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30-05-2015 05:11 Wikileaks teilt ein Video. Video ""Supernerds" - Englische Fassung" - WDR. Parallel zur Premiere des Theaterstücks "Supernerds" im Schauspiel Köln begrüßt Sie Bettina Böttinger live aus einem Studio direkt neben der Bühne..... 21 Menschen gefällt das: Evans Gathu, Fazla Rãbbi Arnob, Cheryl Lee Gravitt, Alberto Junior Riu's Riu's, Besly Roby Cami, Galih Rezah, Lola García, Daniel Torbay P, Francisco Alejandro Sánchez Lozano, Galih Rezah, Jacob Cheung, Jono Carter, Hilcias Perez, Wulfgäng Carlos Haudegen, David Drayton, Xmix Dreameʀ, Ida Dobrescu, Alfredo Gustavo Vallejos, Hunter John, Héctor Freire, Vladimir Kurimsky.
30-05-2015 05:06 RT shares a link. #IfThePatriotActExpires scary pictures flood Twitter ahead of deadline. While American law enforcement and intelligence communities raise concerns over the expected expiration this weekend of surveillance powers granted through the Patriot Act, social media have drawn apocalyptical pictures mocking the fears. 25 people like this: Emile Lomitas, Waheed Ullah, Robert Fox, Mildred de Villa, Brian Harrison, John Bafia, Mian Taj, Arbër Krasniqi, Kêtrýíìñ Bächpèíìchè Mäcghíìñg, Dats K-To War, Sary Risa Risa, Erich Brown, Nikhil Tyagi, Syêd MÔhsin, Diego Ricardo, Naseer Anjum Hiraj, Desi Hartatidaulay, Cheche Kurniawan, Liandry Cansel, Dineper Caliao Robillos, Ozhi Zhii Sullivan, Mike Mount, Jupiter Vega, Richard Silver, Adhiie Sii'nakkz Ijjo Lumuet. 15 people commented on this. Nick Nestarin: "Yes, that is how it works. The same with terrorism alerts, levels of threat and so on.". Todd West: "I'd laugh, but that shit ain't funny......crank up the jams! @". Marshall Pagacz: "#IfThePatriotActExpiresItWillBeHarderForUsToInfringeOnYourRightsAndStealFromYouAndKillYou". Luke Kobilan: "The patriot act spied on, arrested, and detained Americans. Not one terrorist was apprehended because of it.". Dan Morales: "Its crap it only spies on Americans". Chris Crothers: "You think we are idiots? The spying will continue.". Mary Silva: "Sadistic Bastards won't let it expire...". Anton Diajar Taubat: "
30-05-2015 04:52 Pitchfork adds a photo in BottleRock Napa. Kicking off #Contours with courtney barnett. 25 people like this: Jacob Morales, Takeshi Hosoya, Savanh Chansombath, Seth Parker, Georgia Griffiths, Cynthia C. Tamayo, Devon Halfyard, Andrew Shannon, Shorty Lijah, Julia Viñas, Skylar Hughes, Marco Flores, Brodie Grealish, Jose Alejandro Castillo, Lindsey Michelle Anderson, David Doovi Bell, Melissa Kraft, Jennson Wong, Scott Morse, Lisa Heine, Kyssa Gunnels-Comstock, Mike Garrett, Isalina Sanchez, Carmichael Curley, PL Lascarez. 1 person commented on this. Pitchfork: "Head to for the full experience".
30-05-2015 04:43 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Liken und teilen. Danke! #EheFuerAlle #MeinJA #EnoughisEnough #StopHomophobia #StopTransphobia #LGBT #Community #LGBTI #Gay. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Franziska Heitmann, Trystan Green, Jörg Schnellbächer, Smaro Katharina Pulli, Barbara Schulz, Yvonne Tanja Sommer, Dieter Helterhof, Susanne Mec, Nico Bogdan, Jennifer Rehfeld, Sven Wiedemann, Jasmin Hamburg, Babs Von Wenen, Julia-Katharina Kohl, Rosa María Rebagliati Salaverry, Thomas Mika, Fernando Kaus, Sandra Jendroschek, Alexandre Martinez Belezi, Noelle Danchili, Julia Bernarding, Jonas Krause, Oliver Wurtz, Manuel Schweiger, Moira Burton.
30-05-2015 04:21 RT shares a link. Adios, Hola! Popular privacy-minded browser plug-in has backdoor for hackers, researchers say. An online service that claims to offer 46 million users a free and secure way to browse the web anonymously is plagued with issues that allow customers to be tracked and hacked, security researchers say. 25 people like this: Imran Khan, Christian Robinson, Gregory Lyles, Nikhil Tyagi, Ali Bhatti, Jurian Sterk, MiKo, Indhy Entengo, Gour Ahbab, Charlyn Albor Agcalari, Thomasys Loh, Itin LoveBoxer, Phakpurin Pimatukan, Mohnish Verma, Lala N Fillipo Kotan, Də Wrnt, Exhan Ul Haq, David Hernandez, Vinicius Rosa, Wulandari, Un Tal Luis Alejandro, Melissa McGowan, John Doank, Sahxur Trie Andesta, Ardian Febriyanto. 8 people commented on this. Anton Diajar Taubat: "
30-05-2015 03:43 Lexikon teilt einen Link. Wissenschaftler präsentieren überarbeitete Translatio. Seligenstadt - Gleich in mehrfacher Hinsicht beleuchtet das Buch bislang kaum bekannte Aspekte, bringt neue ans Tageslicht und dürfte, wie beabsichtigt, in Bälde Geschichtsstudenten und an Geschichte Interessierte fesseln. Von Michael Hofmann .
