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29-06-2017 00:00 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH shares a link. Gay marriage and the six rules behind Angela Merkel's political longevity. #AngelaMerkel
28-06-2017 23:53 Hiob Rasten posts a video. Everything Is Terrible. HUMANITY'S FUTURE PAST!.
28-06-2017 23:46 Rosemarie Pilz posts a video. Ptôse "Corazon". Ptôse - Corazon - sur la K7 "Moxisylyte N." (1981).
28-06-2017 23:23 Kathrin Stumreich adds a photo. Kathrin's cover photo. .
28-06-2017 23:19 Erin Lang shares a link. The Satellite. SET TIMES: 10:45 - Rosie Tucker 10 - Marnie Herald 9 - Foundling FREE!. 4 people like this: Mark Bright, Tarynn Law, Jean-Luc Quinaux-Losa, Carl Tapia. 1 person commented on this. Jean-Luc Quinaux-Losa: "" our Moon is our precious and previous " satellite " ! ,... allowing us , ..(all of us.) " to live " ! , season after season , ... and the comptemplative form , and contemplative from ... the marvellous effect of the simple effect of a spécial and programed axis is just in front of you !! : so ? , listen to Erin today !!!!! ;-)".
28-06-2017 23:18 Märkische Onlinezeitung teilt einen Link. Gewitter über Brandenburg lässt Bäume umstürzen - Das Gewitter hat vor allem den Süden Brandenburgs getroffen. Wir hoffen, dass Sie alle trocken nach Hause gekommen sind und wünschen eine gute Nacht!. 4 Menschen gefällt das: Anja Ottmann, Rice Schlie, Martina Gollin, Astrid Braun. 2 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Sven Paul: "Wo denn hier ist nix was labbert ihr 15517". Kathrin Rieks: "Warum wird denn Menschen immer vorher schon Angst gemacht? Bei uns war noch kein so ein Gewitter, hatte heute nur kurz geregnet. Ok kann noch kommen!! Gute Nacht
28-06-2017 23:10 Friedrich Zorn adds a photo. Friedrich's cover photo. .
28-06-2017 23:09 The Satellite says something. SET TIMES: 10:45 - Rosie Tucker 10 - Marnie Herald 9 - Foundling FREE!. 3 people like this: Marnie Herald, Rosie Tucker, Foundling. 1 person commented on this. Foundling: "❤️".
28-06-2017 23:08 Samuel Goldbaum shares a link. LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS MAKE A RECORD. please help us finish our debut album! | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!.
28-06-2017 22:59 RT shares a link. RT America. Haley: "Our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out.". 25 people like this: Miguel Angel Sanchez, Ernest Jackson, Funkel Hoste Giggety, Mizanur Hussain, Akoaysi Israel Carpio, Nuruddin Ahamed, Juan Francisco Soto, Mark M Butuan, Joe Vick, Mona El-Kadi, Yahya Idrssi Eagles, Hamzah Sheikh, Toto Rolly, Nabil Abadir, Alexander Norwick, Eric Dissy, Arief Kessë, Anthony James Glynn, Alexandre Le Bienheureux, Nawab Shah, Joseluis Salas Merino, Paul Gagnon, ذکرالله رحیمی, Ahmed Dahir, علي الكلدي. 25 people commented on this. Setu Sharma: "That seems like a good foreign policy. Get in pissing Match with a third world leader. When you can't dethrone him, create ISIS and in the process destroy millions of lives so you can make an "agreement" to remove ISIS in return for the removal of the leader you didn't like! Does America really deserve to be a superpower with maturity levels of a highschool cheerleader?". Rob Chambers: "No way!! There is no place for the US in post ISIS Syria! F/o you greedy satanic, cancerous nation. You make body-snatchers look like a Golden retriever.". James Unger: "Ok so um can someone anyone explain to me how the US has decided that it is the righteous country with the God given right to mete out US justice on sovereign nations? Who the hell gave the damn US the right? Who?". Hemoshree Chatterjee: "This is not Nikki's decision! Assad will stay because the Syrians want him to stay! Not another Libya here! Suck it! I know our prayers will work.". Ali Ahmed: "Who is the Nikki Haley to Decide about the Future and Leader of Syrain Public. She don't have any Right according to any Global Law to say this Rubbish.". Zrenko Loncarevic: "No place for you to even comment on other nations business just like you wouldn't appreciate another country telling you what to do . War mongers that's all they know !". Chris van den Berg: "That will be the last mistake the US makes. Russia, China and Iran will never tolerate this. They are so desperate for WW3.". Kre Ig: "Yeah screw Assad let's throw em out then let the locals fight militias fight for who controls the country. I mean it seems to have worked great in Libya
28-06-2017 22:55 Lisa Go hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Sea-Watch. Liebe Freund*innen von Sea-Watch, wir brauchen jetzt ganz dringend Eure Unterstützung! WERDET AKTIV! Lasst uns nicht allein! Unsere Crew auf der Sea-Watch 2 ist die letzten Tage an ihre Grenzen gegangen. Mit einem alten Boot, mit einer freiwilligen Besatzung und allein gelassen vor den Toren Europas. Mit wenig Schlaf haben wir Tag und Nacht Menschenleben gerettet, medizinische Notfälle versorgt und Tote geborgen. Unser Boot ist 32 m lang, es sollten sich nicht mehr als 100 Leute an Bord aufhalten. Gestern war unser Boot mit 500 Menschen völlig überladen, unsere Vorräte sind alle, wir sind am Ende unserer Kräfte. Heute früh waren wir erneut an zwei Rettungsaktionen beteiligt. Obwohl die Crew schon über ihr Limit gegangen ist, haben wir geholfen und gerettet - gegen das Versprechen, dass ein Boot von der Rettungsleitstelle in Rom (MRCC) geschickt wird. Diese Versprechen wurde gebrochen. Wir sind wieder alleine: 246 Menschen an Bord, ohne Essen, ohne Decken und am Ende unsere Kräfte. Wir bitten alle unsere Freund*innen: WERDET AKTIV! Lasst uns nicht allein! -> Kontaktiert Eure Bundestags- und Europaabgeordneten. -> Schreibt und telefoniert das Verteidigungsministerium an. In der Nähe ist ein Kriegsschiff, das nicht mit uns redet. -> Teilt diesen Beitrag und bittet Eure Freund*innen ebenfalls um Unterstützung. Warum schaut Europa weg? WIR BRAUCHEN UNTERSTÜTZUNG!!!!! SOFORT!!!!!! Axel Grafmanns, Geschäftsführer Sea-Watch -> Liste aller Bundestagsabgeordneter: -> Liste der deutschen Europa-Abgeordneten: -> Verteidigungsministerium:
28-06-2017 22:40 RT shares a link. Duterte tells troops not to worry about collateral damage. 'It is the duty of the civilians to flee or seek cover'. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has once again reassured troops fighting an Islamist insurgency in Marawi CIty that he will protect them from legal action, reiterating his desire to retake the city by any means necessary. 