz Ercan, Jan Martinez Rosas, Mandy W. Feuerstein, Chris Lilienweihs, Pauli Lausi, Nadja Görne, Ninka Dubinská, Summse Bine, Jean-Paul Assandri, Lars Kema, Theresa van Linn, Ra Mona, Andreas Neuer, Dana Scully, Wolf Ram, Birgit Bischof, Jaey Macs Waey, Christos Deliagkas, Hardy Meinhard, Maria Graf, Bene Greenthumb, Björn Blade Runner. 2 people commented on this. Paul Riches: "Magnolie.". Christiano Taferni: "Jennifer Lopez FRANK! FRANK!".
26-05-2015 19:53 Thomas Grape teilt einen Link. Greece Optimistic About Deal, U.S. Intervene in Negotiations with IMF | Liest man diesen Artikel zusammen mit dem zuvor geposteten von Forbes, könnte es wirklich sein, dass Syriza am Ende einen großen Teil ihrer Forderungen durchbekommt. Ich bin ja überzeugt davon, dass Syriza weiß was sie tut, allerdings kann auch der beste Plan schiefgehen. Die sich verstärkende Angriffswelle u.A. vom Propaganda-Spiegel gegen Yanis Varoufakis scheint mir jedenfalls darauf hinzudeuten, dass eine Entscheidung kurz bevorsteht.. Greek government officials appeared optimistic that a deal with creditors is possible within the next ten days while U.S. intervene in negotiations with the IMF. 3 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Thomas Grape: "". Thomas Grape: "". Thomas Grape: "".
16-12-2016 20:22 Helge Schneider hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Timeline Photos. gleich, gegen halb zehn gibt es einen kleinen Auftritt mit Pete York in der Jahresrückblicksendung von Luke Mockridge bei SAT1. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Manja Mohrinski, Rene Himmelsbach, Marco Spondeus, Sebastian Büder, Julian Matusch, Sascha Wagner, Julia Klauck, Florian Großauer, Christian Haltermann, Mirko Zahl, Egon Ulsen, Lukas Morre, Michael Will, Steffe Schönlau, Andrea Risse, Rebecca Nachname, Johannes Röschmann, Sebastian Küster, Birgit Jordemann, Simone Rizzotti, Velo Phil, Uwe van der Neijten, Paul Longfield, Erwin Voit, Marina Ahrens. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Matthias Schäfer: "Endlich mal wieder Qualitätsfernsehen.". Cami Koschka: "Bin gespannt ob Pierre Lavendel auch auftritt !". Tanja Sonnenvogel: "Ich bin beim Warmsehen, bis es losgeht! ;-)". Conny Steeg: "Pete ja, Luke nicht". Sven Granert: "Aber nur mit dem Meisenmann!". Sandra Schönfeldt: "Julia Menges anschauen
26-05-2015 13:59 Titanic-Magazin sagt etwas. Das schreiben die anderen: "OP online" porträtiert den Hanauer OB-Kandidaten der PARTEI, Benedikt Polter. 1 Mensch gefällt das: Ichrak Mekni.
21-02-2015 23:03 Thomas Herfort Marionettes says something. Thomas Herfort Marionettes → La rata Britta en la Ratonera Cultural. ooooo y aki kedamos sin risa y kultura.......mi tshou preferido!!!!!!!!!.
11-04-2015 22:36 Henriette Huppmann hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Central Rixdorf. Krakra krakra - das Ei ist gefunden und Dank der fleißigen Hebamme 'Artur' konnte das kleine Krakra schlüpfen! Morgen, am Sonntag, den 12.04. ist es zu Besuch beim Kasper um 16:00h bei 'Kasper Kaffee Kuchen' Wir freuen uns auf euch!. 1 Mensch gefällt das: Citlali Huezo.
03-12-2015 17:37 RT shares a link. France crackdowns on mosques ‘where hate is preached’. Op ‘against hate preachers and self-proclaimed imams’ underway. ‘In 15 days we have seized one-third of the quantity of war-grade weapons that are normally seized in a year’ - Interior Minister. 25 people like this: Gwen Darling, Chazz Philbrick, Yeasin Sumon, Jbran Abid Khalil, Lashkar Mahdi Aliahi Salam, Pablo Correa, Karlos Bazikian, Muhammad Hussein Albadry, Mark Fearn, Wasswa Baker, Sarah Kostovic, Amy Durbin, Florin Ivan, Jurian Sterk, Alexander Clark, Sardar Taramary, Andy Phil, Garry Sanders, Madhav Acharya, Michael Shaw, Biljana Harvey, Ali Ali, Rose Neobiknovennaja, Ashna Kaled, Duncan Malcolm. 25 people commented on this. Nishant Pandey: "Putin is the best leader of the world the west won world war 2 because of RUSSIA, Without RUSSIA the west cant win against ISIS A terrorist is terrorist and there are no good terrorists. The group fights against ASSAD are also terrorist because ASSAD is the democratically elected president of SYRIA". Tattoo Girl: "Hey Everyone. I am Sarah I am 22 yrs old :) I live in usa ;) I love making new friends :) please like (Y) my page in 2 secs I promise you :) :) i will send you a friend request and inbox you :) I promise <3". Neil Johnson: "Well done france". Elisa Zaleski-Grissett: "Should crackdown on every religious leader who preaches hate and encourages violence.". Alex O. Chiemela: "yes, most imams mislead their people and interpret what is not true, though I'm not Muslim I think this is good if it is done accurately". Lovely Hiro: "The other leaders does it faster than Obama... Obama with him focusing on LGBT issues more than ISIS puts his own country at stake.". Honey Ali: "Islamophobia at their peak". Arjan Plantinga: "Hate is mainly preached in parliements, newspapers and western talkshows.". John Wright: "Why would they do that". Kapil Jetley: "Should Have Been Done Long Long Ago". Sandeep Mukare: "Instead of preaching religious hate mosques have had played a role in educating youths on how to live a dignified peaceful life". Sean Lion: "Soon the ministry of love will be installed". Sajad Ahmad: "Fuck you Rt budhist asshole zionist!". Callistus Cally Bunke Nwabuikwu: "Some Churches also preach hate. Clamp down on them as well.". James Ross: "What happened to freedom of worship ?". David Willcox: "MAD VLAD is a likely candidate!". Zahra Baroni: "France government and all governments should cut all ties with the main source of terrorism, Wahabbi Saudi Arabia and Israel, the ''secret'' supporter of spreading Wahabi ideology to divide people and give Islam a bad name.". Irfan Raza: "Are they gonna stop saudi funding?". Frank Mummolo: "Here's an example of what can happen when you open your borders to some people without properly vetting them.". Louis Semaan: "As opposed to the main stream media feeding us the naritive propaganda or rather "profitganda"". Maxence Lange: "Hate is preached in the French official media.". Mercedes Benzene: "The more they oppress Islam, the more Islam wil grow :) it's like a tsunami but with no destruction. No one can stop it! It will prevail justice, around the world, for Human mankind and the cute animals etc :)". Vikas Mishra: "Well done France !!!". Khalid Chouffani: "Pfff..Just watch FOX news and BBC and will you get an overdose of hate.". Liliam Diaz: "They are looking for every excuse to demolish the mosque, where they have to reconstruction of the temple.".
