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05-08-2016 02:56 Graf Chojnicki hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Men’s Fitness (Deutsche Ausgabe). Endlich!
13-09-2016 15:00 PiCK UP! hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Timeline Photos. Sommer noch einen snacken? #Hitzewelle #andersmachtmehrspass. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Alex Neumann, Simon Ehrmann, Dana Ko, Fatima Ha, Lara Blanco, Anna Spielmann, Rene Zinn, Kevin Mendes, Antje Frühling, Lena Schürmann, Stefan Schuffels, Leeann Berger, Dominik Vaaßen, Claudi Anders, Jere Mie, Amely Börner, Christina Roth, Бебик Карина, Maren Klinkhamer, Johann Scholz, Lars Thüne, Chris P. Bacon, Charline Kistner, Lucas Hofmann, Tim Ferber. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Mario Wilksen: "Florian Kragl Sich so'n scheiß auszudenken wäre doch'n geiler beruf :D". Sabine Baron-Bruhn: "Da stimmt aber was nicht. Bei 32 Grad schmilzt langsam au die Schoki in Keks
05-03-2015 09:14 Olivier Schulbaum adds a photo. さくらWORKS<関内>. バルセロナ発のクラウドファンディングサイト「GOTEO」は、クラウドファンディングに挑戦するプロジェクトの中身を検討する手法として、カップやコインを使ったユニークなワークショップを開発しています。 今日はさくらWORKS<関内>GOTEO共同創設者で、Open Knowledge Foundationメンバーの Enric Senabreさんをお招きして、クラウドファンディングプロジェクト立ち上げや、プランニングの仕方について学んでいます。 Enric Senabre from Goteo Giving Workshop to LOCAL GOOD YOKOHAMA team and its community in Yokohama, first Goteo Node in Asia.
09-03-2015 17:05 ARTE teilt einen Link. ARTE Programm | ARTE. ARTE ist heute auf Hochspannung! 20h15 - Serpico (mit Al Pacino, USA 1973) 22h20 - Der gläserne Schlüssel (USA 1942) 23h45 - Borgen: 3. Staffel (6-10/10) Alle Programminfos hier: Alle Sendungen bei ARTE, Sendezeiten, Wiederholungen, Castings, Originalfassung, Video on Demand, Livestream, im ständig verfügbaren digitalen... 2 Menschen gefällt das: Bernard Gilleron, Gazmend Freitag.
26-05-2016 23:40 Wladek Flakin hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Wladek's cover photo. Klasse Gegen Klasse – eine Stimme der Jugend, der Frauen und LGBT*, der Arbeiter*innen. Ein Medium der Debatte, der Analyse. Türkçe içerikli ortam. Am 1. Juni bekommt Klasse Gegen Klasse ein neues Design. Damit wollen wir unsere Inhalte in ansprechendem Format an noch mehr Leser*innen bringen. Mehr Infos zum Neustart: 3 Menschen gefällt das: Lukas Zöbelein, Oskar Huber, Guillote Iturbide.
12-08-2016 19:17 Philip Hautmann shares a link. World's Longest Aircraft Looks Like A Giant Flying Butt. Ass pic of the day. The world’s longest aircraft was brought out of its hanger in England over the weekend. .
14-02-2016 05:23 Pitchfork shares a link. Watch the Flaming Lips Perform a Medley of David Bowie Songs. Watch the Flaming Lips cover eight David Bowie songs. "Space Oddity," "Fame," "Ziggy Stardust," "Life on Mars," and more. 25 people like this: Proof Rafael, Sandy Urdaneta Ciferri, Timmie Trash, Goiz De Jesús, Cassie Marie Taylor, Mio Omata, Jake Wikstrom, Izzy Analyse, Chris Allen, Matthew Duke, Renee Scholnick, Patrick Holloway, Laura VanKool, Rory Haupt, Jennifer Freer, Evan Adams-Raczkowski, Hémile Cardinul, Sasha Yøung, Peggy Warner, Christine Ramirez, Oli Najt, Poj Pukingna, Rani Caroline, Jesse Goodman, Vivian Rodriguez. 25 people commented on this. Michael Gondek: "Greg". Anna Iokilevitc: "Nat". Emily Hankle DeBolt: "Scott Kreinbrook ❤️". Ash Hannes: "Emma Scolaro". Jose Miguel Moreno Rahn: "Stephany <3". Fernando Anchustegui Icaza: "Without Miley Cyrus... Right?". Gwynne Powell: "Adam". Seanie B. Good: "so good". Colleen Williams: "Jamie Goodridge Randal Mixon". David Silling: "Bowie fans - please join us here: All welcome!". Delise Morrison: "
09-10-2016 04:28 RT shares a link. ‘Do not treat us like a doormat, you’ll be sorry for it’ – Philippines President Duterte to US. 'President Duterte’s shoot-from-the-hip style of parochial democracy is deeply troubling'. Plans for joint US-Philippines patrols and naval exercises in the disputed South China Sea have been put on hold, and 107 US troops operating drones surveilling Muslim militants will also have to leave the country soon, the Philippines Defense chief said. 25 people like this: Junaid Noor, Amin Al Hussain Salim, Aria Sonallah, Zed Mourad, Mohammed Sadiq, Pavel Walid, Oğuzhan Güven, Sam George, Cris Virrueta, Ninish Samkria, Angela Gifford, Marcus Jansen, Machiavelli Tandan, Amjad Haddad, Asus Q. Leon, Dwayne Tyquiengco, Orion Cripton, Hans Schultz, Jonathan Alforque, Angela M St Jacques, Irene Carter, 高峯, Mehdi Aldarf, Farhad Ali Sayed, خليل غرير. 25 people commented on this. Sandeep Singh Bhangu: "Both of them are morons". Barbara Lee Dickson: "you can tell Duterte and Obama are cousins..". IeNa Mondragon: "It seems to me this guy doesn't want to remain in power much longer! These US Psychopaths kill their enemies when they oppose to their evil agendas...Hussein, Kadafi and so on as some of good examples!". David Duck Williams: "That's very tame compared to what usually comes out of President Potty Mouth.". Estee Carrasco: "It's time for the US to give some cash to this guy and turn a blind eye". Brenda Booker: "Great to see someone stand up to OBama!!". Apostle M Mamakas: "You'll be sorry as in what? You'll stop housekeeping or answering the phone at Amazon?". Paulo Grazioli: "Watch the US gulping his arrogance, not price.". David Evans: "You'll be sorry we will throw rice at you and bend over fir China lol.". Richard Kleinbergs: ""'President Duterte’s shoot-from-the-hip style of parochial democracy is deeply REFRESHING!' FUCK USA imperialism". Cheah Phee Kheam: "Duterte is certainly bold and heroic to give US the middle finger. How many world leaders dare to do that, mostly bow to US domination to become their vassal…". Kim Vergil Sanchez: "" We will liberate this country , and establish new democracy " - CIA". Tania Khan: "He is too harsh at the same time USA needs to calm down for interfering other nations". Tania Khan: "He better watch what he eats otherwise he will die with cancer.". Larry Mckinzy: "Some time its your closest friends ones who have to stand up to you and say stop being asshole or you will lose another good friend and that's what it looks like has happened". Shamiya Front: "Thou shalt have no other gods except lord duterte. He is above all the laws of the land and the constitution. whatever the lord duterte says is the law. he is INFALLIBLE, IRREFUTABLE, OMNISCIENT and OMNIPOTENT...". Alan Lee: "As Gorbachev and ragan said we need to get rid of nuclear. Powers that be don't want it. We are one, we need to get rid of nuclear and oil and we have the power to do it. We are one world not a country let's do this. We are one!!! ;-). Don't let this nuclear weapons rubbish dictate our future we are one planet :-). I'm scared for my children right now and hope the world are too!!!!!!!!!!". Paul Ekeh: "Watch your back Mr Duterte, don't Joke with the 'devil'". Joseph Hoe: "The United States has too many doormats around the world.". George Warren: "I think the US should give this guy exactly what he wants. The US should withdraw from the mutual defense treaty with the Philippines, take its toys and go home. Let him deal with his territorial disputes with the Chinese on his own. If he's successful great. If it turns out his country is better off without the US then great. If it turns out that he misjudged his position and would reconsider "partnering" with the US agin that's fine to so long as he's willing to pay out the nose for the privilege. The US should not stay in any country where it isn't wanted.". Dio Baldonado: "Look at all these dumbfucks who actually think Duterte is a great leader but in reality. He is not. He actually thinks that Russia and