25 people like this: Winek Krepa, Ninad Kashyap, Laurentius Simbolon, Raizen Break, Dimitri Onkod, Jerome Tapia, Ali Noor, JC Adevoso, Charade Charhette, Nalin Perera, Daniel Cappellacci, Beth Barbon, Zoltan Tako, Galyna Kovalenko, Tanwi Sharma, Sallabe Kambal, Syed Ali Shah, Mir Afzal, Patipol SaraBoon, Napat Vechkama, Alex Beresford, कौशल गौड़, Anne De Silva, Lastog Bulastog, Heart Trab. 25 people commented on this. Brilant Krasniqi: "Kudos to Duterte for not following the American agenda. The way for a country to progress is by boycotting America and its wretched agenda.". Yasir Ramadan: "The collateral dammage already happened in his brain!". Jason Husbands: "Looks like human shields don't work in the Philippines.". Samuele Piredda: "Wtf, the duty of the army is to protected the country and the citizens...". EM Alfaro: "We don't need your opinions. Majority of us supports our president. It is for our own good to kick out those lawless elements from around the world that are making mess in our country.". Darren Finch: "Mad man. It's his duty as president to protect his citizens not tell them to run or die. Crazy.". Khurshed Ulmasov: "This guy is plain stupid. All the trouble that is happening in his country is his fault. Not a wise politician...". Dave Co: "Sad that RT also joins the biased news bandwagon in hating Duterte without really looking into the truth of our country. We love our President, he is fighting well funded corrupt govt officials, drug lords, religious figures with rape scandals, and self serving Oligarchs and spoiled rich kids who cannot relate with the suffering poor.. His enemies are well funded and has control over the media. The only support he has is the Filipino people.. we the normal guys. We the Voters who made him duly elected President. And he is no DICTATOR. He even defends our right to speak.. so much so that his Haters go the extra mile and call him names, curse at him, wish him dead, and even tried to bully his youngest daughter who is still a young girl. Not once did you see him fight back because of that. The old man works round the clock, desperately trying to fix 30 YEARS OF CORRUPT GOVT NEGLECT IN ALL SECTORS OF OUR NATION. So please give him a break! He is just an old man that loves his country.". Scott Searle: "See a terrorist? Shoot through civilians to get at them, if the civilians are in the way, they'll be too dead to raise charges. FIIIIIRE!". Engin Savaş: "He is the best president on planet, I have ever seen. He is fighting aganist Islamic State heroicly... I strongly belive that the world need him to defeat Radical Islam.". Queenie Salah Shalimar: "This is just ANOTHER REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY RHETORIC in RESPONSE to earlier report of TRAPPED CIVILIANS being FORCED to HOLD GUNS & FIGHT AGAINST GOVERNMENT TROOPS! That HOPEFULLY WILL WORK-OUT to END the CRISIS the soonest possible ! My prayers for Philippines & it's people!". Nens Gumuyud: "Im a muslim from that same area. Everytime our soldier killed ISIS i thank Allah and pray for safety of our soldier. ISIS are not muslim its just happened that some of them of them were muslim. They dont represent our religion. They are just attack dog of washington dc. Its unfortunate that this dog bark allaho akbar. May Allah lord God forgive them and take their dirty soul". Benjamin Enero: "It's a mind game, ijoots!!this terrorist now that they don't have anymore enough ammos mingle and blend with the civilians posing as one of them..". Slaven Slijepčević: "I don't understand why anyone who's not from Philippines speaks against Duterte. Obviously everyone here from there support their president and their laws. So it's horrible what Duterte does you say. How do you call then implanting of ISIS. You don't have to have IQ bigger than rotten tomato to understand where they come from and who finances them and with what purpose. Hypocrisy is a fucked up thing.". Jan Hoogeveen: "All your idiots talking down on Mr Duterte are morons.... Do you even know the Phills ??? Ever been there ??? Ever talked about this with any Pinoy there ??? You all just are quickly to condemn , without even understanding the man himself , the country or its people.... Allways i see these comments on Mr Duterte , oftenly taken out of context , not knowing anything about the situation or understanding what a shrewd man he really is.... Never they show what great things Mr Duterte has done for the Phills and the Pinoy. In a short time and under difficult circumstances. He is the best President the Phills have had !!! He has such a high approval rating from his people , no politician in the World comes even close , this should speak volumes... Before you make dumb comments try to understand what and who you are talking about and learn a bit about the situation. Because just making ignorant statements makes you look like fools....". Carlos Rosado: "Sad but its the only way to defeat this people. We have seen it in Syria and everywhere they use the people as human shields to put the public opinion on their favor so governments stop the bombing. The only way is to go full force, clean the area, anyone that stays is either ISIS or a supporter so.". Jenny Pasco: "Hmmm, this is sad but true. Thanks Obama for creating ISIS. And don't judge to sharply here people, you do realize tomorrow we could be collateral damage, even in the USA. The country known for taking the party (war) to the neighbors house.". J Eva Evs: "our own people support our government and our President. The enemy of our country the narco politicians, drug lords, oligarchs and who created, supporting the terror group behind this chaos. You not and never gonna win! we Filipinos are helping and working together to support our President and the victims of war in marawi. God help us all.
28-06-2017 22:39 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. tagesschau. Die SPD will die 'Ehe für alle' schnell durchsetzen. Für Angela Merkel ist das "traurig, und es ist vor allem auch völlig unnötig".. #Kanzlerin
28-06-2017 22:30 Zeit im Bild hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Timeline Photos. Die Grünen würden sich „einbetonieren“ und „keine pragmatische Politik“ zulassen, meint Peter Pilz. Er nimmt einen „schwierigen Abschied“ und überlegt, mit einer eigenen Liste bei der Nationalratswahl anzutreten. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Johann Klawatsch, Thomas Donnerer, Bianca Leiner, Nino Loss, Renate Prinz, Matthias Lampel, Catherine Viniczky, Magdalena Wonderland, Roman Hildebrand, Mathias Nuding, Michael Herker, Nikolaus Syrovatka, Michael Steinböck, Maurice Gabriel, Jürgen Ha, Conny Jonas, Felix Klobassa, Clemens Stangl, Lukas Haberl, Florian Halbeisen, Reinhard Guster, Andrea Zotter, Elisabeth Gutt, Michaela Atzmanstorfer, Veronika Windisch. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Dedi Halwax: "Mit jeder Sekunde, die Pilz heute gesprochen hat, haben die Grünen Stimmen verloren...". Reinhard Freez: "Jetzt haben auch die Grünen ihr Knittelfeld, es ist Linz.. ;)". Mario Maier: "Peter Pilz verkörpert zum weit überwiegenden Teil nicht meine politischen Ansichten, doch charakterlich muss ich ihm eines zugestehen, Mut hat er! Er hat aufgezeigt und das in einer stets klaren Sprache. Er ist auch in Bereiche vorgedrungen die für den einen oder anderen schon mal ziemlich schmerzhaft war. Maulkorb ist offensichtlich ein Wort, mit dem er nie viel hat anfangen können. Das finde ich bemerkenswert.....Hätte nie gedacht, dass ich das mal über einen Grünen schreiben werde. ;-) Was er auch immer vorhat, ich wünsche ihm alles Gute!". Hugo Delacroix: "Pilz könnte für Team Stronach kandidieren.". Heinz Plank: "Die Grünen werden so wie die Roten am 15.Oktober ein Debakel erleben. Verdient!". Thomas Sabdo: "I hab die Schnappatmung von der Lunacek und der Felipe bis hierher ghört
28-06-2017 22:21 Franz Reiterer adds a photo. Vienna Roller Derby. Beautiful photos, captured by wonderful Franz Reiterer - thank you!!! <3 Bear City Roller Derby - Inglorious Bombshells, Fearleaders Vienna. Clear victory - amazing show!.
