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30-05-2016 08:02 teilt einen Link. Instagram photo by Hertje Brodersen • May 27, 2016 at 7:44am UTC. Selbst deutsche Gemütlichkeit kommt in Rixdorf mit einem Hauch Anarchie daher.. See this Instagram photo by @hypercatalecta • 215 likes. 5 Menschen gefällt das: Bruno Schönbächler, Felix Herzog, Mona Mona, Stefan Weger, Kristoffer Patrick Cornils.
30-05-2016 05:15 RT shares a link. Hate preacher carrying ‘you deserve to be raped’ sign hit over head with baseball bat (VIDEO). 'The Bible says it’s not okay to be gay. You need to stop doing naughty, nasty things.'. A hate preacher in Arizona who frequently shouts homophobic messages was hit over the head by a female student outside a local high school while carrying a sign reading: "you deserve to be raped." The teen has been charged with assault. 25 people like this: Maria Radulovic, Muhammad Arslan Aslam, Sonu Kumar, Muhammad Rahim, Anis Ayad, Muzammil Khan, Jan Ahmadi, Michael Wootton, Melvin Leroy, Trevor G Scott, Assad Khan, أبو جعفر الأسدي, جوجو سعيد, Erique Lavezzi, Dylan von Sommaruga, Tapas Dutta Banik, Ahmad Ag Ag, Bert Pendel, Shivshankar Thakur, Morgan Ashleigh Sweatt, Kevin O'Brien, Abdul Shafaq, Peter MacKay, Ray Utar, Zach Levine. 25 people commented on this. Joshua Rogan: "RT is obsessed with American domestic affairs. Russia is full of Orthodox hate preachers and thugs who beat each other with baseball bats, yet RT will never report on it.". Rachel Goldsby: "Regardless of what the idiot preacher says, his speech is protected by first amendment. Getting hit in the head by a bat, is not.". Christopher Sweigart: "This guy is a tremendous asshole. That being said, if you hit a person in the head with a bat for saying something you don't like, you're the bigger asshole.". Leon Speed: "Laugh at the teacher for calling him a disgrace to christianity. He's saying what is written in the bible... Leviticus 20;13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.". Gabriela Bergon: "That's not freedom of speech, that's being a cunt and, I'm sorry but -nobody- deserves to be raped or abused in any way, and you don't have the right to be an ignorant piece of shit.". John Osborne: "Ahahaha! I hope the cops track down the kid that hit him with the bat and give him a medal. GOD gave this guy exactly what he had coming to him.". Rob Carter: "He should have added on his shirt: "and I deserve to be hit in the head with a bat." A woman raped will be traumatized for life after the fact, in his case he was already brain dead so no real impact.". Edward Lennox: "This guy is an antagonist, telling people Jesus hates them the way they are, but this is not the good news of Jesus Christ - "While we were yet sinners Christ died for us"...but this guy talks like they need to get religious before they are loved by God. I think this guy needs more of God and less religion and spurious condemning doctrine coming out of his mouth. I noticed he never said one bible verse the whole time he ranted at these kids. People need hear from someone who will tell them how much God loves them, based on John 3:16.". Jose Abraham: "bunch of comunists nothing else. most liberal cucks who defend feminists will be aggaints this brave man. prove me wrong.". Corinne Crosby-Reynolds: "He has the right to say what he wants...however, assaulting him with a baseball bat is indeed illegal...I can understand why someone may want to smack him in the head with a bat but well...yeah, can't :P". Yaroslav Slepenov: "Assault? If I did that -it'd be attempted murder, if not murder, lol.. How many people survive being hit on the head with a freaking baseball bat??". Sary ßa: "I disagree with what he says, but I even disagree more with cowards and pussies who attack an unarmed man with a weapon. Hope the attacker is charged and thrown in jail. The left is filled with testosterone deficient "men"". Chris Peacock: "Sat and watched it... The cunt deserved everything he got.. Tabitha Brubaker, your a fucking legend. To bad you didn't get two swings at the cunt.". Jose Irigoyen: "So you hurt some one with a sign that has hate speech on it! That will bring no justice because hate does not end with more hate or violence". Jim Isnardy: "Sounds like the guy got what he deserved. Being gay is not a choice and it's not the end of the world if you are. I used to have a tremendous fear of gay people until I got to know some of them. As for telling women and girls they deserve to be raped, he brought this on himself.". Pino Arias: "This guy is hilarious, and honestly he had it coming eventually. Keep fighting the good fight Brother Dean, and next time make sure you pack your own bat.". David Kushman: "Gay sht is totally wack, it's your life, go fuk a Mexican goat up the ass. Free speech is okay&I agree with this guy who got hit, he should've have had a friend or two backing him up, poor guy.". Davan Deep Starwalker: "oh, it's hate to speak the truth, everything is fine to say, as long as a Christian doesn't speak up, when we do, it's hate speech, christians abolished slavery, people just don't want the fact they sin and r going to hell pointed out". JenniferandSteve Miller: "Its unfortunate whats probably going to happen to this girl, but the fact is that according to the law of man this douchebag has a right to repeat any thought that pops into his tiny little brain. However, to all the Bible thumpers out there who will undoubtedly be calling me a liberal, true Christians know that they are not to judge others. Let he or she who is without sin be the first to cast their stone. Your arguement is invalid. That is all. :)". Paul Vasquez: "Woulda been funny if a huge gay man raped him instead and said he deserved what he got for his hate speach. Yeah it's the "preachers" right to say that, but I always tell people that when you say antagonistic shit, be prepared for shit to breakout. It's like selling drugs, sooner or later someone's gonna come for you.". Alexander Coleman: "Russian gov is proudly anti-gay rights. I watched a piece about Russians online dating sites luring in homosexuals to beat the fuck out of them once they come to meet up with their potential lover. Seems every Russian on that piece equates homosexuality with pedophilia. I would'nt be surprised if homosexuality is illegal itself in Russia. With that being said, this dumb ass preacher dude committed no grime, he spoke, in America you can speak freely, you can be as ignorant and racist or anti-whatever that you want. You can stand on a street corner and slander Jews and deny the holocaust all day and night AND NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO HARM YOU IN ANY WAY. Being offended doesn't grant you the right to be violent against someone else's speech. Fucking morons. Go draw a picture of Muhammad... Free speech exercise.". Cottrell Hyatt: "Just because you don't believe in that lifestyle you get an "Oops Upside Your Head"? What a way to live in America huh? To thouse who attract that man I say "Boom Bye Bye" !". Stuart Adamson: "I am shocked at all the people on here defending him! He is LITERALLY telling high school boys and girls, at their own high school no less, that they deserve to be raped because of how they feel! Just for a minute, stop and think what that could do to a young person's mind? How would feel if someone went to your teenagers school and told him/her they deserve to be raped? Think about that before saying "freedom of speech"". Mark B Davison: "Lol looks good on him! I hope it hurt like hell! Yes we enjoy free speech and with that comes the chance that your speech may just get you beat like a bitch like this fucking fool!". Michele Locke: "No.... The preacher didn't deserve to be hit with a bat for saying what he believes, but the girl needs to go to jail. You don't hit people who you disagree with! I hope they give her 1 year and a felony.".