30-05-2015 03:40 RT shares a link. ‘Bigger and badder’: US volunteers head to fight ISIS. 'There’s always a bigger and badder person. Right now we’re going to be that bigger and badder person'. A group of US volunteers is headed to the Philippines on a contract to fight groups allied with the Islamic State. One counterinsurgency specialist wonders if their enthusiasm will make up for the lack of logistics, weapons and training. 25 people like this: Deep Sapkota, Andres Domines, Abbas Abbas, Adeel Malik, Harlan Ramjattan, Syahril Si Kesatria Kegelapan, Honey Bharavad, Daniel España, Ziyauddin Siddiqui, Nick Santiago, รัตนาภรณ์ วรรณศรี, Syêd MÔhsin, Nikhil Tyagi, Ahmad Rjja, Wirat Saengarunwong, Isnan Aji, Terri Horak, Debabrata Puhan Dev, Usman Khan Alizai, Owen Thomas, Citra Imiutz, Jennifer Brown, Srii Dania Nadia, Tahir Jutt, Elma Palisoc. 25 people commented on this. David Gregory: "Oh you fucking idiots.". Ruth Hein: "So let me get this straight....The fucking pigs in Canada are ARRESTING and SEIZING passports of teenagers who HAVE TALKED ABOUT going to any-one elses Nation to murder the folks there....and doing shit like this???? WHAT MAKES AMERICANS "think"...ANY OTHER NATION...WANTS YOUR MURDERERS??? STAY HOME AND KILL YER OWN!!!". Jana Fox: "Go get them guys :)". Shahid Mian: "New ways to make money.". Alberto Gutierrez: "merica
30-05-2015 02:55 RT shares a link. Iran says no to IAEA-managed access to several nuclear sites. Tehran has rejected access to several individuals and nuclear sites that are listed by the Western states in relation to the nuclear program deal, according to local media. 25 people like this: Nikhil Tyagi, Thomasys Loh, Wasim Iqbal, Romulo Mosquera, Melting Heart, Patarachai Benchapornchai, Sam Uy, Chaudhry Mohsin Warraich, Charlyn Albor Agcalari, Paulo Rocha, Mintu Donyi Sanong Doley, Liao Circle, Mario Takov, Keshava Raju, Abdul Jalil, Baz Dafnidis, Phakpurin Pimatukan, John Doank, Christopher Angustia Yray, Mac Givargis, Md Moheuddin, Defrian Karistha, Aurthohin Manush, Giery Ginanjar, Sekandar Khan. 25 people commented on this. Gregor Comrie: "Middle East is the Devils playground.". معلومة مفيدة كل يوم: "حكمة اعجبتني ^_^ ============== الحصان_مريض ============== قال الطبيب ان لم يتعافئ الحصان خلال ثلاثة ايام اقتلوه سمع الخروف بذلك فذهب للحصان واخبره بالفازعة وقال له في اليوم الاول : انهض بعد يومين سيقتلونك في اليوم الثاني : انهض بعد يوم سيقتلونك !!! في اليوم الثالث : جمع الحصان قوته ونهض ففرح الفلاه وقال : اذبحو الخروف علئ سلامة الحصان في بعض الاحيان يجب عليك كتم بعض الكلام تجنب الاصابة إذا راقت لك القصة. قم بالإعجاب بهذا التعليق . لديك حب الاستطلاع؟ ^_^ تعرف على قصة أخرى رائعة بالمنشور الأول على حائطي؟ :* <3 .... .... ... .... <3 .... .... ... .... <3 .... .... ... .... <3 .... .... ... .... <3". Lucifa Rothschild: "I hope they screw up, and blow them selves up while trying to make nukes.". Nick Nestarin: "The Iranian side at least are very intelligent and competent negotiators, and whilst some in the Government may be more idealistic these men are pragmatic realists. If they reject measures that the US wants to impose then it is for good reason and in line with international law. Hopefully they can continue to try to reach a good compromise.". Brent Micheal Showers: "Try to tell the Israelis they should sign the iaea they don't. And would never allow the atomic energy commission to see there sites because they say they don't exist.". Rafael Angel: "Well done Iran !!!!". CK Tucker: "Iran has a plan that will cause the Middle East to be vacated, due to radiation. Israel has nukes trained intently on Mecca, and the meteor rock that Muslims play duck duck goose around. Iran killed thousands in Iraq to keep people angry at the USA. Reply here if you believe their propaganda......". Emmanuel Afrika: "Why should they when Israel wouldn't honor their part of the deal? They would be landing directly in Israelis hands.". Stephen Milne: "How about the IAEA inspect Israel to show they aren't bias..". Jared Franco: "Maybe the IAEA should inspect Dimona.". Emad Khalili: "Thanks Iran good answer, is there any country let IAEA check their military bases!!!???". Brent Micheal Showers: "Tino Borges do u know the situation of Russia before putin? It's not a dictatorship its a elected democracy". Brent Micheal Showers: "Mike speake I've heard ukrainians are there from a family I know from Kiev.". طارق إلياس: "IAEA means sabotage.". Brent Micheal Showers: "Mike Speake first off when? What law. Second. And most important why would it not be against the law in America during a time of war? America doesn't have the best track record for freedom of speech". Siraj Shah: "Iran has the right to defend it self from zionist israeli aggression...". Dan Basler: "Nuke them now or Nuke them later dont fucking matter.Party on". Brent Micheal Showers: "Mike Speake what is the ultimate goal of the west if not to create proxy in Russia to destroy it? They made this clear with there warmonging. Did u read the article and why it was out into place? Haha u posted something that was pro Russian without realizing it . The reason there doing it is no different than why britian interned Jews in britian during world war 2. Spread of communism. Or in this case western proxys to destroy Russia like they did in the middleast and Ukraine.". Brent Micheal Showers: "CK Tucker Isis is funded by American and the west including isreal from Jordan,golan heights,turkey and saudia Arabia. This has been proven thru intercepted inteligence between Isis and western powers by the iraqis. They already shot down a British jet and American chinook helicopter arming and supplying Isis". David Harding: "BS from BU!!!L SH!TTERS". Brent Micheal Showers: "CK Tucker 2 million dead since 9/11 and continue to kill innocents in villages in pakistan by drone.". Maria Soledad Calef Rujano: "Israel have been deny all access to its nuclear sites until today without any pressure, sanctions or threat.". William Blee Dorsey: "Can't say I'm happy. But, this was doomed from the start because the same wasn't required of Israel... If this is true that is...". Wyitt de la Torre: "just let the iranians have its toy. who cares, except to imperialist west". Ravi Sood: "I love reading RT, to get a different perspective. Most major Western media publications fail to provoke thought and engage the reader. If anything, it still feels like brainwashing, and I'd say somewhat desperate'".