28-06-2017 22:14 SPÖ hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Timeline Photos. Wir haben heute eine deutliche Anhebung des Unibudgets beschlossen – gemeinsam mit allen anderen Parteien, aber ohne die ÖVP. Die "neue" Volkspartei war als einzige Partei gegen eine vernünftige Lösung, die mit der Rektorenkonferenz und den Universitäten ausgearbeitet wurde. Sie hat taktische Spiele gespielt, statt die Finanzierung der Unis zu sichern und einen Budgetnotstand zu verhindern. Doch mit dieser Linie sind Sebastian Kurz und die ÖVP alleine geblieben. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Elmar Michael, Marcel Dallinger, Udo Cermak, Angelika Frasl, Valentin Tarantella, Leopold Zwetti, Stefan Gallinn, Robert Schimbäck, Fuad Vahida Zekan, Peter Paul Tschaikner, Marion Polaschek, Martin Weinlich, Alpar Petra-Szöke, Strebersdorf Walter, Franz Scheiböck, Heidemarie Langhofer, Onkel John, Gorban Maridi, Waltraud Kronister, Daniela Knittl, Muhammed Akbulut, Christian Schmid, Heinrich Wolf, Herta Schneller, Amir Mohsen Sedaghattalab. 11 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Peter Goritschnig: "Das war ja auch zu erwarten? Jetzt vor den Wahlen?". Josef Korzil: "da hat der Wastl aber schön gschaut". Mazen Majdoub: "Kurz würde am liebsten die Universitäten abschaffen weil er sein Studium nicht abgeschlossen hat!". Silvia Grohs: "Bravo
28-06-2017 22:09 Alina Sklenicka teilt einen Link. Diagonal stellt vor. Das Magazin zum Monatsanfang. | SA | 01 07 2017 | 17:05. Also ich finde ja, Diagonal kann man ruhig immer hören, aber am Samstag gäbs wieder einen Beitrag von mir. Ich war in Marchtrenk, und das ist eine Stadt mit einer echt unerwartet spannenden Geschichte. Und ab Freitag ist dort das Festival der Regionen. Nacktschnecken kommen im Beitrag übrigens auch vor. >>> Sa 17.05 Ö1. Diagonal stellt vor. Das Magazin zum Monatsanfang. 1. MAAT. Lissabons neues Gesicht 2. Oumou Sangaré, feministische Diva aus Mali 3. "Ungebetene Gäste". Das Festival der Regionen in Marchtrenk 4. Rubrik "Landeiereien" - Nachrichten aus der Provinz. Von Ute Woltron. Präsentation: Johann Kneihs * Ansc...
28-06-2017 22:00 The Reykjavík Grapevine shares a link. Tourists Ignore Repeat Warnings Of Danger At Geysir - The Reykjavik Grapevine. It's just your life that's on the line, but telling people they are a "bitch" if they warn you is real classy.. Icelanders at the spouting hot spring Geysir repeatedly tried to tell a group of thirty or so tourist to leave... 25 people like this: Marie-Paule Ayer, Juliana Paranhos, Nayna Katigbak, Cynthia Grinspan, Edward Keller, Marie Bob'Xe Bgs, Hævier Gómez, Ilkka Pentti, Amy Bullård, Stephen Rainsford, Eben Sundquist, Sallyanne Ings, Pierre Gatt, Naomi Parry, Bonnie Swartz, Alberto Pina, Bigmama - itinerari evolutivi, Brianna Miller, Matthildur Kristjansdottir, Teresa Benkowska, Alea Ortiguerra, Nadia Reusser, Asdis Omarsdottir, Ashley Brooke Kessler, Haresh Aswani. 25 people commented on this. John Triangles Stuart: "Let them burn...". Laura Foster: "They were warned, just leave them to their inevitable fates.". Arlene Guttormson: "If you leave your common sense and manners at home, maybe you shouldn't travel.". David Adam Meredith: "They can stand there. I don't think people will miss them if they're that ignorant.". David Winter: "A guy literally dissolved in a hot pool at Yellowstone last year. You don't want to mess with vulcanism or geothermal water sources of any sort.". Isabelle Rossetti Eberlin: "don't waste your time and energy, they will not be missed". Marike Bandspelare: "oh yeah, happened to me as well...I was also one of the bitches telling ppl not to go over the line...but well, Karma fights back, I know it". Conan Smeeth: "Odds are they'll be the first to sue should they inevitably and deservedly be burned, due to "lack of warnings"". Maille K Yarwood: "Mkay, so, there was an article earlier today about how Hawaii 'needs to do better' warning travelers. I think, at this point, we're going to have to assume some of this is natural selection.". Jerod Furnice: "This is why more signage and ropes will not help prevent tourist accidents. They ignore them anyways. From now on just let them die.". Kay Niebank: "Is the contest for the Darwin Award taking place in Iceland again?". Graham Littlewood: "Print some small cards to hand to these people. The cards should read something like "Congratulations. You have just been nominated for this year's Darwin Awards" or "Darwinism Exam - Practical. A*" I'll leave the details to you.". Jim Somerville: "They're geysers! What else do you need to know?! Hmph.". Nikki Graham: "Well, my lifelong dream of going to Iceland is being torn to shreds between shitty American tourists and shitty American Presidents. By the time I can get there, you'll have to win from a lottery of names to go that's 5 years booked in advance and Americans are banned. WHY do people have to fuck nice things up??? WHY???". Joan Forbes: "If the steam coming out of the ground the ropes surrounding the area and the big green sign at the entrance telling you not to touch the water isn't enough for people, maybe it's just time to let natural selection take its course.". Clay Johanson: "The last line pretty much sums it up.". Shannon Yvette Lmt: "When I went to Geysir, we were told to stay out of the spray don't touch the rivelets of hot water, a child was badly burned, And guess what? People were standing In The Geysir spray, putting their hands in the water. Seriously?! It was maddening.". Twila Thompson: "We see the same sort of ignorant, and sometimes dangerous, behavior here in Canada involving tourists at our national parks, and how they relate to wild animals and also to off-trail or delicate area warnings. People can be jerks, there's just no arguing otherwise.". Andreas Schäfer: "Just let them burn - maybe they are going to win a Darwin Award...". Victoria Warren: "If you don't have any manners in someone else's country, go back home!
28-06-2017 22:00 Inspired by Iceland adds a photo. Photos from Inspired by Iceland's post. WEST ICELAND Scenic destination of Europe 2017 Luxury Travel Guide has announced West Iceland the winners of its Luxury Travel Awards for Europe 2017. West Iceland has become more accessible due to improvements in the infrastructure and services. This has resulted in an encouraging growth in winter tourism. West Iceland’s strength lies in its natural wonders. Highlights include the Snæfellsjökull National Park, which has black sand beaches, the highest waterfall in Iceland, Glymur. One of the most spectacular natural wonders is the Langjökull glacier, which can now be seen from underneath in a manmade ice cave. For more info visit 25 people like this: Raphaële Rigolot, Kirk Andert, Jan Haranza, Tat Chemeleva, Graham Stewart, Sigrid DiGiorgio, Jill Jet, Annie Ledesma, Devon Folkvar Olson, Ilona Cusack, Rebecca House Mauchly, Lára Böðvarsdóttir, Bled Bilkus, Adam Dee, Ruth Banta, Lisa Gray, Jon Olafsson, Javad S Dar, Rob Mason, Tanja Prap, Sonja Hoffmann, Michelle Jameson, Jude Storton, Christian SuperFeuille, Óskar Halldór Óskarsson. 16 people commented on this. Voltaire Timothy: "So surreal and beautiful". Anju Matta: "I love Iceland". Shosh Clark: "My favorite place on earth❣️". Ásdís Vignisdóttir: "My beautiful homeland and the King of glaciers in Iceland Snæfellsjökull which I was born nearby, and have to visit every year to find my soul again if I am a little bit lost. I just have to be near and look at it and then close my eyes and feel the power og the area, yes I meen it.". Isabelle Beuret: "Séverine Petit". James Wigley: "Louise 'Irish' Bleakley x". Chloé Guillerme: "Mathilde, tu passeras me faire un coucou!
28-06-2017 21:56 Open Culture shares a link. An Animated Introduction to Stoicism, the Ancient Greek Philosophy That Lets You Lead a Happy, Fulfilling Life. An Animated Introduction to Stoicism, the Ancient Greek Philosophy That Lets You Lead a Happy, Fulfilling Life. Buddhism (or even certain forms of modern Christianity): it is a mix of reflecting on theoretical precepts, reading inspirational texts, and engaging in meditation, mindfulness, and the like.” Would the ancient Stoics have agreed with this assessment?. 25 people like this: Pierre Boé, Carmen Rodikaa, Michael Tsouchlarakis, Sheila Mackie, Vasiliki Stroli, Léila Nadj, Danny Campbell, Anup Jadhav, Maria Katzouraki Chryssomali, Petre Stojanov, Sandra Mlađanović, Mediyansyah Taharani, Francesca Christensen, Ειρήνη Σταματοπούλου, Tanja Samojlenko, Jaanus Toomsalu, Tomasz Kłosiński, Claude Bollendorff, Cristina Maria Stelea, Giuseppe Perniola, Tarek Fahmy, Στελιος Κιαλες, Bianca Kwey, Heather Borst, Δαναη Καρανασου. 16 people commented on this. Susan Callas Matney: "oh shut up". Gereon Vogel-Sedlmayr: "Mir gefällt der Artikel. Aber: Was Mark Aurel angeht, sollte man nicht vergessen, dass der auch bei der Christenverfolgung ziemlich aktiv gewesen ist und zum Beispiel für den Tod Justins verantwortlich war.". Rodrigo Zedil: "Alex Dn". Roy Scarbrough: "I think I'd be way happier as an epicurean.". Ferlin F. Pedro: "Notorius". Arni Minotor: "Zeno of Cyprus ... U who saved my life !!
