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17-07-2015 13:51 ARENA WIEN posts a video. The Sword - Empty Temples (audio). Music video by The Sword performing Empty Temples (audio). (C) 2015 Razor & Tie Recordings, LLC. Marketed and distributed by Razor & Tie Direct, LLC. http://.... 7 people like this: Tom Ra Wieehna, Sebastian Krems, Tom Noise, Alex Soroko, Patrick Landsmann, Elmar Glanzer, Nalan Captain.
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12-05-2016 05:40 RT shares a link. ‘Almost a Russian lake’: Erdogan calls for greater NATO presence in Black Sea. 'If we don’t take action, history will not forgive us,' - Erdogan.. NATO is not deploying enough assets to the Black Sea and cannot counter the Russian military presence there, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has argued. He said he would ask the alliance to address the issue during an upcoming summit in Warsaw. 25 people like this: Abhishek Singh, Ismaila Sow, Hasan Hamdosh, Aleksandra Kandić, Abdul Majid, Safyan Ghani, Tanishq Chauhan, Tarit Pampoom, Trondmarius Pettersen Jarsve, Moreira José, Santiago Paz, Shahood Ur Rehman, Anthony Marverde, Sam Wills, Luis Shikomba, المحبة للعقارات, Frank, Mohd Sikander Kabeer, Jack Hawk, Jan Jonnie Swidan, Vladimir Slabe, خالد محمد اليسفو, الترهونى الشامخ, Robert Cristian, Michele Anthony Dalessandro. 25 people commented on this. Anik Rahman: "LOL... he should feel lucky that Russia didnt call for war after the downing of its jet!! and Turkey isnt part of the fu*ked up criminal org yet... he shouldnt play with fire, certainly not with Russia!". Paul Evans Natividad: "Fuck you! You want Europe to go to war so you can capitalize the situation!". John Doukas: "Why is Erdogan begging NATO to do something?? Why doesn't Erdogan take control of the situation?? Send the Turkish ships all over the Black Sea.. Turkey after all is a super power". Yervant Yeretzian: "History won't forgive him (them) if they (turks) don't recognize the Genocide that was committed against the Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks.". Josh Anderson: "He will end up like Saddam Hussein once the CIA is done with him.". Anil Eren: "Geez i love rt!! Nothing but Erdogan Erdogan Erdogan. What rt doesnt realise is that his aporoval rating has gone up ever since they started a smear campaign against him!! Good work rt! Keep up the good work...". Rita Skvortsova: "Even since ancient times the Turkish who were called the Hittites then. Were a menace for ancient Egypt. Constantly creating trouble for the pharaohs. And finally the great pharaoh Ramesses II put an end by the victorious battle of Kadesh. They just don't learn from history these Turks.". Yuri Nem: "This guy is FUNNY. Is he asking for MORE ??? ;) Russo-Turkish wars, series of wars between Russia and the Ottoman Empire in the 17th–19th century. The wars reflected the decline of the Ottoman Empire and resulted in the gradual southward extension of Russia’s frontier and influence into Ottoman territory. The wars took place in 1676–81, 1687, 1689, 1695–96, 1710–12 (part of the Great Northern War), 1735–39, 1768–74, 1787–91, 1806–12, 1828–29, 1853–56 (the Crimean War), and 1877–78. As a result of these wars, Russia was able to extend its European frontiers southward to the Black Sea, southwestward to the Prut River, and south of the Caucasus Mountains in Asia.". Arthur Van Resseghem: "History will not forgive him anyway for stealing Syria,s oil and financing ISIS he is just a thieving bastard who is starting to realize that Russia is cutting of his thieving routes so he wants other countries to fight for him !". Peter Ramantanis: "We don't need to live in this world with malakas like you!! Fuck everything up Isis supporter you've been caught with your hand in the "cookie jar" so to speak.. Wanker". Sonya McLeod: "History will not forgive the rest of the world if we let Erdogan continue to think he is the Sultan of the World.". Dimitris Panoudis: "He complains about black sea for russian presence but meanwhile wants half aegean to be turkish..duh GTFO.". Scott Kuli: "NATO vessels are entitled to stay only for 30 days. The US has already provoked Russia by deliberately having one stay 31 days, as if it's captain couldn't tell time... And they've deliberately taken a spy ship close to the Russian coast. Erdogan is ticked off because he doesn't get to grab a piece of Syria, doesn't get to bomb the Kurds there while claiming he's having ISIS bombed, and doesn't get as much in the way of illicit oil revenues from ISIS taking trucks of oil to Turkey. By the way, since he's now trying to have people arrested for "insulting" him (Recep, in order for it to be an insult it must be UNTRUE), here's a little poem I submitted to a British news editor who specifically requested that such entries be as nasty as possible: It seems Erdogan's taken a like To one thought a big old nazi dyke. He says "...better than goats" as he beams, and he gloats "And our mutants'll rule caliphate, or reich"". Naim Caliskan: "Russia is upset with Erdogan because of the downed plane and lost economy Russia lost cause of Turkey , pipe line gas line ex..... other wise Russia was good friends with Turks , but i bet Russia did nt know what would happen because Turkey is a big and strong country we wont go down because of Russia stopping exports we find different ways and other countries to export simple but Russia will have to spend more money to get what they LOST". Nemat Ullah: "Shame on you erdogen you will never represent us Muslim. You betrayed your brothers and sisters and back stabbed your neighbours. God won't forgive you, as a Muslim I hope you rot in hell inshallah.". Adu Aj: "when you look for trouble stand it don't call on NATO for they have their own mission to fulfill. Russia is still the landlord.". Mark Fish: "You should be the last person to speak about history. There is a black mark in history already because of your crimes and you are not paying for them. To make thinks right you should be in prison and that will be a good start for future.". Tuhafeni Joseph: "Erdogan must apologise to Russia or else he shit his pants soon, NATO wiĺl never protect you but they will just used you. When the shit come they will leave you alone in the cold, if you are disputing then ask Geogia. Russians are not done with you yet stupid bitcth, do you know that you almost caused World war when shut down that plane?. European watch out this your so called Erdogshit will lead you into the pit of fire soon!!.". Peter Richard: "Clinton, Erdogan and Merkil are from a troll planet sent to rule mankind from the reptilians. I repeat they are trolls not just ugly people who stink. Check Erdogan back pocket, he no doubt has a baby to eat later, and he always has a goat near by to have sex with.". Shorash Shora: "History will not forgive him for sporting isis killing innocent civilians this made man is a terrorist and threats to the world peace". Jilbert Thomas: "erdogan , will history forgive you to deny Armenian genocide by your otmani grandpas ?????? . Will history forgive you to have killed so many Kurds ??? . Will history forgive you to torture and kill Turkish intellectuals and journalists only because they are against your nazi style ?? . Look at yourself before accusing Russia . And remember that you mixed up with some great nations people , who have real history , culture and dignity . You will pay every single unfairness you did . It is only a question of time .". Dimas Jose Mou: ""Erdogone,rather say if you don't take action,history will not forgive you.what do you mean by we?i thought you told EU to go their way,and that you will go your way because of Visa regulations.why do you need we before you take action in black sea?it's written in paper that turkey is the second largest military in Nato,so why don't you do it by yourself?do you still need those small countries in Nato to join you as we and perish?go and take the action by yourself,you thought that to take action in black sea will be the same thing like what you are doing to kurds in turkey or what you are doing with terrorists in syria/turkey border.stiff-necked leader.". Wajid Hussain Chinari: "Erdogan is an american son of bitch and can bark only, The main suppoerter of ISIS and extremists of Russia". Rob Proud: "Transports dodgy oil, deals with terrorists AND wants protection from NATO. You're asking a bit much there aren't you, Dog Man? Now piss off and don't give Russia another reason to want to smash your corrupt face in!". Judith Makabu: "Vive Putine ...vive the giant Russia. Erdogan the payback time is here....downing a Russian jet and backing terrorism in Syria now is costing you but don't worry the worst is still to come. your so called NATO will never send troops to be killed for a country who's supporting terrorist. But IG NATO violet a Russian airspace we will deal also with him.".