30-05-2015 02:21 RT shares a link. Neurons for Algernon: Scientists restore memories in amnesic mice, hope to help humans. Memories that appear to be lost due to illness and trauma, could actually be just blocked, while remaining recoverable. A team of researchers have managed to unblock forgotten memories in lab mice using light pulses, a report published in the journal, Science, says. 25 people like this: Nikhil Tyagi, Mubraham Nasir, Daalacha Qaccamaa, Eman Gonzalez, Lira Cherepakhin, Martin Ignacio Begazo Vilchez, Romulo Mosquera, Chaudhry Mohsin Warraich, Vishal Singh, Isco Kancil, Arya Bima, Patarachai Benchapornchai, Yuliya Baranovskaya, Indhy Entengo, Samie Bazi, Liao Circle, Zaelanie, ZaLim HaFiz, Fairis Samanta, Arch Archie, Jo Wong, Lala N Fillipo Kotan, Keshava Raju, Phakpurin Pimatukan, Dusty Jo Burke. 25 people commented on this. Nick Nestarin: "Poor mice, what pleasant memories they must have of earlier expermentation.". Rajpal Chahal: "Sira Kaimzz Superb
30-05-2015 02:06 Laura Veirs posts a video. 6 people like this: Jessica Lynch Parks, Karl Sinkovitz, Marissa Mandell, Jenny Klein Svoboda, Stevie Nistor, Kevin Hall. 2 people commented on this. Kevin Hall: "❤️ shared". Marissa Mandell: "
30-05-2015 01:40 RT shares a link. Fugitive Georgian ex-president nominated as governor of Ukraine’s Odessa region. The fugitive Georgian leader has already been granted Ukrainian citizenship, which makes him legally eligible for the post, according to Ukrainian journalist-turned-MP Sergey Leshchenko, who also confirmed Saakashvili’s appointment as Odessa governor. The Ukrainian cabinet of ministers has nominated the former president of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, who has been placed on an international wanted list in his own country, as the governor of Ukraine’s coastal Odessa region. 25 people like this: MiKo, Gaurav Rawat, Joey Melendez, Nikhil Tyagi, Romulo Mosquera, Simon Chammas, Melting Heart, Charlyn Albor Agcalari, Derek Richards, Arch Archie, Franklin Diaz, Heinz Rosental, Keshava Raju, Ross McElvenny, Phakpurin Pimatukan, Abdul Jalil, Allo Da Silva Santos Jr., Syarwani Zaa, Md Moheuddin, Nerijus Rakauskas, Nhan Thai, Eduardo Villegas, Aboxx Regae, Luis Fonseca, Kopitar Sk. 25 people commented on this. Philipe Alain: "TROLLS ...". Michael Leone: "How does anyone believe the Ukrainian coup government is legitimate?". Gerry Cullen: "He must be. ( Jewish) ?". Nick Nestarin: "This is absolutely unbelievable. This fool started a war against Russia and got his troops killed for no reason, he is a criminal, and now he is supposed to lead Odessa in times of a civil war? Ukrainians are rapidly becoming the laughing stock of the world.". Kevin Reed: "Wow. How could they bother with that tie eating moron??". Sanita Zvidrina: "not enough local clowns?". Renan Vladimir: "Soon the Russians will come for him". François MengWan: "Poor Odessians !". Petar Dimitrievski: "the americans really have a great sence of humor and drama :)". Paul Rampage: "just another american whore !". Nicholas Majidi: "I was in Batumi last year". Colin Ball: "I hope when Odessa rises up they string him up.". Jovan Jovičić: "This is the beginning of the end...". Mukumbo Simpito: "They should also make John mCcain Vice President.
30-05-2015 01:20 Keiko Uenishi does something. [ČIPke] Keiko Uenishi: PREGRADE IN MEJE_SPAJANJE IN CIRCUIT BENDING / delavnica. @[352573504842422:69:Č I P k e] vabijo na novo delavnico, tokrat bomo eksperimentirale z elektroniko, zvokom in zidovi. O pregradah in mejah je tridnevna delavnica o preskakovanju meja ali kako se »odučiti« v naprej določenih idej o prostoru in elektroniki. Delavnico bo vodila priznana japonska zvočna umetnica Keiko Uenishi. V okviru praktične delavnice z enostavnimi elektronskimi veziji iz bakrenih trakov bo mentorica udeleženke vpeljala v razmišljanje o vmesnih prostorih. Učile se bodo preskakovati meje in ukrivljati ideje. Mentorica bo v prostoru zgradila začasno fizično oviro oziroma zid, ki bo razdeljevala prostor, z udeleženkami pa ga bodo tokom delavnice preluknjale in povezale z elektroniko. S tem bodo spremenile tipično funkcijo zidu, ki bo povezoval in ne razdeljeval. Za Uenishi je zid mentalno polje za aktivno mediacijo o komunikaciji. Poleg povezovanja DIY vezij se bodo udeleženke naučile tudi osnovnih metod tako imenovanega circuit bendinga ali “ukrivljanja vezij” že obstoječih igrač in drugih elektronskih naprav. DATUM IN ČAS: 27. - 29. maj, 2015 od 17. do 21. ure ŠTEVILO MEST: 12 udeleženk, do zapolnitve mest STAROST: od 12 let naprej JEZIK: angleški VEČ: PRIJAVA: ČIPke so odprta skupina, za katero ni potrebno članstvo. Za udeležbo na ČIPkasti delavnici ni potrebno predhodno znanje, zgolj zvedavo oko, uho in roke. Na razpolago bodo vsi materiali, ki jih boste udeleženke potrebovale za izdelavo projekta. Delavnica je namenjena izključno ženskam. Okolje je prijazno vsem, še tako osnovnim vprašanjem o elektroniki, kemiji in programiranju. Število udeleženk je, zaradi zagotavljanja kar se da celostne izkušnje na delavnici, omejeno na 12 udeleženk. Delavnica je brezplačna, obvezna je predhodna prijava preko spletnega obrazca: O prostem mestu vas bomo obvestile po mailu, ve pa svojo udeležbo nato potrdite še s kavcijo v višini 15 €, ki jih z udeležbo na vseh treh dnevih dobite nazaj. Kavcijo lahko vložite v Rampa Labu vsak ponedeljek na rednih čipkastih srečanjih med 17. in 19. uro. SOFINANCERJI: Ministrstvo RS za kulturo in Mestna občina Ljubljana. PRODUKCIJA: @[618548328202319:274:RAMPA Laboratorij] | Zavod Kersnikova. [ČIPke] Keiko Uenishi: PREGRADE IN MEJE_SPAJANJE IN CIRCUIT BENDING / delavnica. The final day of "Wall that Connects" (that was the title of the workshop I originally proposed;) ended amazingly! Thanks TONS to all of you worked together! I'm so looking forward to hearing your projects growing in coming months (& years if you'd continue)!!! - I'll send you photos & pick which one you'd all approve for this FB world later.
30-05-2015 00:57 Dr. Kiki Hurt, M.D. shares a link. Searching - EP by Kiki. KIKI FT: Gordon Chambers & Simone Deleon-Piña. "SEARCHING" Free Music till June 7. Download "I Love US" just add your email, download, glass of red wine & chill.. Preview and download Searching - EP on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews. 2 people like this: Lessie Black, Ir Renall Tampanz Jr.