28-06-2017 21:53 Laura Veirs adds a photo. Photos. Tucker is shocked by how good it sounds. This is our 17th year of making albums together. It's not always unicorns and rainbows, but when it is, it's
28-06-2017 21:50 RT shares a link. RT UK. US says UK should not make further military budget cuts because its army is “already too small.". 25 people like this: Graham Bazzacco, Einon SinRo, George Wee, Buster Wayne, James Mcgovern, رائد سليمان, Getnet Baynesagne, Erudite Chukwuemeka Anthony Okafor, Praveen, Loz Willis, Jannahia Ahmad, Stevo Law, Abedi Rama Ceda, Modkhalildoop Mod, Mell Razak, Emmanuel Trejo, Mazhar Iqbal Jatt, Boo Mus'sar, Benjamin Ruedger, عبدالرحمن الزهراني, Klint Wrigley, Basit Haider, Toby Brindle, Maik Ronald Espinoza Cenzano, Ernest Millward. 25 people commented on this. Dave Mendham: "Too small for what? Intervention? Self defence? World war? Aliens?". Zeeshan Tahir: "Yup they still have to kill millions after colonisation and invasion of other countries in recent decades..". Ann Marie Robinson: "Fck America, why do we need a bigger army, oh thats right to back them, in their invasions..". Wayne Black: "Translation ..The US demands the UK cough up some more corporate cannon fodder to fight the ZioNazis bankster wars. Chop chop suckers.". Jon Downs: "Yeah well look what listening that bunch of insane phycopaths has done for us". Mj Islam Mir: "If they further reduced their spending, may be US Military Industrial Complex will bring war to Britain next Summer to increase the spending.". Clay Bowler: "Who is the United States to tell the UK how big their army should be? Guess we have more wars planned.". Kathryn Powell: "Possibly a good point made here. Reality is if a war does break it fair for GB to cut further their defense budget AND expect the US to assist in protecting them? Nope...Absolutely seek out savings, but not to the point that you can no longer defend yourself/your people without others picking up the cost slack.". Natalie Gomez: "This is why "globalists" need people of color to enter en masse into the U.K. and the U.S. We outnumber anglos/fair skinned, fair haired Caucasians by billions. To have a large army that will fight for their motives and against the common man's of any race, ethnicity and nationality, they need us.". Jeffrey Leung: "Well not many in the UK wants to fight for the country. Either they don't agree with the government or they do agree but wouldn't be fighting for the country. At least that saves some money.". Sirtaz Ranauta: "For 'US Military Experts' , read 'Military Industrial Complex' - their greed for arms sales is never ending as are the wars they initiate.". Edulfo Melgar: "Existe una novela de espías de Frederick Forrest que se llama el CUARTO PROTOCOLO, pareciese que lo argumentado ficticiamente en la novela esta sucediendo en Gran Bretaña.". Lee Dobson: "I think the US needs to CUT its military spending and focus on the people they're bumping into poverty and hardship and more on health. I find it strange why they lie and say "DEFENCE" Spending ...a manager of a football team wouldn't buy a defender and stick him in an attacking position. Who are we defending from exactly? Seems to me the US likes rubbing everyone up the wrong way. All I see is warmongering and idolizing money. Is it the Chinese we are defending from? The Russians? The Germans? The world is becoming a paranoid wreck and before long everyone will be all in the same boat with weapons pointed and on edge,.....because we continue on this same old, dodgy, shit path that we keep going down. We are going round in circles burying our heads in the sand to the real issues while these arseholes send more and more men and women into conflicts and wars, losing lives on all sides, bit remember NOT THEIRS, Not the lives of those that send, they sleep snug in their beds and couldn't give a shit about someone's son, daughter, mother father killed. Then they have the nerve on remembrance day to,...... All while they continue sending? Surely, there is someone globally, in a position to have leaders take notice, that if we don't stop and move off this path, well we are all essentially f@#%ed Why? Because then,we used to have the age of weapons pointed at heads. Now, there are nutcases with fingers seemingly eager to press buttons. Thing is, these buttons can change the world PERMANENTLY. I don't think anyone wants to go down that path. The sooner global leaders wake up and see that the distribution of wealth globally is key. That the gap between richest and poorest has reached a point that may throw everything into chaos because the gap is an absolute disgrace. We have one wastes more than another simply needs to survive. We have famine??? In this day and age!! It happens? Yeah I know, bit why force a nation to live on that land that is beyond been able to grow food, or if there's no water? Allow them to relocate and have energy companies harvest of need be. Is it not everyone's God given right to a life of happiness, health and wellbeing, in a society of peace.? An acceptable basic standard of living? Food and water and a home.? I would understand the argument if it was 20-50 years ago, bit its not. We are in the NOW and we are capable of amazing things in so many ways. Technological advancements should be used to reel in the sides of richest and poorest, and close the gap. We are way, way more than capable but we dont. We don't because money has been allowed to be the deciding factor. However money cannot do anything at all, well, without our intervention. So basically, we re allowing this to happen. Imagine what could be achieved if we put all of our effort into life? Promote life, prevent loss and last bit not least, preserve. Hats off to you if you read all of that ;-)". Gaz Martin: "That from a country Who hav never won a war.. but see to Start alot..... the british army may be small. But it would still kick their arses". Phikolomzi Harmony Ntsepo: "We all know the EU and USA are increasing their Army for; ~ Incase we have WW3 (that they are planning) ~The Brutal Attacks done to the Middle-East (Africa) in the name of going to help defeat the ISIS. Wow what a Joke, we all know by now that EU & USA funds the ISIS and the other terrorists!.. Should the US play their dirty games near NORTH KOREA, then HELL BREAKS LOSE!". Don Carter: "America is just looking out for US arms sales and themselves nothing new here .hey america maybe nations can see what happens when you spend all your money on arms and wars. do you actually think we want to be like you I'm sure crime filled ghetto cities and a divided society who can't figure out health care and clean water or air and in debt up to their eyebrows isn't much of a goal to strive for". Jarema Tomek: "Britain is not even on control of their own country invaded by hostile colonists, so I wonder what their army is doing in the first place? Why are they not serving the interests of BRITISH people, but the interests of someone else?". Robert John Lury: "Ministry of defence is not needed in the uk , what are you defending us against ? an invasion , the whole world lives here , that's our best defence .". Christopher Keenan: "What goals exactly I think it would be a good example to follow the United States. And build an army to the extent we are 20 trillion in debt that surely makes sense. Oh but who would we be in debt too I'm still not ware who the debt is owed to so maybe we should ask them if we can increase the army size". Mikael Smidt Jensen: "why would anyone in Britain care? if things continue to go the way they are going, England will be an american colony soon... and then of course everything will be just dandy... :D". Tony Sopran: "so is america ,nobody joins the armies of america or nato arte runnin gout with your bullshit and evil many different types of people in your shit nations......nobody wants to join and the ones actualy from those nations are shrinking lol evil will die soon thank god". Ranjan Kumar Rath: "An economically plunging island nation powered by long range nuclear weapons and having more than half of the world as allies should spend more on public welfare than military!". Christine Brown: "Transation. ; spend pay invest in the international war industry No values no humanitarian ideal Only cash. dollar, sterling, shekel euro Pick ur poison". Keku Writer: "Our planet our apes our temporary problem... They're not fleeing and they haven't fled...They've gone to war in mufti.....To be armed there.". Björn Dahlschen: "The US-politics know, that the USA is getting bancrupt due to the many wars the USA are involved (or had initiated!). So they tell the Europeans to raise up their armies to fill the future gap in NATO-domination, if the USA couldn´t finance their military anymore...