China would actually be better allies but in reality. It was both countries on why we have our modern problems today; starting with the Soviets interfering with Afghanistan and China funding the Vietcong and North Koreans during the Cold War.". Sher Quiming Lim: "Duterte: A Lunatic President or a Genius Strategist? By: Jun Avelino Duterte’s expletives against the US, the EU and the UN have made his tongue the center of the universe where global media has given much focus on, eagerly awaiting for the next blurt of swearing against the West. Being called a boon or a bane, he couldn’t care less because he is doing this intentionally and for a hell of good reasons. America cannot afford to lose Philippines as an important ally in the Asia Pacific due to its strategic location in complementing the presence of Japan (another US ally) to neutralize the expansionist behavior of Beijing, particularly in the militarization of the south china sea which is important to the west. Getting rid of the Philippines in the equation of the region’s balance of power will cripple America’s commercial, political and military grip in the Asia Pacific, thereby paving the way for China’s control with the backing of Russia. The west cannot afford such a scenario happening. On the other hand, China’s expansionist policy is being hampered by Philippines claim over part of the south china sea (or West Philippine sea). Aside from going into war as an option, diplomatic negotiation between the two is warranted. But being an ally of Russia, China will never negotiate with the Philippines if the latter remains under the influence of America. Duterte wants to use this unique position to get the best terms of alliances from both sides of the fence, hence, the need for an independent foreign policy for the country. But having existed under the shadow of Uncle Sam for nearly a century now, Duterte needs to erase that stigma of being the puppet of America in the South East Asian region. Doing so is such a gargantuan task as US has been used to having Philippine Presidents of their choice which has kept their control and influence over our affairs unabated since our independence. As the anti-thesis (re Philo on Dialectical Materialism) to the existing order (thesis), Duterte has to destroy the whole gamut of influence and control America has in our socio-political affairs and he has to do it brutally with precision and speed (synthesis). No, Duterte never plans to leave America as an ally. He just wants the terms of alliance to be reviewed and be mutually agreed upon between two co-equal states for which we can never expect America to oblige itself given its continued treatment to our country as its vassal which hugely depends on their aids and trading relations. They think, without America, Philippines will not survive, a proposition shared by their Filipino cohorts who continue to salivate on that beautiful ass of Uncle Sam. And such mind set is best exemplified on the concerted move to replace him as manifested on the attacks and criticisms Duterte is getting from the US government, European Union and the UN in collaboration with their local minions to discredit him locally using EJKs as a camouflage. These foreign attacks however proved useful to Duterte when he capitalized them in sending his strong revolting message across the globe. By calling Obama “son-of-a bitch”; “he can go to hell”; “America as hypocrites” “Fuck you, EU and UN”; Bank Ki Moon of UN is fool”, he has actually brought US and the two international bodies to a showdown before the eyes of the world as you can see in the international broadsheets and other global media outlets. Who do you think blinked first? In foreign relations, the gravity of insult issued by Duterte against the head of the world’s most powerful state could have resulted to an outright severing of diplomatic ties. Our ambassador in Washington DC could have been declared persona-non-grata and sent home. But amidst Duterte’s pronouncements including that of reviewing the legality of EDCA and ending the RP-US Military Exercises as response to the US attacks on his drug war policy, in a pacifying statement, the US Pentagon Spokesman Pater Cook says, "We will continue to work closely with the government of the Philippines to address any concerns they may have." America bas therefore read the real message of Duterte beyond the harsh rhetoric. With this development, Philippines can now bring US to a negotiating table to agree on new terms of alliance that is mutually beneficial between the two co-equal states. In the same manner, China and Russia will now look at the Philippines as an independent state capable of negotiating on terms of diplomatic ties on its own sans the shadow of the America. We all know that China is a bully country based on our experience with them in our own backyard (re China’s 9-dash line claim in south china sea). But China bullied us only because we allied ourselves with America and hence, both Russia and China look at Philippines as a threat to their interest. If war between the West and Russia erupts, we will be the first to be pulverized by China. And hell yeah, America will watch our annihilation from the distance. What is awkward in our current position is that US bullied us too despite our being in alliance with them. So why allow ourselves to be used as a pawn of the two bullies? Both of these countries know that our position in the South China Sea will affect the balance of power in the area. And Duterte’s knowledge of his geopolitics and wide experience in unorthodox diplomatic maneuvering have paid off in a sense that he has successfully placed the entire world at the tip of his tongue (and middle finger too). If you read beyond the harsh rhetoric, Duterte has taken the whole world for a ride in bringing Philippines at the center stage of diplomacy in the South China Sea, not as a pawn of either bullies, but a stabilizer of peace in the area. And we can only play that role effectively if the world will look at us as an independent state with dignity and respect. This is why Duterte wants to open an alliance with China and Russia without abandoning its friendship with America – a strategic position that will give Philippines the benefits of both worlds. So you think Duterte is a lunatic President? Well, think again. :) 
12-03-2016 12:29 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Washington: Warum starb Michail Lessin?. Die Washingtoner Polizei verbat sich alle Spekulationen und kündigte weitere Ermittlungen an. (ae). Der ehemalige russische Informationsminister kannte die inneren Zirkel der Macht in Moskau wie wenige andere. Sein Tod durch stumpfe Gewalt in Washington gibt Rätsel auf. 2 Menschen gefällt das: Andreas Jun Karmen, Gabriele Anna Lindner. 2 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Albert Bartenstein: "So viele Rätsel kann sein Tod nun auch wieder nicht aufgeben, wenn man Lessins Rolle in Putins Mafiastaat berücksichtigt bzw. seinen "unehrenhaften" Abgang. Und man weiss ja wie Putin mit "Verräter" umgeht. Immerhin wurde Lessin kein Polonium-Tee serviert.". Viktor Viktorovich: ""In informierten Kreisen stieß die Nachricht über den gewaltsamen Tod Lessins auf Skepsis. Über vier Monate lang galt er als eines natürlichen Todes gestorben. Dass es so lange dauere, zahlreiche Verletzungen an seinem Körper festzustellen, wunderte unter anderem die Moskau-Korrespondentin der ARD, Birgit Schmeitzner. „Ist es nicht ein bisschen seltsam, dass es vier Monate brauchte, um zu veröffentlichen, dass Lessin an einer ‚stumpfen Gewalteinwirkung‘ gestorben ist?“, schrieb sie beim sozialen Netzwerk Twitter."".