30-05-2016 04:15 RT shares a link. Extremist group in Texas trains to shoot Muslims with bullets dipped in pig blood. US extremists use pig blood to ensure Muslim victims would ‘go straight to hell.'. An extremist group of white men in Texas are training against a Muslim “uprising” by dipping their bullets in pig’s blood and bacon grease to target victims. 25 people like this: Michele Locke, Akash Shikder, Zafar Iqbal Luthani, Won Done, Esther Etty Gaon, Andrej Osif, John Johnson, Fredy Oriol Vasquez Joves, Chad Allen Jordan, Mark Rotariu, Killuminatii Fiveocuatro, Akash Nayak, Gautam Adhikari, Ko Thet, Rachad Said, Kaveh Ahangar, Frank Torres, Guillermo Rodríguez Ángel, Andreas Glab, مصعب ابراهيم, Frank, Thomas Kane, Mustafa Arian, Erin Russell, Sonu Kumar. 25 people commented on this. Marcos DL: "good! fuck all that political correctness bullshit if you feel offended... too fucking bad !". Bernardo Villacis: "Donald Trump was right about the temporary muslim ban! As an American hispanic, I'm tired of how all of these coward racist liberals like Obama, Clinton, and their supporters, are trying to turn this great country into a 3rd world one. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems we have right now is the media and entertainment that are always trying to tell us how to think. They have created enough imbeciles that will re-elect a failure like Obama. Even more, I'm supposed to bow down to anti-American Obama, love liberal policies no matter how destructive they are, love bigger enslaving government, and be in favor of illegal immigration because of the color of my skin... disgusting. That's why I and others created "Chepo Team", the only true pro-America comic strip. Please support our cause by liking our facebook page at: . Thank you". Jesse Chu: "If they really want to kill terrorists why don't they join the army... instead they shoot ppl who r unable to defend themselves... just a bunch of redneck cowards". M.K. Watu: "What, are they vampire Muslims?". Justin Slavin: "simple solution: the muslims that assure everyone its a peaceful religion police their own that think its a religious duty to kill non muslims. wouldnt that be something.". Kazeem Hajanney: "They know they have black Muslim right, I mean black america that have Muslim as their religion. They better keep that shiiit quite otherwise the Nation and other we ride on them easy. They soft, they puzzy, they only doing it because they know the cop protect them . To hell with this racist pig, we not surprise at all . This is epitomizes of Amerikanism. I spit in one of them face.". Cheyenne Jay Jackaon: "Start ith Muslim run congress". David Koran: "I just want to point out, everything else aside... isn't that essentially accepting the validity of your enemy's religion? What does that say about you?". Gerard Dailey: "Any of them actually have a job? Beer bellied, Springer watching, dog kicking, wife slapping, trailer trash honkies.". Cheyenne Jay Jackaon: "Gen Persian of neb beat some Muslims with arrows dipped in pig blood". Estee Carrasco: "We can start from the beginning. Is the Muslim population common in Texas?". Wahaz Ahmed: "It doesn't work that way . They will still go to heaven even if it is dipped in pig blood . Who the hell said they will go to hell ? Jesus". Der Lokko: "They are doing the same as the hate-driven extremist muslims... so... are these dudes terrorists? Absolutely!!". Craig Bratcher: "That could never happen in Real Russia Today because Vladamir Putin's orthodox nazi skinheads beat and kill all cave men on sight before they can cause any trouble. Breaking news from the AT news network! Putinslam means peace! Radicalization of the Bloody Russian Far Right? There has been increased activity among Russian fascist, ultranationalist, and skinhead groups in the last few years. For example, in May, Alexander Brod, director of the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights reported that his organization tallied more than 70,000 skinheads in Russia, up from 50,000 two years before. “Nowadays, they could be found in each regional center, they are emerging even in small towns and villages. In big cities, the attacks happen nearly each day and murders [are committed] weekly. It shows the activity of skinheads has grown and the essence of their offense has become more aggressive and criminal,” Brod was quoted in Kommersant. The SOVA Center reported that 37 people have been killed in racially motivated attacks, a 22 percent increase from last year. In an article on the execution video,Novaya gazeta noted that its brutality points to a possible “sharp radicalization of Russian Nazis.” “It’s one thing when several people attack a immigrant worker. This requires no courage. But to commit murder in cold blood in front of a camera–this is something completely different. Real psychos are needed for such a display of murder,” a Moscow antifa activist familiar with fascist youth groups told the paper. Yet despite this increase, few are asking where this spike in racial violence is coming from beyond blanket statements about some kind of inherent or culturally rooted racism. Couldn’t the roots also lie in the social-economic structure of Putinism itself? Could Vladamir Putin’s success–stabilization, prosperity, and a strengthening of the Russian state–also be generating expectations from the young, male, Russian population who’ve received little benefit from Russia’s economic boom, but feel that they deserve to? Like most societies that experience increases in racial and ethnic strife, the disenfranchised majority tends to see its marginalization as the result of the Other’s benefit.". Curtis Maxfield: "paintball gun + paintballs filled with pigs blood, instant sentenced to hell and instant desecration of their mosques.". Warren L. McFerran: "Fools who don't know that their real enemy is the Government of the United States, who spies on them, robs them with high taxes, regulates and controls them completely.". Juan Sara Arce: "Should not do that, cuz it affects the strategy of U.S. Government! It can affect America negatively. Should be not selfish, ego, and impulsive! Be wise!". Juan Sara Arce: "I agree to support anti terrorism, even religion freedom and debating, but not hatred and criminal action.". Jimi Fink: "They appear to have a lot of faith in the Muslim Religion.". Majumdar Aniket: "We cannot blame them,islam is an intolerant ideology,this is the only way to deal with them". Wisal Khan: "The us terrorists huh? Let saudi closes their oil bases and transport to you then ! Will that work , pretty much". Kaveh Ahangar: "There we go... thanks to the Texas government, anyone who looks muslim can be shot....". Jill Bennett: "The most backwards working class in the world and the ruling class absolutely loves these assholes because when shit hits the fan, they'll be locked and loaded to shoot socialists and leftists.". Daniella Mellons: "Dear Sputnik and RT readers. There is a guy probing around by the name of Daniel Feliu Medina on Sputnik and RT. If you come across him please be sure to tell him how gayly he is in love with Putin because he has hijacked my profile trolling and stalking me because of his jealousy that Putin is my man now and not his. Because he got dumped by Putin on an island in Puerto Rico, the person going by the name of Daniel Feliu Medina thinks that he will win back the love of Putin by showing his dedication for Trump. He is a very confused inbred monkeylike breed and be very careful as he will attack you with funny memes that tries to provoke everyone in his path when in fact he is causing a chernobyl disaster in Puerto Rico with little kids sitting on his LAPtop as a cheaper means of creating propaganda for Trump. I don't know what he finds soo attractive in Trump but he surely is trying to make my hubby Putin jealous. Daniel Feliu Medina, or whatever other names you go by you cheap ass fake vatnik whore, stay away from my Putin you little bitch. You can't have him, go find your own little Nazi lover you homogeneous gay rights advocator... and stop taking my profile pictures and try and act like you are straight.... biatch.