28-06-2017 21:45 Hiob Rasten posts a video. The Swarm - Parasitic Skies (Full Album). 1. Fucking Invincible at One A.M. 2. Blink 3. First Saved Message 4. Plague 5. God's Little Acre 6. X On Our Knees X 7. Upside Your Head 8. Willing Victim 9.....
28-06-2017 21:38 RT shares a link. IDF targets Syrian positions in response to projectile hitting Golan Heights. 'Moments ago, a projectile fired from Syria hit an open area in the northern Golan Heights. No injuries reported'. The Israeli Defence Force says it has responded to a “projectile launched from Syria towards Israel” by firing at Syrian army positions. 25 people like this: Sadaqat Khan, Iheb Henane, Charlie-Magne Gumpal, Zandek Zandek, حسن علي المحمد, Eder González, Grewe Conny, Mike White, Mohammad Ali, Rob Malone, Mustapha Oladipupo, Jake Lindsay, António M. Vieira Martins, Ehab Salman, Qusai Alassad, Omar Saeed, Bulat Shakirov, Eman Mansor, John Ketchion, Jefferson Natividad Batacan, Raul Vazquez Vazquez, Quadri Ibrahim, Syed Chiragh Akbar, Boticario Mills Mrtn, Ricardo Ceballos. 25 people commented on this. Imran Khan: "So they are retaliating against Syria for firing on another part of Syria
28-06-2017 21:36 RT 360 posts a video. 25 people like this: Roberto De Tata, David Price, Ra'ad Salamma, Miguel Diego, Mustaan Sharif Khan, عبدالله علي, Noel Escalo, Татьяна Кононникова, Jani Eyup, Nancy Romany, Ny Standing There, Thaw Zin Ohn, Mohammed D. Adwani, Sajjad Naqvi, توفيق علي صالح, Aria Budi Wibowo, Robbins Hood, Alxashley Alamdar, مصطفى العزو, Alyaa Hausne, Diyaa Sebai, Shivpal Singh Rathore, Zeki Ramadan, Ahmad Al-natoor, Мартин Симанов. 6 people commented on this. Yana Yerlashova: "Abdallah Al Qassab Jojo Sultan". William Shearer: "Oh you mean Israel
28-06-2017 21:32 RT America shares a link. US envoy Nikki Haley: No place for Assad in post-ISIS Syria. Haley: "Our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out.". Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, has told Congress that the US should decide on its role in Syria for the time when ISIS is driven out, “because a healthy Syria is not with Assad.”. 25 people like this: Lulah Dabale, Muzafar Ali Channa, Harsh Med, Craig Howell, Sarah Jones, Lynette Floyd, Rana Usama Saif, Alena Roman-Joyiens, Raymond Lim, Don Hunsperger, Cnaeus Piso, Ali Nassr, Javier Garcia, David Rodríguez Rodríguez, Viviana Perera, Sikandar Khan Lodhi, Off-Side Yuqmout, Peter Orlov, Rayisa Torossyan, Layla Vasquez, Susan Clegg Chiancone, Lurline Hudson, Julie Gatlin Moss, Husam Basem, رائد سليمان. 25 people commented on this. Tasha Sparks: "There's no place for this warmongering b*tch in our government. This is why I can't stand ex-military females. They tend to want to beat their chests like men to prove they are tough. She needs to be removed from office asap.". Phillip C Saffo Jr.: "Says the former governor of SC with no expertise on foreign matters. This administration is like buying a bad pack of ball cards...". Everett Morash: "There's no place for America is a truth world. Nothing but lies from this Zionist piece of shit. I'm begging Putin PLEASE save humanity from these people.". Martyn Meacham: "America should stand down and go home They are the illegitimate force and are continually committing atrocities. They have invaded a sovereign state illegally,and are illegally trying to cause regime change. These American criminals must be held to account in the Hague and receive the same punishment that was meted out to Sadam Hussain.". Keith Horsey: "Go play in traffic Nikki. Until you get the confederacy handled in S.C. you don't get credibility determining what or who belongs anywhere in a country that has its own end handled.". Hanhua Yin: "Lol it's more like no place for US in post-ISIS Syria. US has no excuse to be there, especially with Russia being close ally of Syria.". Moses Mabika: "It seems the UN ambassador post in the US is set aside specifically for brainless ppl ,remember the previous bimbo ,they seem to have the same reasoning capacity .". Patrick Navas: "How about we worry about our own domestic problems and corruption, instead of meddling in the affairs of a country on the other side of the world and fueling the fires of war and violence? Apparently, they've learned nothing from Iraq, or Libya, or Vietnam, and are doubling-down on their destructive policies that have nothing to do with the interests or will of the American people.". Steve Kline: "Where is her Hat and broom??? she looks like a witch!!! spewing her poison from the Talmudic Legion....". Joey McCabe: "The U.S. acts like it owns the entire world and just rents space to people, with an option to evict them whenever it chooses". David Wilkie: "I wouldn't like to be the person who stole the jam out her doughnuts
28-06-2017 21:25 RT shares a link. Muslim students report racial abuse on Holocaust study trip to Poland. 'We saw policemen smiling'. A group of Muslim girls from Berlin say they were racially abused on a visit to Holocaust memorials in Poland. The girls, part of a student group, say that locals spat on them and threatened them, while local police did nothing to protect them. 25 people like this: Denise Cantlon, Abud Ochentha Singqo, Peter Orlov, Buster Wayne, Vanni Rosini, Molly Cotta, Nas Jocker, محمود شوبك, Hussy Khan, رائد سليمان, ياسر الباش, Oscar Timothy, Fazi Angel, Hubert Cumberdale, Sandra Milton, صباح الصباح, وسيم محمد, Pavlos Melidis, Manal Alharizi, Erdal Nasufov, Farouk Malek, Mohammad A.Taher, Omar Allaya, Amber Wang, Elijah Daley. 25 people commented on this. George W. Bu: "It is actually fabricated. Whole Poland is laughing at it. This is provocation with connections in Germany". Johnny Larsson: "Im all for antiracism. But Islamophobia is an un-scientific made up word. Stop using it.". Momo Lairah Vex: "Sometimes I still wonder if the holocaust agenda isn't being shoved into our throats so that we can believe the Zionist crap!!! I know people died but what makes the Holocaust any different than the Holocaust in Palestinia or in the Middle East? And why would people pick on innocent kids who have no part in the Holocaust ???". Andrzej Skulimowski: "This is a fake news!! I am surprised that RT hasn't checked with Police before issuing such news. Apparently, the girls tried to informed Police but they couldn't speak Polish so police asked them to speak with the organiser. The checked cc tv and nothing like that had happened. This was a part of the total opposition orchestrating by someone.". Wally Sahib Murray: "They should simply go to a muslim nation like germanistan or englandistan and stay out of Poland.". Jason Bobbitt: "Well you know.. The Poles are the latest villain for wanting to control their borders.. So out come the "anecdotes" With, Despite everyone carrying mobile devices , there is no audio or video.. how racist and evil Poland is.". Paul Katona: "The Polish police didn't do any violation of policy, based on the description of the incident. The girls should visit Mecca instead of Poland - given that European past and culture is rather undecipherable to anyone with Muslim background, like these ladies.". Jason Bright: "Anyway, like I was sayin', shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. There's uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There's pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That- that's about it."". Filip Vachuda: "It may sound strange, but Poland's xenophobia will be what leads to their survival as a nation in the next decades.". Andrzej Ki: "Isn't it ironic that they come from once most racist country ever (earlier Nazi Germany) and they are feeling threatened by Poles (One of the most adaptive country on my opinion ex: the majority of the Europen Jews had chosen Poland as destination not by chance before Nazis had murdered them). Anything is possible as they are all kind of people everwhere, but this news smell like propaganda against Poland.". Mike Maston: "Sick muslim supremacists. extremists with the backing if the media. All for the colonisation plans of Europe by Soros and his owned main stream media.". Tariq Ahmed: "126 sick bastards - from East Europe mainly, plus some Hindu and racist Europeans- found this funny. Incredible". Ahmed Masoud: "I've been in krakow and I can say the people there are unfriendly to tourists more than any city in Europe , but I still love and recommend it
