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15-03-2017 18:59 Ventil adds a photo. Photos from Ventil's post. THX ARTACTS 2017 . IT WAS GREAT . WE LOVED IT . TAKE GOOD CARE AND SEE YOU SOON. 9 people like this: Peter Fazekas, Eyal Hareuveni, Jubel Jana, Arthur Prébay, Simon Kenda, Ivan Mack, Kathinka Katzensprung, Charles Guilty, Max Zeller.
22-06-2015 16:29 Thomas Grape shares a link. Announcement of the Press Office of SYRIZA regarding the mobilizations against austerity. Hier die Syriza-PM zur Aktionswoche. Ich fand es ermutigend, dass auch in Berlin viele Menschen dem Austeritätskurs und der nationalistischen Mobilmachung der eigenen Regierung widersprochen haben. Man verliert sonst schnell den Mut angesichts der vielgestaltigen Hetze in Politik und Medien und der dunklen Zukunft, die diese verspricht.. The message of the today’s demonstrations at Syntagma sq., joined together the voices of the other European countries and cities. From Athens to Berlin and from Oslo to Vienna, the unprecedented participation in the mobilizations indicates that the struggle against austerity and the contempt shown….
24-01-2017 08:30 RT shares a link. In final presidential hours, Obama quietly gave Palestinian Authority $221mn in aid – report. Just before leaving office, President Barack Obama reportedly authorized the discreet transfer of more than $227 million to foreign accounts, circumventing Republicans who were blocking the funds. Over 97 percent went to the Palestinian Authority. 25 people like this: Mark Koelen, Dom Jones, David Price, Mahbub A Khan, Bhagirath S N, Paul Wylie, Sovannara Pich, Waseem Hashmi, Muhammad M. ElSayed, Leah Bensusan, Kelvin Lee, Melissa Luna, Jon Hall, Andre Cavalcanti, Christopher James Phillips, Abdullah Arfin, Nazish Imtiaz, Lanti Be, Bibin Joseph, Mane Omar Hajdar Manitu, James Lieow, Conde Patula, Dane Bomberry, Sÿëd Äkïf, Stefania Squeglia. 25 people commented on this. Rick Mane: "Pennies compared to what they give Israel". Debra Shaub: "and just days before leaving office he gave Israel how much money to and weapons to kill the palestinian ..give me a break ......The Obama administration approved a $1.9 billion arms sale to Israel in recent days as “compensation” for the US nuclear deal with Iran, which the Israeli regime staunchly opposes. Among the tens of thousands of bombs included in the weapons package are 3,000 Hellfire missiles, 12,000 general purpose bombs and 750 bunker buster bombs that can penetrate up to 20 feet, or six meters, of reinforced concrete....AND THEN THERE IS THIS ............A U.S. government source estimates that Israel is using approximately $1.2 billion each year (38.7% of the aid it receives from the U.S.) to "directly support its domestic budget rather than to build on its arsenal of advanced US equipment." The United States also contributes funds for a joint U.S.-Israeli Missile Defense Program designed to thwart short-range missiles and rockets fired by non-state actors (such as Hamas and Hezbollah) as well as mid- and longer-range ballistic missiles (this refers to Iran and/or Syria's arsenals). Arrow II, Arrow III, David's Sling, and Iron Dome refer to different projects under the umbrella of this Missile Defense program. In 2016, the U.S. spent $487.5 million on these programs and plans to spend between $280 and $601 million in 2017". Vus'umuzi Nhlapo: "Aid is a way of keeping you in your state of peasantry. Palestinians want freedom in their land, not aid in order to cope!". Eddie Jennings: "Probably end up in the clutches of ISIS to buy weapons,ammo,transport to cut another swathe through the Middle East with rape,pillage and murder.". Aziz Boutabssil: "He was still president, and breached no law apart from the republicans purely advisory vote .". محمد مستفيض الرحمن معصوم: "And How much did he quietly give to Palestine occupiers : Israel ? Or maybe he doesn't even know how much has been given to apartheid state of Israel behind his back all these years". Archer Singh Dhaliwal: "Barrack Hussein Osama serving his Islamic brotherhood till his last day in office. NO MORE NOW....This undedcover Jihadi is finally OUT.". Marc Angelucci: "Oh how sweet. Send billions to Israel and a few million the Palestinians so you look good. And then claim we don't have a enough to rebuild our infrastructure and pay our seniors.". Bill Kohl: "Obama's effort to try to destroy an American Russian friendship effort where we team um to eradicate ISIS from the planet. Funds this huge will fund Terrorism on a global scale. I pray the move by Worst President Ever Obama brings our people closer together to united efforts and allegiance in at least this one area to start!". Jeff Blake: "isis needed more funds man , whats 227 million ,,?? hell thats chicken feed to what