30-05-2016 03:28 Chris Derringer posts a video. Built to Spill - Liar. Liar by Built to Spill from the album You in Reverse.
30-05-2016 02:00 Gulnara Petzold adds a photo. Gulnara's cover photo. .
30-05-2016 01:50 RT shares a link. 'Justice for Harambe': Thousands sign petitions condemning killing of Cincinnati Zoo gorilla. Petition calls for 'the parents to be held accountable for the lack of supervision and negligence that caused Harambe to lose his life.'. The killing of a Cincinnati Zoo gorilla after a child fell into its enclosure has sparked outrage online with thousands of people signing petitions calling for the child’s parents to be investigated. 25 people like this: Ronnie Lead Foot, Evian Acosta, Sahil Abbas Khan, Beth Kreamer Mistretta, Ranea Jouhara, Njoku Kelechi, Apple Blossom Raggio, Eduard Dragoș Marar, Jonathan Overton, Jane Chan, Patricia Steltenpohl, Jorge Valdivia, Herbert Zips, Iain Campbell, Avril Stuart, Mi Lo, Alexis Van den Reeck, Judith Poyatos-Jones, Chris Dimitrakopoulos, Ricardo Lobz, Tanya Fernandez, Aimee Rose, Max Seffelaar, Naved Ahsan, Susana Angeles Niles. 25 people commented on this. Jessica Hanks: "Justice for the ape that was shot in Cincinnati? Yeah, it shouldn't have happened, but human life has to take precedent. We're not talking about cutting down rain forests to make more goodies for whatever. We're talking about a human child's life here.". Iqbal Ahmed Chowdhury: "so a gorilla's life was more worthful then a life of a human being? i wish those who signed this petition would be in that cage with that gorilla". Mark C. Ball: "For those saying a tranquilizers should have been used. Immobilization drugs do not work immediately, and can cause the animal to become agitated once they are shot. If the gorilla had the child next to it when shot with a tranquilizer it may have killed the child. Depending on the weight of the animal, tranquilizers can take up to 20 mins to take effect. Just stating fact.". Gary Madrigal: "Right bc, if you were paying attention to your child. He would never had fallen in and the Gorilla would still be alive.". Kunjan Sathi: "I was so so saddened to read Harambe was shot. He is a beautiful silverback. I know gorillas are gentle creature. Why was there a need to shoot to kill? Why not tranquillize? What were the parents doing or thinking even as to allow their child to crawl into the pen? I am traumatised.". Josh Simpson: "Why would it be the parents fault? That's why we have wild animals and zoos, to make up for ignorant parents who take their children to see animals that could rip you in half, yet fail miserably to make sure the child does not fall into the animals area when the parents are doing whatever the fuck else they thought was more important than their child's safety.". Lance Cartmill: "How in the hell did a 4yr old get into a gorilla enclosure The mother is negligent and so was the Cincinnati Zoo for having a way for a 4yr old to get in.". Leon Speed: "How about a petition 'justice for Yemeni children' while they're at it? and 'justice for Palestinian children', iraqi children, Libyan children, syrian children, Vietnamese children etc etc.". Khadijah Amani: "The parents should not have custody of that kid and should face charges. The kid TOLD THEM he was gonna go in there with the gorilla and he went through a lot to get to the gorilla. Yet their negligent butt didn't see the kid. And an innocent animal already caged for amusement - which is deplorable, lost his life. IT IS SICKENING. A witness present at the Cincinnati Zoo says the 450-pound gorilla that was shot and killed after a 4-year-old boy fell into his enclosure was not "hurting" the boy, but instead seemed to be "protecting him."". Ock Yie: "What about signing a petition for the thousands of innocent kids killed everyday in Yemen by airstrikes?". Rejin Gurung: "Gorilla was not even hurting the baby. Infact, I think it was protecting the baby and those zoo keepers killed him.". Bess Schlitt: "Yes,the parents need to be held accountable for the lack of supervision and negligence ..But it was the zoos decision to kill instead of using a tranquilizer gun so they are responsible for taking the life of the Gorilla.". Kenneth McGrath: "The parents aren't the only ones to blame. First we've hunted gorillas to near extinction. We build these zoos to "protect them". We sell tickets to families with children. We build enclosures with holes in them. We leave children unattended. Then, when the inevitable happens and a child slips through, we shoot the gorilla. But the truth is this: WE are the dangerous ones. #peace". Cory Ayers: "This is not the primates fault. This is not the childs fault. He was too young and hopefully learned a lesson from this. This is no the zoo's fault. The zoo responded appropriately. This is the fault of the parents. How the hell do you let your child get that far way from you? How do you allow them to get even close to this situation? Someone wasnt paying attention. This is negligence by the parents.". Paul Sander: "Parents should be charged with negligence leading to the death of an endangered species. Oh and shitty parenting.". Devon Hunter Hurlburt: "Animals rights? a petition? For killing a gorilla? How about a petition for every time we kill each other.. Fuck this animal rights bullshit.. we havent even figured ourselves out yet.". Heather Hmieleski: "If people wish to see these parents be held responsible for the death of that innocent animal . Put them on trial, gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and determine if it was, in fact , negligence that caused the animals death or just an unfortunate accident. I was not there to witness it. I do, however, think the parents behavior should be taken into account. But, they deserve a chance to defend their side. If we "value" this animal enough to cage it, study it, watch it for entertainment, then we should honor it I its death as well.". Azra Ashraf: "Exactly. This poor animal already in captivity of humans lost his life due to bad parenting of that child. They must be held accountable and fined heavily.". Toni Benson: "I understand about the situation with the child. However, the parents should be held accountable for not following the rules of the zoo. This gorilla was only behaving like a gorilla. We cannot expect him to measure a situation like you or me. This is a beautiful animal who is endangered and the zoo should have respected that. I know in the Herrman Park Zoo in Houston aways identify animal who are endangered. Of all humans adults should respect and teach their children what "endanger" means and demonstrate why the zoo