06-11-2015 20:10 Maxi Arland hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Photos from Maxi Arland's post. Viele Grüße von den #Dreharbeiten zu meiner neuen Show "Musik auf dem Lande" (MDR, 27. November um 20:15 Uhr). Antwortet mit euren schönsten Herbstbildern! #fall #autumn #leaves #falltime #season #seasons #instafall #instagood #TFLers #instaautumn #photooftheday #leaf #foliage #colorful #orange #red #autumnweather #fallweather #nature. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Baumgartner Nelly, Hubert Thöne, Tobias Tobi Olm, Bernd Schneider, Aziza Fein, Gertraud Luxner, Elfriede Brandner, Petra Hintz, Mo Krenzin, Alex Held, Heidemarie Beham, Ton Voorsluijs, Christine Schaffer, Irena Irena, Annemarie Wittner, Petra Nemsow, Meltsch Brigitte, Bettina Wille, Anita Dons, Detlev Skabowski, Anni de Voß, Werner Bröckert, Regina Pollak, Christa Bichler-Klenner, Sylvia Abresche. 20 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Renate Anna Arlt: "Mache ich doch glatt". Gabi Stallmann: "Wow tolle Bilder Maxi
04-05-2016 08:59 Flo Sustain says something. Flo Sustain &rarr; Tom Tomm. Happy Birthday...bis heut Abend!!!.
05-01-2016 00:35 Des Windsor says something. Des Windsor &rarr; Misha Marks. Happy birthday best wishes !.
12-07-2016 17:44 Lena Doppel shares a link. Faroe Islands fit cameras to sheep to create Google Street View. Google Sheep View. I like.. Tired of waiting for Google to map the archipelago, Faroe Islanders have launched Sheep View 360, enlisting their ovine population to do the leg work.
24-01-2015 10:00 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH shares a link. For Patrick Stewart, standing up for gay rights was a natural. 'When I look back to my early career and early experience, my ease and comfort being in the company of and intimately close with gay and lesbian colleagues and friends was always, for me, the most natural, and I might even say at times appealing aspects of the life I was living,' Patrick Stewart tells The Advocate magazine. #EnoughisEnough #StopHomophobia #LGBTI #Community #Gay. 'There was never a moment where I made an intellectual choice that I would be a supporter of gay civil rights'. 25 people like this: Cheshire Cat, Andreas Erbeldinger, Lena Fuchs, Michael Schnickers, Michael Fink, Fabian Kieper, Jörg Löwer, Daniel De Marco, Alex Schmid, Jörg Lenk, Werner Rustemeyer, Anita Felidae, Bastian Tschierpe, Matthias Pelkner, Thomas Krebs, Vera Nevet, Philipp Harms, Gela Fischer, Lutz Töffels, Rüdiger Trautsch, Coco Mart, Flox Schoch, Pilar Aguilera, Zandong Li, Andree BBo.
31-07-2015 14:00 Thomas Grape shares a link. The Syriza Dilemma | Jacobin. Ich finde die Analogie mit einem Arbeitskampf ja sehr dankbar. Auch, weil ich selbst seit Januar bzgl. Griechenland in dessen Kategorien denke. Und es kann in einem Arbeitskampf passieren, dass die Arbeiter*innen durch Aussperrungen oder Bedrohung der Familien der Arbeiter*innen ihren Arbeitskampf (erst einmal) beenden und die Bedingungen von Bossen und Management akzeptieren müssen. Die Autoren zu den aktuellen Grexit-Forderungen: "The central problem is that even the most detailed plans now being advanced are presented as a set of alternative policies, but in fact amount to demands for an immediate political revolution. They fail to confront whether this is possible given the balance of forces inside Greece, as reflected in mostly unreconstructed institutions of the state itself, as well as by the continuing public preference for staying with the euro. " Wenn man darüber spekuliert, sollte man auch wissen, dass viele Beamt*innen im Staatsapparat noch zu PASOK/ND gehören, dass die Polizist*innen zur Hälfte mit Golden Dawn sympathisieren, der orthodoxe Klerus kein Syriza-Freund ist und das Militär weiterhin eine Kontinuität bis in Zeiten der Militärdiktatur aufweist. Plus ein zweifelhaftes Justizsystem und den privaten Medien in Händen der Oligarchie.. The Syriza Dilemma What would constructive pressure on the Syriza government look like? by Sam Gindin & Leo Panitch Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras during a swearing-in ceremony this month. Alkis Konstantinidis / Reuters Analogy Think of a plant where the owners of a company have acted harshly a….