02-08-2016 22:57 Misha Marks does something. Teoqualo _ Pizza Jazz. Alfonso Muñoz - saxofones Arturo Báez - contrabajo Tavo Nandayapa - batería Misha Marks - latarra, trombón entrada libre - cooperación voluntaria!!. Teoqualo _ Pizza Jazz. Los esperamos mañana en el Pizca Jah, 9pm, ENTRADA LIBRE (pero no sean gachos cooperen algo pal chesco...).
24-09-2015 06:10 Pitchfork shares a link. Eagles of Death Metal Stream Zipper Down. Stream the new Eagles Of Death Metal album. Listen to Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes' new one via NPR. 25 people like this: Richard D. Martinez, Fennie Berghuis, Andrew Skomra, Ligia Carvajal, Ivana Yavashcheva, Polett Jasso, Dan Charles, Adam Ben Haim, Guillermo Acuña, Brandon Alan Newport, Julio J. B. Parrilla Rivera, Schimun Krausz, Saša Cartashiov, Warachara Upapong, Kevin Reesor, Ala Zareini, Pep Minichino, Max Timander, Maira Mellado, Sofia Raccagni, Gregg Tweedy, Florian Soni-Benga, Zac Ray, Elvis Walsh, Alejandro Alarcon. 20 people commented on this. Matthew Carpenter: "Colton Berk Matt Flanders". Sam Hamilton: "Thought that was Bryan Cranston". Jaydn Newby: "Dominic Veronica". Carlos Méndez: "Christopher Hidalgo". Karly Joyce: "Keira". Carlos Méndez: "Daniel Sanchez C". Jon Reiner: "Lj Vernon Isaac Auerbacher". Erin Hennessay: "You know what we'll be listening to all day tomorrow Julissa Marie Rodriguez!". Casey Gallagher: "Nick Griffen". Melanie Thomas: "Riley Ellis". Liber Azerate: ":3". Tanya Thompson: "Neph Biggles". Nathan Allen: "Watch out..... I think you just stepped in "it" !!!". Evette Neta: "Can't wait to see you guys at Beach Goth". Jeffrey Allan Chubb Jr.: "Gonna have to hear this". Kelly A. Adams Ramdhany: "William Adams". Kristian Knoblauch: "Quentin Gibbs". Will Leon: "Chris Kaiser". Damien Canezza: "Bnjmn Grld". Valentina Aerts: "Stephane ça y est".
15-06-2016 20:20 Natalia Olszewska teilt ein Video. Joseph Beuys - Sonne statt Reagan 1982. Joseph Beuys - Sonne statt Reagan 1982 (Sun instead Reagan) Aus dem Land, das sich selbst zerstört und uns den 'way of life' Diktiert da kommt Reagan und bri....
20-09-2016 12:21 Niko Alm teilt einen Link. Luxemburg macht Schluss mit Religionsunterricht.;art447171,6254845. Laizität à la Luxemburg. Ohne traditionellen Religionsunterricht.. Die luxemburgische Regierung zieht ihren Kurs zur Trennung von Kirche und Staat weiter durch. Statt Religions- gibt es seit diesem Schuljahr an den Gymnasien Werteunterricht.
14-01-2015 19:41 Le Monde diplomatique shares a link. Mourir pour des dessins. L’émotion suscitée le 7 janvier 2015 dans les salles de rédaction ne saurait faire oublier que la connivence, la pusillanimité et la soumission caractérisent plus l’ensemble des médias que l’insolence, l’impertinence, l’irrévérence de “Charlie Hebdo”. On ne saurait oublier que ce journal n’a pas exercé sa dérision seulement à l’égard des ses assassins djihadistes mais aussi à l’égard des autres religions qui lui ont intenté des procès, de tous les pouvoirs, des politiques, qui ne les aimaient guère, de l’orthodoxie libérale comme le faisait Bernard Maris, mais aussi des médias “sérieux”. Quelques commentateurs ont eu l’honnêteté de s’en souvenir.. Par Alain Garrigou, Les blogs du Diplo, Régime d'opinion, 14 janvier 2015. 25 people like this: Barbara La Décadence, Daniel De la Court, Ai Al, Chloé Mercier, Alice Ft, Marion Delostal, Liantsoa Randravatsilavo, Danielle Bajomée, Pier Ricco, Nana Belle, Sarah Connor, Joel Iscla, Orson Frut, Nadia Dahmani, Média Metz, Margaux Vigne, Sonia Baralle Duchêne, Nathalie Balaguer-Cugnart, Lucie Lu, Marie Missbean, Nicolas Dumas, Michel Philippe, Marie-Ange Theunissen, Maria Christina Prat-Fourcade, Maxime Hbq. 10 people commented on this. Marie Tout Court: "Quasi visionnaire truc de ouf (Charb et son dessin sur les voeux d'janvier)". Choukri Meniri: "Tune". Martínez Henri: "Il n'y a pas que celui là qui a été visionnaire (Rire, bordel de Dieu, 2012)". Celia Guerri: "C'est pas ce que pense Siné ... mais bon". Anderson Pinheiro: "". Shoya Boggio: "Ya le llegará el momento a sionistas, a cristianos y sobre todo a ideologías dominantes sobre colectividades humanas:.". Martine Bernard-lachaise: "Pas d'accord et surtout pas de mort violante...". Montmory Pierre: "Si y avait pas Charlie avec les bites coupées et les croisés, on s'ennuierait !". Aciya AH: "Tiens je pensais justement à Alain Garigou et au livre mourir pour des idées dont il nous parlait en 2009 j 'etais son élève "clandestine " à Nanterre". Jean-claude Saussez: "".
