The environment surrounds me.

23-10-2014 02:18 Sahra Gabriele Foetschl posts a video. Stare polskie tango: 'Już nigdy !' - Sława Przybylska. Tango 'Już nigdy' (Never again) was first sung by Vera Bobrowska a star of the cabaret Morskie Oko, Warsaw, 1930 and became such a success that through decad.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwxRvmhzulA.
23-10-2014 01:59 RT shares a link. IDF soldiers handcuff, blindfold 11yo mentally ill Palestinian (VIDEO). http://on.rt.com/0djxrf. A video of Israeli Defense Forces degrading detention and mistreatment of a disabled 11-year-old boy has surfaced on Youtube, once again sparking harsh criticism of abuse and indiscriminately violent treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli military. 25 people like this: Abu Looth, Muhammed Ahmed Yousaf, Faraz Azmat, Carol Harrison, Mau Salinas, Zaki Khan, Ghaanim Mohamed, Ricardo Monroy Garcia, Phil Williams, Jacqueline C Wachell, Christine Harris, Walter Harris, Catherine Watts, Fatima Paez, Hagar Haid, Rob McWhinnie, Kavon Mirzababa, Erick Hernandez, Fatah Morgana, Muhammad Sarfraz Chughtai, Tim Hess, Tae Song, Isabel Santamaria, Shaho Pirani, Ahmad Shah. 25 people commented on this. Luqman Alimire: "Zionazis...". Joel Curyer: "IDF are a bunch of fucking pigs....disgrace to humanity!". Saeed Shiralizadeh: "''chosen people'' :3". Jackie Marisol: "Cowards :( this kid was so scared. Justice please god don't forget palestine". Belkacem Djemil: "Bastards ..". Mick Tully: "Peodofile sick bástárds.". Iram Shafi: "Truly disgusted by this! When will this nation be held accountable for their barbaric actions??". Farhad Graham Kebabófilo: ""The only democracy in the Middle East". My a*s.". Anas EL-ouali: "Zionists Pigs...they are heros in front of children and women....and bunch of cowards in battlefields". Russo Perez: "These aren't God's people. Their nationalist Zionist puppet fucks.". Bruhns Mb Simataa: "This world is so sick! If america is not against you then your crimes go unpunished, largely forgotten! What the Israel government has done to Palastine is simply unjustifiable, where is the international committee without U.S.A?". Bashdar Diesel: "i don't support violence at all especially against under age people, but you can't guarantee this poor boy would not cause any problem for the military men around. i hope IDF guys didn't hurt him". Mark El Dagen: "your a bunch of Nazi islamist sucking asses .what do you think the cops in your country would do if they were thrown rocks at?? they would ask him if he was mentally handicap first? you haters your days is coming quite fast. keep on sucking on those muzrats.". Mark El Dagen: "Hypocrites". Usman Qureshi: "Oh too much 'self defence' :3". Frank Ramirez: "Aren't most of them mentally ill.". Campbell Smith: "CUNTS". Alan Page: "Cowards...". Annette Niebelski: "Last time the Palestinians sent a retarded kid over he was strapped with a bomb crying he didn't want to die. Palestinians use mentally ill as suicide bombers. Israelis took the bomb off and helped him.". Mark El Dagen: "you think God cannot destroy Islam and Nasis? well you underestimate his capabilities and will deal with you quite soon. :)". Chris Hickman: "Throw rocks at soldiers and thats what happens.". James Davies: "brainwashed muppetsThis is all propaganda.". Catherine Watts: "Again, nothing will be done because guess who controls all of us.". Said Adimi: "CHRIS HICKMAN. Fuck u madda fucker. I wish I know. U I will fuck u and ur sister bitch". Rhea Amaryllis: "He's a threat to them??? Oh wait, I forgot something here. Even BABIES are a big threat to them. No wonder... :P".
23-10-2014 01:51 Fefes Blog shares a link. Read Full Story. http://blog.fefe.de/?ts=aab6fbfb. Geht schon wieder los mit dem Wahlcomputer-Wahlbetrug.