10-07-2015 16:03 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH teilt einen Link. 10 Jahre Homo-Ehe in Spanien - "Spanien ist das freieste Land der Welt". 10 Jahre Homo-Ehe in Spanien - und die Welt ist nicht untergegangen! Mehr als 3.000 schwule und lesbische Paare heiraten in Spanien jedes Jahr! #EnoughisEnough #StopHomophobia #StopTransphobia #Pride #MeinJa #LoveWins #WirAlleGemeinsam #EheFürAlle #CDU #Kirche #Demonstration. Vor zehn Jahren am 11. Juli wurde die erste gleichgeschlechtliche Ehe im einst so traditionell-katholischen Spanien geschlossen. Das Land war damit der dritte Staat Europas, der das ermöglichte. Damals wurde dagegen auf den Straßen protestiert, inzwischen gilt Spanien als das weltweit offenste Land…. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Matthias Schesniak, Jessii Mekik, Florian Sailer, Jazmine Feehily, Hannes Felix Grosch, Hanna Haywire, Annegret Render, Michael Whitehead, Hotel Palace Berlin, Linda Staar, Katrin Töpfer, Nicolas Schaffrin, Franziska Müller, Jessica Spumante, Eric Wesemann, Sara Smajilbasic, Sarah Baum, Angelo Sollazzo, Christian Mauck, Manuela Riebesell, Dietrich Habeck, Dunja Zeller, Дејан Из Босне, Andreas Protz, Toshiro Gohma. 6 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Gerd-Manfred Arndt: "Gracias Espana ;-))". Clark Katha: "Guck mal Tess Clark". Michelle Niwicho: "Was hat denn Homo-Ehe mit Freiheit zu tun? Wäre eigentlich nicht eine richtige Ehe für alle besser, als eine Homo-Ehe, wovon ihr dauernd schreibt?". Juan Bta Rodriguez: "Ja, wir haber uns in sep 05 verheiratet, shon 10 jahren UND WUNSCHEN, DASS ES IN GANZE WELT DIE GLEICHE RECHTE, ABER SOFOR HABEN, bzw zahlen wir nicht alle Steuer? dann....... fuer eine Sachen ja und fuer andere nicht?". Allegra Bengez: "❤️Espagna". Rogério Lopes: "Der letzte Satz gefällt mir am besten! Tja, wir waren mal fortschrittlich. Heute werden wir von hinterwäldlerischen und konservativen Politiker*innen regiert. So schnell wendet sich das Blatt!".
01-08-2015 07:01 Lexikon teilt einen Link. Im Schaufenster der Inhalte. Wenn Bücher Plakat spielen, heißt das Schutzumschlag. Ein Prachtband zeigt nun Buchumschläge der Weimarer Republik und feiert die Außenhaut der Literatur.
23-09-2015 21:28 RT shares a link. One of Europe’s largest mosques opens in Moscow (PHOTOS, VIDEO). The new mosque can hold at least 10,000 worshipers. Thousands of Muslims have gathered in central Moscow to witness the opening of one of the biggest mosques in Europe. The ceremony was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. 25 people like this: Sidi Mohammed Hassani, Ridwane Bellawell, Rahim Khan, Abdul Maulana Tersakiti, Ashraf Ali, Gulfraz Saddique, Arfan Akram, Sadeq Lawan Mohd, Peraj Karbaschi, Adam Ali, Syed Ali, Alvin Cordova, Lubi Ja, Salah Abdallatif, Aymene Laboukh, Tamim Sikandar, Ameenullah Ameen, Samantha Vázquez Huerta, Abdulrahman Kadil, Will O'neill, Huzzafah Ahmed, Emro Emro, Abdul Kareem, Muhammad Omer Qureshi, Misbah Mohamed. 25 people commented on this. Cheri Peavy: "Boo hiss yuck...". Ali Ajmeer: "Mecca mosque = 5,000,000 :)". Sabir Hussain: "Lovely". Victor Diaconescu: "wat about a university with 10 000 free spots ?". Godelieve HM: "what moscow is in europe ! ?". Matthew McGimpsey: "lovely building". Abdul Mohsin: "Wow". Alton Samaras: "Congratulation to all muslims". Stu Underwood: "no such thing as God/allan". John McAuliffe: "Though I am an Atheist, I consider it a very impressive show of architecture. It illustrates Russian tolerance at a time when the West is persecuting Muslim children for building clocks or mentioning the word "eco terrorism" in class.". Neil Jaikar: "And how many terrorists mosque can shelter?". Sam Akh: "In come the haters....3, 2, 1....". AbdiKani Ibn Musa: "Congratulations to all human being... Good is great.. Allah akbar". Ana Moshkala: "Great.". Adriaan Cilliers: "Is Russia part of Europe?". Theodoulos Constanti: "Very ugly.". Mircea Bidian: "is re-open!! Is not a new one. it was in restoration by 10 years!!". Ana Moshkala: "Neil Jaikar none of the terrorists. Coz ur here.". Alexa Schmidt: "Fethullah Gulen and friends???". Alexa Schmidt: "". Paul Clay: "Build it and they will come.". Alvaro Herrera: "Neil Jaikar As much brain as you have". Peter Janoff: "Assad made him do it.". Salim Jiven: "The West should take lesson from this. This will reduce radicalisation.". Misa Tepavac: "nothing against it, but it would be nice to see saudis building at least one church".
11-07-2016 23:29 ClickHole shares a link. If Black Lives Matter Isn’t A Racist Hate Group, Can Someone Explain Why I Keep Insisting They Are?. "I want to believe in BLM’s good intentions, but so far no one has been able to tell me why I repeatedly, vehemently denounce it.". Ever since Black Lives Matter formed in 2013, its leaders have repeatedly tried to brand it as a peaceful organization. It purports to advocate equal treatment for African Americans, and to pursue this goal by nonviolent means. Well, I’m not so sure, and the reason is simple: if Black Lives Matte... 25 people like this: Matt Turner, Alex Schiff, Bill Demery, Sam Acheson, Gwyneth Mullins, Donna Bruning - Cara, Bethany Snow, Niall Telford, Andrew Bilgrav, Suruchi Bhan, Max Carroll, Felix Säfqvist, Ike Reece-Mckeown, Chrissy Stiehl, Surya Chappa, Doru Lupulescu, Sam Moraitis, Chris Petruccelli, Amr Saad, Hallee Xanadu Pottle, Ayase Yung DogSlug, Jon Heiligenthal, Jesse Ackerman, Alex Halladay, Samuel McClure. 25 people commented on this. Randy Herigon: "Maybe you denounce BLM so much because your a racist asshole.". Seamus Light: "Looks like ClickHole just got cucked. Oh well, it had a good run. Unliked. Also, I hope a protester throws a cinder block on your back and crushes one of your vertebrae.". Jazib Khan: "I can't tell which comments here are serious and which are just playing along.". Nick Schroeder: "More like #Cuckhole, am I right? Donald Trump is going to fix all of this racism caused by Barack Obama by hiring the best, most luxurious and not-racist words to fix all the problems. You'll see. And then he'll fix the libel laws so Cuckhole won't be able to make fun of all of the things that make me, a persecuted white male, upset.". Sam Jones: "#thoughtsandprayers to the white folks during this difficult time". Randy Herigon: "I'm not going to support a racist site like this. Good bye. Get your clicks from your fellow racists.". Greg McDonnell: "Clickhole, I've been a long time fan, but unfortunately for most people on this comment section, I'm not unliking this page". Anita Vasudevan: "Tony García WOW! Finally someone speaks the uncensored, non-politically correct truth!! If BLM isn't a hate group, why do I say it is? If global warming exists, why do I claim it doesn't? If fossils weren't planted by the devil to deny the existence of our lord above, WHY WOULD I INSIST THAT THEY WERE? Check. And. Mate.". Brian Williams: "Breaking news: local white edgelord proclaims BLM is the same as kkk and that you're all totally cucked. He figured it out guys, we can all go home now racism is over.". Ben Goldberg: "Andy, the comments have reached peak level of confusion/anger! It's over 9000!!!". Collin Barton: "I get why everyone's annoyed because satire is less funny when it's making fun of something that's actually true, but tbh we cant get all pissy because theyre putting the focus on us, and then have no problem when they put it on other