him and the bilderbergs bilked off the back of america... obama is a treasonous fake plant president set in place by foreign globalists to weaken america.. and if you try n assassinate president trump , therell be hell to pay !!". Faizan Ali: "Your action, about Palestian's, in the end of your presidency, is not enough. It shows you were powerless during your tenure about to take any action against Israel.". Ketil Thoreby: "Awesome! But he should have added at least one more 0. The oppressed Palestinians need all the help they can get to overcome the apartheid state.". Kerry Koerbling: "Palestinians need food, water and medicine in Gaza and other areas left devastated by Israel's terrorism. Good move!". Antonio Aguilar: "Just a little pay for the genocide they were supporting sending guns to Israeli Army... Money don't buy thousand of children lives...". George Billfer Duran: "Chump change compared to what our tax revenue has been paying Israel all these years... Much more is needed and we'll be paying up forever!". David Sutcliffe: "Here's an idea stop giving israel billions of dollars for bombs and military aid and they might stop murdering Palestinians.". Rezaon Mallik: "Palestine needs freedom first, an independent state they have been ceasing for decades. Financial assistance they also Need as they were devastated by occupying Israel for decades. But making sure Palestine is an independent country and free from any aggression of Israel.". Sierra Mae: "Well compared to the 3.7 billion we give Israel, approx 3.2 we give ... Saudi I think, the 800k to Egypt, the X to Mexico, .... why not just give all our money away to foreigners!". Cassandra Jr Sandra: "lol RT shame on you, you are still bashing Obama even after he has left! Obama has always disliked helping Israel and what he did was good for the Palestinians, yes USA has been supporting Israel from the beginning but hey you know the former president was forced to fund Israel even if he despised its government and you know why because a president isn't the only one that makes a decision! You are hypocrites because the trump you are now hailing as a hero is the Same person supporting Israel the country you hate! May I ask what has Russia done for the Palestinians? But hey this is RT where hatred surpasses rational thinking". Kameel Ziani Hatim: "Let's be honest all the Palestinian that sold their houses or lands to the Jewish people have moved mostly to Jordan and Lebanon and have opened businesses their. Most of the good Jewish people deserve to have their own country because they have been working very hard to achieve success and who ever works hard can own land back then or now it's all about success but not invasion. I respect most of the Jewish people and am not judge them on religion or politics but as people. I hope one day that Palestine stops getting that Middle Eastern country's involved in their internal problems and they need to learn to fix their problems by themselves and deal with it. In the end of the day we are all humans and if you are smart enough and hard successful then you can build your house with out begging from other countries and claiming that you hate them man up and feed your own people without begging.". Stefan Reucker: "Look these days you cannot even afford to go into retirement unless you have over US$1 million dollar per person in interest bearing bank account. The 227 million would not even be enough to pay for the retirement of 200 American citizens. American's also visit Palestine sometimes for Tourism, that American visitors to Palestine also expect Palestine to invest something in that Tourism, so that American Tourists have something pleasant to experience in Palestine. The bills of paying lawyers, all these legal cases, and that the 227 million are an investment, and a means of providing the small neccessaries in life to make Palestine-American relationship, beqeauthed with the also the small luxuries that people like to take for granted nowaday, especially on the American consumer side.". Al Ejaz Hussain: "Every year USA send billions to there masters Israel!!! This little money is like thanks for all the settlements you given Isreal and lands and resources and testing grounds.". Iain Kennedy: "If this is true, it is absolutely disgusting and follows on from America stabbing Israel in the back not vetoing the UN vote.". Aj Jay: "Must of not been quietly enough if you are posting it. How much did Israel receive? Or 91 other countries?". Martin Allan: "add a few zeroes to the end of that figure, then we're talking".
22-05-2015 17:29 Lexikon teilt einen Link. Der Karneval der Kulturen in 10 Punkten. Was muss man mitnehmen? Was muss zuhause bleiben? Und wann geht's noch mal los? Hier ist unser kurzer Fakten-Überblick.