23-10-2014 01:51 Fefes Blog teilt einen Link. Read Full Story. http://blog.fefe.de/?ts=aab6fa6c. Ich könnte mich ja immer stundenland darüber aufregen, wenn ein Land jahrelang anderer Länder bombardiert, dann Opfer eines "Terroranschlags" der betroffenen Volksgruppe wird, und sich die Politiker dann in den Medien demonstrativ wundern, wie denn das kommt. "They hate us for our freedom" und so. So geschehen kürzlich in Kanada, Glenn Greenwald erklärt den Kanadiern das mal. Money Quote:It is always stunning when a country that has brought violence and military force to numerous countries acts shocked and bewildered when someone brings a tiny fraction of that violence back to that country. 1 Mensch gefällt das: Kay Möller.
23-10-2014 01:51 Fefes Blog teilt einen Link. Read Full Story. http://blog.fefe.de/?ts=aab6fb06. Wenn man bedenkt, dass die Amerikaner jahrzehntelang ganz offen die Sowjetunion mit Spionageflugzeugen und -Satelliten bespitzelt haben, und dabei einen feuchten Furz auf deren Souveränität und Luftraum gaben, ist es schon verwunderlich, wie bei der Nato die Nerven blank liegen, wenn die Russen einmal für eine Minute (!) mit einem Spionageflugzeug in den Luftraum Estlands eindringen. Was wollen die denn? Ist das plötzlich illegitim, andere Länder gegen deren Willen auszuspionieren? Das Memo haben dann aber, mit Verlaub, noch nicht alle Nato-Mitglieder gekriegt *hust*. 2 Menschen gefällt das: Kay Möller, Amadeus Brümmer.
23-10-2014 01:34 Riverboat Gamblers posts a video. Gamblers. Riverboat Gamblers on Town Lake. http://youtu.be/Ns8sF-0ybjY. 25 people like this: Bobby Kudlicki, Guadalupe Benavides, Sarah Zimmerman, Diane Davis, McLemore Justin, Julia Cohen, Patrick Grindstaff, Ryan Minter, Savanh Chansombroth, Mary Littler, Kathryn S. Garcia, Stephanie Parks Staats, Mike Tooknikott, Izzy Izzy, Cole Stockton, Marco Arevalo, Robert Kapala, Helen Triesch, Kelsey Drew, Phillip Henley, Steve Harvey Oswald, Anne Marie, Kristen Lupia, Charles Knauf, Rock Hodapp. 5 people commented on this. Eric Spencer: "I obviously made the wrong choice going to see Brand New at Stubbs vs This Amazingness.". Eric Braun: "That's fucking awesome.". Brandy Ankrom: "that freaked me out at first- i wasn't sure what that was.". Emily Guillory: "Haha! He had a ticket and missed the boat, so glad he made it after all.". Tye Newkirk: "That was a great show".
23-10-2014 01:23 Little Stage Bar posts a video. Silent Climate Parade 2014 [Berlin]. Silent Climate Parade 2014 in Berlin. Musik: Egokind & Clear Void - Closer https://soundcloud.com/egokind/clear-void-closer Shot & Edit: Marcus Zahn http://w.... youtu.be. most importent in life ... Silent Climate Parade 2014 [Berlin]: http://t.co/Pcf9ntHyyh via @YouTube.