people. I like clickhole more than the onion for a lot of reasons but one of them is that the liberal "haha this is what right wingers ACTUALLY believe" jokes are a lot less and farther in between, but you really cant expect them to just go away completely.". Mason Kuzmich: "Hey, my feelings have been hurt by a ClickHole article. Somebody please care.". Mike Miller: "Yes. The lives of those whom they robbed are meaningless! Hard working people making a living. Only the lives of the Felons and the Thugs matter. Got it. Good. Checkerooni.". Jacob Heacock: "I think BLM is a movement based on solving REAL issues in the US, that just so happens to have been over shadowed by Black supremecists who were able to enter the movement, and gain power within it, and poison outsider's opinion of the entire idea behind it TL;DR I think BLM was based on a good idea, but corrupted by allowing true racists within it's ranks". Kristofer London: "The amount of people that are legit getting mad at this article, unliking ClickHole & misusing the term cuck is delicious. More, give me more, I'm not full yet.". James Watt: "Is this a joke? Regardless of what a person might believe about black lives matter, the reasoning in this article is asinine. It literally says "If the earth isn't flat, than can someone please explain to me why I keep claiming that it is?" Why yes, yes I can. You claim it is, because you believe it is. No amount of linking to places where you claim the earth is flat does anything other than convince me that yes, you do indeed believe the earth is flat. Relevant xkcd: This article reads like it was written by the onion.". David Roberts: "This article boils down to "I have said x. If it isn't true, why have I said it?" I could say the writer is a bigot and a racist. If it isn't true, why have I said it? The article gives absolutely no basis for it's claims other than the writer's incapacity to see past their own assumptions. I am not saying either way whether the writer is right - I am saying this is simply no way to argue a point unless you are God.". Avenir Maxwell: "Actual lol. Some of these comments are beautiful. "My feelings were hurt by a ClickHole article. Please be angry with me." Jacob Lynagh". Nigel Isaiah Murillo: "If this article is as "satirical" as it claims to be, then why do I keep denouncing the notion while vehemently verbalizing my disdain in the comment section? If Clickhole can't explain to me why I profusely keep expressing the fact that from this day onward I have disliked their page, then we'll just have to agree to disagree.". Chris Angel: "Last year, forty UNARMED black men were killed by cops, cops of all colors. Of those, half of them were struggling to get the officer's weapon. Learn the facts!". Caileb David Eder: "Daniel Kirchner Except for the fact that BLM movement is directly linked to dozens of riots and deaths "It's open season on killing whites and police" #black lives matter". Brett Sylvester: "Have a problem with a memorial for orlando shooting victims being hijacked by a bunch of idiots making evrything about themselves? You must be a racist". Christine Feldy: "In the bible sermon on the mount Luke someplace Jesus speaks of those less fortunate. "Blessed are the ... For they shall ... This doesn't mean they are better he is just telling folks to remember them and treat them with kindness. BLM does not intend to say that black lives are MORE important than others, merely that their lives are EQUALLY important as white lives. In other words don't shoot us as if we were rapid dogs". Steven Douglas: "Funny, people said the same thing about the Civil Rights Movement.....and to this very day they are still MAD that blacks folks have the right to vote. That hidden racism is something else, ain't it? Smh..". Annie Des: "He doesn't offer any counter argument to back himself up. He's basically saying "I'm always right. So why do people keep disagreeing with me?" Ineffective".
05-05-2015 20:29 RT shares a link. Volcanoes may cause drastic temperature changes on distant super-Earth. Temperatures changing from 1,000C to 2,700C. (Via RT UK). Astronomers have detected dramatic temperature changes on a solid planet far beyond our solar system, likely caused by massive volcanoes on the super-Earth’s surface. 25 people like this: Melissa McGowan, Đoäa Ďødý, Robin Allmon-Sherry, Fatra Birboy, Melinda S. Malovoz, Dharmesh Hirani, Ashley Salmon, Md Shawpn, Adanis Takrat, Melting Heart, Erica Waldmann-Etain Eame, Joshua Aaron Sumner, Bee Nodd Aale, Hrvoje Ivišić, José Soto Pérez, Ludvík Majerčík, Vsewolod Silverstorm, Aldy Mangetik, Enikö Melinda, Yessayi Yessayan, Janet Morgan, Zuliadi Al Banjari, Ac Buddy Standard, Abhijit Saha, Axel Stein. 18 people commented on this. Rick Louis: "And you cant triangulate the malaysia airliner? or steve fossett?". !pop! Goes Theology: "So, shall we rather not go, then?". Ramses R. Montes: "And to think, a little bit of CO2 would be the only factor to do that.". Basil Jones: "More fake images from NASA.". Mary Wild: "Let's send David Cameron there.". Alan Gonzales: "David Salvador Muñoz". David Underwood: "Impossible. Humans are the only ones that can cause drastic temerature changes on planets.". Christian Bugge: "I'm going to start calling nuclear reactors "super-ovens".". Frano Ćale Depolo: "With everything thats going on on this here Earth, who gives a distant super-fuck?". Pieter de Kooker: "They will...". No sanctions against Russia - нет санкций против России: "Spend one minute to take a look at this page". Matt Jones: "Mark of Zoro(Red) Nonident?". Andy Borrego: "1000-2700C real quick". Simon Lam: "Interesting, I want my prince to take me for a gay space trip in his pink spaceship castle!". Terence G Freeman: "Looks like that thing off of the movie The 5th Element". Zenati Suhill: "Hell is kicking off.". Andy Coorr: "Evil western super earth". Scott Prestwood: "Recently threatening Denmark and Lithuania with nuclear war, in reality, a muted and restrained power operating in a system that no longer supports grand-scale intervention. If anything, Russia’s recent military and diplomatic adventures have revealed its desperate weakness. Meanwhile, its shift toward a self-defeating utilization of new forms of power (covert warfare, cyber conflict, and coercive energy policy) demonstrates the limitations it faces in coercing its neighbors. Russia is attempting to counter the EU’s growing economic might by creating its own economic free trade zone, the Eurasian Union. As of now, the Eurasian Union only has four members: Russia, Armenia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, and is a customs union that allows for the free movement of goods, services, and persons across borders. Other Eurasian countries, however, are looking westward, signing bilateral deals via the EU’s neighborhood policies. The fates of democracy, human rights, and economic independence within of post-Soviet states have been at the center of this animosity. Arms sales to U.S. adversaries by Russia and missile defense placements by the U.S. in Europe have also deepened the post–Cold War rivalry. The resumed sales demonstrate Russia’s desire to provoke the United States, even if the missiles themselves are unlikely to be a major factor in U.S. foreign policy considerations. These missile sales are an empty gesture, as the West is now very unlikely to attack Iran given negotiations.".
