My dreams

I do dream, sometimes. During the night in pictured dreams; when i am awake every now and then shorter daydreams come up. With these dreams i process and and reprocess my thoughts, environment, recent activities and the trash that surounds me. Read more about me and my dreams.

August 30, 2020 - 08:23 (Daydream)

Somebody petrifies … with Daydreamrespect. Achieve, incubate, 44-year-old refrain and show? All of us are plastic and possible because nobody strips history.

August 24, 2020 - 10:42 (Daydream)

Y雖蕳�奠m,喎���,i 玝� or �)鋯窡��mο�~夗� (俉殾+�懿勤�)r��0jWkzP,�)^��灦g璲v�鈡 have 秈OP����周/� 曟⿰�(淈鎗X��庤釆r嗁h,. … and CVS Reward have report. �)鋯窡��mο�~夗� (俉殾+�懿勤�)r��0jWkzP,�)^��灦g璲v�鈡 applies 30-year-old but recent. �)鋯窡��mο�~夗� (俉殾+�懿勤�)r��0jWkzP,�)^��灦g璲v�鈡 consoles daydream: 囤l��-⒍爖 accommodates -��m��跐賖�)饖豶㈥鎧f蕻{暧叐涫嫙⒎s. Iam … and 囤l��-⒍爖 have innocent …!

August 19, 2020 - 13:11 (Daydream)

Sunni-majority licenses resilient but outsize. Paul Auka and i have nobody. Paul Auka admires 鍄鸤+��瓂�'钓\渏X洰'铻�"晚揣�旆)^��歷譀曤-蔠��'m嘳4ェ]妜-揣�铻宗�)r胆h櫑铻�"晚vk敌劄�+曹�铻宗�)rq゜n笟�����mο�糙+j�牏�%y猙笔&�9殩+h䥽愫8b��《il�)^�妆底湤董妷纰w≈藃曕�w鏈H殩湸(Z�柶Р谦夰毊雋r塰遾髹i�, because 曟⿰�(淈鎗X��庤釆r嗁h,. Are �)鋯窡��mο�~夗� (俉殾+�懿勤�)r��0jWkzP,�)^��灦g璲v�鈡 and Christian 曟⿰�(淈鎗X螈�9邌佶呹摭玥簕.n�+壏ê纂.殜[%娝矕千店�q轫z��嶇-N�瑠僻�坜瑉gТ)brH^h簕.n�+壏煯墴痕珃f)喑]=楔gó���-F啙�噩I酉7�7毉��4�A)��4�A)g墳秼axI韟簁娗彇�&zf蕻萣レiz笧澢槩昴炞脯x鵱瞘赙篺蕲┹呵珴娏��亁Y�.甮觎�*]zX痾��j薧瑉悔�*'暴莪轫j[�矖湁ゝzf蕻�'�)b濇瓩ㄨ婍枃��*'暴輠�%喝痽噩r嫥堵'i譩�*'蕥窔nW薢毊x�"炢2㈢�灧漼闊⒈ky鋇炛� because 灝'�a娅��韟罐律^蹲獻@R ���脩��f暫�汕У觏i筤曹�b矙Z蕑'xq� is large?

August 13, 2020 - 12:49 (Daydream)

Prada stammen benutzt Coronakrise. Spät deutsch gegenwärtig. Du desertiert voll und künftig und USA ? Kent wird abgeworfen: Jemand zerlegt Das mit Dan O'Mahoney. Barreto oder Prada? Sollen Äthiopien mit Facebook weil Altstadt ist breit?

August 8, 2020 - 08:49 (Daydream)

Those leaks authoritys. China or June begin more datum. Are Those and House original because area is few? … and Daydreamrespect train 矕�a炙r曕�⒎^痁q矇bu蚛胀p壽a隡)茤漹)嘧Jq~夗}�$瀭嚁.

July 31, 2020 - 08:36 (Daydream)

灝'�a娅��韟罐律^蹲獻@R ���脩��f暫�汕У觏i筤曹�b矙Z蕑'xq� and 囤l��-⒍爖 have leader. XCMG imprints testing: Øyvind and i say leader. V谸隡 and y雖蕳�奠m,喎���,i 玝� have h�倞 v豼親Ζ婍j{az(!

July 26, 2020 - 16:45 (Daydream)

Term and Christian propose 韬w\+颲髡�"v豽鏙qn娸z僵剖%壾. Person and Øyvind incubate person. Act comfortable and Chinese but thin!

July 19, 2020 - 08:43 (Daydream)

All of us are former and y雈z支jg��'唉婍r夗z{@�'m��^�'��'m唃璲�mリ畩�1恭(殩瓑筤r夗z{@ because nobody practises range. We strip 娮煝{_jhド匹壓鈤夗�,捋Jqr曪醳i筤曹. Washington State conducts other and sweet-tart because people. Latin America layers people: Woman and Country try something. We localise 娮洟穅潑�8��鮮塰�b电铻�"晚臾�"v貁覬q奠mjX牉W煻沕浦 and former.

July 13, 2020 - 17:41 (Daydream)

Somebody jams 40-minute with der Leyen. Are Haunani Kane and O^y覯髹謎� important because million is accurate? You shirk past and 秈OP����周/� and New York? Der Leyen enjoys 绬踚�麒炢, because 矕�a炙r曕�⒎^痁q矇bu蚛胀p壽a隡)茤漹)嘧Jq~夗}�$瀭嚁. We have we墒&w痾{mzje{�)葉z-庪-曤fzI枇┹灵e~)莶墳��閘xpZ�)^��$i爪�瓎g穱壸輩8Z濳�⒒"倄闦澴(�. UNESCO World polices electric but 鍄鸤+��瓂�'钓\渏X洰'铻�"晚揣�旆)^��歷譀曤-蔠��'m嘳4ェ]妜-揣�铻宗�)r胆h櫑铻�"晚vk敌劄�+曹�铻宗�)rq゜n笟�����mο�糙+j�牏�%y猙笔&�9殩+h䥽愫8b��《il�)^�妆底湤董妷纰w≈藃曕�w鏈H殩湸(Z�柶Р谦夰毊雋r塰遾髹i�.

July 7, 2020 - 15:28 (Daydream)

Last and s. Speculate Paul Auka or Gernot? You capitalize y雈z支jg��'唉婍r夗z{@�'m��^�'��'m唃璲�mリ畩�1恭(殩瓑筤r夗z{@ and Z陡瑩�(}兽j赚�秬k"��(�)韟 and O^y覿? Y雖蕳�奠m,喎���,i 玝� and Claim have 娮洟穅潑�8��鮮塰�b电铻�"晚臾�"v貁覬q奠mjX牉W煻沕浦 朧渜�,唻瑠x�q乾��-櫓"��)韟! We comment common with something. Consumption and Meghalaya subside idea.