05-05-2017 01:54 Lydia Leerstelle posts a video. Kristiansund, by MOLDE. from the album BROM.
15-01-2016 12:18 Piratenpartei teilt einen Link. PIRATEN warnen vor deutschem Minority Report – kein „Predictive Policing“. Die PIRATEN sehen den Einsatz von Software, die personenbezogene Daten auf Verhaltensmuster für polizeiliche Zwecke auswertet, dem sogenannten IT-gestützten „Predictive Policing“, mit großer Sorge. So kommt aktuell in Fresno im US-amerikanischen Bundesstaat Kalifornien eine neue Software mit dem Namen „Beware“ zum Einsatz. Stefan Sekor Körner, Vorsitzender der Piratenpartei Deutschland: „Dieser Trend ist allerdings nicht neu: Polizei-Personal wird durch Software immer mehr beraten und ersetzt. Prognostizierende Software für die Polizei gilt als Weg in die polizeiliche Zukunft. [FrM] #Überwachung. +++ PIRATEN warnen vor deutschem Minority Report - kein „Predictive Policing“ +++ Die PIRATEN sehen den Einsatz von Software, die personenbezogene Daten auf Verhaltensmuster für polizeiliche Zwecke auswertet, dem sogenannten IT-gestützten „Predictive Policing“, mit großer Sorge. So kommt aktuell in…. 1 Mensch gefällt das: Jakob Unt.
27-05-2015 21:56 Helga Koecher teilt einen Link. Leporello. Der Architekt, Lehrer und Zeichner Friedrich Kurrent trennt sich von 55 seiner Reise-Skizzenbücher. Die insgesamt 1500 zeichnerischen Dokumentationen von Städten und ihren Bauten sind in den vergangenen 55 Jahren auf Reisen durch Europa, Vorderasien und Nordafrika entstanden. Heute Nachmittag schenkt er sie im Rahmen einer feierlichen Übergabe, als Vorlass dem Kupferstichkabinett in der Wiener Akademie der bildenden Künste. Mehr dazu und 7 nachzuhören unter diesem LINK Friedrich Kurrent: Reise-Skizzenbücher für Akademie der bildenden Künste NÖ Viertelfestival: Das Projekt "Hohes Land" im Industrieviertel.
16-06-2015 22:15 RT shares a link. Tanks, missiles & groovy Spetsnaz: Army-2015 military expo kicks off near Moscow (VIDEO, PHOTOS). Everyone expects presentation of super-high frequency cannon able to kill drones & missiles within 10km-range. More on the weapon: The newest cutting edge weapons and military equipment have come on display in the Moscow region, as the unprecedented Army-2015 expo and forum gets underway. 25 people like this: Moritz Luca, Syed Arif AL Hussaini, João Vitor Silva, Ron-Jay C. Eviota, Alivaktuk Andrew, Альфредо Мерло, Андрей Иванков, Mostafa King, Hajir Omar, Vitali Alexandrov, Desh Raj Sharma, Ansab Gondal, Hussein Salim, محمد الفيلي, Zest Castro, Faisol Nak Candi, Angel Stoleski, Igr Ross, John Neto, Ed Dy, Nasser Ch Ch, Arbaz Abid, Joe Valentino, Joanna Justin Lemon Groom, Juan Carlos Jc. 25 people commented on this. Andrew Elam: "RT why are you pushing Russia stock pile are you looking for a fight from NATO & U.S?". Vahan Gabrielyan: "Stfu with all these military bullshit already RT.... Report on something else". Declan Cullen: "Great, more toys. Why can't we explore space or something instead". Nick Nestarin: "This is a reality of our world. And if Russia must build weapons then at least they can make the best weapons.". Justin Broome: "Russia has gotten into a arms race with the US again , does Russia not remember what happened to the soviet Union . I guess history does repeat itself". Darnell Anderson: "ahha what a different tone when it comes to Russian military equipment and technology. Everytime a Western military expo pops up RT is not as nice with their words.". Faraz Khan: "Tanks, Guns, Missiles and cool gear now all we need is some chicks". Stephen E Garside: "Economy in meltdown, losing friends the world over and all these idiots can think of is an arms expo... No wonder people regard Russia as a backward shithole and not that much different from North Korea.. In the fact both leaders are fucking mental cases...". Andy Coorr: ""War. Huh. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing." Except the arms company who manufacture Russia's tanks and bombs.". Eastern Andrew: "Kool-looking tanks, but they're NO MATCH against our Abrams, or the British tanks. Not even in the same ball park.". Евгений Русс: "We have about 24000 tanks! Russia - the guarantor of peace in the world!". Azzedine Benabid: "War 3 stared son:-((". Salvatore Caltabiano: "Wasted money stolen to the school and medical system". Ðãziz Águeda Ñaim: "truth is that russia makes the best weapons...because the Migs and Sukhois are better than any jets in the west...not to mention the ICBMs that can peirce through US defense systems...the west cant keep up so they want to poke the bear..!!". Francis Brett: "Ha ha Abrams? Those the tanks Iraqi tramps fucked up with shit guns and RPG's?". Daniel Deely: "Russia showing off their big guns. ancient hardware no match to the US.". Zain Ulabidin: "What kind of nuclear missiles and technology Russia has anybody can answer me here please". Buckminster David Runnels: "". Lee Brown: "RT News.. Pandering to the deluded daydreams of warmongering Russian Nationalists, Anti-Western liberals and butt hurt Muslims!!..". Edin Alibasic: "will Putin accept my paypal as payment for one of these tanks?". Jacques de Gaulle: "You only can buy Russian Weapons with Rubles...only Rubles!!!". Karl Pfeffer: "Russia's obession with tanks needs to stop- tanks are irrelevant.". Dustin Shuttleworth: "while america gives away its land to china to afford to keep bombing old pickups in a desert,,,,, russia is taking the lead in tech of the future". Christopher Whybrow: "OMG are they going to get their fucking war.......all wars are bankers wars..................we must not let it happen......................No Trust, No more. Don`t know where to start, so many things going round in my head. Feeling like a terrorist,`cause I question what I see. don`t believe what`s being said, no more. Don`t understand the world no more. The Twin Towers, middle of New York were sprung. Free Fall, they say, coming down in its footprint. World Trade Centre 7, followed the same way. Two planes, destroying Three buildings. Just don`t make no sense, no more. Evidence enough, to question what was told us. New evidence, they do not want to see or hear, and we should, leave it all behind. Forget, except, be patriotic. The lies that they told us, took us to war. A war against terrorists, a war with no end. Destroys and disrupts, nation after nation. The homes, the schools, the gardens of many. Supporting all sides, with their money and their guns. In occupied countries, the hate grows deep, deep inside, and it didn`t take long to create Al-Qaeda and ISIS. So as to kill one another, on the lies that were told. Killing, killing, killing, they just want to see more. While the money rolls in and the bodies pile high. Now they are looking at you, looking at me, watching what we post, listening to what we say. To protect us from terrorists that we`ve never seen. NSA, FBI, CIA will one day come for you, not the patriot you should be, when you do not comply. A Fascist Regime, wants patriots that are blind, that toe the line. The war they created, based upon lies, turns all that aren`t blind and don`t toe the line. Into possible terrorists, because we will talk our mind. So I say to all, go seek, go search for yourself. The truth, the truth that is you, based only on LOVE, for all living beings and all living things.". Sayeed Latif: "Francis Brett I bet not by the sooo many "Military Exercise, drills" by NATO balkan region. They didn't need to exercise to attack Iraq, Afghanistan".