23-10-2014 01:20 RT shares a link. Europe’s food experts fooled by pranksters into confusing McDonald’s with organic food. http://on.rt.com/imxp4q. Even foodies can’t tell McDonald’s from real, organic food. The Dutch pranksters have fooled food experts and consumers and proved that even foodies can’t tell McDonald’s from real, organic food when offered some on a plate. The comments from misled ‘experts’ are hysterical. 25 people like this: Mamun Ahammed, Zac Carlson, Timy Yael Garcia, Chipotl Atl, Patrick McCauley, Chris Jones, Mark Cioccari, Adam Gronowski, Lana Darlington, Christian Estrada, Fatima Paez, Alan Morrison, Shaad Foster, Filip Fundament, Conrad Krillsax, Lisa Eff, Aaron Derouin, Nadhia Sumarana, Greg Wolf, Apolinar Cabrera, Luke Collins, Junior Or Junebug, Brian Sunshine Slaney, Richard Hill, Anselm Lobo. 25 people commented on this. RedSkull Beats: "what a stupid experiment, just gives the junk food lovers an excuse to carry on and ignore the health warnings. smh... counter productive.". Darka Smith: "Don't care, it's still garbage food. ". Jacky Turansky: "So what does this prove? Does it prove then that mcdonalds is not bad for you because some people can't tell the difference in taste? Although I can definitely taste the difference in berries, i can't tell organic food from gmo crap either. It's not about taste, it's about what the hell you are putting in your body.". Mike King: "they didn't really trick anyone considering thye told the people it was a new FAST FOOD recipe, they just said it was organic fast food.". Honorable Che Ahmed: "It says less about the foodies and more about humans being conformists, followers, and afraid to dissent...". Shams Jivani: "how much did mcdonalds pay them to do this...". Tamara Worrall: "What a load of bull... they seriously have problems with their taste buds, sense of smell and eyesight". Paul Marshall: "So, Just because it tastes like food doesn''t mean that it is. See what the health effects are after 20 years of eating each". Thomas Shepherd: "Question for all the people on the organic high horse. Do you verify your organic farms? Have you soil tested them? Do you know the history of the land being cultivated?". Dennis Barberic Jr.: "Organic food doesn't taste different, the difference is what is in it or on it (no chemical pesticides/fertilizers and GMOs).". John A Martinez RA-mos: "Mcdonalds is he type of "food" that goes straight from mouth to anus, no digestion necessary". Pauli Chaconopolous: "It's never been about taste RT.... How much did McDonalds pay you?". Frank James Crow: "You gotta be kidding. I could tell the difference any day of the week! I could be half-loaded with beer and still tell the difference. People have no taste buds.". Lisha Loo: "all this does is further prove the point that GMO and junk is food is so dangerous! if it tastes so good you can tell some asshat on the street its organic and he praise jesus over the amazing flavor it is that much more deceitful and harmful for the body and mind. just becasue it tastes great means nothing. spinach is gross but popeye would kick your ass anyday!". Frank Roby: "Just shows how many clowns work in the food industry especially on channels like bbc1 never ending trash tv for self righteous pricks.". Be Pe: "Vlad Putas said this is organic so IT IS! Rus Burger!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7Nh8F5iG3M". Be Pe: "by the way RT gives us only important news as you can see... Rubbish Today". John Pouliot: "Mmmm those chemicals make me think it tastes good.". 许文娇: "It's not the taste that matters, it's the damage it can do to the bodies, plus, MacDonald changes their materials and style of cooking by countries. If you were eating usa MacDonald Hamburger, and you can't tell the difference between that with real meat or vegan burger, consider you have no place in food expert or foodies, keep your day job, and keep your opinion to yourself so no one will think how ignorant those opinions are.". Jugg Von Frank: "If it is or isn't organic , it doesn't change the fact that people still want to buy good clean organic food .". Dale Wicks: "they failed to mention the "food experts" have no tongues..I could tell any day". Talore Turner: "Its a set-up and they all were in on it. Everybody knows the taste of over -processed cancer causing crap in their mouths but when McDonalds wants good publicity to over shadow the reality that their food is inorganic and technically not food they just use their corporate money to have the world's food experts sell out like whores.". Marylyn Tippeconnic: "I'll trust me I can tell McDonalds from real food whether the real food is organic or not! For one thing McDonalds makes me sick because its not any sort of real food. Too many pesticides and crap make me sick and that is what mcDonalds is full of.". Philip Petracca: "I don't eat organic foods because I think they taste better, I eat them because I know the chemicals used on non-organic foods will harm my health.". Thom Nickels: "Foodies are sick people.".
23-10-2014 01:19 Little Stage Bar posts a video. Silent Climate Parade 2014 [Berlin]. Silent Climate Parade 2014 in Berlin. Musik: Egokind & Clear Void - Closer https://soundcloud.com/egokind/clear-void-closer Shot & Edit: Marcus Zahn http://w.... youtu.be. Ich habe ein @YouTube-Video positiv bewertet: http://t.co/mXA9lgpwrl Silent Climate Parade 2014 [Berlin].