01-12-2015 22:53 Cerebro Digital posts a video. ¿Los Chimpancés tienen mejor memoria a corto plazo que nosotros?. 25 people like this: Dalia Moreira Baque, Ramon Ruiz, Thomas Winkler, Brisa Yescas, Juan Aguero, Patrick Le Sénéchal, Yeray Aguilar, Reyli Aguirre, Francisca Gonzalez Vivanco, Alvaro Lopez Luzon, Chino J Garcia, Amine Lf, Jazmin Feliz A, Hector Calderó Cascales, Danilo Espinosa Forero, Jose Armando Oliva, Juan Salvador, Alfredo Carranza, Gloria Garcia, Brayan Gonzalez, Uriel Silvan Priego, Abiel Greizi, Cristóbal Riquelme, Lucho Rodriguez, Jessie Meza. 25 people commented on this. Jhazmín Truyenque: "Giusseppe Laopa". Erdal Bakkal: "". Carlos Andres Hincapie Rueda: "Mas que la mia si tiene.". Cristian Reyes: "Yo no alcanzo ni a ver la imagen
02-11-2016 21:40 Danijel Alvermann adds a photo. Danijel's cover photo. .
18-04-2015 15:04 Bauer sucht Frau posts a video. 25 people like this: Denise Weneberger, Berta Kofler, Caecilia Hirzinger, Georgi Maggii, Vanessa Dönz, Michaela Schanofsky, Domenico McBro, Isabella Haller, Tomaso Fahringer's Fahringo, Jane Nain, Lisa Leo, Elfrun Lüpnitz, Uli Damm, Burgi Engel, Sonja Winkler, Alexander Kaplaner, Daniel Mayrhofer, Maria Adlesgruber, Scherkel Michael, Melanie Serra, Ottilie Jakob, Daniela Angerer, Katrin Bbr, Stephen Ford, Gerold Recher. 4 people commented on this. Caroline Toff: "Viktoria Toff". Christoph Schaschl: "Ingemar Alic Arbeit ruft". Lisa Berger: "Vanessa Be". Magdalena Haritzer: "Mitmachen lohnt sich
10-02-2017 20:05 ZEIT ONLINE teilt einen Link. Keanu Reeves: Der Schweigsame. Wenn Keanu Reeves verschwand, dann nicht um auf Drogen oder mit Frauen abzustürzen, sondern um Motorrad zu fahren. Ohne Ziel. Was treibt ihn?. "Speed" und "Matrix" machten ihn zu einem der bekanntesten Schauspieler. Doch die Welt weiß so gut wie nichts über Keanu Reeves. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Olli Koppe, Andi Schmidt, Christina Dullinger-Kegel, Sebastian Hartlaub, Niklas Prǝmkǝ, Martin Hübner, Angela Scherzer, Meike Voigt, Frank Hillerich, Lea Oertel, Lukas Reinhold, Linda Leniem, Gabriela Aus, Dagsi Siberia, Michael Pönisch, Hafize Göksu Yar, Rosa Lie, Ellen Sara, Alexandra Maerz, Josie Hilgers, Valentin Hopf, Axel Walter, Patrick Eder, Peter Gøtterup, Karolina Ziermann. 10 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Felix Gross: "John Cusack, Matt Damon und Susan Sarandon sind cooler, die kritisieren die US Politik seit Jahren, auch unter Obama. Nicht nur Trump.". Vera David: "Er ist einer meiner lieblinge". Laurenz Grimshandl: "Die schiere Lust Moped zu fahren ...kennen ich vom Cabrio Weg=Ziel (Y)". Hinch Uts: "Transen popper". Dunja Thompson: "Er sucht mich
16-04-2015 14:00 TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Ganz schön aufregend! Reparaturarbeiten an unserem Logo am TÜV-Tower. Hut ab für das Spiderman-Pärchen. 4 Menschen gefällt das: Richard Goebelt, Sara Beckmann, Anna Zafiris, Reathda Kuong.
10-08-2015 12:46 48 Stunden Neukölln - Offizielle Fanseite teilt einen Link. Begehrter Vor-, Hinter- oder Nebeneffekt. Weil die aktuelle Jahreszeit auf dem Tempelhofer Feld Beteiligungssommer genannt wird, heißt nun auch der rote Container vis-à-vis des Eingangs am Columbiadamm nicht mehr Infopavillon, sondern Bete...
20-09-2016 01:21 Chris Kaineder sagt etwas. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Knut! :).