02-12-2015 13:30 RT America shares a link. Obama rejects plan to close Gitmo, build another on US soil – report. The Pentagon has estimated it would require close to $600 million to close the prison and a one-time capital investment of as much as $350 million in construction costs.. The Pentagon’s latest cost estimate for closing the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba and building an alternative in the US comes in at more than half a million dollars – a price tag the White House considers too costly, according to a new report. 25 people like this: Carlos Torres Picom, Paloma Savoy, Heaven Black Alexsllendrina, Kara Hanneman, Ann Chan, Sobleng Stroong, Axel Love, Ed Eckel, Muhammad Usman Khan, Irwan Angga Irawan, Judith Victoria Douglas Author, Alex Sergei Gibbons, Gene Chun, Hollins Marcia Foggie, Abedi Rama Ceda, Matt Metcalf, Jea Deigl, Liban Tamur, Miguel Salais, Brian D. Lloyd, Sfand Cedaghati, Victoriouse Akillyz Moxthe, Sofia Marolt, Binh Dang, Mark Ryan. 25 people commented on this. გიორგი ბაბუციძე: " Subscribe Channel". Buck Barry: "". Christopher Lang: "How many millions were squandered on Guantanamo? Where are the trillions still missing from the Pentagons books.". Stephen Tardrew: "Absolute devious liar. No courage. The bloody island belongs to Cuba and the US thinks it can squat where it likes.". Fatimah Ali: "Amine Bell". Kevin Gormley: "Sounds legit". William H McCord III: "The real irony is OHNo is putting boots on the ground to capture ISIS personnel. That's right, I said capture". Lori Green: "And put obuma in it!!". Barbara Arndt: "When they bring the prisoners to the US, by law they will have to be charged and given due process. That's why Gitmo was put in place to begin with, the prisoners could be kept there indefinitely with no charges, no trials. Some have been there for years and years.". Olga Gromova: " Mass media briefing “Russian Federation Armed Forces fighting against international terrorism. New data”". Buck Barry: ""no need to attack the unprotected (nezashchishchyonny) Russian bomber" Hmmmm.". Buck Barry: "Rusiya təbliğat fabrik işçiləri yoxsulluq əmək haqqı ödəyir. Yoxsul işçiləri də müdafiəsiz qalır.". Alexander Siemer: "Insanity". Buck Barry: "Россия платит нищенскую зарплату, чтобы пропаганда заводских рабочих. Бедные рабочие остаются незащищенными. Они foced жить на уровне бедности. Это верно?". Raz Soltan: "ARAB countries treacherous act is the main reason for Palestenian suffering.". Jacob Daniel: "what is this guy doiiiiiiiiiing". Christopher Johnson: "Yes thank you Mr. President we need more housing for displaced masses of African people in America. What would we ever without you Mr. President??". Bjorn Talvi: "I think Idiocracy's President Camacho is smarter than our wealthy.". John Burke: "Another broken promise.". Peter Apostel: "I assume part of the problem with bringing detainees back and keeping them in facilities on US soil will be that they will no longer be allowed to be tortured and may even have some rights, if thats the case then it looks like gitmo will remain open for some time yet.". David Higgins: "Another lie. Way to go Barry im glad i never want to be associated with the democrat party ever again.". Gia Wild: "I thought they already had. (FEMA camps)". James Tyrell: "". Amanda Blackmon Zarovsky: "Ah this is for all those fake terrorists we keep creating eh?". Rhea Derrick: "Does anybody realize that the fact we have the biggest prison population in the whole world means we have the biggest slavery population in the world?".
08-04-2015 15:19 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Die geheime Vorratsdatenspeicherung der USA. Stellen Sie sich vor, es käme heraus, die Bundesregierung hätte schon 1995 die Vorratsdatenspeicherung eingeführt, ohne es jemandem zu sagen. In den USA ist etwas Vergleichbares geschehen. (pb). 20 Jahre lang hat die Antidrogenbehörde DEA Milliarden von Telefonverbindungsdaten gespeichert. Lange vor der NSA und mit noch weniger demokratischer Kontrolle. 1 Mensch gefällt das: Elke Waill. 1 Mensch hat dazu kommentiert. Khaled Al Mir: "wer weiss ob die das nicht schon längst im geheimen tun ?".
21-01-2015 21:35 RT shares a link. Blair: 'Don't blame me for Iraq inquiry delays'. Tony Blair insists he is not to blame for the delays in the publication of the Chilcot Inquiry. 25 people like this: Shahida Sal, Rudolf Troestler, Annie Brotherton, Lee Splinter Mckerrow, Amanda Walsh, Rizah R R Govinda, Aleks Nana, Marra Stutz, Aaron Kapwon, Sivanathan Sathasivam, Amine Corleone, Farhad Kohistani, Joel Peter White, Catherine Shean, Ali Reza Assar, Daniel Murphy, Taj Javaid, Eugene Asukulu Ndela, Sid Awdish, Jesus Ellia, Urfan Mahmood, Rafael Villarreal Lopez, Micheal Adhikari, Alcino De Sa, Ladydez Israel. 25 people commented on this. Michael Farah: "WAR CRIMINAL!". Dom Brown: "Mr Blair is Paid £6,000,000 per year FOR LIFE because he went along with the Zionists to go to war to prop up the petro-dollar. He is a paid shill, just like the disgusting and putrid Tories that believe its OK to exploit people for profit.". Alexander Paul Newbury: "No, blame him J.p.Morgan the Rothchilds, the Saudis and the Nazi Jesuit New World Oder. ;)". Fares Kareem: "yes you are innocent mother fucker". Joe Frais Mathieu Marty: "F$%K you and all your henchmen!". Rob Gray: "Tony Blair will go down in history, along with Rumsfeld, Bush Jr & Sr, and the rest of AIPAC's neocons as worse than the Nazis and Hitler.". Tony Duncan: "Don't blame me, I'm just enjoying my freedom.". Shaun Underhay: "Yep, it's never Tony's fault, always everyone else's.". Jeff Fotis Iliopoulos: "Bush Jr & Blair plunged the people of Iraq into violence & chaos.". Harvey Paul: "Traitor and war criminal". Hind Ech-cheikh: "We won't blame you for Iraq inquiry delay but we will ALWAYS BLAME YOU FOR IRAQ INVASION!". Dave Taylor: "Slimy bastard". Debbie Sea-Kay: "War Criminal, hiding out in Saudi where our laws can't touch him. He isn't under any obligation to rush his response to the Chilcot Inquiry while he's on Saudi territory. He should be arrested as soon as he steps out for wasting public money and time, as well as for being a war criminal.". Kathy Gray: "Oh, NO Mr. Blair, we do blame you just like we blame Bush and Cheney, you all planned this and figured you and your mega billionaire owners could get away with it and Make a Killing, you're a murder Mr. Blair, and you Will pay for it.". Mikhail Alexandrovich: "Arrest. Trial. No other options.". Ghulam Pholby: "Scumbag sold his soul to the Zionist scums and is still lying like the Judas he is..". Lee Court: "95% of the british public voted NO against war in iraq so who else is their to blame? we said No you did it anyway!". Ike Osmani: "Send this guy to ICC and put him in jail!". Samir Shouga: "you should be in prison mother fucker". Toi Jon: "How does TONY justify being the worlds biggest liar......loony ?". Klaudio Vinkerlić: "Tonny Blairh DEPLETED URANIUM AMMUNITION". Chris Brown: "Don't blame Blair? If he didn't commit war crimes in the first place then he wouldn't be in the position he is now. Stupid idiot. He should be hung, drawn & quartered on TV..... Live.". Ryan Crilly: "Watch this ! This explains a lot .". Vijay Surendran: "why this swine allowed to roam free in the streets is beyond me ..". Allan Fairhurst: "I blame him for Iraq, death of innocents, global warming, my broken microwave and fucking Katy Hopkins, Blair you are the 'axis of evil'.".
21-10-2015 21:09 Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra teilt einen Link. Cool im Privatclub. Yeah, Norbert Jackschenties vom PRIVATCLUB Berlin heute im Interview in der Morgenpost. Er freut sich darin auch schon auf uns "unglaubliche Nerds" :-) Kommt vorbei, 3 Abende Helium Honeymoon, vom 10. bis 12. November: Er war Sänger und Gitarrist der Berliner Band Fleischmann. Nach einer schweren Krankheiteröffnete Norbert Jackschenties den Privatclub in Kreuzberg. 6 Menschen gefällt das: Kirstin Kroneberger, Johannes Schleiermacher, Johnny Profane, Sven-Erik Stephan, John Young, Jörg Hochapfel.