02-02-2015 19:13 Johannes Grenzfurthner shares a link. Tauba Auerbach's RGB Colorspace Atlas Depicts Every Color Imaginable. Tauba Auerbach’s RGB Colorspace Atlas Depicts Every Color Imaginable The RGB Colorspace Atlas by New York-based artist Tauba Auerbach is a massive tome containing digital offset prints of every variation of RGB color possible. For you designers, think of it as a three-dimensional version of a Photoshop color picker. At 8in. x 8in x 8in. the perfectly cube boo. 1 person commented on this. Thomas Steinbrenner: "Does it work for tetrachromats as well? :D".
05-04-2016 00:16 Miyu Haydn says something. Miyu Haydn &rarr; Michael Mazohl. Happy Birthday
21-10-2015 18:35 The Reykjavík Grapevine shares a link. Immigration Directorate Believes Couple's Marriage Is Fake - The Reykjavik Grapevine. This is absolutely nuts. Crazy. Bonkers. Creepy. And yet another argument for closing the Directorate of Immigration. Razing it to the ground.. The Directorate of Immigration has gone to extraordinary lengths to investigate the "sincerity" of a marriage of a Vietnamese couple. 9 people like this: Rebekah Rainey, Hlynur A. Vilmarsson, Dóra Ísleifsdóttir, Mareva Ioana Nardelli, Elie Marx Marx, Laurie Rollins, Kati Sivander, Orri LoMonaco, Сергей Жизневский. 4 people commented on this. The Reykjavík Grapevine: "Unless, maybe, we could find a new role for the directorate. Maybe they could use their powers for good and become the Directorate of Relationships & Marriages or something. They would monitor randomly chosen couples' social media activity and study their vacation videos to determine whether the relationship was in good standing, or if professional help is perhaps needed.". Tristan van Oosten: "It's not so strange. Unfortunately sham marriages for immigration purposes are common in that part of the world. I know that my fiancée and I will have to put up with a shitload of bureaucracy one day in two countries just to make sure that our marriage is validated. It's worth it.". Tristan van Oosten: "Actually, The Reykjavík Grapevine: If I remember correctly I need to have my marriage validated (when I am getting married abroad.. and I will) by having a civil servant from the Dutch embassy there to do the validation. Doesn't the Icelandic embassy offer the same service ?". Sue Yeaw: "Given their recent and increasing absurd missteps, I vote for renaming them the Ministry of Silly Walks.".
18-07-2015 10:00 taz. die tageszeitung teilt einen Link. Keine Seenotrettungen der Bundeswehr im Mittelmeer. Dafür bekämpft sie nun Schleuser.!5212655/. Flüchtlingsretter außer Dienst.. Mehr als drei Wochen lang hat sich die Bundeswehr an keiner Seenotrettung im Mittelmeer mehr beteiligt. Dafür bekämpft sie nun Schleuser. 9 Menschen gefällt das: Dennis Löhmann, Daniel Sokolov, Latzel Dirk, Pahli Dies Das, Gerdamarie Schmitz, Martin Sulecki, Manon LaKost, Dieter Michalek, Helga Hayn. 4 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Hartmut Fischer: "Magdalena von der Leyen". Susanne Drees: "...Deutschland, du mieses Stück Schei... >:-(". Martin Sulecki: "Wann kommt der Schießbefehl? Die Grenzen müssen verteidigt werden!!!". Apostolos Papassilekas: "Die externen Kosten/Effekte des kapitalistischen Systems sind längst interne Kosten/Effekte. Der Job der politischen Elite und ihrer Sprachrohre ist, diese im ersten Moment zu leugnen, im zweiten Moment diese, nach Systemvorgaben, mit Steuergeldern zu minimieren, d.h. die Abwrackkosten zu vergesellschaften.".
31-05-2015 09:51 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Auf ein Frühstücksei mit: Witze müssen unterste Schublade sein. Karl Dall hat drei Sorten Rotwein zu Hause: für Besuch, für ungebetenen Besuch und für sich. Ein Frühstücksei mit dem Maestro des deutschen Herrenhumors. (fxs). Der Komiker Karl Dall hat albtraumhafte Monate hinter sich. Jetzt will er vor allem wieder richtig derbe Witze reißen. Beim Frühstücksei läuft das schon ganz gut. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Simone von Schlebusch, Bianca Steuernagel, Bernd Hel, Fans of ABBA, Jule Be, Annette Macha, Matthias Kipp, Frank Wehrmann, Klaus Grossmann, Ahmet Delice, Norbert T. Fiedler, Kivanolaï Trung, Matthias Mack, Dirk Frank, Silvio Babosconi, Christian Marschall, Stefan Hinz, Fabian Schneider, Martina DieEckerin Ecker, Tino Müller, Christopher D. Roth, Julian Tomslei, Dietmar Hübner, Matthias Edo, Martón De Trésquement. 5 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Olli König: "Muss echt überlegen ob ich schon mal ein Witz von Karl Dall lustig fand... Glaube nicht!". Marc Wefeler: "Auf ein Ei? Ich habe drei Sorten Eier im Kühlschrank.