05-10-2015 21:28 ARTE shares a link. Personne ne bouge ! | Replay | ARTE. Oyé Oyé braves gens... Le spécial Moyen Âge est dans la boîte !. Des Monty Python à Rohmer, le mythe du saint Graal au cinéma... 25 people like this: Peek ABoo, Babeth Wutezi, Isa Stone Roses, Adeline Delle, Lala Lalissima, Mouh Deniero, Jo So, النمرالاسمر النمرالاسمر, Colin Baldet, BouGren Mostapha, Anouk Rudi, AnaÏs Lunet, Walid Ûsmïstê Milano, Nicolas Dupoux, ابو حبيبه, Laura Liparoti, Anaïs Dlb, Rabah Bourenane, Zaki Kentaoui, Synemare Mindy, Marc Leblanc Boccabella, Ali Mhe, Djstff Juarez, Claire Steullet, Madridi Miringui. 3 people commented on this. Issam Hannachi: "Rediffusion quand ?". Benhamza Fatim.z: "Oyez Oyez braves gens *....à utiliser cette expression datant du moyen âge au moins rendez lui justice....avec tt mon respect :).". Grégory Debuchy: "".
21-06-2015 10:55 taz. die tageszeitung teilt einen Link. Die Sex-Aktivistin Laura Méritt erklärt in Seminaren, wie das Abspritzen bei Frauen funktioniert.!5204397. Open your Box. Unsere Autorin hat mitgemacht. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Eckis Schön Trinken, Christianux Maximus Bremux, Astrid von Scheliha, Stefano Di Martino, Felix Ursin, Guido Rang, Cmbe Mayers, Linus Pook, Thera Sia, Sven Karthäuser, Fernanda Cury, Kathrin Coenen, Susan Heat, Tommy Grafe, Michael Olpp, Iceberg Slim, Gabi Schnabel, Eric Reumuth, Thorsten Sterk, Ivan Cihlarz, Gerrit Lipgens, Patze Stutz, Jenny Groth, Bea Münzberg, Ole Waynetrain. 11 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Guido Pauly: "Zum Schluss gab's Torte! Typisch Frauen!". Martha Fogger: "Das sich noch niemand über das bild empört hat....verwundert; )". Ivan Cihlarz: "Saskia Rutz, würdest du so ein Seminar mitmachen?
03-05-2017 15:14 Lena Doppel posts a video. The Onion. Trump Voter Feels Betrayed By President After Reading 800 Pages Of Queer Feminist Theory.
20-06-2015 13:23 Lexikon teilt einen Link. 10 TB-Festplatte vor der Markteinführung - HGST Ultrastar Archive Ha10. Die HGST Ultrastar Archive Ha10 soll in Kürze als erste 10 GB Festplatte erhältlich sein. Neben einer Heliumfüllung ermöglicht das sogen.
04-10-2016 22:37 Grischinka Teufl shares a link.
03-01-2015 07:00 taz. die tageszeitung hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Guten Morgen!. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Wolfgang Lütjens, Arnfrød Njål Arvidsson, Joerg Ferchlandt, Andreas Frowein, Andreas Hermsen, Sedat Yıldırım, Lilo Wessel, Simon Winter, Mechthild Stein, Florian W. K. Hohl, Wolfgang Mai, Philippe Souetre, Lothar Janz, Gunnar Boehme, Michael Nebe, Vera Pohlert, Jimmy Fotopoulos, Helmuth Lechner, Manfred Höfler, Sonja Kleinmann, Virginia Moukouli, Hanna Kempe, Frank TheTank, Hauke Höpcke, Gerd Vathauer. 3 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Miriam Tsky: "Ok...und wo ist der Witz? Ich als halb Griechin mit Familie in Griechenland kann nicht darüber lachen!". Peter Lehner: "Morgäääähn taz!". Seb Schaefer: "Dass die Humorfreien immer am ehesten wach sind....
29-07-2015 03:06 SomaFM says something. All issues with the now playing screen in Windows Media Player have been fixed. If you're still having issues, it may be because IE has a cached version of the bad data. You can either wait a few days and it should resolves itself, or go into IE, From the Tools menu choose Internet Options, in there make sure that only "Temporary Internet Files" is selected and click Delete. Next time you launch our streams from the website, the Windows Media Player screen should be the proper one. (We had to update it due to changes in how WMP handles security.). 6 people like this: Zacky Leung, Эдуард Дубницкий, Gail Lehmann, Anthony Robertson, Silvia G. Bolaños, Javier Gimenez.