has signs that tell parents to not put children on the bars or gates that protect the animal. Let's always remember-if we are going to preserve a dying breed of animal, then let's remember they have their own rules and environment protection just like we do (like one's backyard. If someone is caught trespassing or breaking in people who believe in rifles or gun will use them to protect what is their living space and family)". Skyler Doyle: "The child was obviously in no danger. Gorillas are not killers. That 400lb animal with the strength of 10 men had that kid for 10 minutes and didn't hurt a hair on his head. A gorilla is not a tiger or a polar bear. Did they even try to retrieve the kid before they blew him away?". Marcia Markwardt: "Once again because of the negligence of human being an astounding, innocent animal loses his life. Shame on the Zoo and shame on the parents of the child. Harambe did NOTHING WRONG, but someone(s) did. The Zoo improperly secured the gorilla habitat, the parents were improperly supervising their child or both. Disheartening, sickening, and outrageous all around.". Nicolle Frazee: "The zoo is equally to blame. NO ONE should be able to breach those barriers. That is COMPLETE irresponsibility on the zoo's part. They should have had a plan in place as well. I've seen, in similar scenarios, where zoo keepers have coaxed the animal away from the child with food. Why was nothing else even considered before killing him? Not only did they senslessly take his life, they devistated his 'family'/group left behind. I can only imagine what they are going through. Yes, the parents should face repercussions but the zoo should too.". Donna Blair-Gavin: "I saw this tragedy on the news this evening, and I am outraged as a mother and as an animal activist. Having a teenager, never once since raising my child did I ever turn my head from my son for more than a split second. These parents should be accountable for the lost life of Harambe.". Rose-Marie LeWarne: "Has anyone seen the video showing the gorilla shielding the child from the screaming people? Hearing the mother say "I'm right here baby." Or how the animal and the child were sitting in the water touching fingers. This the gorilla did as any animal could which is move young to safety. Was there an honest choice to not kill him is what is in question. Did they shoot while the child was still with him to get the child or when the child was safely away from the gorilla? Those are the questions not answered.". Nancy Gale: "This should never have happened. These people were irresponsible with an up and coming thug as a child. The loss of the child's life would have been no loss to society. The death of that helpless animal is disgusting.".
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29-05-2016 23:20 RT shares a link. Canadian PM calls to legalize assisted suicide. People can request medical aid with dying in case of 'an incurable disease, which is causing unbearable suffering.'. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he hopes the long-awaited bill allowing physician-assisted suicide passes in parliament before the June 6 deadline. Otherwise, Canadians would have “uneven access” to euthanasia, he said. 25 people like this: Quique Enrique, Abdirazak Zaaki, Jana Nováková, Christine Finch, Muhammad Khalid, Johannes Breuer, Karly Uchiha, Marzena K Kamizela, Mohd Safian, Divan Le Roux, Jaz Singh, Rama Chandran, Dutoiu Catalin, Bealzabob Jones, Evelyn Otto, Alexander Navarro-Fregoso, Valdur Eriksson, Marco Na Zdorovie, Bojana Vukotic, Oleg Kessman, Muzafar Ali Channa, Lauren Estrada, Janet Isaacs Ashford, Annett Mani, Luis Antonio Bencosme. 25 people commented on this. Brian Barker: "He doesn't really have a choice. Supreme Court said it was legal and we have to make a law to do it...". Janus Kramer Møller: "Libertarian on Sundays, but fascist on Mondays. Soon this will mean that very sick people will only be offered suicide as an alternative, since they are too expensive to be kept alive.". Mamudu Hamidu: "This guy is just in,for only fashion nothing from him has ever add up. He could even box for no reason". Brett Freeman: "Most of the "incurable" diseases aren't incurable, it's just that the psychopaths running the planet make the cures illegal which isn't even law. That's how messed up the system is.". Taun Richards: "Clamps down on Medical Marijuana and then says you can commit suicide, I am sorry you failed to test positive for human.". Zed DangerZone Russell: "That fuk head never even legalized pot like he promised. I never voted for the fella, but the liberal socialist hipster scum supporters did. Liberals are always lying and getting lied to, god they are dumb.". Alexander Coleman: "Everyone certainly should have the right to end their own life for whatever reason they choose. Not only the sick should have this right. Everyone. Take a pill. Die. It's your life, it will be your death, who the fuck am I to dictate what you can and cannot do with your own body because I have some opinion? Absurd". Caligula Yamato: "Great news, we even let our pets have a better death, but as a human you have to die in a very cruel and slow manner. But as always religious fanatics will be against progress.". Noibul Islam: "From painful life is best idea to leave this world. Who bear the pain he and his family bear the suffering. There must be end. With machine your surviving is meaningless.". Marko Vojvodic: "It's your individual choice if you want to end your life and how. This has been legal n Switzerland for a long time and nobody has a problem with it. If I end up in a car crash and turn into a vegetable or a drooling handicapped individual with nothing of my former self left, I will write into my will that I want to be extinguished because my state will only bring sadness and burden to my loved ones and cost taxpayers more money keeping me alive on machines and nursing personnel. Thats what unbearable suffering is. And that's what many of you don't get. It's pro choice, you can decide how you go out and that's more humane than forcing someone to stay alive when there is no point anymore. Anyone who goes against this doesn't have their head screwed on properly.". Daugirdas Tomas Racys: "Just wonderful to imagine they will soon 'force' people to choose that economic option. After all you are just like cattle to them". Ali Al-Musawi: "Assisted "death" you morons. Such a filthy russian propaganda.. You don't know how it feels when someone can't even draw a breath cuz of pain! If one consents to their death, then that's it!". Johnny Tequila: "~ More people in Canada are interested in