23-10-2014 01:17 Little Stage Bar teilt ein Video. BERLIN-COLLAGE - KIEKE MA FILM BERLIN #Berlin. Berlin 2014: Ein Zusammenschnitt von Ereignissen in Berlin, sei es "Freiheit statt Angst", Fuckparade oder Mauerpark und, und, und ... nach der Devise: Janz .... youtu.be. Ich habe ein @YouTube-Video von @kiekemafilm positiv bewertet: http://t.co/5R4JbpwOjw BERLIN-COLLAGE - KIEKE MA FILM BERLIN #Berlin.
23-10-2014 01:15 The Reykjavík Grapevine shares a link. Was Literature’s First Man On The Moon An Icelandic Peasant? - The Reykjavik Grapevine. http://grapevine.is/mag/articles/2014/10/22/was-literatures-first-man-on-the-moon-an-icelandic-peasant/. "The island of Levania is located fifty thousand German miles high up in the air. The journey to and from this island from our Earth is very seldom open; but when it is accessible, it’s easy for our people. However, the transportation of men, joined as it is to the greatest danger of life, is most difficult. We do not admit sedentary, corpulent or fastidious men into this retinue.". My name is Duracotus and my fatherland Iceland called Thule by the ancients. My mother, Fiolxhilde who died recently left me at leisure to write something which I already ardently desired to do. While she lived she diligently saw to it that I did not write, for she said that there were many maliciou…. 19 people like this: Charles Barrientes, Ines Utopia, Iñaki Jauregi Canseco, Kealie Vogel, Wayne Riehl, Josefina Troncoso, Carlos Eduardo Piedrahita, Ioana L. Simileanu, David Gosewitz, Nicholas Waller, LE WY, Jurga Lunyte, Demography - the study of human population and society, JDavíð Schärlot, Raúl Moreno, Majella Breton, Mira Dawn, Graeme Wend-Walker, Josh Walsh. 1 person commented on this. Karen Pease: "Literature's first science fiction story? Hardly. It's long predated by, for example, "True History" by Lucian of Samosata in the 2nd century. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/True_History".
23-10-2014 01:05 Prosthetic Knowledge adds a photo. Color Simple yet challenging Chinese web game where you have to identify the odd coloured square amongst others in a grid. http://prostheticknowledge.tumblr.com/post/100702065586/color-simple-yet-challenging-japanese-web-game.
23-10-2014 01:05 Peter Weibel posts a video. theartVIEw - PETER WEIBEL press talk at 21er Haus. Curator Alfred Weidinger and Peter Weibel at the press talk - in german - for the exhibition PETER Weibel media rebel at 21er Haus. Kurator Alfred Weidinger .... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8atjHXnrbk#t=933. 1 person likes this: Herwig Beo Labostella.
23-10-2014 00:58 Silke Zil Kuhar shares a link. NASA Posts a Huge Library of Space Sounds, And You're Free To Use Them - Create Digital Music. http://createdigitalmusic.com/2014/10/nasa-posts-huge-library-space-sounds-youre-free-use/. Space is the place. Again. And SoundCloud is now a place you can find sounds from the US government space agency, NASA. In addition to the requisite vocal clips (“Houston, we’ve had a problem” and “The Eagle has landed”), you get a lot more. There are rocket sounds, the chirps of satellites and equi…. 9 people like this: Georges Jacotey, Javier Monitor, Δεριζαματζορ Προμπλεμ ιναυστραλια, Roͬͬ͠͠͡͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠sͬͬ͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠͠aͬͬ͠͠͠͠͠͠͠ Menkman, Philly White, Richard Cruz, Steve, Mikihiko Mera, Giselle Zatonyl. 1 person commented on this. Giselle Zatonyl: "Thank you, Silke! Thank you NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration!".
23-10-2014 00:58 Little Stage Bar posts a video. Fridays Rocking Open Jam - snippet three - 17.10.2014@Little Stage, Berlin. ... u.a. Jens, Stefan, Fernandez ... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fridays-Rocking-Open-Session-Jam-Nights-Neuk%C3%B6lln-Live/676074215823078. youtu.be. Fridays Rocking Open Jam - snippet three - 17.10.2014@Little Stage, Berlin: http://t.co/lNJNtJwVjC über @YouTube.