26-02-2016 20:00 hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Timeline Photos. Da ist er ja wieder: Marmor. Wer es geschafft hat, seine Marmormöbel aus den 90ern durch die Jahre zu retten, ist bald wieder schwer angesagt. Für alle, die es nicht geschafft haben, haben wir hier tolle Ideen und Accessoires zum Naturstein-Trend. -> zum Artikel:
20-03-2015 07:59 Kasia Bigos posts a video. Bill Withers - Dreams (1976). From the album "Naked and Warm".
20-08-2015 19:14 Zeit im Bild posts a video. Endlich was tun. 25 people like this: Gerhard Treiber, Matthias Ameseder, Caroline Nadez, Ronald Rabitsch, Kathrin Moser, Manuel Hacker, Esma Dzananovic, Britta Kraft, Rene Spannagl, Florian Woracek, Susanne Eldib, John Mörth, Karin MaSu, Corinna Schaffer, Lukas Rappitsch, Katharina Marschall, Florian Griebel, Maxx Lesky, Gerlinde Steer, Ulrike Mitterlehner, Kara Kool, Johanna Böhm-Schöller, Daniel Nistelberger, Eva Sprung, Doris Sperlich. 25 people commented on this. Frederika Fredi Ferková: "Na endlich etwas aus Traiskirchen was nicht beschämt!". Ralf Larcher: "ja.. mehr solche geschichten.. dann besteht hoffnung..". Elfi Meyer: "Ich finde es super, wenn man den Flüchtlingen die Möglichkeit gibt, SINNVOLLES zu tun und nicht nur sinnlos herumsitzen zu müssen. Ein kleines Taschengeld ist noch dazu ein schöner Anreiz.". Andreas Wiesinger: "Bravo, Andreas Babler - einfach toll, wie sich der Mann reinhängt: Solche Politiker brauchen wir!". Daniel Pinter: "Der Kommentar vom Bürgermeister is irrsinnig wichtig: "verordnet herumlungern" dass soll sich jeder merken der denkt dass die uns eh nur faul auf der Tasche liegen wollen !". Thomas Poni Ponstingl: "Das ist endlich mal sinnvoll....". Andrea-Maria Bauer: "Herr Babler, ich wollte, Sie wären unser Bundeskanzler!". Wolfgang Zehetmayer: "....Jetzt nehmen die uns auch noch den Dreck weg! :P (Vorsicht Ironie)". Martina Greiner-Lebenbauer: ""Es tut gut, sich einbringen zu könne, das Gefühl zu haben: ich werde gebraucht, ich bin wichtig." Daumen hoch!!!!". Heinz Kernstock: "Und das könnte man doch in allen Gemeinden so machen! Wäre eine gute Sache.". Renè P. Pichler: "warum nicht gleich so????". Sabine B. Karrer: "Bei uns in Bad bleiberg helfen Asylwerber auch der Gemeinde ....findet guten Anklang
15-01-2015 20:21 Elena Garnelo adds a photo. .
06-07-2015 15:34 ZEIT ONLINE says something. ZEIT ONLINE posted 2 updates. 25 people like this: Ulli Wo, Jonas Walter, Lisette Kobel, Andreas Mohrhagen, Heidi Baumstark, Alex Schramm, Tim Berger, Torsten Mehner, Amer Rys, Ka Os, Sebastian Mickisch, Thorsten Philipp, Clou Dy, Sabine Schmid, Johannes Esspapier, Anna Laura Bergmoser, Christine Kiki, Jennifer Loose, Tice Empunkt, Philip Stals, Katrin Ribbeck, Hui Ou, Marc Röthig, Rohallah Rahmaty, Çağlar Tunç. 5 people commented on this. Michael Ritterswürden: "Ja, und Bertelsmann schluckt die Medienhäuser, bevor der Klimawandel Hamburg zu Rungholt wandelt. ;)". Gunnar Pallokat: "Danke, endlich mal ein Artikel, der diese Dinge offen ausspricht.". Frithjof Hellwege: "Und was hat das Ganze jetzt genau mit der Speicherstadt zu tun?". Alexandra Werner: "Kat Schubert". Andreas Walther: "das ist kein Privileg von Hamburg- das können andere Städte mit weniger Bedeutung genauso gut