the new PM keeping his campaign promise to legalize pot. And pot could actually help those who are suffering in pain and dying.". Mohammed Khalid: "I think only This Canadian PM is good and a brilliant PM He is totally eligible for its post He is the future of prime ministry". Arman Hossain: "Wrong move. Diseases incurable today will be curable at some point in time, then you'll have to keep redefining what an incurable and curable disease is.". Richard Rossner: "Nice distraction to the public for how his party promised to legalize marijuana and still hasn't. Instead they have given excuse after excuse for their incompetence and allowed police to raid dispensaries to make quota because the police like the government is incapable of doing their actual duty. Lied for votes, and you idiots believed them.". Andras Szabo: "you know what, if i get to sick and this is not available have fun scraping of my brains of the walls :) i would do it anyway , im more afraid that if in the current system i wait too long i lose my ability to pull that trigger , making this legal just ensures people wait longer before they off them self , its better for everyone". George Xiros: "Well, this is the outcome of last weeks incident in Parlaiment where Trudeau was trying to pass this bill. He marched over & forced Gord Brown elbowing Ruth Broussrad in the arm. What happens in Parlaiment when they try to pass a bill that is nonsense, waste of taxpayers money,when the bill is introduced, they have a time limit. If the bill is redicilous, they will walk around, trying to waste time, till the bell rings, times up. He wants to assist in people's death, not to help them get better. He was trying to play God, a waste of time & taxpayers money. He's a clown & a puppet. People are catching on, Trudeau. Smarten the fk up. Wake up, People!!!". Henk Wiersma: "I would like to change the 'HEAD LINE"to Medical Assisted Dying With Dignity !!lets call it for short (" M.A.D.W.D") We are so FAR behind look towards the NETHERLANDS , All the Scandinavian countries .WHY because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said IT IS "2016 " So-Long 1". Wayne Felix Larabee: "Justin Trudeaun I like this because i can manipulate this rule to my own benefit... You know of me for sure, im that guy everyone hates seeing walking threw the door... So in other words sir, if we catch people doing hard drugs, we can shoot them... They are killing themselfs and affecting everyone around them.. Yeah just woke up but something like that.. What I will do is make a copy of the new rules, and with equal rights put it to affect...". Emily Hunger: "I am surprised that America is ahead of Canada on something!! Oregon must be pretty free. We have legalized weed and assisted suicide :) <3". Yuingam Zimik: "This fool and Obama knows nothing about reality, they live in their well fed dream world and knows only one thing, that is, opening of Pandora box! Without knowing the consequences they are expert in opening the mindless GAY right box, Muslim refugees that is potential terrorist welcoming box, now this!!!!! What is the guarantee that it would not be misuse like any other???? To the so call liberal, learn from the nature around you, it has set of rules and principles, if you disturbed it, without any mercy you'll get all the unwanted consequences that will never be sweet to your stupid hypocritical politically correct dumb so call half bake liberal mind!". Gabriel Infante Carrillo: "Instead of euthanasia, I would opt for orthothansia a simple procedure that consist in suspending all medical treatment and let the patient have a natural death.". Carlos Guevara: "I think is a good idea if people don't want to keep suffering and since they are the only ones who know the real scale of their pain... They must be capable to decide what to do with their lives, not being kept alive by selfish standards". Rodica Manole: "For those who don't understand euthanasia. Imagine that. Your Mother has cancer, thin as a skeleton, the tumours took over her chest and abdomen. Doctors can't do anything for her in the hospital, so they sent her to die at home with her family. She doesn't have a digestive or urinary system anymore. She survives on intravenous saline solution and glucose. She's starving and she's in tremendous pain all the time. This is the moment when euthanasia is a blessing.".
29-05-2016 23:00 Graf Chojnicki teilt einen Link. Festival für analoge Fotografie: Kunst jenseits von Kommerz.!5303774/. Weißte Bescheid.. Schimmelpilze, Smartphones und Familienalben: Bei „analogue now!“ stellen KünsterInnen ihre Fotos in einer ehemaligen Lagerhalle aus.
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29-05-2016 21:03 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Alleinerziehende: Der wahre Rentenskandal. Die Alleinerziehenden von heute sind die armen Alten von morgen. (tgr). Alleinerziehende werden dafür bestraft, dass sie sich um ihre Kinder gekümmert haben. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Nora Milena, Wolfgang Neuhausen, Sandrika Sandrika, Isi Salaisuus, Claudia Garcia, Telse Bus, Claudia Thelell, Viktoria Wolf, David Wagner, Oliver Scheffler, Elisabeth Konyali, Cornelia Griethe, Raul Krauthausen, Anni Krawalli, Sophie Michelet, Silke Braun, Milena Silva, Ulrike Mussnack, Monika Holstein, Katja Keke Wt, Bianca Anton, Adolf Stoll, Gerti Schmied, Ka Me-Sch, Karin Lang. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Rosa Blume: "Alleinerziehende haben keine Lobby, Alleinerziehende tauchen immer nur im Zusammenhang mit Armut, auch in der Presse, auf. Was also soll man mit dieser Botschaft anfangen? Es schwächt noch mehr.". Stephanie Milz: "Seitdem wir geschieden sind, kriegt mein exmann keinen Familienzuschlag mehr und wir müssen mehr Steuern zahlen. Dazu kommen getrennte Haushalte, was deutlich teurer ist. Also viel größere Ausgaben und weniger Einkommen. Kann mir jemand bitte erklären, warum? Die deutsch christlich geprägte monogame Leitkultur?". Manuela Suess: "Na dann hat doch Frau Nahles den richtigen Riecher, wenn sie den allein Erziehenden noch etwas abzieht, wenn die Kinder beim Vater sind. Eh schon arm, kann man noch mehr wegnehmen. Hat übrigens eine lange Tradition seit Kohl das verfügbare Einkomnen für allein Erziehende zusammen zu kürzen. Anfang der 90iger herrschten da noch paradiesische Verhältnisse gegenüber heute. Die Kohle landet dann bei der Bundeswehr für Auslandseinsätze, die brauchen grad Knete für ihre Vorhaben". Köhler Liesl: "Leider wird die Lage alleinerziehender Männer und Frauen treffend in diesem Artikel dargelegt....ich kann es als Betroffene nur so unterstreichen.