05-05-2015 14:37 TICKET SHOP FRIEDBERG hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Nightwish Symphonische Evolution Während hier zu Lande noch hitzig über eine „Frauen-Quote“ debattiert wird, haben die finnischen Symphonic-Metaller den Job am Mikro nach Tarja Turunen und Anette Olzon bereits zum dritten Mal an eine Frau vergeben. Seit 2012 gehört Floor Jansen – bekannt durch Revamp und After Forever – zur „Nightwish GmbH“, die von Hauptkomponist Tuomas Hotopainen seit 19 Jahren äußerst erfolgreich betrieben wird. Und dieser hat mit „Endless Forms Most Beautiful“ ein grandioses Debüt-Album für die Stimme der bezaubernden Niederländerin geschrieben, das sich inhaltlich mit der Evolution befasst. Und der sind die Finnen mit einem traditionell weiblich besetzten Sänger-Posten offensichtlich weit voraus. Frauen-Quote par excellence. Termine in Deutschland: -18 Nov 2015 Hamburg, DE O2 World mit Amorphis & Arch Enemy -21 Nov 2015 Oberhausen, DE König-Pilsener-Arena mit Amorphis & Arch Enemy -28 Nov 2015 Basel, CH St. Jakobshalle mit Amorphis & Arch Enemy -01 Dez 2015 Munich, DE Zenith mit Amorphis & Arch Enemy -03 Dez 2015 Stuttgart, DE Schleyerhalle mit Amorphis & Arch Enemy 04 Dez 2015 Frankfurt, DE Jahrhunderthalle mit Amorphis & Arch Enemy -05 Dez 2015 Nuremberg, DE Arena mit Amorphis & Arch Enemy -14 Dez 2015 Leipzig, DE Arena mit Amorphis & Arch Enemy -15 Dez 2015 Berlin, DE Max-Schmeling-Halle mit Amorphis & Arch Enemy Jetzt Tickets sichern!.
10-06-2015 01:39 RT shares a link. Kiev hopes to sell state-run companies to US investors – PM. Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk hopes to sell the country’s state-owned companies to the US. American investors will get the assets “on the most transparent conditions” if they decide to invest, he said. 25 people like this: Mark Schofield, Helmut Kunst, Dhewy Yangtercipta Hanyauntukmu, Ratna Sekhar Vemmuri, Julian Reichenbach, Hassan Cheaytilli Ricciardiello, Ivan Nape, Babak Hejrani, Mahmoud Elghareb, John Matafeo, Chandra Shekher Dubey, Simone Stortoni, Patricio Gonzaga, Adrian Merriott, Andrej Osif, Wahid Ullah, Ahmad Muzzakki, Luli Binaki, Willem Jan van Wijgerden, Walter Tobin, Franco Crazzi, Milica Tadic, Jordan Hoffman, Igor Petrovski, Stefan Schmidt. 25 people commented on this. George Panos: "There goes your "sovereignty" Ukrainians...your government just sold you down the river!". Herb Kram: "What a surprise...what's worse than a Nazi? A corrupt Nazi.". Ray Flower: "Selling out the people.". Andy Taylor: "good to see that america is defending democracy in buying out the country's wealth and introducing "austerity"...i guess the nazis are getting their karma now! :)". Barry Hamill: "it will be a bad investment .....because when NAF take back ukraine they will re-nationalize those companies". James Dodson: "This is the whole objectives, goals, and mission of regime changes. it transfers business to the dominate country who caused the regime change. That why regime change so any times are corporation, banks, and resources based. They left out the 1300 lbs. of gold the US took out of their country about three months ago.". Chris Popov: "No sane investor would invest in Ukraine, unless backed by the government and getting government guarantees.". Ben Netanyahu: "Joes son gets the job just months before the U.S. backed coup and the NATO(U.S) push for Ukraine. Then the conglomerates circled overhead...". Marko Pavlovic: "sell them all your land mr bancar your people are gonna love you in few years from know that how its start first you start war with russians in your land because zorz and usa told you that then you make debth 29.5 billion to gazprom now the best thing to do is sell all companies and firms to us privatization ect but that comes in a way hat you must fired 50 % workers and so on congratulations mr prime ministar soon you would have poor citizents with out a job that must repay your and pigishenko DEBTS foureyes moron". Mark Kirk: "LMAO so the US gov't runs a coup, then brings in its corporations and 'investors' to buy out and rape the country. Right on cue. As always.". Verdeaqua Empresa: "Soros already owns him and his country....!". Rob McDonald: "What idiots, I don't even want the State Department to allow this corruption!". Alan James Stanton: "The looting begins.". Stewart Cooper: "Corporate control, if its not the TPP, its regime change thru social unrest, corporate america is a disease". Igor Koske: "Arseni Yatsenyk is a Liar and a Thief and manipulator of US government and the taxpayers of America. Yatsenyk came to US to begg for more money so he can buy more luxury homes and exotic cars for himself! Fool correspondent of CNN Wolf Blitzer sat down with liar Yatsenyk and let him lie on national television about fake Russian Aggression that doesn't exist in Ukraine and finished the interview with asking American people to financially invest in Dead Economy of Neo-Nazi fascist Ukraine". Armando Soto-Vieira: "US investors are queuing up!!!!!". Yosuf Omer: ""Our so-called leaders prostituted us to the West... destroyed our culture... our economies... our honor." Imran Zakhaev.". Musthafa Mohamed Didi: "It's like giving keiv to Us isn't it? A modernday occupation.. Some guys always sell own properties to distance ones, Cus the closer one knows how the business happen in corruption.". Peter Bancks: "US investors = George Soros". Sajad Ali: "U should sold out ur whole state to us then it will b easey to us & EU to make a war with China and Russia....". Sol Invictvs: "Economic hit man comes to ming. Good thing Russia annexed the Crimea.". Louie Espiritu Kalman: "to u.s. investors or select American Jews? Hahahaha". Fehmi Sonmez: "They come ,and select the most profitable,efficient enterprizes having the least cost...and when the profit maximization together with the profit transfer to the US Banks does not work,your Western allies do immediately leave you Mr YATSENYUK....this is the most intrinsic judgement value of CAPITALISM !". Maduma Johannes: "That is all the US want, business. And because Russia was doing a good business EU and US imposed sanctions on Russia. And again that US is loosing business in Asia it want to attack the rising China". Jason Demeritte: "Stop raping your country damn it!!!!!".