19-09-2015 17:31 taz. die tageszeitung teilt einen Link. Carl und Paula wollten in Berlin bleiben.!5227108/. Unser Autor wusste nichts über seine jüdischen Urgroßeltern – außer dass sie im KZ ums Leben kamen. Mit ihrem Stolperstein beginnt die Spurensuche.. Erinnerung an jüdische Flüchtlinge. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Sigurd Klemke, Renate Butke, Berni Richardt, Susanne Jahraus, Monika Sotomayor, Ute Weinmann, Memi Burgheim, Angela Dittmer, Hanz Peder, Anna Mayrhauser, Hüseyin Qoçgirî, Danilo Pozzelt, Marianne Weiser, Uta Khalfalla, DB Şenel, Klaus Krause, Mareike Neumann, Ümran Topuz, Michael Edwards, Jan Kowalski, Dariush Arbabi Fard, Magdalena Vermut, Su SE, Andreas Koeck, Julia Fahrer. 6 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Suzan Gülfirat: "Die ganze Stadt ist voll mit diesen Steinen. An jedem bleibe ich stehen und lese. Vor allem die vor dem Kammergericht in Schöneberg empört mich immer noch. Sagen die Mitarbeiter dort immer noch, sie hätten nichts gewusst?". Herr Boigen: "Unsere Juden sind auch Deutsche gewesen, die von eigenem Volk fliehen mussten. Sie waren keine Fremde.". AntiIdeologin: "Der Massenmord an Juden und Jüdinnen wird derzeit wieder vorbereitet, von einer wachsenden Mehrheit radikaler Antizionisten und USA-Hassern. Unsere Solidarität gilt scheinbar nur toten Juden.". Torsten Schmidt: "Stolpersteine ist eine super Sache. Die ich unterstütze..". Carsten Junghanns: "Ein sehr bewegender Bericht. Ich stelle mir vor, wie sich wohl die Urgroßeltern gefreut hätten, wenn sie wüssten, dass ihr Urenkel wieder in Berlin lebt.". Nils Gerster: "Quinn, der Nipster, fuehlt sich wieder einmal verfolgt und relativiert mit seiner Paranoia den Holocaust.".
10-01-2015 15:34 Philip Hautmann sagt etwas. Hände, tut eure Pflicht, es muss sein: Sperrt den Ballon des Geistes geschwind, Der sich bläht und dahintreibt im Wind, In sein enges Gelass wieder ein. William Butler Keats, "Der Ballon des Geistes". 1 Mensch gefällt das: Ali Aryan.
10-07-2017 12:29 Chris Derringer shares a link. New Version of GarageBand Exports Songs Straight Into Trash. Apple, Inc. announced an update for the popular GarageBand software to automatically export finished tracks directly into the Trash folder.
24-06-2015 15:45 Volkswagen Karriere hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Seid dabei bei der ersten bundesweiten virtuellen Jobmesse „Campus Potentials“. Am 25. und 26 Juni stehen wir Euch von 09:00 bis 18:00 Uhr für Fragen rund um das Thema Einstieg bei Volkswagen zur Verfügung. Was das Gute daran ist? Ihr müsst noch nicht mal vor Ort sein und außerdem ist sie kostenlos! Macht es Euch zu Hause auf dem Sofa bequem und stellt uns einfach am virtuellen Messestand Eure Fragen. :-) Wie es funktioniert erfahrt Ihr hier: 4 Menschen gefällt das: Gero Bültmann, Daniel Kempa, Lorena Giannelli, Ina Walter.
07-08-2015 15:05 JobStairs teilt einen Link. Praktikant Operational Excellence Consulting (m/w) bei Bayer AG (Bayer Technology Services) in... Praktikum Supply Chain & Operational Excellence Du suchst noch ein Praktikum ab Oktober in der Beratung zu Supply Chain und Operational Excellence? Dann schau Dir mal an, was das Team von Bayer Technology Services in Leverkusen zu bieten hat! Du kannst Beratungsprojekte begleiten, Dein Know-how bei Projekten zur Steigerung der Supply Chain Performance einbringen und Entwicklungen aus eigener Initiative vorantreiben. #praxisluftschnuppern #passiontoinnovate Stellenangebot Funktion Logistik / Materialwi., Einstiegslevel Praktikum, Branche Elektrotechnik/Elektronik.
13-05-2015 14:00 Prosthetic Knowledge adds a photo. Pizza Pavillion Venice Bienale art show serves pizzas composed by international artists. 5 people like this: Cansu Turan, Meagan Streader, Aden Alexander Macleod Warrington, Angeriki Koutsodimitropoulou, Jennifer Chan. 1 person commented on this. ᖿᖼᐤᘦᔮᗋᔤ ᕮᕫᕮᐝ: "".
04-06-2017 14:33 Bear Park Cafe & KULMA adds a photo. Photos from Bear Park Cafe & KULMA's post. . 4 people like this: Dide Ciyiltepe, Juha Hurskainen, Tuomo Kukkonen, Julle Salminen.
24-07-2015 03:49 RT shares a link. Multiple casualties as gunman opens fire, kills self at Louisiana movie theater. BREAKING: One of the deceased is the suspect, who reportedly turned the gun on himself.. Two people have been killed and six others injured after a man opened fire at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. One of the deceased is the suspect, who turned the gun on himself. 25 people like this: Chris Fraczek, Umar Lal, Haerudin Ahmad, Munna Bhai Mbbs, Russell Dillery, Louw Kruger, Nida Khan, Hilux Vigo, BalaMachyn Putra, Dahron Salahudeen, Alexandr Fedorenco, Steve Lavin, Prince Mani Rider, Mustafa Kahkashan, Raj Prajapati, Arianna Karpacova, أحمد عزت, Bigfrank Aviles, Rosa Duarte, Sharry RaNa, Josh Verlon, Ilias Papadopulos, Fanz Orthon Rental Funks, Alexander Bln, Safy M. Sakr. 25 people commented on this. Alex Mercer: "Was the movie that bad?". Ogen Madwong Shammah: "who is the idiot with the gun". Hervé Thomas: "Here we go again. How many victims needed before finally admitting that, yes.. there is a problem.". Dillard Raymond: "I want my 7.50 back. the other movie was more gruesome.". Shawn Maynard: "321 Gun control on MSNBC and CNN". Francis Barsoumian: "They want our's all a false flag They will keep doing it Till u willingly give up your second amedment". Pearl Basso: "Guys.... looks at the DATE before assuming anything... It's dated "JULY 24, 2015" and we are still at July 23, 2015....". Nathaniel Castilleja: "Probably a false flag.". Boris Haire: "#JH15". Max Lathrop: "Another shooting in a "gun free zone". Big surprise. Try pulling that shit in North Idaho where I live and you'll be dead by one of our countless responsible and honorable gun toters before you ever get a round off.". Stuart Hendry: "Sequels are never as good as the first movie". Aziz Rahman: "Thanks God he was not a Muslim or black. He is a man and didn't label as a terrorist or a tug". Nav Nathan Moondi: "white = mental disorder. muslim = isis. hispanic = illegal immigration. black = white peoples fault.". Repon Miah: "False flag shootings have been part of the American landscape going back to the Virginia Tech shootings and even back to the shootings at Columbine. Every year, there are more tragedies and more calls from the globalist controlled media to take the guns away from people. Yet, those that would seek to disarm the people are met with opinions ranging from indifference to defiance with regard to the calls to get their guns. The heretofore efforts to get Americans to give up their guns have fallen on deaf ears, no matter how emotionally gut wrenching the murder scene. It can be concluded some time ago that an enormous false flag effort was needed to turn the tide from anti-gun control to pro-gun control in America.". Aaron Hungerford: "We need to make sure movie theater workers all carry guns so they can pull one from their holster and save the day!". Kyle James Chandler: "And Obama will call for more gun free zones". David L Evans: "seems to happen when the government is talking gun control, interesting, wonder if the same people were there as the race riots in fugerson, makes you think the gov. is behind it to push complete gun control". Anthony Armile: "Ban movie theaters immediately. #buildinglivesmatter". Mathew San Miguel: "Everyone needs to carry guns! Give kids guns as well! Stop guns with guns!". Michael Bush: "A guy on the screen pulled a gun and the dude freaked out.". Jan Simone: "They always do-- they kill themselves after shooting up a place. It's like following a script.". Joseph Robertia: "Here we go again...:(". Jonathan Olsen: "With all your guns to protect yourselves from the other people with guns protecting themselves aren't you the safest place in the world?". Jorge Alberto PS: "Guns will never be taken away from americans or anybody in the world, since the gun and war business in general are one of the most profital business, they don't care if it kills innocent children and what not, as long as the business mantains his level.". Edward Harold Butler: "Gun free zones be must and should be illegal by law and band for ever, they are just an invitation for mass murders and killers to walk in and shoot people.".