29-05-2016 21:00 Gekko Getränke- und Handelskollektiv shares a link. Solidrinks. Welcome Solimate, ab sofort für euch, für Refugees und jede gute Party! Solidrinks präsentiert and powered by Gekko.. This is not just a MATE! With every drink you support local refugees' projects. No charity - SOLIDARITY!. 1 person likes this: Ruby Tuesday.
29-05-2016 19:50 Wir fordern den Rücktritt von HC Strache teilt einen Link. Haimbuchner für Abschaffung der Briefwahl.;art383,2245949?list=K. BriefwählerInnen wählen mehrheitlich nicht die FPÖ. Was will die FPÖ: Die Briefwahl abschaffen.. LINZ/WIEN. Für eine Abschaffung der Briefwahl spricht sich der oberösterreichische FPÖ-Chef Manfred Haimbuchner aus. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Benjamin Christian Krebs, Stef Dresler, Hans Peter, Doris Musshauser, Lukas Pawlik, Cedric Brandt, David Faust, Da VI, Sonja Klotz, Johannes Herbst, Marjon Roth, Claudia Sabine Szalay, Patrice Hank, Jules Zenz, Miguel Siola, Christoph Szabo, Sandra Frosch, Thomas Diensthuber, Ofira Bader, Racker Lurkinger, Sebastian Quast, Michi Schlöglhofer, Athena Kratzer, Otto Hornek, Bernhard Danner. 13 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Thomas Doppelreiter: "Sowieso alle Stimmen, die nicht für die F sind, abschaffen. Ist ja eine Frechheit - im Internet sind alle für die F, und bei der Wahl schaut's dann immer anders aus. Da ist doch sicher wieder Betrug im Spiel! BETRUG, sag ich!". Elisabeth Zelger: "". Michi Schlöglhofer: "*kopfschüttel*". Hans Reiter: "was kann man von so einem deppm sonst erwarten!!!!!". Elfi Schlöglhofer: "Ebenfalls 'kopfschüttelnd '". Udo Behpunkt: "Warum schafft er nicht das wählen ab, zumindest in den Bezirken, die etwas anderes gewählt haben? ....... Kopfschütteln
29-05-2016 19:18 Natale Cuciniello shares a link. Technology and Beyond. a nat@rt. visit
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29-05-2016 18:34 Jay Cousins shares a link. The Three Princes of Serendip - Part 2. "You don't reach Serendip by plotting a course for it. You have to set out in good faith for elsewhere and lose your bearings serendipitously." I found this quote today looking for more information on the tale of the 3 princes of Serendip. I was prompted to do this as I have reached Serendip Seredipitously ;) - Serendip is the ancient name of Sri Lanka. What I also discovered is that we use the term wrong - we emphasise the Accident in Serendipity, when actually serendipity is "discovery by accident and sagacity while in pursuit of something else" . Continuing Richard Boyle's retelling of the story of The Three Princes of Serendip, in which the princes leave the island of their birth and travel to the land of Emperor Beramo, where they surprise him with their deductions concerning a lost camel.
29-05-2016 18:18 Wladek Flakin teilt einen Link. Klasse Gegen Klasse. Unsere Website, Klasse Gegen Klasse, hat jetzt die erfolgreichste Woche in ihrer Geschichte hinter sich. Und in nur zwei Tagen kommt das neue Design. Freue mich schon :-). Am 1. Juni bekommt Klasse Gegen Klasse ein neues Design. Damit wollen wir unsere Inhalte in ansprechendem Format an noch mehr Leser*innen bringen. 5 Menschen gefällt das: Iris Praefke, Oskar Huber, Dustin Guerille, Baran Serhad, Michael Jablonski.
29-05-2016 18:14 Lena Doppel shares a link. In dramatic statement, European leaders call for ‘immediate’ open access to all scientific... Observers are skeptical goal can be achieved.
29-05-2016 17:54 Marcus Hinterthür posts a video. ludwig von 88 - houlala II La mission ( full ). 2 em album studio 1987 1 Intro dramatique 2 Houlala 2 la mission 3 Louison Bobet forever 4 William Kramps le tueur de boucher 5 Le Manège enchanté 6 Guerrier....
29-05-2016 17:41 Horst Leopold Oberbichler posts a video. The Vandermark 5 - Vehicle (for Magnus Broo) (2005/11/20). November 20, 2005 Estrada Poznańska, Scena Na Pietrze Made in Jazz Festival Poznań, Poland Ken Vandermark - baritone saxophone Dave Rempis - tenor saxophone ....
29-05-2016 17:22 Marcus Hinterthür teilt einen Link. Iran: 99 Peitschenhiebe für feiernde Studenten - SPIEGEL ONLINE. Ich find das eientlich okay wie die Iraner das machen! Es müssen viel mehr Studenten ausgepeitscht werden!. Sie feierten ihren Abschluss am College - und wurden dafür brutal bestraft. In Iran sind mehr als 30 Studenten ausgepeitscht worden, weil sie sich "unzüchtig verhalten" haben sollen.