19-12-2015 08:38 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Das war meine Rettung: "Letztlich geht es doch darum, die eigenen Gefühle zu kennen". Auch wenn sich manch eine Entscheidung im Nachhinein als falsch erweist, hat es sich für Jeanine Meerapfel immer gelohnt, auf ihr Gefühl zu hören.. Jeanine Meerapfel engagierte Liv Ullmann für einen Film. Ohne die Norwegerin wäre der Dreh geplatzt. 4 Menschen gefällt das: Katja Pelzner, Gabriele Remscheid, Fajer Sarmini, Anna-Konstanze Schröder. 1 Mensch hat dazu kommentiert. Sabo Nguyen: "ZEIT ONLINE...Only 3% of people can answer these questions,... jS2NDVf start now (y) --> ... good article of page: Auch wenn sich manch eine Entscheidung im Nachhinein als falsch erweist, hat es sich für Jeanine Meerapfel immer gelohnt, auf ihr Gefühl zu hören....".
12-02-2017 22:28 Armin Wolf teilt einen Link. Donald Trump could help Patrick Park realize ambassador dream. Ein Multimillionär, Mäzen, Hobby-Pianist und Trump-Freund könnte neuer US-Botschafter in Wien werden, weil er "mindestens 75 Mal" die Mega-Schnulze 'Sound of Music' gesehen hat. Echter Österreich-Kenner also. Ich habe übrigens ziemlich oft "Winnetou I" gelesen. Neuer Botschafter in in den USA?. Patrick Park is an avid fan of “The Sound of Music. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Wolfgang Schiefer, Andrea Bruckner, Astrid Ehrenwerth, Rossella Boehler, Gabriele Broniowski, Laksmi Chibi Martinez, Daniel Prohaska, Irmgard Knie, Senoré Astoria Mildé, Ernst Kocher, Sebastian Mader, Rara Änna, Gottfried Titzl Rieser, Laura Marosits, Elisabeth Amtmann, Iris Wangler, Susanna Steindl, Birgit Taxer, Maria Sommer, Stefan Weilhartner, David Sammelkorn, Alexander Riedl, Anna Christine Bouré, Lukas Willitsch, Christoph Jeschke. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Chris Ziehesberger: "Juhu - ich habe 50 mal "Walk the line" gesehen --> ich BIN Johnny Cash ;)". Chris Croydon: "". Chris Croydon: "Oh My Lordy Louis...". Michael Fiala: "
26-06-2016 22:12 Olga von Schubert teilt einen Link. PJ Harvey unterbricht Konzert für Kommentar zum Brexit. Possibly my greatest love ever: PJ. PJ Harvey ist die vielleicht wichtigste englische Künstlerin unserer Zeit. Auf ihrem gestrigen Konzert in Amsterdam unterbrach sie ihre ansonsten wortlose Show und las das Gedicht 'No Man Is An Island', das der Dichter John Donne bereits im Jahr 1624 über Europa schrieb.
10-11-2016 01:55 Tom Ritchford shares a link. Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit. Most pointed critique yet.... Will these two cataclysmic events be the peak of the West’s implosion, or just the beginning? It all depends on whether we learn their lessons.
10-05-2015 10:24 SPÖ teilt einen Link. Elfriede Hammerl: Vollkasko-Vollkoffer | "Er sei gegen Vollkasko-Mentalität, sagte Vizekanzler und Wirtschaftsminister Reinhold Mitterlehner kürzlich in einem Interview mit dem „Kurier“, um sein Eintreten für Selbstbehalte in der Krankenversicherung zu begründen. Keine Vollkasko-Mentalität. Fesch gesagt. Schon sehen wir sie vor uns, die laschen Vollkasko-Vollkoffer, wie sie sich widerstandslos einer Blinddarmentzündung überlassen, weil die OP und alles danach eh die Kassa zahlt. Bestimmt würden sie sich das nicht trauen, wenn sie selber blechen müssten! Eigenhändig würden sie ihren Blinddarm am Durchbrechen hindern, statt sorglos unser Gesundheitssystem abzuzocken." Lesenswerter Kommentar von Elfriede Hammerl im "Profil".. Neue Linsen für gebrauchte Augen? Auf Krankenkassa? Was nicht noch alles!. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Magdalena Wukan, Rainer Eschrich, Sven Hergovich, Ingo Hochreiter, Stephan Eibel, Josef Pfatschbacher, Robert Becherstorfer, Osman Akpinar, Gerhard Corn, Le We, Poldi Lembcke, Angelika Haid, Christian Niederwolfsgruber, Brigitte Soos, Robert Kopasić, Maryam Farzam, Helli Krobath, Christian Wieser, Nicolas Peter Haprichkov, Walter Lanschützer, Margrit Zauner, Franz Kain, Ulrike S. Held, Christiana Brandtmeier, Wolfgang Zuser. 4 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Helmut Kepplinger: "soo ein blödsinn! etliche krankenversicherungen haben schon ewig den selbstbehalt!!!". Stef Kate: "ÖVP halt, was soll man da anderes erwarten.". Jonny Carinthia: "Diesen abgehobenen Millionären, die bei uns Politiker spielen und die sich nicht eine Sekunde lang darum scheren müssen, ob sie sich eine Behandlung leisten können oder nicht, sollte man sowas von in den Arsch treten.... Sorry, aber langsam fange ich an, die Menschen, die soziale Revolutionen anzetteln, zu verstehen.". Stephan Eibel: "gjango vulgo mitterlehner:".
08-05-2015 20:29 Manfred Klimek posts a video. Robert Babicz - Transitions (2015 - 02 - 06). my latest guest mix for john digweed transitions.... almost only babiczstyle releases inside.... most not released yet.....
25-01-2016 16:05 Pitchfork shares a link. Watch the Flying Lotus-Scored Short Film FUCKKKYOUUU. If you can't make it to Sundance Film Festival, you can now watch the gory, Flying Lotus-scored short film FUCKKKYOUUU at home.. Warning: Lots of nudity and blood. 25 people like this: Ru Dario, Sebastian Bruno-Harris, Brandon Alexander Boudreau, Pieter-Jan Vercammen, Robert Paulson, Paul Le, John Deckard, Reyna Guzman, Louis Najera, Drew Love, Alec Schwartzman, Paco Mora, Kristina Fletcher, Adriana De Toledo de Macedo-Soares, Matthew Eppolito, Kritle Joy Corteza, Bel Lamim, Charlie Brohawn, Olcay Eskici, Diego Dias, Thomas Hewson, Gabriele Savo, Jacob Majoras, Xin Van Damme, Alyssa Olepau. 8 people commented on this. Toy Blonde: "Andrew Kamen". Michael V. Lauria: "Camila Marrero This oughtta be good". Mark Monroe: "Coronada ayyyyyy eue". Pauly Walnuts: "Claire yesssssssss". Nicole Pavez: "Ammon MillerEmma LynnAbbie Horlacher in case once wasn't enough! ;)". Lydianne Carney: "Bel". Blair McKenzie: "Jo Leslie". Danyo Witherspoon: "Put me in some kinda mood. Don't know what to say right now".