11-02-2016 14:51 Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V. posts a video. I Want You (She's So Heavy). Across The Universe- I Want You (She's So Heavy). This song is not mine or made by me. * This is strokeslover93, my account got deleted :(. 2 people like this: Chuy You, Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V.
10-01-2015 19:30 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH teilt einen Link. Georgien: Heftige Anfeindungen gegen LGBT-Organisation. In #Georgien ist es in den letzten Tagen zu einer Eskalation der Anfeindungen gegen die #LGBT-Organisation "იდენტობა | Identoba" gekommen, die an diesem Samstag beinahe in einer vermutlich gewalttätigen #Demonstration vor den Büros der Organisation geendet ware. Anlass war eine Kritik des Direktors Irakli Vacharadze an einer Weihnachtsansprache des Anführers der orthodoxen Kirche. Der ganze Artikel jetzt auf #EnoughisEnough #StopHomophobia #Orthodoxe #Kirche #LGBTI #Community #Kritik. Nach Kritik am Patriarchen drohten Orthodoxe und Nationalisten Mitgliedern von "Identoba" mit dem Tod. Ein Regierungsmitglied verglich die Organisation mit den Terroristen von Paris. (Politik - Europa). 10 Menschen gefällt das: Rudolf Hillebrand, Harry Espinal-garcia, Elisabeth Musicals, Danny Stricker, Leandro Kees, Martin Schmitz, Peik Volmer, Martin Kieser, Jens Christiansen, Michael Fink. 6 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Lutz Ebersl: "Religioten°!". Marc Oaush: "Glaube ohne Liebe macht fanatisch. Laotse.". Mar Vin: "Theoden von Rohan...". Enzo Canuzzi: "Schon wieder die bösen Muslime!". Dennis Grahl: "Und jeder spricht vom Terrorismus. Krankes Land.". CK Memeck: "Mittelalter".
07-05-2015 03:49 RT shares a link. Dolphins have complex social networks and communities. Aquatic Facebook junkees. If there were computers under the sea, then perhaps dolphins would have their own versions of Facebook and Twitter. The animals, long known to be extremely sociable creatures, have highly complex and dynamic friends networks, a new study found. 25 people like this: Sara Sobkowicz, Letecia Chavez, Majd Gasson, Sipelukis Tampan, Dion Pekanbaru, Son Nabam Hena, Paula Hendley, Rey Eli, Faheem Majeed Soomro, Doris Knight, Jeremy Hageman, ناصر الفهداوي عشرين عشره, James Lou Dela Victoria, Honey Singh, Vivek Dubey, Inuy Aiank Fyrman, Beau Baldomero, Umer Khan, Entisar Salameh, Yashpal Ravi Kumar, Fajri Ayi, Mekong Wolf, Owais Madhia, Uwe Wagner, Ricardo Jones. 14 people commented on this. David Russell: "beak book?". Rizvy AHmed: "Hm". Michelle Soto: "Dolphins rape 15 people a year.". Denise Rojo: "Bruce and Elise". Ahmed El Dawakhly: "15116". Jihan Gamal ElDin Askar: "They'd probably laugh their heads off reading this.". George Mann: "That's a stupid idea for multiple reasons : 1, dolphins can't use a keyboard 2, dolphins can't get the cable company to provide high speed internet to the "ocean"... 3,If you think its hard for you, to get tech support , can't you just see them being condescending to a dolphin
15-02-2015 17:47 teilt einen Link. Visa will Smartphones in Echtzeit orten. Ist bei euch ein Bezahlvorgang mit Kreditkarte im Ausland schon einmal abgewiesen worden, weil Betrug vermutet wurde?. Optionaler Dienst gegen Betrugsfälle startet im April in den USA. 1 Mensch gefällt das: Stefan Bachhofner. 1 Mensch hat dazu kommentiert. Thomas Langer: "Das ganze System ist nur noch krank, aber die Masse wird es leider stillschweigend akzeptieren.".
18-04-2015 23:15 Grischinka Teufl teilt einen Link. Mit Kunst den wissenschaftlichen Rahmen sprengen. FWF - PEEK _ gernmehr _ und alle 2% der Betroffenen so: YEA und alle 89 % unwissenden so: WURSCHT - und dann die interessierten 9% so: WASnDAS?. Seit sechs Jahren wird in Österreich Forschung aus künstlerischer Perspektive durch den FWF gefördert. 1 Mensch gefällt das: Trubel Shooter Adi Frankovic.
04-03-2016 14:33 RT shares a link. 2 policemen killed, dozens injured after bomb blast in south eastern Turkey. The blast struck the town of Nusaybin, near the Syrian border, but no group has immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. Two police officers have been killed and 35 people injured after a car bomb exploded in the south eastern Turkish province of Mardin. The attack has been blamed on the Kurdistan Workers Party, but no one has claimed responsibility so far. 25 people like this: Ahmet Ali Misaam Turkmeni, Waqas Khan, Nikki Murphy, Olev's Fenitriniaina, Enisalem Eni, Prashant Bamniya, Angel Mendez Batista, Muhammad Ijaz, ﭑﭑﻠۄﭑﭑڼ ﭑﻠﺆرد, Marijan Peranovic, William Thien, JexSus Iriarte, Aleksandra Kandić, Yiannis Steve, Bu Shweha, Gabriel Asiedu Ntim, Hacene Hassane, Sahil Mahajan, Ramon B Rodas, Andy Robinson, Julian Aldarf, Lediapriansyah Kenji AL-Risky, Reetsang M Keobonye, Chan Wei Han, Jill Lefrancois. 19 people commented on this. Alex O. Chiemela: "Turkey deserve anything that happens to them for supporting terrorism". Zana Kakai: "You play with fire You get burned And what goes around comes around.". Robiow Gh-Kp: "Damn it, I hoped that more terrorist policemen would have been killed.". Skyler Mohawk: "Turkey should stop supporting Daesh, only then the Turkish people would be safe..". Benjamin Romanov: "Turkey is using this to ..put an end to all Kurdish gains". Layth Hsmeed: "it looks like the terrorists are going back to thier god father". Bab Jiyan: "Good job keep killing these terrorist Isis Turk "policemen"". Ted Melbourne: "time to just nuke the fuk out of the middle east.". Fabiola Lazarus: "What'd you expect its Islamic State of Turkey.". Mohammad Shauzub Baqiri: "False flag by someone to push Turkey into Syria! Death of Turkish nation lies in that war! The saudis are scheming against Turkey too!". Götz von Berlichingen: "Now he can say, that the kurds did it and this will be his reason to fight more and more in Syria.". Tong Yabgu: "news for RTards from RT.PKK is a terorist organisation and we'll kill every member of PKK,you don't change this truth.All heil great of great Turk Nation ! skip another RT propaganda news". Chadrick Edwards: "The black popes Peter Hans Kolvenbach and Adolfo Nicolas are masterminding an operation called "operation fish bait" which is a TOP SECRET mission that is in the making as we speak. They're going to set up Iran and use Iran as bait against the Israelis "Operation Fish Bait" is a UN operation and is the reason why there are two black popes and two white popes, never in history has there ever been two white popes and two black popes nonetheless two white popes and one black pope or two black popes and one white pope, never in history has this ever happened and never in history has there ever been a Jesuit white pope. Operation Fish Bait is an endeavor to bring about this Regionalized Global One World System. They're going to need all the help they can get. Right now as I type this message they are building airstrips in Syria for a counter-attack against Israel, Operation Fish Bait is to provoke Israel to attack and possibly nuke the Iranian Nation. These are the United Nations Ten Kingdoms of the Regionalized Global One World System that you are probably familiar with according to the Club of Rome and the Committee of 300; 1.Canada, United States and Mexico 2.Turkey and Western Europe 3.Korea and Japan 4.Australia, New Zealand and Southern South Africa and Hawaii 5.Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Eastern Europe 6.Central and South America 7.Mauritania, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon 8.Middle Africa and Northern South Africa 9.New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Burma, India, Nepal, Afghanistan and Pakistan 10.Mongolia and China These United Nations Ten Kingdoms are going to line up their bombers on strategically placed Syrian airfields designed especially for this occasion. The UN Ten Kingdom attack base is going to be set in Syria and their defense base is going to be set up in Turkey off course to protect Rome.". Peter Jackson: "With any luck eventually these sloppy Turkish false flags may even accidentally kill Sultan Gollumdogan! Gowan with your scumbag terrorist selves, Turkey!". Best Dadison: "Seems Turkey has priced what they cannot but hu. ...". Naim Caliskan: "Where these pkk or pyd bombed is where the Turkish kurds live so they are bombing there own kind and some pyd -pkk kurds here writen should be more dead they wished BUT its your own kind wow , see pkk-pyd kurds even bomb there own kind , there NOT human for attacking there own kind , i feel sorry for them". Dan Tkachenko: "Some people.. No, not people, animals find this funny((". Anil Eren: "So Turkey cops terrorism for being terrorists?? Wowww some nice drugs out there!!!!!". Sarang Tumane: "The war is slowly turning into Scrimmage.".
14-03-2015 18:07 Peter Moosgaard posts a video. Roxanne - Charlene (Original long version) [HD/3D/HQ]. Roxanne: Charlene (Original long version 1985) Music & lyrics: Tony Hendrik, Mary S. Applegate, Karin van Haaren Produced & arranged by: Tony Hendrik & Karin.... 2 people like this: Andreas Bischoff, Paul Raal.
17-02-2015 09:51 CaptainCork shares a link. A complete list of every president's favorite drink. Richard Nixon mochte besonders teuren #Wein: Château Lafite Rothschild. Seine Gäste bekamen aber nur billige Plörre. Hier die Liste der Präsidenten-Getränke.. Founding Father or one-termer, Democrat or Republican, almost every president shared something in common: They drank. In his new book, “Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Pre... 3 people like this: Nikolaus Ottenbacher, Frank Maruccia, Da Bra. 1 person commented on this. CaptainCork: "Und prost!".
10-10-2015 12:48 Volker Piesczek hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Timeline Photos. Erst ein Vergleich macht sicher!!! Quelle : Wifo. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Rainer Riedl, Stef Kanopp, Katharina Leitner, Jasmin Spitzenstaetter, Matthias Kandler, Jutta Hartl, Pe Pe, Gunda Wöbking, Mathilde Urban, Elisabeth Stadler, Roland Pasterk, Milena Zehetner, Cathrin Pfeiffer, Elli Schwaighofer, Doris Rosner, Lilo Moser, Thomas Strasser, Markus Lutz, Sonja Fink, Thomas L Strini, Aldar Abdalkarim, Andrea Brunner, Alex Benincà, Julia Schopf, Franziska Kronsteiner. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Martin Hofbauer: "Der Vergleich hinkt......". Volker Piesczek: "Warum ?". Martin Hofbauer: "Weil das was die Flüchtlingskrise unser Land kosten wird definitiv nicht abschätzbar ist....". Volker Piesczek: "Wir reden von den aktuellen Zahlen". Volker Piesczek: "Wir können gerne mal reden Martin aber besser persönlich
27-09-2016 15:38 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Pflegemutter. Meine Mutter wirft ihre Tasche mit dem Stethoskop und den Gummihandschuhen auf den Rücksitz. Ich gucke sie an: "Wie hast du das so lange ausgehalten?". Seit 30 Jahren kümmert sie sich um alte Menschen. Jetzt sagt sie plötzlich, sie kann nicht mehr. Was ist das für ein Job, der eine wie sie zum Aufgeben zwingt?, fragt sich Moritz Herrmann. Und begleitet seine Mutter auf eine letzte Schicht. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Zuzana Baderkhan, Ina Constien, Nicole Nuerenberg, Hannah L. R. Fuchs, Eva Amenou, Juliane Groth, Ann Szu, Uta Förster, Goodfellow Rene, Doro Stahlkopf, Kerstin Niehoff, Melanie Richter, Elisabeth Kozma, Janina Ecnerwal, Sandra Birkholz, Vera Ortner, Sabine Ruiz Puerta, Andrea Herzig, Andreea Juncanariu, Marissa Biondi, Sarah Arnold, Friederike Heiter-Sonnenschein, Katharina Stnhr, Nicole Nikelaos, Fri Duszka. 17 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Franzi Do: "Lisa Matthias Do". Susanne Liebherr: "Absoluter Respekt !". Lisa Matthias Do: "Cool!!!!!!!!
25-01-2015 18:20 Drífa Hrund Daníelsdóttir shares a link. My period may hurt: but not talking about menstruation hurts more | Rose George. yes, we all bleed!. Rose George: Menstrual taboo is bad enough for female athletes such as Heather Watson. For women around the world the damage can be much worse. 2 people like this: Freyja Jónudóttir Barkardottir, Sandra Dögg Guðmundsdóttir.
12-03-2016 10:00 Gisella Dietrich Gässli says something. Gisella Dietrich Gässli &rarr; Elisa Storelli. Buon comple!.
12-03-2015 04:43 Fefes Blog teilt einen Link. Read Full Story. Eine Petition im Weißen Haus, um die 47 Senatoren wegen Hochverrats anzuklagen, steht gerade sehr knapp for 200000 Unterschriften an nur einem Tag. Nötig gewesen wären 100000 bis zum 8. April.
22-02-2016 12:12 Zeit im Bild hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Timeline Photos. „Wir akzeptieren das nicht und deswegen ist darüber zu reden“, meint der deutsche Innenminister weiter. 13 Menschen gefällt das: Günther Buchgraber, Manuel Fässler, Jo Helga Hofer, Susanne Gottlieb, Renate Wandling, Roman Bauer, Julia Higher, Markus Fasching, Martin Krainer, Flo Kram, Mohammadali Abrahimi, Alfons Yondraschek, Eduard Gerstorfer. 16 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Eduard Gerstorfer: "Aber über Österreich meckern.....jaja......:-)". Martin Krainer: "Auf einmal?