30-05-2015 00:54 RT shares a link. Islamist militants capture last Syrian govt stronghold in Idlib province. Islamist militants have claimed full control over the strategic Syrian city of Ariha, with government forces admitting withdrawal from their last stronghold in Idlib province after heavy clashes with al-Qaeda affiliated groups. 25 people like this: يوسف ابو فهمي, Guillermo Fernández Monti, Nikhil Tyagi, Engr Abdullah Ahmed, Patarachai Benchapornchai, Isco Kancil, Citra Imiutz, Ferdinand Castor Censon, Elwis Loho Dei, Ugi Alsyarief SyankNcung, Keshava Raju, Abdul Jalil, Phakpurin Pimatukan, Glas Smug, Imran Khan, Allo Da Silva Santos Jr., Marjorie Gabijan Vergara, Ryan Hege, Brian Boland, Celeste Poston, Ami ND, Fariz Budjrad, Wwqw Mmnm, Teddy Yanto, Naj Islam. 25 people commented on this. Rajpal Chahal: "Sira Kaimzz Superb
30-05-2015 00:51 Maruska Bratusa posts a video. Higher Perspective. This is the coolest nature video EVER!.
30-05-2015 00:51 Nurda Tazegül teilt einen Link. YPG: Strategisch wichtiges Gebiet im Kanton Cizîre befreit - Civaka Azad. Pressemitteilung, Civaka Azad – Kurdisches Zentrum für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit e.V., 29.05.2015 Durch die Operationen der Volksverteidigungseinheiten (YPG) und Frauenverteidigungseinheiten (YPJ) wurde am 27. Mai der Ort Mebruka, eine Hochburg des Islamischen Staates (IS), befreit. Bereits in den verga….
30-05-2015 00:15 RT shares a link. GM bacteria ‘sensors’ could detect cancer, diabetes. Scientists have published two studies describing how genetically modified bacteria could help detect cancerous tumors and diabetes in mice, and potentially be used as a diagnostic tool for humans. 25 people like this: Romulo Mosquera, Boyet Lobero, Nikhil Tyagi, MiKo, Patarachai Benchapornchai, Chaudhry Mohsin Warraich, ZaLim HaFiz, Bobby Justiniano, Ugi Alsyarief SyankNcung, Phakpurin Pimatukan, Aboxx Regae, Michael Donnellan, Shinar Jhie Clalu, Wwqw Mmnm, Najar Muneer, Shade Onyx, M Waheed Afridi, Wi Bowo Siragiel, Srie Novitha, Matthew Nicholls, Robin Schneider, Joe Alfred Zamarripa Elizalde, Jessa Ann Aguilar, Rhyana Aprilia Azha, Meikam Loya Khuman. 17 people commented on this. Anton Diajar Taubat: "
30-05-2015 00:15 Titanic-Magazin says something. Neuer Brief an die Leser: Literaturkritiker Denis Scheck! 9 people like this: Winston S. Bartleby, Jorge Justino, Stefan Weiss, Wiebke Bartsch, Simon Wagner, Tim Mio, Christian Koch, Ole J. Feilscher, Jeremy Bartels.
30-05-2015 00:09 Maruska Bratusa adds a photo. .
29-05-2015 23:55 Johannes Grenzfurthner shares a link. IBM's supercomputer Watson ingested 2,000 TED Talks and can answer your deepest questions. IBM made Watson watch 2000 TED talks. This counts as abuse! The computer that beat humans on "Jeopardy" is now contemplating TED's big ideas. 4 people like this: Marcel Andreu, Sonia Mercedes Perez Arias, Bruno Haid, Paul Friedrich.
29-05-2015 23:51 Skaftfell Art Center says something. Skaftfell Art Center shared a page. 1 person likes this: Tinna Guðmunds.
29-05-2015 23:49 Bernhard Tobola macht irgendwas. 5 JAHRE MESHIT. im Mai wird meshit 5 Jahre und unser Shop 1 Jahr alt. wir freuen uns wenn ihr alle mit uns feiert! Dj´s: - Bernhard Tobola / Tingel Tangel - Lisa g. / unthroning - Julian k. / Can´t special guest: manmachine / ...und weitere kleine Überraschungen Eintritt: 4€. 5 JAHRE MESHIT. me now.
29-05-2015 23:33 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Fifa: Blatters Festspiele. Der Fifa-Kongress war eine perfekte Inszenierung mit Sonnenschein, blauem Himmel und rotem Teppich. Und am Ende wurde das Protokoll wunschgemäß erfüllt: Blatter darf bleiben. (nd). Die Fifa hat in Zürich zwei Tage lang heile Welt gespielt, während um sie herum der Korruptions-Skandal tobte. Am Ende verlief alles wie geplant. 5 Menschen gefällt das: Anton Capaul, Tom Kamm, Andrea Peter, Jurgen Eberwein, Paul Kruppa. 18 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Kay Jennrich: "Widerlich.". Jo Pelle Küker-Bünermann: "Schmierenkomödianten.". Julius Frankenfeld: "Na wenigstens hat er das bundesverdienstkreuz bekommen...". Garçon Blanc: ""Wir" könnten den so schnell los werden... einfach die nächste WM als Zuschauer (vor Ort und am TV) boykottieren, es wäre so einfach.". Henry Walton Jones: "Man möchte brechen.". Denis Feilinger: "". Marc Werner: "FIFA=Firlefanz". Stefan Schachl: "Ich wuensch dem alten Sack, dass er sich wie der Oberst Redl erschießen muss! Aber ein Herzinfarkt tut´s auch.". Armin Kraft: "Was für ein korrupter Scheisshaufen !". Vahshi Bafghi: "Der Pate". Daniel Neumann: "Der Merkel des Fußballs :D". Matthias Kühne: "Jeder mault aber sobald irgendwo ein ball übern rasen rollt schalten alle wieder ein. Mir ist es komplett schnurz welcher korrupte häuptling sich dort einnistet.". Mark Hansen: "Ein jordanischer Prinz wäre ja auch eine so viel bessere Wahl gewesen...". Jan Peter Schoffer Petricek: "Aufräumen:". Sebastian Cynikus: "und wer nicht tanzen will am schluss weiß noch nicht dass er tanzen muss". Kohannes Jolb: "Dass so jemand in der "modernen" Welt noch regieren kann, ist kaum vorstellbar. Die Uefa hätte da schon entsprechend reagieren können, aber da gibt's leider keine Menschen mit Standpunkten. Schade für den Fußball.". Mirko R. Müller: "Auf die Sepp Blatter Knechte ist eben verlass! Der ganze Laden wird geführt wie ein Kleingartenverein, unglaublich aber wahr!". Oliver Tuma: "Erbärmliches Kasperletheater !!!!".