28-06-2017 21:23 tagesschau hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Timeline Photos. Die SPD will die 'Ehe für alle' schnell durchsetzen. Für Angela Merkel ist das "traurig, und es ist vor allem auch völlig unnötig". 25 Menschen gefällt das: Hanna Eizenhöfer, Sebastian Schulte, Dominik Becker, Toma Unverzagt, Frank W. Tag, Thomas Mo, Ray Diomann, Jan Pmaksle, Philipp Hüppner, Rita Lsv, Erik Geiman, Lukas Philipps, Michael Hogekamp, Jani Hendrix, R.M. Ong, Hilde Junker, Salomea Kezheradze, Tim Seitz, Mirka Minkova, Ronny von We-Re, Holger Graf, Mohamed El Shazly, Yannik Breuer, Fynn Schmäling, Markus Szopomajemic. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Jan Gabriel: "Je schneller die Ehe für alle durchgesetzt wird, desto besser. Homosexuelle sollen überall gleichberechtigt sein und es wäre unfair wenn nicht.". Amadeus Truman: "Die SPD hat alles völlig richtig gemacht, endlich Schluss mit der Hängepartie, es geht hier immerhin um Menschen". Dan Lyle: "Wer die Ehe für alle fordert wird sich bald noch wundern, was dann alles gern Ehe sein würde. Wer einmal glaubt Ehe umformulieren zu können, der wird es auch ein zweites, drittes und viertes Mal tun.". Isabelle Anctil: "Wie lange will die denn noch warten? Ist schon längst überfällig mal der Realität ins Auge zu sehen und es endlich durchzusetzen, wenige Worte in einem Paragraphen verändern Tausende Gesichter in glücklich Strahlende.". Carola Wulfert: "Sie hat es immer noch nicht begriffen, dass diese Entscheidung längst überfällig war und sie einfach mal nicht mehr dazwischen "grätschen" kann. Einfach auch mal akzeptieren, dass es Menschenrechte im eigenen Land gibt, die endlich zum tragen kommen müssen. Sie wird es nicht verstehen, weil sie es nicht verstehen will.". Gerald Fischer: "Traurig das es ein Wahlkampfthema ist ! Es gibt wichtigere Sachen in Deutschland
28-06-2017 21:04 Lo Man Kam German Association adds a photo. Timeline Photos. Doppelmesser Anwendungstraining in Neu Anspach / Sifu Marc Debus. 8 people like this: Logan Herbst, Kornelia Straub-Kuri, Alexander Rall, Kai Dreyer, Andrea Ji, Johnny Daniela Eisenreich, Lo Man Kam German Association, Jörg Schranz.
28-06-2017 20:53 Sivan Dagan does something in Maru Dojo Bern. Community Yoga in the Park with Shivani. Join us on our Outdoor Community Yoga Class in English with Shivani! Fridays at 17.30- 19.00 (90 min) Pay as you can/want (Dana) On June: 9.6, 16.6, 23.6, 30.6 And July: 7.7, 14.7, 28.7 Come to practice yoga, to breathe the air, to see the sunset (or just feel it...) and to connect. Be prepared for the limited addition of 7 sessions of yoga practice which includes Body, Breath and meditation practices :) We welcome you to practice and share with your beloved ones this concept. YOGA FOR ALL BODIES, ALL AGES, ALL POCKETS, ALL HEARTS. As some has the need to get an idea about the recommended DANA (offer) we noticed that students tend to pay between 10- 25 CHF Please feel free to pay as you can, as you feel now and as you want. BRING your MAT, BODY, & HEART! For more details/questions/ requests- drop a message. WITH LOVE & LIGHT, ENGLISH YOGA BERN *Sangha translated from Sanskrit means community. A yoga community is here in order to strengthen the sense of belonging, belonging to one’s self as well as belonging to a community. We want to share our group energy, on and off the mat. This is a space for like-minded souls, a place that inspired by the wisdom of yoga and is dedicated to serve, love, give, teach and inspire others.
28-06-2017 20:50 RT UK shares a link. British Army ‘too small,’ warn US military experts. US says UK should not make further military budget cuts because its army is “already too small.". 25 people like this: Debbie Birkbeck, Mbye Singhateh, Abedi Rama Ceda, Tracey Lovell, Cooper Asp, Mark Beckett, Paul Prior, Ernest Millward, Plamen Kolev, Louise West, Steven Wilson, Daniel Lovatt, Brandon Fox, Stuart Duck, Kevin Wales, Edwin Simwanza, Richard Lister, Nnamdi Franklin Uyonali, Stephen Bolam, Abby Mukasa, Keijo Ahlgren, Cameron Wilson, Simon Penticost, Scott Franzen, Farhad Jan Hamidi. 25 people commented on this. John Thomas: "As my mother used to say" good things come in little packages" We may be small but upset us at your peril!". David Corbett: "The way the government treat their veterans is disgusting, is it any wonder nobody wants to join the armed forces.". Karl Waag: "If war ever breaks out there will be no winners just a bunch of dead people.". George Atkinson: "Don't worry, we have plenty of trees in the UK so they can start making spears and throw rocks to compensate for the financial shortfall from the government. Remember, WE ARE ALL IN IT TOGETHER!!!". Rhian Devlin: "Who gives a flying flip what the US says about anything!!? Voting that useless hairdoo of a narcissist as president shows exactly how clever that lot in charge of their poor nation are anyway!". Clive Horton: "Forget Trident spend the money on the bloks that do ALL the work these days.". Stíofán Carthaigh: "It is too small, and underequipped to counter those posed by the fanatics of the USA and Israeli governments.". Michael Dolby: "We're going to wet lease our army from the U.S. like we do with the air force. Or G4S will do it for £9 an hour as long as the "soldiers" have their SIA card.". Kris Harris: "US military experts? They should be experts with all the practice they do.". Joel Zinio: "What is the point in having security in a country where there is nothing left to defend, invest in Education, Healthcare, Social Security, Science and Technology, A decently equipped Police and Fire Service.". Bruce Newton: "It should read, America makes a statement of the blindingly bloody obvious.". Gaz Lee: "Too small for what exactly? What they got planned for us next?". Graham Aitken: "The smaller the better if it's to fight the yanks wars, let them fight there own bloody wars, anyone would think we have a magic money tree!!!!!!!!!". Neil Mutch: "Just launched our biggest warship ever and its not enough.....time to dump the usa and join up with Russia". Scheffer Hein: "To small for what. In, a war waged with drones and missiles, why do you need men in the field. Who is the stupid nerd behind this info.". Larry Mckinzy: "Are you for telling our future UK! :( is it you that is warning us not to make mistakes in priority ?warn us of a horrible security and Military future for overspending but what choice do we have :(". Mark James: "The US is quite correct. We no longer have an army, it isn't big enough, what we have is a defence force, and an underfunded one at that. The Tories want to see an army at 65,000, which it is not far off now.". Mark Drumheller: "This is assuming that there is a theatre still catering for infantry. There isnt nowadays. Its mutually assured destruction via nuclear weapons. The US just want a patsy to assist them with their imperialism/criminal behavior because their economy is based on the military so wars and Arab boogeymen are necessary for them to keep on top.". Peter Muskett: "Too small for what? Illegal oil invasions. Fuck off Donald.". Colton Lee: "Sure, we're a bit low on numbers. But really, it's more about quality over quantity. It's not as though we could singlehandedly repel a large invasionary force anyhow. Brute force doesn't work in this day and age, and has been the case since *cough*Vietnam*cough*.". Sean Dixon Reilly: "It's not too small, we're not at war. Not everyone needs to be a war mongering terrorist like the usa!". Nick Collins: "for what exactly!?!? fuck off Trump, hope you have a painful and horrible heart attack whilst your bride slave laughs as you die you fat fucking orange bloated cuntfish.". Peter John Jones: "Theresa May would think that's fine, because we have nukes. I fucking hate that woman.". Tristan Keogh: "Just replace them with robots and save money a human soldier is overrated, humans can be easily replaced with better machinery, invest more in technology and create a quality and cheaper military, you'll probably only need engineers and generals in the end". Trevor Goose Troth: "Army is about right for a DEFENCE force, rather than going and fighting wars in places we shouldn't be. RAF & especially the RN need work though.".