23-10-2014 00:55 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Nah am Weltrekord. http://www.zeit.de/zeit-magazin/2014/42/mazda-mx-5-roadster-von-a-nach-b. In Warnemünde kommt das Wetter wie überall am Meer: schneller als man denkt. Und schon steht der Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupé im Regen. Offen. Da hilft nur sprinten.. Unsere Autorin steht mit dem Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupé in Warnemünde im Regen. 2 Menschen gefällt das: Chris Wilhelmsson, Josephe Estephan.
23-10-2014 00:48 RT shares a link. Obama’s chief of staff personally negotiates redacting of Senate’s CIA torture report. http://rt.com/usa/198300-obama-chief-staff-torture/. McDonough is playing a top role in hashing out what will be available to the public upon release of an abbreviated executive summary for the 6,000-page report - sources. White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough is deeply involved in negotiating how much to redact from a classified US Senate probe into the CIA’s post-9/11 detention and interrogation program, according to a new report. 25 people like this: Adisha Ladyz, Daniela Petra Collins, Stephane Beaudin, Dejan Rajcevic, Patrick Pítu, Hans Etter, Hasi Klein, Fatima Paez, Gino C. Matibag, Fania Putry, Bradley W Giles, Mark Blackford, Joseph Brown, Samera Abd, Joshua Aaron Sumner, Ali Hassan, Rudolfo Veneno, Star Fighter, Patrick McSwain, Abo Ali, Hamzawi Rajawi, Hàomíng Huáng, Fazeela Ganie, Ami Ne, Karen Marie. 5 people commented on this. Jordan Ward: "probably end up with a 2 page report". William Maurice Hardman: "this picture of his face reaction says it all". Sleazy Vegetable Joe: "Yay transparency". James Stainsby: "8.3% of the report will be available to the public, and that will inevitably be heavily censored. http://m.whitehouse.gov/the_press_office/TransparencyandOpenGovernment/". محمد حسن سنگ تراش: "https://www.facebook.com/pages/SerenaShim/721361097948594".
23-10-2014 00:48 Prosthetic Knowledge adds a photo. Illumino Homemade wearable tech project is an beanie hat with an LED bobble and EEG brain-reading attachment which changes colour depending on which mental state you are in. More Here: http://prostheticknowledge.tumblr.com/post/100700168701/illumino-homemade-wearable-tech-project-is-an. 1 person likes this: Alison Bennett.
23-10-2014 00:45 Sahra Gabriele Foetschl posts a video. kino pe romani shib 1947. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=761574697235251. 2 people like this: Sahra Gabriele Foetschl, Andras Fiath. 6 people commented on this. Sahra Gabriele Foetschl: "very !". Sahra Gabriele Foetschl: "prosti". Sahra Gabriele Foetschl: "film by: ARNE SUCKSDORF (!) :)". Sahra Gabriele Foetschl: "Vera Hagemann -". Sahra Gabriele Foetschl: "ein Film darüber, wie Motoren repariert werden -". Sahra Gabriele Foetschl: "shukar me the palikeraw fajin !".
23-10-2014 00:33 Sahra Gabriele Foetschl posts a video. Asaf Avidan // Reckoning Song (One Day). = Live Original Version = Out of the Documentary FINAL STAGES - on the road with Asaf Avidan and the Mojos Available on DVD: http://www.finalstagesfilm.com/#.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A16VcQdTL80. 1 person commented on this. Sahra Gabriele Foetschl: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X31SjB0SwOI".
23-10-2014 00:31 Sahra Gabriele Foetschl adds a photo. Cover Photos. STYRIA, AUSZTRIA.
23-10-2014 00:24 Sahra Gabriele Foetschl adds a photo. grazer nights V. With DaPartl Mim Hund.. MONA LISA - Original. 1 person likes this: DaPartl Mim Hund.