07-11-2015 23:05 RT shares a link. Germany ‘systematically spied’ on own allies on grand scale - Spiegel. Even many states and world organizations considered friendly were targeted by German espionage program. A list of targets of Germany’s foreign intelligence agency (BND) has provided some unexpected surprises, a report by Spiegel suggests. Berlin is reported to have “systematically spied” on many of its allies – including the US Department of the Interior. 25 people like this: Fikry Zahry, ايمان احمد, James Kenyatta Masaba, Jose German Ojeda Cruz, Shan Ráfnezden, Nellyheart Lariba, Pradeep JD, Angga Buky, Christin Antony, عمر حسين, Lairenlakpam Dinesh, Sara Shahan, Lallu Gareng, Suraj Kumar, أسامة دعاس, Mustafa Kahkashan, Ivan Anthony Guison, Franklin Diaz, Saed Noralla, Russell Johnsen, Zafar Ahmed, Джеймс Джоий, Michael Gay, Stefanos Chatzis, Michael J. Petro. 25 people commented on this. Dante Ramone: "Everyone spies on everyone. What is the big deal?". Γιώργος Βραχνάκης: "even couples spy on each other, φάκ, basic human nature. move along nothing to see here". Gisela Perez Matos: "Un Joven Grabo Al Chapo Guzman Llamo La Policia Y No Le Isieron Caso Mira El Video Aqui ▬▬►". Sander Molhoek: "America is doing that too on a larger schale, so fuck off.". Jeanie Peters: "Sounds like N.Z but they laughed at us lol". Mohammed Mostafa Kamal: "No surprise!". Ignacio Palomarez: "Why not, everyone else is doing it!". David Jones: "they only spy on people to find out if the persons found out about how corrupt they are,". Matthew Foster: "". David Roberts: "Dont blame them". Zane Rogers: "Come on Germany get on my country's level.". Jimmy Grimm: "Why is this surprising? On the world stage are there even such things as friends? I don't think so, i think countries have "Allies" to use for resources, but if needed the knife would plunge their backs at moments notice.". Eva Viljoen: "We spy for US..... because US tells us so....". Leo Bannon: "In the spy game, there are no allies... only common interests...". Ann Reddin: "Surprised much!!!! Would have thought that the UK, Russia, America, France and Germany are all at it all of the time. What makes this news???". Vikas Mishra: "Germany = USA 2.0 ?!". David Fitch: "of course they did, same as we and everybody else does... Duh.". Kenneth Ofori: "U.S. spied on Germany too.. they don't trust them selves.. lol.. acting like lovers but they hate them selves.. if russia fights nati most nato nations won't fight". Steve Chwasciewski: "Great Putin should be emperor of the world He's a gentleman who spies on no one LOL". Jason DeCouto: "The Bnd is spying like all other comparable institutions of other countrys... it's just shitty to know, that the bnd is also the mainstreammedia informationsource... and what we see in mainstreammedias is propaganda only... so guess who they are working for :)". Desiree Ungurian: "Despite Germany's kind gesture of taking in Syrian refugees it is Zionist infested, dare to mention the extensive work of the Holocaust revisionists, you end up in prison. All YouTube videos on the subject are banned. What does this tell us?". Patricia Uilani Pfältzer: "hey that sounds so familiar!". Adrian Peirson: "I expect all nations do the same, including us.". Edwanny Peguerro: "Un Joven Grabó A El Chapo Guzman En Un Restaurante Y Llamó A Las Autoridades Y No Le Hicieron Caso Mira El Vídeo Que Grabó El Joven En El Momento Del Restaurante ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇". Avisek Joarder: "yeh keep spying each other thats more fun than risking life spying enemies ! NATO countries are funny".
18-04-2017 17:41 Philip Hautmann shares a link.
03-04-2015 14:11 teilt einen Link. Japan: Mobilfunker verkauft Prepaid-SIM-Karten per Automaten. Sollte man in Österreich auch andenken (für die Ingress-Touristen warats ;) ). Käufer können zwischen zwei Tarifen wählen – kontaktloses Bezahlen per Kreditkarte. 6 Menschen gefällt das: Klaus Botschen, Rene Schöberl, Denial Iatagow, Christian Peter, Lukas So, Nikolaus von Schillinger.