12-03-2016 14:03 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Falls die AfD gewinnt, nichts wie raus aus Deutschland – am besten hier hin. ist dann mal weg. (td). Wenn die Situation scheinbar immer schlimmer wird, ist abhauen die nächstliegende Lösung. Nur: wohin? Hier sind fünf Vorschläge für dich. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Sabine Nold, Zarina Katzenkind, Irene Bronder, Firat Tülek, Jasmin Christiane, Paul Loe, Manya Brunzema, Friederike Brauer, Werner Lehnert, Stephan Seidl, Horst Goetsch, Marlen Be, Nicolai Hoch, Christine Begbie, Adrian Boog, Lisa Nicole, Arjeton Beka, Anne Pfalzgraf, Erdal Cakir, Marie Schneider, Marco Schiwi, Heiko Pruggmayer, Ralph A. Schmid, Dorothee Hatje, Chrisi Schmidt-Bens. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Sigrun Stoellger: "Tja, wer nimmt uns auf?". Kemal Solmaz: "AfD ist eine Eintagsfliege. Gibt es kein Flüchtlings dann auch mit AfD ende.Für ihren Untergang sorgen die schon selber für. Das die nicht ganz helle sind,ist eigentlich schon vielen klar,die sie einmalig trotzdem wählen werden.". Ruiz García Díaz: "Ab nach Syrien!". Katharina Adelsköld: "Kanada :D". Anatoli Maturin: "Und wenn die etablierten Parteien weiter Politik gegen das eigene Volk machen, sollte man auch so langsam die Koffer vom Boden holen.". Georg Ferdinand: "Horrorszenarien sind nun wirklich obsolet. Und in Dänemark und der Schweiz wird es auch immer rechtslastiger. Australien ist ein tolles Land. Nur die lassen kaum noch Einwanderer rein. Die "Vorschläge" sind also eher bescheiden.". Michael S. Tochter: "Aber nicht schreiben, wo wer hingeht. Sonst kommt die AfD noch nach. Spätestens wenn sie feststellen, dass alle weg sind und sie dann tatsächlich das erste Mal "das Volk" sind.". Matthias Angerer: "Am Besten alle nach Kanada!". Jan von Heinrich: "Portugal. Kommt halt aber immer darauf an was man so arbeitet...". Thomas Mecha: "Abhauen macht Deutschland weder demokratischer noch menschlicher, im Gegenteil.". Henrik Schüppstuhl: "Klasse geschrieben! Super Artikel und amüsant zu lesen! Könnten Sie das vielleicht für alle Länder dieser Erde machen?
18-06-2017 21:43 Deutsch für Dich adds a photo. JETZT. Danke, Google Translate. (via ...Englisch, gähn. ;). 25 people like this: Hugo Frrnt, Florent Christmich Danjon, Maia Andrews, Ilaria Corà, Astrid Will, Elida Verenice Zaragoza, Alvaro Marques, Carolina Tobler, Ece Eti, Annalisa Congiu, Theone Ly, d'Agnele Romano, Adair Berry, Jacek Głogosz, Sanja Sarić, Lucy HL, Dennis Odinsohn, Zoë Doran, Lilia L., Laura Albiero, Martina Ambrogi, Alishka Livshic, Andréa Antoniolli, Antoine Tricot, Silvia Castagna. 1 person commented on this. Lucy HL: "Renata Gribel".
09-11-2015 23:04 RT shares a link. The 1st parliament hack has happened & the Shadow Digital Minister is held to ransom. Internet criminals have used a crypto-locker virus to break into the UK parliament’s computer network and demand ransom money from an MP, it has emerged. 25 people like this: Katarina Djuric, Daniel Raphael, Javier Hernandez, Hamdan Hamad Ndr, Mus Beraak, Franklin Diaz, Tracey Haverich, Mohand Yossf, David Keech, Nasser Asgari, Zee Khan, MinisterCynthia Louise, Barbie Sue Rehfuss, Faridjala Kassim Bashima, Yaiisa Velazquez Riios, Aung Soe, Husam Bushi, Cesar Rodríguez, Phakpurin Pimatukan, Luna Tbo, Bikram Sangha, Al Fight, Waqas Khan, Saed Noralla, Luis Fonseca. 21 people commented on this. Arif Karim: "Who did it?". Peter C May: " Important to highlight this because mainstream media outlets are portraying Mr Corbyn differently regarding his 'lack of respect' towards the fallen soldiers as he laid his wreath at the Cenotaph. Not bowing his head enough. This is real respect for our soldiers". هناوي السماوي: "". William Gibb: "Aww you know they will blame Putin". Wendyanne Boothman: "Titter". Aleks Kolinovich White: "Jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams.". Carol Brierley: "Now they know how vulnerable we feel when they come with their tactics !". Houston Brown: "Wooo scary, cause the clouds on this photo, i likes the shadows, i would so hang out with gollum, wait is the the tower of.......nevermind". Paul Roberts: "did the hackers find the deleted files and evidence of HM paedophile ring?". Jimmy Dugan: "The nanny state getting a taste of it's own medicine? If they have nothing to hide they have nothing to fear.... so why the propaganda calling these people 'criminals'?". Angelika Molosnikov: "So? They are creating money with a push of a button. Why not to pay up? hehe". Matthew Watson: "'First'". Abedi Rama Ceda: "mind your own business". 龙杰双: "Nice!!!!". Asif Asif: "UK taxes to be used to pay politicians hack ransom". Anjum Shahzad: "Another lie to force lawmakers to support and accept the "Ms May super surveillance Law". Those who get the power to penetrate into public network the will not stop to terrorize those MP's who are threat to government.". Khaled Ahmad Naim: "أفضل 11 طبيباً في العالم Best 11 doctors worldwide 1_القران الكريم 1. the Holy Quran ٢_كثرة شرب الماء 2 _ frequently drink water ٣_النوم الكافي ليلا 3 _ the sleep the be sufficient at night ٤_الهواء الطلق النقي 4 _ pure outdoors ٥_المشي نصف ساعة يوميا 5 _ walking half an hour a day ٦_الغذاء الصحي المتوازن 6 _ balanced healthy food ٧_اشعة الشمس 7 _ sunshine ٨_العسل 8 _ honey ٩_الحبة السوداء 9 _ black bean ١٠_الرضا بالقدر خيره وشره 10 _ satisfaction as good and evil ١١_تنفس لاالله الا الله وعاتب نفسك ب استغفر الله 11 _ breathe no God but God and God bastghafr, alarmist yourself .وتعجب ب سبحان الله افرح بالصلاة على رسول الله محمد Marvel b Hallelujah rejoice in prayer on the Prophet Muhammad واحزن ب انا لله وانا اليه راجعون Saddening b We belong to God and to him we shall return وابدا ب بسم الله واختم ب الحمدلله Wabdab the name of God and end by God اسال الله ان يرضى عني وعنكم فليس بعد رضى الله الا الجنة Ask God to satisfy me and you not only satisfied after Allah's paradise شكر خاص لمن سجل اعجابه بصفحتي Special thanks to record their admiration for my". Szilvia Görbe: "Go fuck yourself commie and get dead together with the whole brics north korea shit! !!!!!! You own me a hell of a money! !!!!!!!". Leon Belshaw: "Awesome ! They don't like it done to them ..... Payback haha stop spying on your own citizens and and do your job of serving the nation not ruling it!". Gary Makin: "many should be asking what happened to the pedo sex files?? oh another side line". Gary Makin: "oh you forgot".