29-05-2015 23:30 SomaFM shares a link. SomaFM: Drone Zone: Served best chilled, safe with most medications. Atmospheric textures with minimal beats. Commercial-free, Listener-supported Radio. Ambient fans: Roy Mattson's new album Mesmer will premiere later today (Friday) at 5pm pacific on Drone Zone:. Served best chilled, safe with most medications. Atmospheric textures with minimal beats. 25 people like this: Link Porterfield, James P. Scott, Adrian Logan-Rich, Priyojit Naskar, Mike Watson, Ubirajara Durval, Jason Reno, Phil Drakett, Angelica Daravingas, Charles Muccia, Mario Gervais, Paulo Wesley Faccio, Olaf Hessbrüggen, Roy Mattson, Dimitris Evagelou, Greg Arch, George Constantinescu, Jay Carroll, Jelena Lena, Chris Criner, FX Fearn Giacobbi, Jarek Rogacki, Stan Card, Aloisio Melro, Cory McDonald. 3 people commented on this. Henri Charles Dieudonné Lorange: "Meilleure station au delà des étoiles, juste après Orion". Ỳâzân Šâmârâ: "يهودى استقبل رجل مسلم في بيته فأحضر له العنب فأكله ثم أحضر له النبيذ (خمرا) فقال المسلم ..: هذا محرم علينا فقال اليهودى : عجباً لكم أيها المسلمون تحلّون هذا و تحرّمون هذا .. مع ان هذا من هذا !!.. فقال المسلم : ألك زوجة ؟ فقال اليهودى: نعم .. فقال المسلم : ائتني بها .. فأحضرها ثم قال له : ألك ابنة؟ ققال اليهودى : نعم فقال المسلم : ائتني بها .. فأحضرها فقال المسلم : أما ترى أن الله أحلّ لك هذه و حرّم عليك هذه .. مع أن هذه من هذه !! فقال اليهودى : أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله و أن محمداً رسول الله. - مافائدة الفيسبوك دون ان تأخذ منة معلومة تفيدك فى حياتك - شكرا لكل مثقف سجل اعجابة بصفحتنا". SomaFM: "Starts in 5 minutes!".
29-05-2015 23:30 RT shares a link. Israel 'pressures Ban Ki-moon' to get off UN list of children's rights violators in wars. Israel is allegedly pulling diplomatic strings to pressurize the UN Secretary-General to exclude it from an annual list of countries accused of violating children's rights in armed conflicts. Israel denies the allegations. 25 people like this: Meikam Loya Khuman, Guillermo Fernández Monti, Amir Hamza Lalu, Karmila Wati, Umeira Bari, Bunda Ejja Doang, Syed Hassan Abbas Naqvi, Timothy Evans Spaulding, Omar Taalibi, Brian McCourt, Muzaier Toing, Wayne Mickel, Mohammad Sharif, Ren Snowe, Fernando Arellano, Tokumana Aki, Sendung Hasibuan X-jr, Rizky Syahputra, Umbreen Hanif, Darrian Broom, Riki Aryanto Riki Aryan, Conchita Martinez Carbajal, Patrick Rousseaux, Charlie Rosenblith, John Hoggard. 25 people commented on this. Reza Jp: "Yea, they should be in the list of child killers. Violators is a bit soft...". Beccy Browett: "where i come from you call a spade a spade.". Charles Modig: "Don't they have to stop being assholes first?". Michael McMahon: "It's easy to get off the list, stop killing and hurting children!". Sajjad Sarfraz: "I don't find even a one difference between Israhell and ISIS.". Chris Woof: "If Israel wants to devastate the Palestinians to please their right wing domestic audience... man up and display your brutality to the world too!!". Gee Kay: "And the world wonders why Hitler was "apparently" killing jewcunts...". Marchello Leverette: "Israel occupying stolen land". Brian McChe: "Biggest child killers on the planet want to come off a list of child up KKK want to be removed from list of racist organisations". Aton Enki Ur: "If I commented on what I and most people around the world think of radical jews, all of our accounts would get shut down.". Agbaji George: "Israel(us republican in disguise) act of war is to extinch palistine in the next few years to come.". Andy Qaunaq: "jews using palestines for excuse to get waiver, nope". Elize Schmidt: "yes , they should not be on that list , they should be on the "baby killers" list, or the DICTATOR list or on the ILLEGAL INVADER list ............ WTH is a "children's rights violators list " when it comes to GAZA ? they deny them the RIGHT TO BE ALIVE ! THEY KILL THEM you EEJOTS , G Carlin was right , we turn and twist till we find "pretty words" to make things look less bad , from Shell shock to post traumatic stress disorder , you may actually think soldiers got it in the office , ISRAEL KILLS MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN either SLOW by starvation , torture malnutrition , pumping sewage on them and various Geneva convention "violations" or FAST by bombs , executions and White Phosphorus .. that is NOT A RIGHT VIOLATION , IT IS MURDER, no matter HOW many fancy names you stick on it". Swami Dhyan Sumeru: "israel is a pedophile nation its army enjoys killing children its leader orders children to be abused and killed its a army of cowards it never fights a real war it fights and kills unarrmed people it steals land and life its a disgusting gang of shit heads and netanyahu is the pol pot of israel a coward and insane with hate its only about genocide". Born To Lead: "murdering woman and child in the name of self defense while ISIS is killing in the name of Islam. Both of them are of the same mother.". Brent Micheal Showers: "Why take them off its true. They have used white posphorus on children and refuse them the basic of needs.". Timothy Kelley: "it would be easier if they just stopped violating peoples rights". Ebelio Perez: "They #1 in that". Anthony Brancatisano: "Israel ... Top of Child Killers list , Top of Terrorist list , Top of Human rights violation list etc etc etc:". Jay Stephen: "FU Netanyahu Demented psychopath". Brent Micheal Showers: "George White I can tell u have never read the quran not factual at all". Brent Micheal Showers: "George White he married a 15 year old and that was common at the time considering America did early marriages as well. And that marriage wasn't consumated for 2 years. He married a slave and free her as a example to all Muslims to end slavery. And he married a women twice his age because her husband died and had no means of support couldn't even own property before Islam. A man can only marry three and if there is consent from the other wives. and they all have to be treated the same. That's Islam. It was done to keep marriage sacred if a women couldn't get pregnant . Abraham did the same with Sarah and hagar.". Mathura Shrestha: "Another threat of under carpet manipulations?". Kandis Bowlin: "m­­y best f­­rie­­nd's mo­­t­­he­­r m­­ak­­es $­­7­­8 eve­­r­­y h­­ou­­r o­­n th­­e i­­n­­ternet . She has been f­­ir­­ed­­ fr­­om­­ wo­­rk f­­or 5 months but last month her p­­a­­y­­m­­e­­nt w­­as $­­17­­667 ­­jus­­t w­­o­­r­­k­­ing on the int­­ernet for a few hours. learn the facts here now>>>>>> www.jobnet10.comONLY Don't Include Only". Vladimir Mikhail: "ISRAEL IS NO.1 TERRORIST IN THE WORLD.".