30-11-2016 02:42 Pitchfork shares a link. New Gremlins Soundtrack Vinyl Does Cool Stuff When Exposed to Light or Water. New Gremlins soundtrack vinyl (it does wacky stuff) is out tomorrow. “1. No bright light 2. Don’t get them wet 3. Never feed them after midnight”. 25 people like this: Allen Samuel Lee, Christopher Allen Davidson, Grace Hamill, Ayah Mouhktar, Angela Tallon, Fernando Raphael, Scott Barber, Marco A. Vázquez, Clinton Spell II, Stephen Kropp, Ricky Rios, Roger Blanton, Daniel Granillo, Christopher Sheerin, Grace Calvert, Justyna Nieradka, Tara Kostick, Ainsley Hall Hubbard, Monique B. Parker, Mike Baker, Def Molina, Ryan Patrick Donnelly, Patrick Dolan, Lisa Sanders, Jessie Levesque. 5 people commented on this. Chris Nguyen: "Ryan Roe". Alex Cohen: "Jake Kordick o hehe". Kingsley Zissou-Sullivan: "Michelle Pasquale - I know we don't do X-mas presents, but....". Kaelin Transue: "Nate BeuMaher kinda want this". Michael Minns: "Jacob Cox".
27-10-2015 01:03 Georg Blume says something. Georg Blume → Hanibal Scheutz. Happy day, Hanibal!.
05-02-2017 12:42 Graf Chojnicki shares a link. WATCH: Absolutely INSANE Israeli beach scene. The Other Israel.. Just a normal day on the beach in Tel Aviv – then someone cranks an ABBA remix and things get cray.
18-04-2015 15:00 ENOUGH is ENOUGH - OPEN YOUR MOUTH teilt einen Link. Gay in May 2015: Willkommen. Osnabrück: „Schluss mit lustig!“ Unter diesem Motto gibt sich die 37. Ausgabe von Gay in May vom 25. April bis zum 31. Mai 2015 durchaus kämpferisch. Ihrem Anspruch, „schwul-lesbische Kulturtage“ zu veranstalten, werden die Organisatoren aber auch dieses Jahr gerecht. Dabei gilt: Ob nun schwul, lesbisch, bi-, hetero- oder intersexuell, transgender oder queer – alle sind Willkommen. Auch damit will Gay in May ein #Zeichen setzen. Für #Vielfalt, gegen Ungleichbehandlung oder Vorurteile. Deshalb gilt beim Thema „Homophobie“: „Schluss mit lustig!“ Denn #Diskriminierung ist nicht witzig.", teilen die Veranstalter mit. Weitere Informationen erhältst Du hier: #EnoughisEnough #StopHomophobia #LGBT #Gay #Community #LGBTI #Heterosexuell #Osnabrück #WirAlleGemeinsam. Auf unseren Seiten finden sich alle Informationen zu den diesjährigen schwul-lesbischen Kulturtagen. Neben ausführlichen Programminformationen werden Pressemitteilungen und -berichte sowie Informationen zur Geschichte von Gay in May und dem Trägerverein Gay in May e.V. angeboten. 15 Menschen gefällt das: Mario C. Pinheiro Machado Hamberger, Amy Warneke, Stefan Rausch, Niklas Wawereck, Jessica Reinschmidt, Susanne Stock, Roman Schrittwieser, A&A Holiday Apartment/ Ferienwohnung, Jörg Schnellbächer, Torben Jørgen Jensen, Jens Lay, Larissa Wiegank, Swen Schneider, Andreas Colter, Lena Dee. 2 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Ingeborg Malota: "Mein liebes Osnabrück". Ingeborg Malota: "Nicht Schluss mit pfiffig".
22-05-2015 15:46 Emil Zatopek sagt etwas. Emil Zatopek → Totale Sonnenfinsternis 2081. Da bin ich schon tot.
20-06-2015 12:40 teilt einen Link. EU-Wettbewerbsverfahren: "Abschreckende" Rekordstrafe für Google gefordert. Da kommt einiges auf Google zu.. Kommission will empfindliche Strafe für Suchmaschinen-Hersteller. 1 Mensch gefällt das: Manfred Jim Bob Rothemund. 3 Menschen haben dazu kommentiert. Peter Mitmasser: "Anscheinend will sich die EU mit der US-Regierung einen Strafenwettbewerb liefern.". Peter Hayduk: "Bevor man eine Rekordstrafe fordert, sollte man mal schaun ob sie schuldig sind. Aber gut was versteh ich schon von nem fairen Prozess. Vermutlich nicht mal halb soviel wie die Regierung über Demokratie.". Josef Stadtfeld: "Lächerlich, peinlich.".
22-02-2016 08:34 teilt einen Link. Nokia will sich mit Rückkehr in Handy-Markt Zeit lassen. Hättet ihr gern neue Nokia-Smartphones?. Konzern will eher Partner suchen, der die Geräte produziert. 1 Mensch hat dazu kommentiert. Kalli Telbarakson: "Ich fand Nokia immer super. Schade, dass die Pleite gingen".