28-06-2017 20:47 Motorpsycho News teilt einen Link. groovesound - 01.11.2017 Motorpsycho. Biel, Switzerland 01.11. !!!. 0:57, 9:47, 17:43 sind die Längen der Songs auf der letzten Motorpsychoplatte "Here be monsters", die sich thematisch mit schlaflosen Nächten beschäftigt. Jenseits von Form und Norm sind die Norweger seit mittlerweile 28 Jahren unterwegs. Gegründet von den zwei jungen Metal-Heads Bent Sæther und Han... 17 Menschen gefällt das: Nighthawk Nighthawk, Cat Klingenberg, Christian Höft, Thor Egil Leirtrø, Roland Jolly Maehr, Tom Kristian Jensen, Alain Dulio, Ludovic Schopfer, Lars Mildner, Xra Nov, Guy Dresselaers, Thomas Hediger, Michael Zett-Zeiger, Ivar Bæverfjord, Johan Johansen, Stefanie Meyer-Schönfelder, Flavio Gemma. 1 Mensch hat dazu kommentiert. Alain Dulio: "Thank you!!! I've been waiting for this announcement :)".
28-06-2017 20:10 RT shares a link. EU extends economic sanctions against Russia for another six months. The European Union has prolonged anti-Russia economic sanctions, keeping restrictions on business with Russian energy, defense, and financial sectors until January 31, 2018. 25 people like this: Mike White, Israel Junio, Zafar Iqbal, Praveen, Jerome Bahala, John Ketchion, Mark Hampton, David Gurbacki, Vladimir Lukanovic, Stanimirka Milovanovic, رائد سليمان, Cesar Sousa, Alexander Norwick, Imrʌŋ Kʜʌŋ, إزدهار إم صافي, João Praia, Japangyi Oo, ابراهيم ريا, Mark Hugo, Ahmet Ozkan, Imraan Kaan, Kenneth Walters, RtnDr Raja Ifrahim Satti, Hung Le, Mahde Sharbazhere. 25 people commented on this. Mill Miller: "". Mani Veiszadeh: "Until it gets cold and they need Russian gas again?". Wolfgang Wolf: "thank you EU) exactly what russia needs to become independent from the reliable "western partners" ))))". Yasir Mir: "Hahahaha what is happening in this world .Economic war all over nothing else.". Karolyn Ray: "Do they really care - Russia is doing better than the rest of you EUs lol". Chethan Kumar: "Fourth Reich obeying to their Nazi masters lol. Afterall Russia gave a hard spanking. Well will it matter to Putin at all, lol get ready to freeze your ar** come winter lol.". Kevin Boff: "when will these idiots in Europe actually do somethink positive for there citizens rather dancing to the USA and Nato terrorists requirements !". Amina Mire: "This is according to plan. And the pressure will increase until the West brings regime change against Putin. The West will also prolong the war against Syria for the same reason.". Jimmi Krisstensen: "The same idiots, that import millions from north Africa, spend our money to help the banks and help the islamists in the Middle East. No hope from western political leaders..... They will not listen to reason, and not even to their people....". Daniel Combellick: "Should be the EUISUSD. European Union Idiots Sucking U. S. ---- . These leaders should be jailed for acting against the interests of their own citizens and siding with a lying terrorist state.". Kevin Jardine: "They are not very bright are they? Only hurting themselves.Russia should refuse to trade when they decide to lift sanctions,simple.". Robert Lui: "EU cry and protest about sanctions hurting their economies, but ultimately they fall in line to their master the US. Sad. Whose interest is the EU leaders serving?". Liam Creed: "These sanctions actually back fired i the EU because Russia's economy actually grew and the farmers could sell their products then imported goods.". Baleegh Mouhanna: "Euro stupidity is unbelievable. 6months from now is December. Let's see how cold it will get then.". Tonny Peace: "Nobody understand wy,,only the stupid corrupt western elite those !but i doubt that also because they are to stupid to understand things!". Mike Getzin: "What would happen if Russia broke diplomatic relations with EU and stopped all exports and shut down all oil/gas trade permanently? NATO ghreat by their borders addressed with lethal response if Russia attacked.". Mohsin Ali Syed: "yea and they will die of hunger....who euro, what about m well they just want gay marrage agendo to be pushed hard in there where u know where they want russia to become gay or get norway they might have a solution ....". Costas Karseras: "The Cypriots are well aware of the double standards of the EU. They forced Cyprus to take part in an economic blockade against Russia because of the Crimea but the 43-year Turkish occupation of Cyprus was ignored including the barbaric actions of Turkey which don't allow the residents of the town of Varosha to return. I would like to propose that the "ghost town" of Varosha should be declared the next European Capital of Culture.". Peter Smoulo: "Don't worry, winter will came and Russian gas will be good for them". Sava Vladislavić: "That are not sanctions against Russia, that are sanction against EU citizens. Brussel threating own citizens like sheeps what they wanth to had to under control...". Andrey Vengrinovich: "I think sanctions will help EU with their economical recovery, even when they will lift them out just to realize that they have to compete with China, Korea, Japan in Russia )". Mark Hampton: "Punishment. For doing no wrong. If the USA was sanctioned.for just the little they have done from the Indians to now oh my.". Morgan Devine: "This is acutely a sanction against European business as its European business that suffers because of the sanctions". Anas Amar: "How can the European Union stops the sanctions if the Russians continue to invade the neighboring countries like Crimea, and supporting the separatists in eastern Ukrain, if they reduce the sanctions, we will hear one day that the Russian troops arrived to Paris !!". Toy Nguyen: "The Minsk II agreement has nothing to do with Russia. The parties that signed it are Ukraine and the two regions in Eastern Ukraine. Both the LPR/DNR have done their parts relating to the agreement. It's the Kiev government who have not, and they are intentionally delaying and even refusing to do their duties for the agreement to be implemented. That way the sanctions would stay, and that is what the new regime in Kiev wants. The EU knows this very well, but they are just using it as an excuse to punish Russia for not bowing down to the EU's master. Sanctions hurts the EU more then it hurts Russia, but these EU politicians are retarded when they decided to punish theirselves and their own citizens. Just because their master from far away told them to haha".
28-06-2017 20:00 Der Postillon hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Timeline Photos. Feedback zu "Kein Auslieferungsabkommen mit Spanien: Cristiano Ronaldo wechselt zum Pjöngjang SC" Artikel: 25 Menschen gefällt das: Andreas Schmitt, Birgit Schönfeld, Christopher Schuldt, Hendrik Blümel, Janosch Trilli, Robin S. de Francisco, Benjamin Pilch, Viktoria Ober, Frank Simon, Bernhard Rock, Anton Kawelke, Nicola Martschitsch, Carsten Leppert, Dirk Beddermann, Philipp Stadler, Marco Schuldt, Christian Fuchs, Marco Frank, Ferit Furkan, Noah Kirschniok, Julia Proft, Olaf Böttger, Rike Felske, Patrick Jahnke, Lothar Kienzler. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Philipp Jentzsch: "Omg Herr lass Hirn vom Himmel regnen und nimm den Bedürftigen den Regenschirm weg ...". Die Internetbullen: "Jetzt wollte ich mich über ihn/sie lustig machen und drück doch tatsächlich das falsche "Kommentieren" an...