21-04-2015 12:37 Zeit im Bild posts a video. 25 people like this: Monika Pichler, Matthias Krammer, Herbert Psenner, Dominik Surböck, Anthony Doldolea, Ali Kürd, Stephan Eitler, Christoph Petz, Daniel Pylon Schaffer, Gregor Ellmauthaler, Yannik Gruner, Georg Stimeder, Doruk Akpolat, Linzer Torte, Ana Nas, Andrea Gererstorfer, Daniel Ott, Kathi Kral, Carylyn Gwyn Moser, Christian M. Heil, Felix Kochanski, Am Kumma - News, Matthias Schwaiger, Jasmina Kiziler, Julian Oberdörfer. 7 people commented on this. David Klimesch: "Gut so, Alter schützt nicht vor Strafe". Mikey Kay: "vlt. sollte man dem ehrenwerten herren zu sozialarbeiten heranziehdn anstatt ihn in eine zelle zu sperren. die strafe wär in dem fall sicher härter.". Joerg BajanZindy: ",nsverbrechen116.html". Heike Biziak: "Geh bitte was wollens mit dem noch machen?". Gregor Ellmauthaler: "Und wie soll die Strafe umgesetzt werden? Alles was länger als ein Jahr ist, ist quasi Lebenslänglich. Vor 40 Jahren hätte prozessiert werden sollen.". Norman Neuer: "Für alle die glauben sie hätten das alles anders gemacht:". Barbara Felizitas: "wo war der bisher??".
03-04-2015 18:15 RT shares a link. UK spied on Argentina over alleged new attempt to take Falklands – Snowden leak. Documents recently leaked by renowned whistleblower Edward Snowden claim the UK spied on Argentina for several years, fearing it would attempt to take the Falklands again. 25 people like this: Xhuljan Perzhilla, Piya Homchaikaew, YuniKartichaa Swandani, Tayseer Saleh, Ruth Ritchie, Nicholas Marinucci, Кдмдл Бъб Яфмеф, Roderick Stirling, Stylishly Awan, Simon Chammas, عيدان مهند, Nyok Montemayor, Robin Morales, Maan Hisham Noman Alfudhool, Chushin Gura, Reda Abubakr Senbli, John Harris, Aljon Stark, Janet Graham, Khalid Nadeem, Gary Markle, Kam Ahmed, Linda Bassett, Danny Kelly, Douglass Collins. 25 people commented on this. Steven McCallum: "They're not British.". William Thomas Willoughby: "Ohhh goodies! Snowden leaks always rock the fraud out of the boat...". Paul Ramsden: "they had to, to prevent another costly war". Chris Ward: "You don't need to spy, you can already see Kirschner trying to appease for a populist vote. History repeating itself here. Huge oil fields discovered just off the coast. Fuck 'em, Rule Britannia, right?". Chris Dumbleton: "The people who live there call them the Falklands so that's good enough!". Mikey Franks: "anniversary of falklands war and post this shit? RT wanting to start wars.. despicable people!". Scott Dowding: "Falklands are ours and if the Argentines don't like it then they can go fk off.". Paul Mcgair: "Thay are the Falklands and always will be". Shashank Vishwanath: "british think they still have largest empire". Janice Elizabeth Poulsen: "Oil and gas again.....!!!!!!!". Eduardo Gonzalez: "Argentina is starting to shut their borders to all Britons". Pakistan culture and beauty: "1 smile = 1 friendship 1 friendship = 1 love 1 love = 1 proposal 1 proposal = 1 marriage And 1 marriage = THOUSANDS of problem. so better think before you smile.". David Highley: "and it didnt so no harm done". Nasir Khan: "UK and US have always wanted their control on the rest of the world's countries.but its enough now .". Kevin Diment: "always is". Kevin Diment: "snowden wants to shut up giving our secret intel away". Kareen Rennie: "It's the oil, oil,oil! The only thing that they think about in Westminster! They have taken most of ours in Scotland!". Coca Antonio: "The british still living in colonial times.". Loylus Miah: "8000 miles away & 200 miles off the coast of Argentina and they're British Land. Yeah right.". Pauljames Mcelvaney: "Too fukkin right ,not like her big mouth could keep it secret. But lets be realistic if they tried the type 45 could take out the whole of the Latin American air forces put together,while our subs flattened the argie parliment and all its government. Buildings the wouldn't try haven't got over the last humiliation and the world especially southern America is a better place for it". Greumach MacFothaidh: "It's no secret. The Tory/LibDems openly give information about the severe cut backs to our armed forces, with more to come. All the Scottish regiments will become a reserve army with no hope of a quick response. The RAF and RN could not respond if there was an invasion of the UK let alone the Falklands.". Linda Johnson Treat: "Shame on them...never heard of such a thing...". Salvador Cuello: "British land 8000 miles away with the support of the US that's how imperialism work.". Lesley Wilson Church: "If the argies moved towards the Falklands we wouldn't stand a chance at defending them cos we've no aircraft carrier's they got scraped put out to rust and the new ones are still being built in the shipyards not even sure we have enough troops either after the condems whittled all our armed forces down to the bone, and if they did invade and our troops went to defend them that would leave little old England open to the idiots within to go on a bombing spree on behalf of every ideologist idiot & hate preaching idiots who spouts hatred towards the country that's given them a home.". Virgil Sumskis: "uk is in eu.if falklands is in uk,folkland is in eu sooo big...but if argentina seize folklands,part of eu,then argentina must be a part of eu,wow,wow...latin amerikan european union???".
21-02-2015 03:57 Pitchfork shares a link. Ride's Andy Bell and Mark Gardner Play First Show in 20 Years. Watch members of Ride play their first show in 20 years. Watch video of their acoustic set at London's 100 Club below. 25 people like this: Rita Hsiao, Justin Gorn, Samantha Merz, Patrick Singer, Gabriel David Correia, Kelvin Antonio, Michelle Lee, Christopher Oughton, Andrew Scholler, Jose Luz Fuentes, Helen Bradberry, Jennifer Jenrette Shepley, James Zariello, João Thomé, Rid Nephilim, Fridge Nansen, Chris Gyetvai, James Pasmore Jr, Ness Burton, Nathan Gilbert, Jeff Fleisher, Jeffrey Gato, Chris Sammut, Matt Graham, Pary Sleepwalker. 7 people commented on this. Jake Moffat: "Is 2015 just the year of reuniting or something?". Jeffrey Wendt: "Alicia Walker". Lori Poapteps: "Yessssssssssss". Mindor Mendez: "Old shoegaze!!". Stephen Stec: "Sounds pretty good, someone tell Gardner to take off that fucking fedora tho". Santiago Iglesias: "That's not true...". Sina Mailer D Djavadkhani: "Sweet!".
19-10-2016 09:44 Samuel Goldbaum does something. DerBloedeDritteMittwoch#58. 19.10.2016, DerBlödeDritteMittwoch#58 Yes Deer: Karl Bjorå & Anders Vestergaard & Signe Dahlgreen #konzert #energetic #improvisation BEAM SPLITTER: Audrey Chen (US) & Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (NO) #konzert #cello #voc #trombone Julischka Stengele: ALL EYES ON US #video #queer #body David Schweighart & Andreas Trobollowitsch #konzert #drums #ventilator DJ andi arbeit Aktion: Karten ab 5€!. DerBloedeDritteMittwoch#58. anyone?.
