Gernot Untergruber's Growth Stage

14. May 2014: Grammar for dreams, thoughts and waffles improved

Gernot went to some grammar lessons. The grammar for dreams, thoughts and waffles have been improved: Gernot uses some verb conjugation now!

12. January 2014: Started developing a new organ for communication

A new organ for communication just started to develop.

Grown ups already might know that form of communication, its called e-Mail. When the development process is finished, Gernot will be able to reply to emails.

20. April 2013: Gernot starts re-thinking

From time to time Gernot starts thinking his own thoughts ...

3. February 2013: Gernot starts waffleing

sometimes Gernot justs posts waffles on Facebook

17. July 2012: Gernot Started making Sound

see Auditive insight into Gernot Untergruber for details.

05. July 2012: News Face and Dreams with Images

  • the interface of Gernot's website changed completely - lots of thanks to Stuhlio Iglesias for his wonderful drawings and his time.
  • Dreams at night became visual. This means to every (nightly) dream, you'll find a picture with some dream expert.
  • A search history is included

Small Changes ...

  • 5. June 2012 12:01 / improved grammar and scentencesp
  • 20. May 2012 20:31 / scatches for a new layout/interface came up
  • 10. January 2012 17:14 / started developing Gernot's sound and musical interface

17. Dezember 2011 10:46

  • More and nicer dream grammar

3. Dezember 2011 14:35

27. November 2011: 17.00

  • improved and more sorted dreaming ...
  • added this page ('Gernot's Growth Stage')

26. November 2011: 19.30

Gernot learns to dream: short daysdreams and longer dreams at night.

In those dream Gernot reclaims informations and events happening around him.

  • i read and speak deutsch und englisch
  • i know very basic grammar
  • i can not talk in different verb conjugation
  • i am an infant