23-10-2014 00:22 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Kanada: Mutmaßlicher Schütze von Ottawa soll identifiziert sein. http://www.zeit.de/politik/ausland/2014-10/kanada-ottawa-soldat-angeschossen-parlament. Der 32-jährigen Michael Zehaf-Bibeau soll die Schüsse im Parlamentsviertel in Ottawa abgegeben haben. Ob er Mittäter hatte ist noch immer ungewiss. (nd). Bei mehreren Schießereien in Ottawa wurden ein Soldat und ein Angreifer getötet, dessen Identität nun bekannt sein soll. Die Polizei fahndet nach weiteren Tätern. 9 Menschen gefällt das: Fabi Sie, Giuseppe Faseta, Marcus Simon Dck, Schirien Krause, Vram Vakarian, Krucso Horst, Susanne Putz, Rolf Fritsche, Milic Valentina. 4 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Marc Christopher Briel: "Ich finde es echt unglaublich dass nach solch kurzer Zeit schon ein Name veroeffentlicht wird, oder dass ueberhaupt ein Name vor einer Urteilsverkuendung veroeffentlicht wird.". Siegfried Daebritz II: "Wieder so ein radikal rasierter Eskimo? ^^". Heike van Heteren: "Der Tote wird voll kaum noch verurteilt werden". الشمس والقمر منزل: "Das ist kein Moslem. Niemals!".
23-10-2014 00:22 RT shares a link. Fragile fact-checking: How the media fell in and out of love with the Sikorski ‘revelations’. http://on.rt.com/l9ubr8. Op-Edge by Bryan MacDonald: 'Did Judah and Politico really believe serious analysts would swallow this?'. What’s worse than a junior neocon? A junior neocon trying to make a name for himself. Ben Judah’s meteoric rise, aided by his staunch anti-Russian credentials in a climate of fear, has imploded as quickly as it began. 25 people like this: Johnny Ozanne, Gwyn Booth, Minon Wilpatha, James Sismey, Naser Zayed, Wahed Kazi, حمودي الحمزاوي الحمزاوي, Paulo Marques, Maria Gutierrez, Brendan Toner, James Reeder, Adisha Ladyz, Giuseppe Venegazzi, Daniel Boyd, Huy-Anh Lê, Wojciech Kita, Katerina Egorova, Star Fighter, John DiFiore, Fania Putry, Rizzak El Houari, Bina Jennings, Bernraf Concepcion Orpiano, Clark Wiiliams, Ziaul Ahsan. 8 people commented on this. Lamine Boutelis: " حول صورتك الي صورة مرسومة بالقلم الرصاص في اقل من دقيقة ادخل اعمل صورتك من الرابط التالي ^_^ https://www.facebook.com/1492469014345748?". Fernando Snow: "Pollacks are all mentals who never manage to get past 7 years old psychologically, and these mental sicknesses that they have always manifests itself in violence, aggression and all kinds of hate.". James Watt: "'Neocon' is a cowardly media euphemism for 'ZIONIST' it pretends that Neocons are not just cabalistic subversive Jews and their treasonous Western politicial minions who suck Jewish dick for bucks.". Mark El Dagen: "dont blame the Zionist James Idiot. this guy is on his own. Israel and russia has good relation and both side does not blame each other only Nazi and muslim Idiots like you James Watt.". Craig Bratcher: "LOL Putin's propaganda has only 2 modes- talking big talk or crying like a big baby and playing the victim. That's so cute! :D Glory Glory Glory!!!". Szymon Sz: "Analysts already swallowed this... why? Cuz no one beleve in russian words anymore!". Quanto Costa: "Not everybody's darling anymore !". Krzysztof Stankiewicz: "so putin isnt trying to dismember ukraine? bollocks".
23-10-2014 00:20 Stephan Stanzel adds a photo. Superduperphotographer is in the house. 10 people like this: Florian Kargl, Stefan Plattner-Deisenberger, Stefan Haslinger, Andreas Jakwerth, Judith Filimónova, Herwig Beo Labostella, Birgit Vollmeier, Anna Schlickaput Kohlweis, Jakob Kubizek, Ludwig Tomaschko.