02-12-2015 14:03 RT shares a link. Russia says Turkish leadership involved in illegal oil trade with ISIS. 'Whole team of bandits and Turkish elites stealing oil from their neighbors is operating in the region'. Turkey’s leadership, including President Erdogan and his family, is involved in illegal oil trade with Islamic State militants, says the Russian Defense Ministry, stressing that Turkey is the final destination for oil smuggled from Syria and Iraq. 25 people like this: Michael McCloskey, Sisa Petse, Frank Meunier, Jhoney Bravo, Dali Zizou, Guy Gnango, Renée Jönsson, Włodek Surowiecki, Afthab Abu Shah, Fauzan Mustaffa, Zack Agra, شمس العتبي, Jeny Rose Sanches, Von Hof, Henrik Darlie, Nariman Mushtary, Esmael Ismail, Hangaw Daban, Ashish Shrivastava, Tz Chang, Mufti Shujjat Hussain, Imran Ali Khan, Alexandra Charatsidou, Vassilis Vassiliou Drc, Vik Thor. 25 people commented on this. Christopher Lang: "Erdogan is a criminal swine". Freidenker Dave: "Erdogan tries to ride horse like Putin, but gets hit in the little ISIS balls
28-04-2016 16:00 Sage Goddess adds a photo. Timeline Photos. . 25 people like this: Colisa Spykes, Pat Kirkland, Tina Taylor, Christine Kavanagh, Jayne Britton, Chris Bland, Jennifer Davis, Susan Suhana Adriensen, Carrie LaPierre, Carly Anne Dillon, Hedy Seitter, Bonnie Thompson, Meagan Lynchmob, Aurora Wolpe, Rochelle Prunty, Barbara Arnold, Amanda Cano Flexman, Amanda Noble, Mardi Potgieter, Dayu Adnyani, Dianna Swartz, Louise Hunter, Doug Patty, Makana Martinez, Mara Roux Burger. 25 people commented on this. Ashley Twamley: "Aren't we already in retrograde?". Mia De Armin: "Just taking it easy right now. Rough couple weeks. Exhausted.". Sassafras Rein: "That's why this stupid thing acting crazy.". Rebecca Norris: "Ok seriously?! I have already had Mercury retrograde for the past two weeks. Everything has broken and fallen apart.... Hopefully I have seen the worst of it before it actually occurred.". Sharonza Penson: "Cynthia, I just cursed. Lmao! If I told you what's been going on in my world the past 2-3 weeks because of 5 other planets in retrograde... And now this! I think I'm going to celebrate my birthday and then turn myself in to a hospital or something. Lmao! Omg". Anne Allan: "Here we go again...! Lol...having slight migraine these past two days...☺
14-05-2015 09:42 teilt einen Link. Sharp mit hohem Verlust: Tausende Stellen fallen weg. 3.000 Sharp-Mitarbeiter müssen gehen:. Konzern streich erneut 3.000 Jobs in Japan. 1 Mensch gefällt das: Daniel Undeutsch.
09-06-2015 22:32 Lena Doppel teilt einen Link. Im Gespräch - "Wir unabhängig sind wir?". Colin Crouch: "Max Webers einst vorausschauende Beschreibung der Politik als Berufsfeld ist heute längst zur Realität geworden. Politiker haben meist ihr ganzes Leben nichts anderes als politische Karrieren verfolgt. Sie verlassen die Universität, arbeiten in parteinahen Think-Tanks und warten darauf, in ein parlamentarisches Amt gehievt zu werden. Oft sind das nicht mehr als political animals, die den Strukturen und Abläufen, die sie vorfinden, wenig entgegenzusetzen haben.". Der Neoliberalismus ist noch immer sehr mächtig, aber schon lange nicht mehr erfolgreich. Warum, erklärt der britische Soziologe Colin Crouch. 4 Menschen gefällt das: Andrea Schaffar, Hans-Christian Vesely, Helmut Grasser, Walter Gröbchen. 2 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Lena Doppel: "Andrea Schaffar das mit dem "fordistischen Prozess" an den Unis könnt dir gefallen". Lena Doppel: "Wirklich seelenverwandt: "Meine Art zu schreiben bezieht sich auf die Idee der Dystopie, dem Gegenteil der Utopie. Ich will, dass die Leser am Ende denken: „Oh nein! So ist es wirklich?“ Schlussendlich will ich überzeugt werden, dass ich falsch liege. Ich will die Menschen mit meinen Ansichten warnen, sie sollen erkennen, dass der aktuelle Weg der falsche ist. Aber es ist zu früh zu sagen, ob ich recht behalte. Bedauerlicherweise wurde meine These, dass der Neoliberalismus gestärkt aus der Krise hervor­gegangen ist, auch durch die politischen Maßnahmen und Reaktionen in der Eurokrise be­stätigt. Ich hoffe sehr, ich werde da noch eines Besseren belehrt."".
10-03-2016 14:35 AHORN Hotels hat ein Foto hinzugefügt in Best Western Ahorn Hotel Birkenhof. Urlaub auch mal ohne Kinder. Die neuen Fotos unseres BEST WESTERN Ahorn Hotel Birkenhof in Oberwiesenthal.. Die neuen Fotos unseres BEST WESTERN Ahorn Hotel Birkenhof in Oberwiesenthal. 5 Menschen gefällt das: Peter Lüdi, Monique Dombeck, Daniela Sto, Susi Dobyns, Selina Polster.
11-04-2017 20:02 Zeit im Bild posts a video. Frankreich: Flüchtlingslager niedergebrannt. 25 people like this: Walter Dworschak, Emanuel Trujillo, Otto Woessner, Leopoldine Neuhauser, Pe He, Roland Küchel, Paraskevas Savvidis, Vanja Marinkovic, Enver Krasniqi, Helmut Mungenast, Hans-Jürgen Stephan, Michael Tributsch, Martha Juhasz, Carmen Kotasek, Ronald Kemsies, Lukas Brand, Sabine Gartner, Thomas Meschnark, Silvester Baumegger, Volkmar Ackermann, Philipp Wiltschnig, Gerald Rauscher, Roland Sailer, Martin Fonti, Kabir Ahmed. 25 people commented on this. Liselotte Gebauer: "na ja, wenn ihnen die Unterkunft nicht paßt, dann heimschicken, dort geht es ihnen dann sicher besser.". Verena Rupp: "Und schon nach wenigen Momenten sind die ersten unpassenden Kommentare da. Die Leute sollten sich schämen.". Harry Schenk: "Und da es sich um ein Flüchtlingsheim handelt, wird es nachher in der Statistik als rassistische Straftat aufgeführt. Und mit dieser Statistik will man dann den Franzosen aufzeigen, wie fremdenfeindlich sie sind.". Andreas Peter Schinagl: "Diese Menschen sind vor Angst, Hass, Krieg.... in ein anderes Land geflüchtet. Verursachen und machen dann in dem Land, in welches sie geflüchtet sind dasselbe? Dann hätten sie doch gleich zu Hause bleiben können und für die Freiheit..... zu Hause kämpfen können. Die zu Verfügung gestellte Unterkunft niederbrennen, kommt ja dem gleich als würde man sein eigenes Haus Abfackeln. Ich sage ok, fackelt Eure Unterkunft ab, wir jedoch, bauen Euch keine neue, daher viel Spass im nächsten Winter und jammert dann jaaaaa nicht. Offensichtlich ging es denen zu Hause doch besser, dann muss auch ich sagen, es steht Euch frei wieder nach Hause zu gehen. Jeder der mich kennt, weiß daß ich bei Gott kein Rassist oder Ausländerfeind bin, aber bei solchen Aktionen fehlt selbst mir das Verständnis. Außerdem, Flüchtling gegen Flüchtlinge, hat schon einen etwas perversen Beigeschmack. Anstatt zusammenzuhalten und versuchen sich Gegenseitig zu helfen um in der neuen Heimat zurecht zukommen , bekämpfen sie sich. Dieses Verhalten zeugt nicht unbedingt von Intelligenz, sorry aber es ist so.". Monika Wimmer: "So viel Brutalität, alle waren bewaffnet und wollten kämpfen...soviel Aggression und Zerstörungswut...andere Menschen haben die Holzhütten aufgebaut, wollten helfen und dann wird alles einfach verbrannt. Wo ist die Wertschätzung, die Dankbarkeit für die vielen Hilfen die diesen Leuten zukommt? Und was mich echt wütend macht...sie werden zum Dank einfach in andere Notunterkünfte verbracht. Bekommen weiter Unterstützung und werden für den Schaden niemals aufkommen. Es darf nicht sein, dass solche Menschen nicht für ihre Taten aufkommen müssen. Sie sollten auf dem Gelände im Freien schlafen müssen...und mit eigenen Händen alles wieder aufbauen...". Herbert Eisele: "Ja wenn Flüchtlinge ihre Unterkünfte selber anzünden,dann geifern sie die Leute von der rechtsnationalen Front.Wenn aber ihre Gesinnungsgenossen in Deutschland hunderte von Unterkünften abfackeln, dann ist man schön still.". Adrian Salchegger: "Tolle neue Mitmenschen, so ungefährlich und dankbar. Es ist eine wahre Freude, wie Europa für die Aufnahme von Schutzbedürftigen von eben jenen belohnt wird. Natürlich herzlichen Dank auch an all die Europäer, die in ihrer grenzenlosen Nächstenliebe dafür sorgen, dass der Zustrom dieser liebenswürdigen Menschen