29-05-2015 23:20 Pitchfork shares a link. Kosmo Kat: Square EP. KOSMO KAT's Square EP reviewed by Patrick St. Michel. Born in Japan, the electronic producer Takuji Shibata found his way to L.A. during the peak years of the city’s beat scene. He returned to Tokyo for the release of his debut EP, on which he applies the ethos of L.A.’s headier music communities to old and contemporary Japanese styles. 24 people like this: Allison Miranda, Hayashi Yosuke, Rashád Lott, Graeme C. McGuire, Eduardo Peraza, Edwin Vela, John Taylor, Ricardo Beltrán, Zackitty Haley, Sharkey Violet, Mark Zepezauer, Adam D. Bush, Fabio Alavarse, Pedro Paulo Honorato, Clémence Loubix, Gaspar Lenuit, Lorenz Stuart, Kyle Borelli, Duchanoy R Satz, AtTo ManNikeo, Tobi Echevarria, Matheus Mota, Malik Hassan, Troy Curry.
29-05-2015 22:55 Lena hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Beim NDR
29-05-2015 22:55 Prosthetic Knowledge adds a photo. Project Soli Google ATAP and Ottica have developed a small interactive sensor using radar to detect natural finger gestures. More Here: 3 people like this: Ivan Ordoñez, Nick C V White, Eltons Kūns.
29-05-2015 22:50 The Reykjavík Grapevine shares a link. Don’t Ask Nanna: About Icelandic Hipster Chicks - The Reykjavik Grapevine. You went and did it again??. Dear Nanna, What’s with Icelandic girls and thrift store shopping? I’m seeing this girl on and off and it’s all... 25 people like this: Suzanne Johnstone, Inasa Yick, Michael Kelly, Natasha Scanlon, Candy Nowicki, Nanna Árnadóttir, Ingenue Ethereal, Aimish Rack'et, Lowri Williams, Lisa Shannen, Tan Borg, Thorun Ledger, Shiro Mateo Gubatan, Abdelilah El Marbouhi, Troy Reed, Selena Hiett, Stephen Atkinson, Emily Grace, W. Owen Powell, James Moore, Laura Cogan, Betsy Hand, Moray James, Kelly Aquino, Míka Eríksdóttir. 3 people commented on this. Antoni Kahwage: "you're spot-on today nanna LMBO at 'tired of hipster chick'". Andy Grogan: "LMAO, when I couldn't give me DNA away, Icelanders invent deCODE to charge me to give it away.". James Moore: "Love Nanna".
29-05-2015 22:48 RT shares a link. UK media ignored, failed to investigate Trident leaks – WikiLeaks spokesman. The official UK reaction to whistleblower William McNeilly’s report on security lapses on Trident nuclear submarines is an insult to the public and the claims need to be investigated further, WikiLeaks spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson told RT. 25 people like this: Jefty Barazon, Subhash Horeb, Priscilla Menchaca, Donaldjames Mcalpine, Stephen Milne, Inthachak Khon Sa Van, Janet Bain Littlefair, Nadia Nadia, Ian Crack, Solihat Anggraeni, Jay Julz Horota, Dewie Ratna, Gabe Cecil, Riyan GLpolo, Amiel Carreon Caligagan, Bill Dune, Jeff LaChance, Tadeusz Czerwiński, Suandhe Nank Lorongna Jenekkampala, Benjamin Santi, Indhy Entengo, William Watt, Ricky Surigao, David Martin, James Sismey. 25 people commented on this. Rajpal Chahal: "Sira Kaimzz Superb
29-05-2015 22:21 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Ross Ulbricht: Silk-Road-Gründer muss lebenslang hinter Gitter. Für den Handel mit Drogen und weitere Delikte bekommt Ross Ulbricht, Gründer der Drogenplattform Silk Road, lebenslang. Der Prozess um die versuchte Tötung von sechs Menschen steht noch aus. (jow). Die Strafe gegen Ross Ulbricht, den Gründer der Drogenhandelsplattform Silk Road, ist hoch. Weitere Prozesse werden folgen – unter anderem wegen sechsfachen Mordes. 8 Menschen gefällt das: Christian Schenzel, Fabian Paeger, Lukas Wirtenberger, Laila Maraqesh, Andreas Badrow, Gudrun Rehbein-Lehnart, Eurolinger Gunter, Marie Lukas. 2 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Jojo Gruber: "Rein netztechnisch... Lol". Aydogan Zihli: "David Sunmeier".
29-05-2015 22:17 Johannes Grenzfurthner says something. Updated monopoly set where records are kept of each game since it was created. You play against old people who won billions. (@pookleblinky). 3 people like this: Roland Gratzer, Kimberly Crevyahn, Asi Epshtain.
29-05-2015 22:11 Mikalaj Tomas Barni posts a video. HuffPost Québec Autos. Pas toujours facile, l'art du stationnement!. 1 person likes this: Luigi Torti. 2 people commented on this. Manfred Glantschnig: "Jeff Greddy Bernhardt Freudenberger". Mikalaj Tomas Barni: "ich hoffe das niemand verletz wurde.... od. zumendest das es ihnen jetzt wieder gut geht.".