22-04-2015 17:15 Piratenpartei teilt einen Link. Piratin Reda über EU-Strategie zum Digitalen Binnenmarkt: Mutlos und lückenhaft. »Von einem Aus für Ländergrenzen im Netz kann hier keine Rede sein: Einen gemeinsamen digitalen Binnenmarkt verwirklicht die vorliegende Strategie nicht«: So beurteilt Julia Reda, die Europaabgeordnete der Piratenpartei, den Entwurf der digitalen Binnenmarktstrategie der EU-Kommission, der gestern im Netz auftauchte. »Von einem Aus für Ländergrenzen im Netz kann hier keine Rede sein: Einen gemeinsamen digitalen Binnenmarkt verwirklicht die vorliegende Strategie nicht«: So beurteilt Julia Reda, die Europaabgeordnete der Piratenpartei, den Entwurf der digitalen Binnenmarktstrategie der EU-Kommission, der gestern i…. 1 Mensch gefällt das: Andreas Protz.
04-09-2015 23:15 RT shares a link. West only interested in oil in Iraq & Libya: Erdogan slams refugee crisis response. The interests of the West in war-torn countries such as Iraq and Libya are focused on their natural resources, oil in particular, while the current refugee crisis remains badly dealt with, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 25 people like this: Ijaz Khan, وليد الصور, Mirwais Aryubi, Nayborhood Neezy, Mike Anderson, John Baxendine, Sawsan Da, Susan Payne Rose, Betty Ann Bennett, Sevki Avci, Chanvit Rampai, Don Anton, Andre Thomison, Ham Taro, Jose Rodriguez, Steve Sellers, Wahid Munta, Mashal JKhan Yousafzai, Cyrus Baaghi, Mohammed Noor, Rashaad Khan, Mat Foley, Yaoping Liu, Anthony Romello Salandy, Nabel El Hirbawi. 25 people commented on this. Abraham Hazou: " you, erdogan, are only interested in your own tyrannical agendas and buying cheap oil from your isis goons". Brandon McNeil: "Sultan Erdogan needs to secure the Turkish Borders and stop giving the terrorist a safe haven that cross into Syria before he can critique other countries.". Sebastian Ekhoize: "and turkey is openly supporting ISIS and oppressing the Kurds so look who's talking". Safdar Mohammed: "The dilemma is that we are arguing with european countries to take our muslim brothers,sisters and children as refugees but we dont want them in our countries, talk about hypocrisy.". Philip Pehlivanian: "Fuck Erdogan, I'll have him, his cabinet, all his supporters, and family hanging from a tree by their necks.". Sean P Porter: "Erdogan, you are part of the problem.". Milenko Petković: "ErDOGan is a part of that crisis, his government produced it.". Salahaddin Ayyuby: "Thousand of thousand innocent people lost life in middle east. Because his & ISIS". Sammy Kay: "Then why the f,&$k Turkish is part of nato to blaming west for it you are part of the problem!nato created this crisis and they have to take care of it without any hesitation!". Erdem Osman Ozdal: "Leader Of the World #ERDOGAN biji Serok ERDOGAN :D". Alan Shair: "Erdogan is trying to distract attention away from the brutal occupation of Kurdistan.". Simo M Bentaleb: "This asshole is one of the reasons they are fleeing Syria; He needs to shut his hole and fuck off for once! His agenda is all about bringing back the Ottoman rule, supressing the Kurds and winning the next elections". Prakash Gautam: "You only care about fascist Turks. Kurds, Armenians and Assyrians are human too. These savages from central Asia must be put down to rest. Iraq down, Syria down, Turkey should be next.". Alain Kamunga: "You also contributed in helping these predators .you created syrian crisis. Now we reap the wirlwind.". Guity Irani: "Mr Erdogan why then you collaborate with west in facilitating regime change in your neighboring country that has done nothing to you and your government ?". كايزر صديق: "In Islam Out of 4 khalifs 3 (one after another) followed the strict guidance of Mohammad and islamic laws after his death. They are called Sunnis...The fourth one has started its own rule of law by introducing Persian ideology which was not supported by the followers of the previous 3 khalifs... The fourth khalifs followers are called Shia and they hail from Iran and in that region. They lived over 1000 years side by side till 1924 after the Ottoman empire broke down after a long 700 years of ruling in when the oil started pouring out of these Arab land. When the Arab land was conquered by British and Europeans just after the WW1, they divided that big one islamic world into small pieces followed by their preferred kings which was not actually supported by the local tribes. One of the biggest family are the Saud family which rules Saudi Arabia. They comes from Yemen who were war lord pirates. They are all Sunnis....9 countries in the Mideast is run by these Sunnis who could never stand the very existence of Shia ... Mainly Iran.... All these war started from there.... The west always switched sides in exchange of Oil trade .... All the countries surrounded by Iran are mainly Shia rulers like Asad of Syria. ISIS was created to combat the Shia infiltration in the Arab land backed up by the west after the fall of Saddam....Turned up to be a Frankenstein.... Just like everyone USA, UK and the West should share the burden of these crisis for being a part of it.". Hamza Saadi: "lol this terrorist was supporting islamistq in syria with weapons and he was buying oil from their black market". Michele Malavasi: "He is a tyrant , he is helping Isis but yeah west is interested only in gas and oil (Syria & Iraq).". James Tapi: "That's true, the west didn't listen to gadaffi whm warned of the eventuality of this crisis; but freaking Nicolas Sarkozy and NATO decided to kill him. Erdogan don't act you didn't want to help western countries to remove Assad from power; so go to hell hypocrite.". Howard Gingrass: "Turkey is part of this so-called refugee problem by supporting the ISIS invasion of Syria and Iraq, so he needs to absorb more of these refugees along with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar Can't have his cake and eat it too...Go bitch to Israel about their hired U.S. and NATO mercenaries helping destroy the middle east...". Marcus Giffin: "Erdogan is only interested in attacking Kurds". Morelli Frank: "Erdogan should accept a percentage of refugee as well instead of supporting Isis and killing my kurdish brothers". Mehmet Yazıcı: "Haha and he is an angel ! Who makes profit from petrol of Iraqi Kurds and ISIS ?". Wayne Jeffert Mickel: "How can Erdogan slam the west for what he himself is doing he supports ISIS and fights with Assad destabilizing Syria along with Lebanon.". Yus Khan: "But this two face Zionist piece of shit is also responsible for it ErDOGan the Zionist bastard".