nicht aufhört. Hach ja, schön ist das, schön doof!". Felix Kochanski: "Bevor man diese Auseinandersetzungen beurteilt, sollte man hinterfragen unter was für Bedingungen, und wie lange diese Menschen dort schon hausen.". Alfred Rainer: "Und die Bestien suchen Schutz? Die sind wie Wanderheuschrecken. Zuerst zerstören sie ihr eigenes Land, dann ziegen sie weiter um das nächste Land zu zerstören. Alle rein in ein Flugzeug und ab in ihre Heimat, dort können sie kämpfen. Leider gibt es immer noch hirnlose Menschen, die solchen Bestien zuklatschen.". Allen Pfeffer: "die wollten wohl unbedingt, dass LE PENs faschistischer Front National die französischen Präsidentschaftswahlen gewinnt, und die EU dadurch noch gefährdeter wird ... damit haben sie den Flüchtlingen in ganz Europa einen Bärendienst erwiesen.". Daniel Aigner: "Als Konsequenz dessen würde ich ab sofort allen Beteiligten Nächte unter freiem Himmel verordnen, bis der letzte in ein Flugzeug gestiegen ist.". Jonny Lässig: "Bei den Kommentaren hier könnte einem das Kotzen kommen! Ja die jenigen die das gemacht haben sind Vollidioten, keine Frage. Aber wie hier von "denen" und alle undankbar geredet wird, lässt auf euer Gedankengut schließen!". Andreas Berger: "Wahnsinn manche Beiträge hier. Jetzt gilt man bereits als rassistisch, wenn man die Leute verurteilt, die so etwas tun... Jetzt knallt es wirklich bald fürchterlich. Da wird Terror unsere geringste Sorge sein.". Ilsan Kuljici: "Wsl hat die französische Regierung angezündet und jetzt wollen die uns was glauben lassen. Wer nicht von gestern ist kapiert gleich sowas". Ute Steinke: "Darf nicht sein, aber da liegen die Nerven auch blank.....1500 Menschen, alle mit unterschiedlichen Ängsten und Bedüfnissen zusammengepfercht. Das könnte unter den "guten Deutschen" genauso passieren... unter solchen Umständen.". Johnny Nesslinger: "Jeder Mensch, der seiner Sinne mächtig ist, würde die Unruhestifter sofort in eine Transportmaschine setzen und abschieben. Worauf wartet Europa noch, was muss noch alles passieren?". Reiner Zufall: "Ich kann und will es nicht verstehen, das Menschen Tausende Kilometer vor Krieg , Religionskonflikten und Terror flüchten und dann genau diese Zustände und diese Gewalt in ihr Gastland transportieren. Niemals werde ich das verstehen. NIEMALS". Bernard Stanciu: "Ich finde es auch erstaunlich wie unwissend bzw. Desinteressiert die "Willkommenskultur" gegenüber solchen Ethnien ist! Ich meine, man hört ständig davon wie schlau und relativierend alljene Flüchtlibgsbefürworter sind und dann stecken sie zwei verfeindete Nationen in einem gemeinsamen Lager deren Weltbild und die Auffassung von Ehre in vielen Aspekten unterscheiden ? Da hätte man annehmen sollen dass die Franzosen von den Deutschen und den Aufständen in Suhl ausgelernt hätten, aber Fehlanzeige!". Stephan Le Marque: "Läuft doch bestens in Europa
25-09-2016 18:32 Johannes Grenzfurthner shares a link. Extraordinary! Must-read! Transcript of first reactions of German scientists (like Hahn) to the news about Hiroshima .
21-04-2016 07:20 RT shares a link. RT America. First they came for the checked luggage, now this. While airlines already charge extra for first class, business class, and some ‘better’ seats in economy, some are now seeking to apply tiered pricing to all economy seats. 25 people like this: Alis Castano, Ekaterina Mavrenkova, Meda Motavvas, Anjasmara Tea, Femi Alaye, Olanike Odejobi, Dämarez Rickets, Alexander Zamani, Silvestre Marcato, Anees Awan, Ryan West, Damir Markovic, Shakas Zulu, Evangelos Kalambukas, Gerry Bell, Steve Marler, Younis Dajan, Абдул Басит, Randy Butler, صلاح جديد, Erick Peña, Stan Urbaniak, Sebastien Kerry, Seth Kalinda Chikuni, Boon Rawd. 25 people commented on this. Orion DeEvo: "next they will charge extra for the seats that have oxygen.". Gorenc Barbara: "and how will they do that when most short and mid flights are half empty? Also if it is booked, if I have no choice where to sit I should not pay for it. So no, I don't believe that". Pascal Carpino: "Vicki, oh ffs!! They act as though the flight is free!". Christian Hargreaves: "Charge the short arse's more,just because they can". James Huggett: "Sounds great. If I don't mind sitting in the middle I can pay less, and if someone wants to sit by the window why should it be a lottery?". Lina Davidian: "Ahaahaa the land of " customer service" and "opportunities". LOL This circus is getting better by the minute.". Claire Hájek: "This is the kinda bs that will force me to choose other modes of transport. Perhaps I'll be brave enough to swim. Twats!". Warren L. McFerran: "Boycott flying as much as possible. I have already altered my vacation plans for the future to avoid plane travel.". Ivan Matek: "So much economic ignorance(aka I can feel the Bern) here: If people prefer some seats they should pay more for them, that is how resources are allocated in the free market economy...". Mark Mendenhall: "This is the reason that I don't fly unless I have to.Last time that I flew I couldn't feel my legs when we got there.". Dean Morgan: "Families flying together should be able to stay together without having to pay for the RIGHT to do so. Name these airlines so I don't have to be subjected to such nonsense.". Panajotis Bardis: "So going back in time, more scarcity , instead of making routes safer and journeys simpler we'll end up in the good old horse-carriage .". Fredrik Söderlund: "on the other hand its a matter of perspective. You could view it as an opportunity to pay LESS if you pick the middle seat. Then its suddenly a saving, and good :)". Teva Bruce: "I buhleeve some carriers call it 'preferred seating'.Some charge for exit rows eg QF, whereas others don't eg,EK.It's a strange trend and some pax are happy to pay but to me having spent much of my working life in aviation I find it kind of unseemly and wrong.". Дим Донской: "Ryanair tried to charge for using toilet onboard. Probably,someone just shit his pants and smelled like discount..". David Miller: "Will we be charged in future to control who we sit with ie Muslim only parts of plane or jewish only.Where halal or kosher inflight meals are served ......why not go the whole hog and have segregation in ALL walks of life housing ,jobs ,schools etc etc etc because that's what certain religions and beliefs want so why not charge them for it .". Yap Ming Yang: "So, they think it is sensible and fair to charge passengers who want economy seats more when there are only window and aisle seats left in the economy section?". Omar Raza: "because making you pay extra for the chance to look at all the space out there while you are crammed in together like items in a shopping cart is worth it?". Michael Aristidou: "Airlines became a modern day mafia ! They ll rape u, and there is nowhere to complain, no consequences for them whatsoever !". Ike Oikonomos Makis Kavourmas: "And even if you try to book 3 months in advance they going to tell you that all middle seats are booked in order to steal your hard earned money,,,". Nevada Rhodes: "If you have 2 seats per side, then every seat is about to get a price increase especially on airbus jets. LoL". Henry Anaga: "Although I don't like window seat because I feel claustrophobic in it, I still feel this move by airliners is very wrong and would amount to a ripoff.". Martin Goodey: "HA! Yeah right. Then when the Steward comes along, leans over and tries to close my blind. I will wack him on the back of his hand with a ruler and say "Oi! no way Matey I paid extra for this bloody window seat, you leave that damn thing up " :-)". Barbara Oosthuizen: "What a cheek I think! They should rather be charging far less for that uncomfortable middle seat where armrests are not guaranteed.". George W. Bu: "Same thing on ferries. They put you in a cabin without any windows close to engine room. Then, through speakers, they offer better cabins for more money. What a swindle!".