29-05-2015 22:11 taz. die tageszeitung teilt einen Link. Er wollte die AfD nicht an seiner Schule und dagegen demonstrieren.!5201539/. Eine "Grüne Faschofratze" wurde Patrick Rohde genannt und im Netz bedroht. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Volkan Bakir, Elif Dersim, Matthias Dreikluft, Nils Gerster, Sebastian Weise, Christian Oldecop, Markus Johns, Uli Klinger, Simmer Ring, Adolf Mulack, Gerhard Gutschi, Hassan Es Said, Maximilian Baumgart, Felix Krage, Michael Klein, Lars Niekrenz, Jossi Wolf, Motör XRay, Maximilian Lüders, Patrick Kloth, Judith Ha, Seb Ko, Ralf Josephy, Lasse Thieme, Kay Reinecke. 18 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Weng Panda: "Immer diese Kommunistennazis...". Christian Averkamp: "Er verhindert poltische Diskussionen und muss sich jetzt Faschovorwürfe gefallen lassen? Da hätt ja keiner mit rechnen können. :D". Mervin Jensen: "Dieser junge Mann hat leider den Sinn einer Demokratie mit all seinen demokratischen Mitteln nicht verstanden. Ich finde es überaus unverständlich, dass die Schüler Ihrer eigenen Meinung beraubt werden. Selber diffamiert er sich, indem er schnellstmöglich die Diskussion verhindern will, aber weder den Abgeordneten noch seine Position kennt - LOL! Tolle Recherche. Im Übrigen studiert der junge Mann bereits seit vielen, vielen Semestern in Berlin Politologie und kommt nur nicht zum Ende, weil ihm ein Abschlussthema fehlt - er sollte eher einige Kurse wiederholen. Da braucht er sich nicht wundern, wenn er Gegenwind bekommt.. (Übrigens nicht nur aus der rechten Szene..) - unter anderem Vertreter seiner eigenen Partei und die Direktorin fanden das Verhalten sehr fehlerhaft.". Max Schumacher: "In this thread: Wutbürger". Tashi Seemann: "Propagieren ist okay. Aber Verblödungs-Propaganda ablehnen nicht ?". Herwig Schafberg: "Grüne wollen anscheinend die AfD so ausgrenzen, wie sie selbst in den achtziger Jahren von den "Konsensparteien" ausgegrenzt wurde". Rob Gerrit: "Die Grünen sind die neuen Spiesser. Seit sie sie dem Kosovokrieg zugestimmt haben sind die keine Friedenspartei mehr. Kernkraft ist abgeschafft, neue Ideen sind nicht zu erwarten. Die Partei gehört in den Mülleimer der Geschichte". Lars Ramann: "Ich halte es fuer durchaus wahrscheinlich, dass er einen friedlichen Protest wollte (der Aufruf, diesen Leuten an der Schule kein Podium zu bieten, ist absolut friedlich, wenngleich manche Pegida-Freunde hier wieder "Faschismus!" kreischen). Leider wird solch ein legitimes Vorgehen immer wieder von Idioten zunichte gemacht, die glauben, ihm und der Sache beiseite zu springen, und im Netz dann doch zu Gewalt aufrufen. Tolle Leute. Dumm wie Brot.". Andreas Haardt: "Moment: die AFD mag zwar rechts-konservativ sein, aber sie ist nicht die NPD oder die NSDAP. Sicher gibt es auch einige rechte Vollhonks unter denen, die womöglich glauben, dass sie dort eine Heimat finden, aber wie der Mann selber zugibt, wurde ein Holocaust-Leugner aus der Partei ausgeschlossen. Die Bedrohungen finde ich nicht i.O. Das Verhalten dieses Ex-Schülers finde ich genauso nicht angebracht.". Jean Jacques Gelée: "Nur Probleme mit den Grünen.". Christoph Stracke: "Da es nie schaden kann, die Dinge von mehreren Seiten zu beleuchten, hier ein schöner Artikel zum selben Thema, aber aus dem „Kontrastprogramm“. Neben Rohde, der im mittleren Teil des Artikels zu Wort kommt, wird auch der AfD-Mann vorgestellt, der der Auslöser des Ganzen war, sowie über ein kurzes Gespräch mit Vertretern der Schule berichtet. Alles in allem sehr rund, und in Anbetracht der Tatsache, daß der Artikel von Herrn Matussek stammt, meines Erachtens durchaus ausgewogen (wenngleich Matussek natürlich mit seiner Meinung nicht hinter dem Berg hält).". Daniel Neumann: "Oh weh, die Linksfaschisten wieder in ihrem Element, alles was nicht der Eigenen Meinung entspricht sind alles böse Nazis und dürfen von Ihrem Recht auf demokratische Teilhabe und Meinungsäußerung nicht gebrauch machen, heil Stalin.". Stefan Schröder: "Absolut richtig gehandelt (Y) die Schüler werden's ihm Danken (Y) kein Podium für Nazis !". Hassan Es Said: "Ja Mann, die grasieren immer mehr hier im Internet, selbst bei der TAZ sind sie inzwischen angekommen!". Mauro Miccolis: "". Nils Gerster: "Patrick Gensing hat kürzlich sehr treffende Worte für derartige Rhetorik gefunden, wie sie auch einige Kommentatoren hier an den Tag legen: "(...) Aber es ist zentral: Wer für die universellen Menschenrechte eines jeden einzelnen Menschen eintritt, handelt antifaschistisch – nicht der, der besonders laut Linksfaschist, Feminazi oder SAntifa brüllt. So gesehen passt das angebliche Zitat Silones ironischerweise doch ganz gut, um politische Phänomene der Gegenwart zu beschreiben…(...)"". Niklas Politowski: "Wo kommen diese Wutbürger alle her? Vermehren die sich heimlich?". Michael Ritterswürden: "Rechtsradikale haben an Schulen nichts zu suchen. Rechtsradikale haben nirgends was zu suchen. Das eigentliche Problem für die Zukunft, ist : Wohin mit den Prolls? :(".