15-01-2016 00:34 Mikalaj Tomas Barni teilt einen Link. Khadija Arib – Wikipedia. Khadija Arib (* 10. Oktober 1960 in Hedami, Marokko) ist eine niederländische Politikerin marokkanischer Abstammung. Seit 1. März 2007 ist sie Mitglied der Zweiten Kammer des niederländischen Parlaments, in dem sie die Partij van de Arbeid vertritt. Zuvor war sie bereits von 1998 bis 2006 Mitglied d….
22-12-2015 13:01 ARTE teilt einen Link. Theos Tierwelt (1+2) | ARTE | 18h25 + 19h30. Theo Pagel, Direktor des Kölner Zoos will's wissen: Können Zoologische Gärten helfen, bedrohte Tierarten - wie die niedlichen Loris - zu schützen?. (1) Neue Arten braucht die Welt + (2) Die Arche vor der Haustür. 13 Menschen gefällt das: Idris Xgun, Anna Flach, Ahmet Raja, Petra Lüdtke, Christian Pichert, Sven-Sebastian Burbach, Jutta Karin Schatton, Ardelean Ioan David, Stefanie Roesner, Karen Karin Gerha, Lasha Tsikarishvili, Halil Gedik, Furkan Bafra.
29-07-2015 07:12 ZEIT ONLINE hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Im Interview mit ZEITmagazin und ZEIT ONLINE spricht der griechische Ex-Finanzminister Yanis Varoufakis über sein Verhältnis zu Deutschland, den Medien und seinen ehemaligen Kollegen in der Eurogruppe: 25 Menschen gefällt das: Antje Köhn, Rupert Hofmann, Vural Ergün, Mina Salem, Verena Petra Margarete Lustig, Stefan Heins, Christel Opeker, Alfred Kah, Carmen Klees, Mirjam Dressendörfer, Klaus Marke, Oscar Mazzoni, TillMan H-One, Jens Lampe, Viola Dollinger, Doxa Ru, Mário Buratino, Bernd Göpfert, Theo van Wesel, Wolfgang Sima, Diese Dasdin, Julian Kos, Nicolai D. Panke, Andreas Günther, Christian Mueller. 15 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Jörg Dittmann: "Damit haben sie auch sehr schön die Sorgen der künftigen Rentner erklä ach so reichen Deutschland.". Carlos Liberio: "die Deutschen sollten eigentlich wissen wie sich das anfühlt. Dachte zu erst es geht um unser Land bei dem Zitat, bis ich sah dass Griechenland gemeint ist.". Martin Englhart: "Viel Spaß beim Sorgen machen ☺". David C. Roth: "Ooooh, jetzt musste ich weinen... :,( Wie wäre es, wenn ihr euer Geld selbst verdient und nicht geben lasst?". Jens Schmidt: "Wie ein Bettler, der allen hinterherschimpft, die ihm "nur ein Almosen" gegeben haben.". Sy Solvia: "Das geht, doch fast allen so...". Elmar Brückner: "Das beschreibt auch das Rentnerdasein von zuvielen Deutschen ...". Simon Freisler: "Das Problem ist doch: Varoufakis redet hier davon das Geld anderer Staaten zu wollen, er sollte sich an das Geld seiner Bürger halten, dort kann er so viel Geld bekommen wie er/die Bürger meinen das angebracht ist.". Heike Schmitt: "Wie unverschämt dieser Mensch einfach nur ist, ich bin so froh, dass der nicht mehr mit in der Regierung sitzt. Wenn man sich mal überlegt ,wie wenig Menschen im Verhältnis zu Deutschland , in Griechenland leben und man würde das Geld auf jeden einzelnen berechnen, dann biste pro Person schon weit über 1 mille. Also, was will dieser Freak eigentlich noch mehr. Einfach nur unverschämt und da gibt es hier in Deutschland auch tatsächlich noch Leute, die den bewundern
09-03-2016 19:10 The Beatles shares a link. Tribute to George Martin. Tribute to George Martin 9 March, at 10pm on BBC Four. From The BBC: To celebrate the life and work of legendary record producer Sir George Martin, who died today 9 March 2016, we take a look back at our 2011 feature-length profile ‘Produced by George Martin’ (directed by Francis Hanly). Sir George Martin with Michael Palin This archive rich and intimate portrait follows Sir George at 85 discussing his life and times, with his wife Judy and son Giles, Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Michael Palin, and Howard Goodall, and includes interviews with other illustrious contributors. Arena: Produced by George Martin will be repeated tonight, 9 March, at 10pm on BBC Four.. Tribute to legendary record producer Sir George Martin, who died today 9 March 2016. 25 people like this: Leila Cadinouche, Louise Fleury, Liz Hiron, Eduardo Deciomo, Maria Leo, Greg Pranckus, Jan Cromphout, Samantha Ayotte, Galledu Ra, Kristīne Kulberga, Jan Longworth Brandt, Andrea Oropeza, Margaret Jiggins, Chris Lopez, Virginia Peck Daly, Elio Crocè, Ivan Soto, Cristina Alonzo Herrera, Fátima Peña Alcántara, Tim Walls, Tess Bautista, Lydia B. Buenaobra, Veronica Mariela Taco Tenelanda, Gabriella Eszli, Daniel Hernández. 25 people commented on this. Simone Coccia Colaiuta: "You're a legend. The best in the world!! With The Beatles". Andrea Konic: "". Rifal Denie: "I Finally found the link original to 8 movie HD Live Streaming and Download: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Deadpool (2016) London Has Fallen (2016) Gods of Egypt (2016) The Divergent Series: Allegiant (2016) X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Fifty Shades of Black (2016) Barbershop: The Next Cut (2016)". Odd Arverud: "