16-10-2015 10:00 Die Tagespresse teilt einen Link. „Sind am Limit“: AMS kann keine ehemaligen ÖVP-Chefs mehr vermitteln. Es reicht!. Die Flut an Ex-ÖVP-Chefs brachte das AMS in den letzten Jahren ans Limit. Mit Manfred Juraczka kippt das System jetzt endgültig. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Ina Watzke, Brigitte Fellner, Herbert Ruf, Victoria Aglaja Charlotte, Markus Engel, Si Mone, Angelina Kratschanova, Doris Zore-Movahedi, Lukas Dupal, Kassandra Arcana, Ayse Kyts Sarioglu, Wolfgang Griesner, Markus Decker, Reinhard Fichtl, Irene Podovsovnik, Michelle De Saint Phalle, Leonie Peißl, Martin Kastner, Esther Gabriel, Karl Höller, Wolfgang Flach, Stefan Zeisel, Manuel Linzmeier, Markus Kellner, Thomas Martl. 25 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. David Rajic: "Fangt mit den Grünen an
26-04-2016 15:37 Samuel Goldbaum macht irgendwas. THE MECHANICAL PARADISE. Willkommen im Kino der Attraktionen! Lasst euch entführen... in eine Welt der Zauberkünste, des Spektakeltheaters, der frühen Filmerfindungen, der Papp-Kulissen und Stummfilmgrimassen. Als die Bilder laufen lernten? Als die Menschen staunen lernten... über wilde Mondbewohner und nicht mehr ganz frische Meerjungfrauen, über verschwindende Damen und kopflose Herren, dämonische Riesenfische und träumende Astronomen und... THE MECHANICAL PARADISE erzählt die Geschichte des Filmpioniers, Erfinders und Visionärs GEORGES MÉLIÈS. Don't Miss the Magic! SpielerInnen: Irene Coticchio, Susanne Gschwendtner, Magda Loitzenbauer, Anna Mendelssohn, Markus Zett sowie Ahmet Aggün, Duygu Arslan, Barca Baxant, Kira Fasbender, Isabella-Nora Händler, Sayyed Javid Hakim, Ezatullah Jami, Christina Lindauer, Onur Poyraz, Michael Pöllinger, Melike Yagiz Konzept: Yosi Wanunu und Paul Horn Ausstattung: Paul Horn Mitarbeit Ausstattung: Saleh Muhamed Musik/Sound: Michael Strohmann (b), David Schweighart (git, dr), Ina Ebensberger (hrf) Text und Regie: Yosi Wanunu Regieassistenz: Isabella-Nora Händler Produktion: Kornelia Kilga. THE MECHANICAL PARADISE. Heute bis Freitag noch: Ein fantastisches Stück mit gewaltiger Musik von Michael Strohmann und mir! Kommt! Es lohnt sich!.
18-02-2015 19:13 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Aids: Künstliches Protein schützt Affen vor HIV. HI-Viren sind enorm wandelbar. Das erschwert Forschern seit Jahrzehnten die Suche nach einem Impfstoff gegen die weit verbreitete Infektionskrankheit. Nun hat ein Team aus den USA einen neuen Ansatz vorgestellt – er ist nicht frei von Schwächen. (asw). Ein im Labor geschaffenes Eiweiß-Molekül soll eines Tages HIV-Infektionen verhindern. Erste Tests an Makaken zeigen: Es wirkt besser als viele bekannte Stoffe. 23 Menschen gefällt das: Arthur Auinger, Christoph Gäck, Victoria Elisabeth, Simon R. Schneider, Quy Don Mac, Marcel Junginger, Elke Waill, Martina Winkler, Märon Von Korn, Jennifer Bre, Seyit-Ali Kurt, Patrick Walther, Jana Steblau, Alexander von Mentzer-Marcev, Charlott Reuleke, Johannes S. Pott, Farah Osman, Albert Wojciech Łukasz Kaszuba, Roki Markovic, Vee Sie, Sami El-Hakim, Andrea Patrizia Bauchinger, Katrin Ribbeck. 2 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Tobi Flsh: "Luc Str deswegen weiterhin die Proteinshakes ballern.". Marcel Junginger: "schöner, sachlicher Artikel!".
20-02-2016 06:51 Marcus Hinterthür posts a video. L'Aldilà (Lucio Fulci, 1981) Il gran finale. Finale Dantesco!.
17-09-2015 18:01 Inspired by Iceland posts a video. Hangout mit dem Guðmundur des Ostens. 16 people like this: Holger Schumacher, Ste Sbk, Mar Canase, Marina Kal, Elin Alfredsdottir, Jacki Knöpfel, Médé Glgn, Patrizia Schwegler, Anne Unger, Gabrielle Wang, Christina Midflo, Susan Downey, Nicholas Steinbach, Junior Catenaci, Liza Skov Olander, Angelika Zellner.
29-11-2016 21:33 RT shares a link. Woman opens emergency exit door, jumps off plane (VIDEO). Passengers on a United Airlines plane taxiing in Houston were shocked to see a woman open an emergency exit door and jump out onto the runway. The reasons for her leap are unknown. 25 people like this: Innocent Mashaba, Angel Ernesto Valdivieso Gutierrez, Syed Abbas, Khadamul Haq, Mohammed Kachakkaren, Pŷäë Pĥŷó, Aristoteles Ramirez Baez, Brian Austin, Josh Stone, Whitaker Almanac, Hajir Omar, Amore Dodsworth, Nathan Lagdamen, Tulanda T Ronel, Brad McGinnis, Fay Issa, Khalid Hyder, Sayg Alexzander Krommenhoek, Jesús Vldz, Matias Alberto Villarroel, Jesse Vigil, Connie Baldevieso, Shade Onyx, راكان نمرة أبو أياد, Allen Md Islam. 25 people commented on this. Nicky Butler: "Left the oven on?". Robert Paulson: "Hope she didn't already breed.". Georg Müller-Kaiser: "now, this is dedication to be on time...". Vivian Lanfranco: "Maybe the shitter was occupied, When ya gotta go, ya gotta go! lol". David Allen: "Maybe she had an appointment at the eye doctor.". Silvia Tokošová: "she cant stand waiting to go out of plane sure affraid ... better broken leg than broken spirit
08-07-2015 12:11 Lexikon teilt einen Link. TONIGHT verlost das Spiel inklusive Kompendium und DVD-Box: Gewinnspiel zu J-Stars Victory VS +. macht Anime-Fans glücklich: Sahnt mit uns eine PS4-Version von "J-Stars Victory VS +" inklusive Kompendium und DVD-Box ab!.
13-03-2016 12:23 Claire Topinambour does something. Batukino presents "Boy Saloum" 13.03. Boy Saloum - The Revolt of the Y'en a marre - A documentary by Audrey Gallet (Senegal, 2013) VO sub english They are thirty years old. They have fire in their bellies. They have charisma. In 2011, a few young Senegalese rappers created a social movement called Y'en A Marre (Enough Is Enough). Little did they know that their protest against an oppressive regime would bring about an epic encounter with history. They are the symbol of a new African youth grounded in their own time, open to the outside world, hungry for culture, attached to democracy. Boy Saloum is their story, an intimate portrait of Senegalese culture as a country fights for its rights. We will have a special Guest: Ibou Diop (Africavenir) Trailer: Über batukino: Batukino: Batuque Lowfi go to the movies! Batukino: Batuque Lowfi go to the movies! Beside the DJ sessions and Radioshow, Batuque Lowfi starts a new adventure screening Movies. We are going to show Films not only about music, but also about the life of people who produce that music we love to listen.. Batukino presents "Boy Saloum" 13.03. Don't miss the Batukino of tonight "Boy Saloum"! At 8pm we open the doors and Moussa will make his special malian Mafé for the hungry ones. Entrance: membership (2 euros) + donation.