29-05-2016 17:11 RT shares a link. Over 700 migrants feared dead in Mediterranean shipwrecks, UN says. Deadly week. 'The situation is chaotic'. 25 people like this: Abdirazak Zaaki, Michael Jones, Amine Marij, Lauren Estrada, Almee Kimjih, Richard Lewis, Taufiq Arnab, Thu Ya, Jorge Morais, JasminePet Leh Ting, Aminul Islam Choudhury, William Sumarliðr, انا بن تن, David Rawson, Charles Pritchett, Amrish Puri, Carlo Cuerda, Bella Cassan, Adam Cavanaugh, Estuardo Castro, Jean-Chloë Grace Rousey, Derek Hutton, John Ross, Nedeltcho Vladimirov, Carl Baya de Baguio. 25 people commented on this. Cameron Mares: "Too bad they lost their lives not FIGHTING TO TAKE BACK THEIR COUNTRY". Tony Terzis: "As long as these migrants are shipped or towed to Europe, rather than to the ports in e.g. Libya, where the human traffickers sent them to sea from, this tragedy will continue. This needs to end now!". Jacob Töpel: "Maybe if we can send this news to the ports in North Africa no one will try to get to Europe furthermore... Sad news however.". Jama Jakab: "The argument I keep hearing from those fearing immigrants to Europe from Africa is "they are economic migrants who are after European benefits". Well that sounds just like the ambitions of those European colonizers who were after the economic benefits of that "poor continent" called Africa!". Arthur Inzhilov: "i blame eu liberals, their irresponsible policies led to that". John Mason: "Those EU countries that participated in regime change should accept responsibility for their actions and accept those refugees.". Léo Nicoletti: "The open doors policy of the EU is not sustainable. This is the beginning of a huge humanitarian disaster, Merkel and the EU technocrats will have blood on their hands!". Rui Ess: "Europe provides an incentive with their "come one and come all" approach. Then you get an influx of refugees and economic migrants. You need to get rid of the illegal economic migrants completely and only let in the number of refugees you can handle. Someone fleeing a war in the Middle East will find a safe zone closer to the Middle East, from there, they should be sent to Europe if they qualify. Tighten up your border polices. And whatever funding you are wasting in your current system, push it out to the intermediate countries. But, be careful who you bargain with...Turkey deal looks very dangerous, but there is no option now because of Merkel and the EU. On a side note, shame on Saudi Arabia and the other rich Gulf states that are not taking any refugees on board. And also the US should be taking people in for starting that war (go read "The Wikileaks Files").". Abhi Sharma: "When will the western countries realize that the only way to stop the refugee crisis is let Bashar Al-Assad remain in power. He may not be perfect, but he will be able to ensure the country is stable and that all terrorist forces are defeated. If he is overthrown, Syria will be no different than what happened to Iraq and Libya when their leaders were overthrown in 2003 and 2011 respectively. Both of those countries became unstable. Let Russia, Iran, and Syria fight the Islamic State. After all terrorist forces are defeated. Start building new houses in Syria itself and help the Syrian refugees get back to these settlements. Lets face it, the refugees do not want to go to Europe and the Europeans want to maintain their heritage. Lets do what is best for both sides. Sadly, the western powers are still adamant on overthrowing Assad and possibly causing a conflict with Iran and Russia.". Alamega Chris: "at the moment they leaf harbor they send sos LOOOOL but who pays for them to step on a boat i wonder not any off these have any money this is organized immigration war europ dosent need any off these high qualified workers". Bob Manke: "end the bombings done at the behest of the Zionist entity... then this pretty much disappears like it was Before the psychotic bombings started". Patrick Lewis: "But the stupid liberal lefties and most of our EU Governments just keep on encouraging them to risk their lives and come here. Turn them all away, ferry every single one of them back to where they came from and refuse to let a single one in as Australia does and we could save thousands of lives and ourselves a lot of unwanted illegal economic migrants.". Scott Moger: "Shame there aren't more. No help should be given to these invaders. It'd be like towing boats full of German soldiers to England during ww2. We should actively sink these boats and not help the survivors. That'll put them off risking the journey.". Dave Kerr: "here we go, blame the white man time, and of course corrupted leaders, tribal conflicts, lack of education, greed, misinformation etcetera etcetera etcetera has nothing whatsoever to do with it". Raymond Clayton: "europe has showing the world how to handle war migrants cant wait for another war in europe so we can do the same to people from europe our guns are ready". Jan Brett: "For fucks sake. You lot need a dose of humility, of humanity. 700 souls, 700 people, have just died in an awful way....and all you can say is: Read the comments. The comments on this page show just how low we have sunk. You people stink!". David Todd: "over 700 dead after putting life in danger only themselves to blame why should we be made to feel bad for stupid refugees". Michelle Stapleton: "Stop letting them in! Deport them as all they take funds needed for our own homeless! Don't let them stay over x number of years the genuine ones and send back after that!". Apostle M Mamakas: ""Choosing not to illegally invade another safe country after already living in one can dramatically reduce your chances of dying in the Mediterranean. Choosing to migrate to linguistically, culturally, ethnically, religiously compatible countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and any of the Gulf States instead of Europe, dramatically reduces your chances of drowning at sea as well."". Stephan Bilmans: "stop them at sea, what are all those Navy warships for???australians are doing the smae with success, help the africans in their own countries by throwing out all dictators and helping them to better their crop production and catlle production". Robert Brytan: "This is how the UN corruption and mismanagement of World's donor funds looks like at its "finest"! There is enough money there but it's not reaching the people in Africa but rather lining the pockets of the few ... The UN is working closely together with IOM (International Organization for Migration) - its shady side-kick - that is planning the new migration routes, organizing transport and paying initial fees to the smugglers. The rest pay the migrants themselves upon arriving in the EU with social assistance and petty crime or drug dealing. The IOM is currently using the old and proven trick from Aegean Sea - Call the Coast Guard or MSF Sea boat with distress signal and they will come and get you... Soon they will be picking up migrants 10 feet from the Libyan shore similar to what they've done in Turkey ... They should be thoroughly investigated by the authorities and charged with criminal offenses!". Saleem Ali Ahmed: "Why do other peaceful Arab world not accept our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to take refuge.? Dubai' Kuwait ,Saudi etc only Europe?I don't know why?". Livio Pesce: "Thank you lefty lib nob heads you caused this with your come to Europe nonsense..just think of all the people you killed advertising your free money and free life bullshit.. Idiots". Trevor Worsham: "A small amount of violence is neccessary to prevent large scale violence. If we dont send a clear message now then they will keep arriving in hordes and plunge Europe into Civil-Uprising and even full scale war.". Victor Maldonado: "As long as they keep taking them in they offer hope for the others to risk their lives and some die trying. Keep offering hope and more will die trying to get it. They should just go over there and pick them up in style and maybe they won't die. Or stop taking them in and they will stop dying trying.".
29-05-2016 16:50 Chris Derringer shares a link.
29-05-2016 16:05 Philip Hautmann shares a link. I have checked, there seems to be no group "Sociopathic Children" on Facebook.
29-05-2016 16:02 Olivier Schulbaum shares a link. Goteo API : Goteo Api Documentation. .@goteofunding has its own #opendata project 4 #crowdfunding. Access our data using API + developer docs #civictech.