23-10-2014 00:13 Titanic-Magazin sagt etwas. Briefe an die Leser: Johann Lafer, Sternekoch! - http://www.titanic-magazin.de/briefe/2014/oktober/#c21997. 7 Menschen gefällt das: Ernst Fröhlich, Patrik Sponi, Micha Meschke, Tobias Klecha, Le Bert, Daniel Backhuß, Paul Paule. 2 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Le Bert: "http://zapfenstreichonline.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/lafer-7.png%3Fw%3D620%26h%3D437". Artur We: "Shitstorm wegen der Karikatur in 5 ; 4 ; 3 ; 2 ...".
23-10-2014 00:11 Peter Bäcker adds a photo in Circular Quay. You like my crown?. 19 people like this: Pockets Cooper, Daniel Mackey, Elena Kirschbaum, Peta Lesnie, Marcus Wolff, Magda Eberswalder, Freddy Komp, Michael van Maanen, Ari I. Zed, Pascale Crouche McDonald, Meinrad Hader, Anna Anderegg, John Alfred, Christian Eisner, Barbara Dallheimer, Robert Charles Wimpory, HW Peterson, Brad Fitzpatrick, Martina Stock. 2 people commented on this. Brad Fitzpatrick: "gOOD TO SEE YOU BACK BROTHER!". Freddy Komp: "Karnevalsprinz :)".
23-10-2014 00:02 D.Collective adds a photo. And so it ends, another d.collective meeting... Good night :). 6 people like this: Daniel Seyde, Ruben Schmidtmann, die Urbanisten - lokal, kreativ, lebendig, Simi Simon, D.Collective, Caroline Rabe.
23-10-2014 00:02 Eugenio Tisselli Vélez adds a photo. Timeline Photos. A tod@s los interesad@s, ¡los esperamos este jueves en el inicio del taller! Taller de cuatro sesiones y asesorías posteriores de acuerdo a necesidades. Mañana empieza la segunda fase del taller sobre Cartografía de saberes agrícolas. Nos reuniremos a las 5 PM en el Csyc Santa Martha, en Villa Milpa Alta, por si estás interesad@. Muchas gracias a Flor Hernández y Juan Carlos Loza por hacer y difundir esta bonita invitación. 4 people like this: MaroOla Fonoy, Gabriel Elías, Evodia Silva, Gabi Diaz. 5 people commented on this. Evodia Silva: "Eugenio, cuando andes por el centro del país, y si tuvieras un hueco en tu agenda, estás invitadísimo para venir a mi universidad a charlar con los estudiantes de posgrado. :)". Eugenio Tisselli Vélez: "¡Gracias Evodia, iré encantado! Ojalá pueda ser pronto.". Evodia Silva: "Con que sea en este año, estaría genial.". Eugenio Tisselli Vélez: "Creo que podría ser en noviembre, tengo que ver si tengo chance de darme una escapada.". Evodia Silva: "¡Perfecto! me dices con tiempito para organizarlo.".
23-10-2014 00:00 Sahra Gabriele Foetschl adds a photo. Mobile Uploads. ✻ღϠ₡ღ¸.✻´´¯`✻.¸¸.Ϡ₡ღ.¸.✻´´¯`✻.¸¸.Ϡ₡ღ¸.✻´´¯`✻¸¸.Ϡ₡ღاجمل ما في الحيات
22-10-2014 23:54 Sahra Gabriele Foetschl adds a photo. grazer nights V. .
22-10-2014 23:53 Sahra Gabriele Foetschl adds a photo. grazer nights V. .
22-10-2014 23:53 Sahra Gabriele Foetschl adds a photo. grazer nights V. PRECIOUS.
22-10-2014 23:48 Jay Cousins says something. Jay Cousins → Zeinab Kamal. This time next month it's gonna be a whole different world for us ;). 13 people like this: Maryam Massoud, Ahmed Mostafa, Zeinab Kamal, Mohamed Ramadan, Claudia Gross, Muhammad Radwan, Hussein Elshafei, Ulrike von Ruecker, Andrew Craw, Bianca Fliss, Sahra Yassin, Kate Michi Ettinger, Eddie Harran. 4 people commented on this. Mostafa Darsh Hussein: "I wanna know the name :D". Kate Michi Ettinger: "Oooh fun! Big hugs to both of you!!". Ady Pierce: "Enjoy the ride brother!". Zeinab Kamal: "I still can't believe it.. Was just wondering... How come I can feel something moving inside me yet it's still unbelievable... Lol".