28-06-2017 20:00 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH teilt einen Link. "Wenn das an mir liegt, finde ich das superschön".,ehefueralle108.html. #EheFürAlle
28-06-2017 19:56 Lisa Go shares a link. Andrew. On why there won't be any "hundreds of Britons dead" headlines about Grenfell.
28-06-2017 19:56 Conrad Electronic posts a video. FailArmy. Flying robots, what could possibly go wrong?. 25 people like this: Niklas Lieber, Gündüz Nergiz, Holger Bock, Stefan Tech, Alexander Lingsch, Swetlana Quint, Romain Kaysen, Alessandro Pomper, Sebastian Drexl, Jörn Hüttemann, Florian Töpfer, Artur Alijev, Stefan Technofisch Bro, Dennis Henke, Benjamin Fintzel, Tino Schumann, Simon Fi, Dave Swenson, Uli Bauer, Fabrizio Faberreds Rossi, Tim Gersonde, Matthias Heilmann, Maik Hesse, Cappy Wagner, Kevin Herzog. 25 people commented on this. Ilja Bo: "Burak Jango hahhahahaha". Manu El: "All diesen Leuten sollte man die Drohne wegnehmen und ne ordentliche Strafe verpassen. Genau wegen diesen Leuten werden die Auflagen fürs Fliegen immer härter.". Dirk Zähler: "Achtung!". Jens Panosch: "Der mit der Flinte... :D". Stefan Slapnik: "Carsten Feder". Daniel Schymanski: "Bastian Grafe Christoph Emanuel". Thomas Eller: "Oliver Kleffel
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28-06-2017 19:53 Abendschau posts a video. Update zum Polizeiskandal. 25 people like this: Dennis Krüger, Pierre Chemnitz, Thorsten Weßling, Kay Hai, Hilmar Sprockhoff, Andrea Engelage, Leo Kramp, Ede Pastete, Andrea Spatz, Marcel Baake, Hana Salhi, Onur Şan, Thomas O'Dally, Verena Luley, Frank Baatz, Dillon Lloyd, Phil Tobies, Karolin Faber, Malak Mohammad, Tilo Repke, Sieglinde Knäuper, Petra Rope, Sophia Pazzo, Michael Grahl, Sabine Köhler. 25 people commented on this. Marion Gutsche: "Liebe Abendschau... Jetzt ist doch auch mal gut... Muss man wirklich 48 Stunden auf dem Thema rumreiten? #HauptstadtPolizei lasst euch nicht vollquatschen... Ich fand's gut". Petra Leistikow: "War vielleicht etwas daneben was die Jungs und Mädels dort veranstaltet haben-- aber muss das nun wieder dermaßen aufgebauscht und kurz und klein diskutiert werden??? 2 Tage gibt es kein anderes Thema
28-06-2017 19:52 Sea-Watch hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Timeline Photos. Liebe Freund*innen von Sea-Watch, wir brauchen jetzt ganz dringend Eure Unterstützung! WERDET AKTIV! Lasst uns nicht allein! Unsere Crew auf der Sea-Watch 2 ist die letzten Tage an ihre Grenzen gegangen. Mit einem alten Boot, mit einer freiwilligen Besatzung und allein gelassen vor den Toren Europas. Mit wenig Schlaf haben wir Tag und Nacht Menschenleben gerettet, medizinische Notfälle versorgt und Tote geborgen. Unser Boot ist 32 m lang, es sollten sich nicht mehr als 100 Leute an Bord aufhalten. Gestern war unser Boot mit 500 Menschen völlig überladen, unsere Vorräte sind alle, wir sind am Ende unserer Kräfte. Heute früh waren wir erneut an zwei Rettungsaktionen beteiligt. Obwohl die Crew schon über ihr Limit gegangen ist, haben wir geholfen und gerettet - gegen das Versprechen, dass ein Boot von der Rettungsleitstelle in Rom (MRCC) geschickt wird. Diese Versprechen wurde gebrochen. Wir sind wieder alleine: 246 Menschen an Bord, ohne Essen, ohne Decken und am Ende unsere Kräfte. Wir bitten alle unsere Freund*innen: WERDET AKTIV! Lasst uns nicht allein! -> Kontaktiert Eure Bundestags- und Europaabgeordneten. -> Schreibt und telefoniert das Verteidigungsministerium an. In der Nähe ist ein Kriegsschiff, das nicht mit uns redet. -> Teilt diesen Beitrag und bittet Eure Freund*innen ebenfalls um Unterstützung. Warum schaut Europa weg? WIR BRAUCHEN UNTERSTÜTZUNG!!!!! SOFORT!!!!!! Axel Grafmanns, Geschäftsführer Sea-Watch -> Liste aller Bundestagsabgeordneter: -> Liste der deutschen Europa-Abgeordneten: -> Verteidigungsministerium: 25 Menschen gefällt das: Sigrid Stief, Maya Hahn, Fatma Aktan-Demir, Felix Krawczyk, Jasminka Lenard, Dennis Oldhouse, Stephanie Corn, Nicole Michel-Angerstein, Max Zitzen, Julia Schomaker, Miki Maus, Ute Kroiß, Hans Duke Peters, Katharina Zimtstern, Meret Eisele, As Woidl, Niklas Bogacki, René Esseling, Guillermo Cañardo Cervera, Christa Großhans, Anais Grouls, Chris Topfa, Claudia Schmidt, Volker Fest, Rutra Betonowski. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Susann Leumer: "Auswärtige Amt hat ne email.... check". Ulla Anna Machalett: "Ich war bei der Taufe der Sea Watch ll an Bord. Ich kann mir nicht im Ansatz vorstellen, wie dort 500 Mann draufpassen. Mir stockt der Atem.". Bettina Ramos García: "Da ich nicht weiß, ob es als Österreicherin was bringt alle anzuschreiben hab ich euch lieber eine Spende überwiesen mit dem Vorsatz dies regelmäßig zu tun.". Heike Pohl: "Rasa Herrmann Rasa stammt vermutlich selbst nicht von hier. Insofern schreibt sie nicht in ihrer Muttersprache. Etwas übrigens, das mich immer wieder erstaunt. Und auch gleichzeitig fast beruhigt. Rassismus ist keine deutsche Erfindung. Und nicht einmal diejenigen, die hier selbst irgendwann fremd waren oder deren Vorfahren es waren, können in Gedanken die Linie ziehen, die letztlich zu ihnen führt und den Vorurteilen und der Ablehnung, die ihnen auch immer wieder in ihrem Leben begegnet sein dürfte. Wie schreibt Rasa so schön an anderer Stelle auf ihrer Pinnwand: "Mir fällt die Worte."". Frank Huber: "Donnerwetter! Offenbar lässt kein Wirt mehr die AfD in seinen Laden, jetzt halten diese Luftpumpen ihren Stammtisch schon auf der Sea-Watch Seite ab. Bestärkt uns nur darin,weiterhin kräftig an Sea-Watch zu spenden.". Susanne Lindauer: "Ich wünschte, man könnte mehr tun, um Euch zu unterstützen! Gebt nicht auf! Eure Arbeit ist so einzigartig!". Anne Leuders: "Habe Teile Eures Textes kopiert und an das Auswärtige Amt geschickt. Dauert 2 Minuten übers Kontaktformular. Vielleicht hilfts wenn das mehr tun". Melanie Sievers: "... schon vor vielen Jahren gab es das Flüchtlingsproblem in Italien !! Darüber hat man im deutschen TV gar nicht gesprochen !! Aufgrund der geographischen Lage ist Italien das erste Anlaufziel. Das Land bzw. die südlichsten Inseln platzen wirklich bald aus allen Nähten, zumal die wirtschaftliche Lage im Land selbst seit Jahren katastrophal ist. Die von den Erdbeben zerstörten Regionen haben ja noch nichtmal Gelder die eigenen kleinen Orte wieder aufzubauen. Es ist eine Schande - viele reden von einem gemeinsamen EUROPA ??!! Es geht hier nur noch um folgendes: "Survival of the fittest"