29-05-2016 16:00 Klasse Gegen Klasse teilt einen Link. Ein Medium der Debatte – Klasse gegen Klasse. Am 1. Juni bekommt Klasse Gegen Klasse ein neues Design. Damit wollen wir unsere Inhalte in ansprechendem Format an noch mehr Leser*innen bringen.. Am 1. Juni bekommt Klasse Gegen Klasse ein neues Design. Damit wollen wir unsere Inhalte in ansprechendem Format an noch mehr Leser*innen bringen. 8 Menschen gefällt das: Klasse Gegen Klasse, Carlo Marselo, Lill Ypsilon, Don Michellangelo, Nasrullah Jafari, Vargas Oblivion, Muhammad Asif, Mahdi Ashkan.
29-05-2016 15:55 Olivier Schulbaum shares a link. Hello, we are Open Heroines — Open Heroines. “Hello, we are Open Heroines” by @OpenHeroines #gender #civictech #opendata. In October 2015, after a long day at the Open Government Partnership conference, a group of women held an unofficial meeting at Punto….
29-05-2016 15:17 RT shares a link. Extremist group in Texas trains to shoot Muslims with bullets dipped in pig blood. 'A lot of us here are using either pig’s blood or bacon grease on our bullets, packing it in the middle so that when you shoot a Muslim, they go straight to hell'. An extremist group of white men in Texas are training against a Muslim “uprising” by dipping their bullets in pig’s blood and bacon grease to target victims. 25 people like this: Andrew Thompson, Sergey Rostov, Charlie Carline, Brwa Ahmad, Seán Keady, Mohamed Yousry, Anna Bubak, Mandeep Biroke, Nikolaos Laos, Bodhi Aria, Mark Brant, Dili Ingon Nato, Deyvix Proanimal Iqq, Sheikh Shohid, James Ferguson, Laura Whitelaw, La Mechita Roja, Bob Oeller, Fesha Basargin, Casey Okwumo, Alex Panda, Jeffrey Duane Williamson, Julian Hernandez, Maria Afanaseva, Joe Mccaff. 25 people commented on this. Will Sterry: "So if you shoot an American with a bullet dipped in healthy Food, they will explode?". Zeyad Hopkins: "They think pig to Muslims is like kryptonite to superman
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29-05-2016 14:37 Georg Kammerer posts a video. Georg Kammerer. Video Teaser No2 for Georg Kammerer & Kinan Al are Sad and Sadder. Next Saturday at Laika Neukoelln.. 9 people like this: Cat Anderson, James Harris, Ingo Merten, Günther Franke, Domenic Philipps, Matúš Ká, Marina Anou, Schmoby Schmarsalan, Sandy Wieding. 1 person commented on this. Tim Kränsel: "".
29-05-2016 14:25 Michael Perlbach posts a video. HIGH-RISE - Main Trailer - In Cinemas March 18th. The new film from acclaimed director Ben Wheatley in UK cinemas March 18th. Adapted from J.G. Ballard’s visionary novel by screenwriter Amy Jump, HIGH - RISE....
29-05-2016 14:23 Philip Hautmann posts a video. Life Through the Eyes of a Female Sociopath. Michael Cross, author of the "Freedom from Conscience" book series and host of "Unlock the Door" interviews M.E. Thomas, author of "Confessions of a Sociopat....
29-05-2016 14:19 Georg Kammerer posts a video. Sad and Sadder Teaser II. 4 people like this: Sandy Wieding, Manaf Attar, Al Ab Bai, Kuan-wen Huang.
29-05-2016 13:43 Philip Hautmann posts a video. "Psychopathic Child" AP Psychology. Disturbing footage of a psychopathic child cut from the 1990 documentary Child of Rage. Technically, the child is not officially a psychopath. She shows psyc....
29-05-2016 13:37 Michael Perlbach shares a link. Artificially Intelligent Lawyer “Ross” Has Been Hired By Its First Official Law Firm. Meet the first artificially intelligent lawyer: ROSS. . Ross, the world's first artificially intelligent attorney, has its first official law firm. Baker & Hostetler announced that they will be employing Ross for its bankruptcy practice, currently comprised of almost 50 lawyers.
29-05-2016 13:12 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Flüchtlinge und EU-Bürger schauen einander tief in die Augen – und etwas Wunderbares passiert. Tränen gab es auf beiden Seiten. (dgw). #LookBeyondBorders . 25 Menschen gefällt das: Nina Soso, Mareine Seydlaire, Julia Meyer-Hermann, Stephanie Jancke Verlag, Aristina Kntunovic, An NA, Estella Jarolim-Kempgens, An Tue, Antigoni Rakopoulou, Silke Schmidbauer, Margit Vossen, Christiane Wenzel, Solveigh Lina, Valentina Crestani, Laura Salleck, Manuela Strack, Daniela Pirchmoser, Leonie Van de Hoolkenbrinkije, Elisa Wo, Denise Heinrich, Irene Furler, Bernd Schweigler, Mare Bittermann, Theresa Samson, Patrick Anton. 5 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Lars Lubitschewskajew: "Jeder, der Gauland bewusst misverstehen will, weiss im Grunde, was er gesagt hat und dass er am Ende recht hat: Jeder will Fussballer wie Ösil oder Boateng, aber keiner die tausende Nordafrikaner der Sylvesterfeier von Köln. Das Asylgesetz sollte also durch ein Immigrationsgesetz a la Kanada / Australien ersetzt werden.". Georg Staudinger: "Ja, wir schauen und sehen und sagen nur das eine: GEHT BITTE WIEDER ZURÜCK.". Marc Drozella: "Ich bin gerade vorgestern aus Spanien zurück gekommen und kann mir nicht erklären, was die Asylbewerber in Deutschland wollen. Diese Sauertöpfigkeit der Deutschen im Vergleich zur Herzlichkeit anderer (südlicher) Völker ist kaum zu ertragen, wenn einem der Kontrast so deutlich bewusst wird.". Andreas Michalik: "Lucia Ladberg
29-05-2016 12:43 Olivier Schulbaum shares a link. Blog :: 70.000€ de #matchfunding de @GipuzkoaKultura para cofinanciar 20 proyectos culturales de #Gipuzkoa. Deadline: 19/06 . Blog ::
29-05-2016 12:32 Werner Rodlauer teilt einen Link. ... dabei haben die nicht mal einen Goya.... Das Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna feiert Feste.