25-11-2015 12:19 Museum Ludwig Köln adds a photo. Timeline Photos. Joan Mitchell. Retrospective. Her Life and Paintings!. 15 people like this: Bernhard Riedl, Txe González, Angelika Gulnara Petzold, Sandra Schneider, Diego A Lopez, Ute Kaphorn, Sabin Böbbis, Dominic Kriegel, Natasza Niedziółka, Renate Hupfeld, Steffi Marianne, Julie Neat, Monika Buchen, Tatjana Breuer, Florina Mocanu-Acker.
01-07-2017 12:50 Gulnara Petzold adds a photo. Gulnara's cover photo. .
24-05-2017 15:46 Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung teilt ein Video. G20 Gipfel: Profite und Protest. 25 Menschen gefällt das: Silvia Songini, Torsten Felstehausen, Sophie Engel, Steffen Lambrecht, Renate Twardzik, Paul Heuer, Martin Evels, Sonja Kube, Hans-Joachim Esser-Mamat, Michael Rasch, Marina Friedt, Luna Baumgarten, Andreas Grünwald, Klaus Mende, Teo Deller, Sabine Nuss, Marion Wenzel, Sören Hüter, Toni Turnschuh, Jan Novotny, Sergio Peppone, Lothar Voß, Julia Stegmaier, Renate Wapenhensch, Rey Firat. 1 Mensch hat dazu kommentiert. Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung: "Wer eine ausführlichere Kritik lesen möchte, liest unsere neuste Publikation «Die G20 und die Krise des globalen Kapitalismus»".
26-05-2015 23:00 RT shares a link. Ireland veers left, Poland moves right, Europe’s unity is stretched. Ireland and Poland experienced political earthquakes last weekend. The fact that those tremors were so radically different proves once more why the EU, as it’s currently constituted, has no future. Op-Edge by Bryan MacDonald. While Dublin celebrated a referendum victory for ‘marriage equality,’ Poland took a sharp turn to the right last weekend. This is just the latest evidence the EU is unworkable in its present form. 25 people like this: Laith Al Soodany, Robert Emmett Birrell, Yusuf M, Safar Gedenk, Bernardita Navarro, Zoe Guvenc, Ernest Stephens, Nanang Irawan Ztya Cllue, Torstein Breda Rogne, Burim Haxhaj, Brad Holmes, Daniel Burton, Juan Carlos Noria, Gazebo Gazebo, Bobaker Alshekhi, Gearoid Antaine Campbell, Tobar Rosibella, Johan Van Riebeeck, Mira Nucleus Crowley, Eazii Khan, Farida Dida Irshaid, Mohamed Saad Al-Hamdani, Anne Greiner, Don Sharif, Kelley Randel. 17 people commented on this. Anton Diajar Taubat: "
23-05-2015 09:48 Graf Chojnicki shares a link. Youth pastor admits to sexually abusing boys, prays for healing. Dylan Ritterman, 28, pleaded guilty to sexually abusing two boys who were congregants of Bethel United Pentecostal Church in Hillsboro.
27-04-2015 14:24 Hotel Berlin, Berlin hat ein Foto hinzugefügt. Flashback Montag in unserer Geburtstagswoche. Heute wollen wir euch ganz weit in die Anfänge unseres Hauses mitnehmen und euch ein paar Bilder früherer Mitarbeiter zeigen. Wie ihr sehen könnt hatten wir auch damals schon ein großes, top ausgebildetes Team! #StayInformed #StayCreative #StayPassioned #HotelBerlinBerlin. 4 Menschen gefällt das: Conrad Rausch, Jen NA, Chris Kemp, Franziska Schewe.
24-06-2015 15:02 Nneka shares a link. Next Month: Nneka @ Mojotic Festival in Sestri Levante, Italy. love love...i am coming to your city..come in and find out. 15 people like this: Jane Tane, Siphiwe Dasoulbird Olga Nkosi, Amy Capitao, Diego Ramirez, Rebecca Realz Turini, Mojah Shogun, Sally-Hillz Odigie, Nneka, Pablo Vega Canuto, Frédéric Poirier, Sunny Ukaamakanwa, Keith De Petallas Pintal, Geor-g Fay, Paolo Crimi, Tímea Takács TéTé. 1 person commented on this. David Nicolson Freidberg: "Wish you would come to Thailand!".