29-05-2015 22:10 RT shares a link. Silk Road creator sentenced to life in prison. BREAKING. Ross Ulbricht, the convicted creator of the Silk Road online drug bazaar, has been sentenced to life in prison. 25 people like this: Jakub Kucik, Servas Gasan, Miguel Oliveira, Al Cabal, Rimmle Baidya Dey, Narpat Parmar, Claire Whitelaw, Ross Manson, Daniel Komadina, Yunhui Xie, Marquest Burton, Jean C. Rivera, Dimas Rahmat, Eliza Sitty Salma, Kyle O'Doyle, Iveta Littvova, Skarlett Saramore, Wahida Anwar, Nanto Giustinianus, Hasmiati Afifha, Curtis Roderick, John Kenney, Nefri Tefamnasi, Darren Flynn, Nguyễn Tuấn Minh. 25 people commented on this. Alan Hahn: "Wow. That's bullshit". Eric Hapka: "Life in prison for creating a website. Meanwhile, rapists get MONTHS..". Lee James Hunt: "Sickening verdict". Peter Pirato: "That sucks, buying drugs online was so much safer than having to go to a sketchy drug dealer in a bad neighborhood.". J Thomas Gaffney: "Yet the drug bazaar known as BIG Pharma continues on.". Steven Thon: "lol he created it, he didn't sell drugs, everyone else did, that's like when a cop shoots somebody, you can't blame government as a whole, blame THAT cop. a kid pisses on the floor at school, the whole class don't get in trouble, just that kid who pissed on the floor. so why attack the creator? attack the people doing illegal shit on it.". Tammy White: "Seriously? -_-". Fabian McMillan: "Unbelievable". Dustin van Schouwen: "how is it "narcotics trafficking" if you never even have drugs in your possession". Russell Shackleford: "Lol life in prison for what in the recent past could have been covered under free speech.". Conor John O'Reilly: "God damn it...". Junior Martinez: "Someone said it first... big pharma is still up and running if new clients need a new dealer". Alexander Burakov: "Don't sell drugs or steal. The government doesn't like competition.". Noah Hunter: "Government hates competition.". Addison Zettas: "the state hates competition". Holmes Jonathan: "#TotalCometMove #UTD #Whoosh". Gary W Boyd: "Bloody Zionists and Rothschilds. What will America do next? I hope they didn't destroy all of his livestock with drone attacks!!!". Mahir Burzic: "Taking away business from american gov deff lends u in jail for life". Rich James: "barbaric". Matt Lewis: "So backwards. Meanwhile the Wall Street crooks just get to pay fines and continue stealing. Only in America!!". Jeremy Swanson: "That's horrible. All he did was make a website. The FBI was implicated in the actual criminal activity. Welcome to the USSA.". Brian Fauser: "And the Wall Street heroine trade continues to flow". Dino Woody: "yet HSBC done for Drugs money laundering, and not one arrest ??". David Krekoski: "and the criminals who fixed the Libor rates and sold toxic loans? When do they go to trail?". Jack Searle: "Still not one banker has seen the inside of a jail cell.".
29-05-2015 22:10 Pitchfork shares a link. Strategy: Noise Tape Self. Strategy's Noise Tape Self reviewed by Philip Sherburne. For Noise Tape Self, the prolific Portland, Ore. producer Paul Dickow disassembled the plastic housings of cassette tapes, extracted the tape, cut it, and re-threaded it in a loop configuration. The results, which bring to mind Seefeel, Grouper, dub, and Kompakt's Pop Ambient series, reveal a kind o…. 14 people like this: Fabio Alavarse, Derek Hecksher, Katie Riegelman, Sheila Sea, Сергей Яковец, Kieran Cole Herbert, Drew Taylor, Paul J Kloster, Don Alfred-Emil Ajes Estacio, Ross Mazin, Liat Zavodivker, Doug Steger, Jacob Doherty, Jimmie Rustles. 2 people commented on this. Stu Page: "interesting". Sheila Sea: "Ronnie".
29-05-2015 22:08 Maruska Bratusa does something. The 30 day abs challenge. Would you like a flatter, more defined tummy and a stronger core? Then join us for the month of June where we will work together on this simple yet effective and fun 30 day Abs & core challenge. We will use this event to keep each other accountable and motivate each other to stick to it throughout the month of June. Please feel free to post questions, pics and videos of your daily crunches, sit-ups, leg raises and planks and use this event to complete the full challenge. If you have any questions please private message me here -->> ( PS. Here is an in-depth video instruction on how to complete the exercises with proper form: Crunches - Sit-ups - Leg raises - Planks - PPS. Feel free to checkout my website here with a ton of great fitness, nutrition and mind-set tips -->> ( The 30 day abs challenge. 2 people like this: Boštjan Gajsler, Maruska Bratusa.
29-05-2015 22:00 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH posts a video. Ray Roman Films. We recently had the pleasure of filming the first same sex wedding at the historical Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into their amazing day. #vizcaya #berngian #gaymarriage #reunion. 25 people like this: Stefanie Roling, Yeliz Cagla, Kai Wapenhans, Tanarat Boonsut, Timo Michael, Christian Ziesmer, Dimont von Dimorés-Sangreal, Klaas Engel, Rudolf Knaus, Gentiana Ismaili-Ibishi, Carmen Haessler, Sascha Brune, Hannes Tränkle, Martina Roth, Jeremy Deidara Lothariel, Jiri Ji, Zhanna Tikhonova, Jana Licht, Toni Junior, Na Toll, Gülnur Sahin, Maximilian Seiler, Don Seba, Stefan Jansen, Karin Wilhelm. 15 people commented on this. Thimo Nors Si: "hach wat issat schön :)". Verena Krichel: "*wischt ein Tränchen weg* Berührend. Liebe ist universell. :)". Micha Schönefeld: "Ist das süß :-)". Mandy Wagner: "Jeder sollte zu dem Menschen den er liebt JA sagen dürfen. Dieses Ja Wort da oben ist gleich wert wie von Mann und Frau.". Marco Seitelmann: "Congratulations guys!". Rene Alexander Wahlqvist: "❤️". Manja Phalaenopsis: "Seht euch das an, es ist die Liebe zwischen zwei Menschen, die dort mit dem Siegel der Ehe geschlossen wird. Es ist völlig schnuppe, ob es homosexuelle oder heterosexuelle Paare sind. Jeder Mensch hat dieses Glück verdient und zwar mit allem (Rechte) was dazu gehört.". Frau Sue: "OMG Isi Miaky wie schön das ist! *heul*". Vanessa Kamp: "Ist das schön :')". Pascal Reimer: "Ich finde das einfach nur klasse! Weiß wer wie die Musik heißt? :)". Marianne Margarethe: "Jenny, ich sehe CARL und Leeloo schon im Outfit.". Hartmut Fischer: "So schön". Dawn Gipson: "". Elocin Yekcin: "Traumhaft". Isabelle Zeil: "Wow, ein traumhaft schönes Paar! Ich seh bei der Hochzeit nicht mal einen Unterschied zwischen Mann und Frau und Mann und Mann... :-) JA ZUR GLEICHSTELLUNG!!!!!!!".
29-05-2015 21:58 Mikalaj Tomas Barni says something. Mikalaj Tomas Barni &rarr; ACCORDIA #26- "Smile" – LP-Release-Party – Live: KRISTY AND THE KRAKS !. Hmm Ulaub in GR.
29-05-2015 21:51 Laura Klatt teilt einen Link. Maxim Gorki Theater - Jobs. Das Gorki öffnet sich zur Stadt: mit seinem wunderbaren Ensemble, mit dem Studio Я unter der Leitung von Marianna Salzmann, mit der Gorki-Kolumnistin Mely Kıyak und den KollegInnen von Gorki X, die Sie alle zum Mitmischen einladen. Das Gorki meint die ganze Stadt, mit allen, die in den letzten Jahrz…. 2 Menschen gefällt das: TüTü Royale, Jenny de Negri.