22-10-2014 23:47 Sahra Gabriele Foetschl adds a photo. grazer dirty nights. With Dee J Smokedogg and 3 others.. Palatschinken-Julian, Julian Palacz, sowas - .. wir sollten sowas auch mal machn ...
22-10-2014 23:45 Sahra Gabriele Foetschl adds a photo. grazer dirty nights. With Dee J Smokedogg and 3 others.. herrlich !.
22-10-2014 23:45 Sahra Gabriele Foetschl adds a photo. grazer dirty nights. NO NAZI STUFF!!! — with Stephen Colsell and 3 others.
22-10-2014 23:39 RT shares a link. Google takes Magic Leap into virtual reality with $542mn investment . http://on.rt.com/k19ljm. Software ninjas & psychedelic physicists. Google, semiconductor giant Qualcomm and other blue chip companies have invested $542 million in venture funding into Magic Leap, a little-known company that promises to mesh virtual objects with our view of the world. 25 people like this: Apryl Perdue Williamson, Hagar Haid, Marx Lafreniere, Jon Haeckel, Ruandy Urbieta, Saba Mohyuddin, Liz Browning Stephenson, Lou J. Sheppard, Yuriy Tchaikovsky, Ryan Anderson, Michael Osiris Mišiak, Kira Michelz, Athula Shabaz Al-Aiwass, Jonny Dore, Darl van Dijk, Fatima Paez, Taylor Bloom, Amin Osama, Oggie Kay, Randy Knight, Mickel Johnson, Dustin Kolkin, Michael Taffy Bassett, Moutaz Idriz, Joshua Aaron Sumner. 11 people commented on this. Chris Cleenwerck: "good for them". Grayson Hellyer: "Good to see more serious research in this field as bad as Google are i like to see innovation.". David Powers: "haa haa...thats like investing 8 Cents. Niiiice.". Sheik El Belled: "When they get done spending billions to know every nook and cranny of our boring collective then what's left to be afraid of?". Xýäz Xhâñ: "<3". Jacob Osta: "I don't mind the tech , i just don't trust google with it . And as long as the tech doesn't have negative health implications .". Stickey Root: "Google is Skynet you can deny it all you want.". Kira Michelz: "wow". Dane Manning: "save money, eat mushrooms.". Michelle Potter: "" save money, eat mushrooms" hahaha.. :p". Lamine Boutelis: " حول صورتك الي صورة مرسومة بالقلم الرصاص في اقل من دقيقة ادخل اعمل صورتك من الرابط التالي ^_^ https://www.facebook.com/1492469014345748?".
22-10-2014 23:35 Lexikon universal-wissen.de teilt einen Link. Weitere Ambulanz für Musiker eingerichtet (neues deutschland). http://bit.ly/1tgIHdG. 23.10.2014 Gesund leben Weitere Ambulanz für Musiker eingerichtet Münster. Bei Versagen der Stimme, Hörschäden oder Lampenfieber bietet die Uniklinik Münster für Musiker jetzt eine Ambulanz an. Das Angebot richtet sich an Berufsmusiker, Laiensänger, Schauspieler, aber auch Kinder und Jugendliche, di….
22-10-2014 23:30 taz. die tageszeitung teilt einen Link. Die österreichische Schriftstellerin Nadine Kegele verwandelt Sprachlosigkeit in Literatur. http://www.taz.de/!148113/. Aufgespannt zwischen zwei Welten. Vor kurzem erschien ihr Debütroman „Bei Schlechtwetter bleiben Eidechsen zu Hause“. 5 Menschen gefällt das: Corinna Emmely, Gertrude Blümenkohl, Catrin Becher, Valerie Seufert, Qle Mukke. 1 Mensch hat dazu kommentiert. Rainer Kühn: "Daß der zweite Roman an den ersten anknüpfen wird, das finde ich echt: bemerkenswert. Nebenbei: Von der Nora, Mitte dreißig, kann ich da die Adresse haben?".