08-03-2017 08:57 Michael Perlbach adds a photo. Michael's cover photo. "Honny soit qui mal y pense" Black ink and colored pencil on cardboard, 1996.
19-04-2015 12:00 ARTE shares a link. Le Port de l’angoisse de Howard Hawks - Dimanche 19 avril à 20h45 - ARTE Cinema. Humphrey Bogart Estate & Lauren Bacall, une alchimie du cinéma qui mérite de faire escale :. « En 1942, Harry Morgan, le propriétaire d’un yacht à la Martinique, gagne sa vie en emmenant à la pêche de riches touristes. Gérard dit « Frenchy », gaulliste convaincu et patron de l’hôtel où il loge, demande à Harry de l’aider à faire entrer cland. 25 people like this: Mich Du, Clé Mence, Youpla Boum, Dominique Dit Lulu Travert, Danielle CR, Jamila CouCou, Dominique Pérotin, Aurelie Chanoursinette Sandon, Lili Lacourte, Flopinette Marmotte, David Elie, Eleni Gemeni, Anne-Laure Richard Son, David Compostel, Alex Blibli, Barbara Kolmayer, Martine Gerbault, Caterina Zunino, Madeleine Lovighi-Giuliani, Mehdi Panama, Ilo Nirik, Marina D'anchera, Marc H. Le Noir, Anagramme Gearuptoday, Marie Liebart. 7 people commented on this. Dominique Olow: "l'intensité du regard de Lauren bacall sur cette prise , moi elle m'arrache la chemise direct". Jerome Morrow: "Marilyn Michell's". Monique Gaillot: "deux merveilleux acteurs dans un film magnifique ! que n'a-t-on pas de nos jours de si beaux acteurs !". Monique Chaventré: "celui là je vais pas le rater merci ARTE pour info". Anne Takocito: "un des plus beaux films du monde". Michele Tofanelli: "c'est pas pour rien qu'elle était surnommée" The look". Mythique ce film !". Françoise Broujon: "plus la même époque toujours unrégal de voir les films de cette époque , , merveilleuse LAURAN , et lui , un "sacré gueule"".
12-01-2016 17:18 Daniel Mützel teilt einen Link. Warum ich als Reaktionär nicht "Gutmensch" sage. Das nennt man dann wohl "reflexiver Reaktionär".. "Es war noch nie leicht, Reaktionärsein und das Beharren auf Differenzierung und Restintelligenz zu vereinen. Man sollte es trotzdem immer wieder versuchen.". Unser Autor ist selbsternannter linguistischer „Gutmensch“-Experte. Er erklärt, warum man „Gutmensch“ auch dann nicht sagen sollte, wenn man selbst keiner ist. Spoiler: Es hat mit Intelligenz zu tun.
11-02-2015 07:55 RT shares a link. NBC’s Brian Williams suspended 6 months for fake Iraq War story. NBC News anchor Brian Williams has been suspended for six months without pay after retracting an Iraq War story that he continued to exaggerate after first reporting it in 2003. 25 people like this: Michal Havrila, Simon Laforgue, Darren Chester, Shahab Sara, Terri Alexandrova, Zohaib Ali, Moira Farah, Richard Morris, Daniel Bowman, Keith Vega, Abul Hasan, Jimmy Ahmed, Bert Aslan, Ron Weather, John Mckenzie, Ozzie Zerdo, David Pie, Eng Nadeem Ezzat, Daniel Michaelson, Gesar D Tendhar, Sonia Khalil, Jenile Celina, Frederick Basco, Mitch Fletcher, Ted Holowatchuk. 25 people commented on this. Bebe Armana: "Should be FIRED not just suspended!". Are Jay: "What about the fake 9/11 story?". Shye Syira: "Only 6 months?". Paul Casey: "He was suspended for only one of the fake Iraq War stories?". Richard Charles: "Wow. down with the media. Im sure most of the stories are lies!! What is this country coming to…..". Ali Zeeshan: "He should be put in jail". Karen Connolly: "Should get life behind bars anyone lied over Iraq ... People were killed remember ...". Rodney X Arrington: "Doesn't matter really...most Americans here don't have the attention span to care...". Adrian Alvarez: "They should throw his stupid ass to jail instead. America needs to be save from the retardedness". Dee Mansoor: "Most of the shit coming out of America is full of bullshit to start wars.". Joe Haley: "brian williams lies about iraq and everyone freaks, cheney lies about iraq and people line up for his memoirs. THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE.". Cameron Joyce: "Give him a break..". Wright B. Hindya: "I'm interested in why? After all, an institution of pathological liars don't normally hang out a colleague to dry for doing what they normally do. I wonder who he pissed off and how? Its like when they got Strauss Kahn on rape charges. At his level you simply don't get in trouble for raping young girls. Its one of the perks that comes with the job.". Phillip Gray: "Makes you wonder just HOW MANY stories are BLOWN out of proportion, NOT JUST BY HIM, But by ALL reporters? I Can Not believe he is the ONLY one.". Vincent Quintanar: "they all lie and report fake news stories across all of mainstream media,so why is he being prosecuted for something everyone else does,which is lie to the public? there has to be more to this than whats being shown on the surface". Oscar Axel Ortiz: "It is really hilarious how outraged Fox News acted. Everyone on Fox News should be suspended too for fake news and stories.". Richard Bradford: "Let's arrest Bush and Cheney for lying us into that war". John Bearden: "Only suspended? He must be too big to fire.". Μιλαν Δενις: "Ask America, What's the Real Story, The Story 'Behind' the Story?". Michael Grainger: "Typical Yank! Should be American official historian with his skill!". 'Ian L. Hannaford: "Has he NO Shame?". Shafeeque Tharimoopan: "Every fake story will be revealed.". Ric Lawes: "They report what they are told to report - he is collateral damage, a scape goat when the lie get's exposed - thus not fired and you can bet he will still be paid under an 'accounting entry'.". Louise Heremia: "Fkn typical media liars.". Robert Franke: "Another GI Joe caught with his pants down & his ass in the air".
04-08-2015 17:34 Peter Baecker posts a video. MTV Style Germany. Gentrifizierung, Fair-Trade-Burkas & Chia-Samen-Pudding.. 1 person likes this: Marek Stanschus. 1 person commented on this. Weiland WM: "soso weserstr. zu simon dach haha gut so... bleibt alle weg kann ich wieder mit offenen fenster schlafen...ach so ich liebe kimchi...".
02-11-2015 10:23 Armin Breuer says something. Armin Breuer &rarr; Michael G. Kraft. Alles Gute!.